15+ Best WordPress Themes for Analysis, Assessment and Review 2020

More and more people are using the Internet to search for information about a product or service before purchasing or hiring it. They read opinions, analyses, comparisons and reviews made by specialized websites or other users.

If you are thinking of launching a review and analysis website, you should consider WordPress as an excellent solution for your project. This content management system has many themes available that have been designed specifically for review sites. All of them are perfect for affiliated users and anyone who wants to share their reviews of products, services, mobile applications, or anything else with the rest of the world.

These themes can be used to perform analysis and reviews of products and services, and many of them will allow you to sell online from your website or display affiliate links that will redirect users to other external platforms.

All of them stand out for having a complete rating system, visualization of reviews with different styles – stars, numbers or percentages, list of unlimited features to be analyzed, among others. They also offer a design adapted to mobile devices, are highly customizable with unlimited colors, have a large number of custom modules, advanced configuration options, and microdata that will help you gain visibility in search engines like Google or Yahoo.

If you’re not quite sure which of these WordPress Themes for Review and Rating Websites is right for your project, we’ve posted some other WordPress Theme collections that might better suit your needs. For more details, check out these blog posts:

Best WordPress Themes Analysis, Assessment, and Review

Without further ado, here’s our collection of the best WordPress themes for analysis, reviews, and ratings. Perfect for creating a blog, digital magazine, or review website for any type of product or service.


Newspaper - Tema WordPress para revistas digitales de análisis y revisión

Newspaper is one of the most powerful and complete WordPress themes for online magazine and blog creation. It’s fast, simple, and easy to use. Already 90,000+ customers have chosen this theme – no wonder!

Its great versatility and easy customization make it suitable for websites that analyze, rate, and review products or services. Its design is modern and elegant, adapted to mobile devices. It is optimized for search engines (SEO). This theme offers an integrated rating system that allows readers to vote and display results with percentages, stars or scores, and includes microdata that will allow your articles to be more visible in Google search results.

Newspaper comes with 90+ pre-designed demos that can be installed with a single click, which you can then easily edit through the popular WPBakery Page Builder extension (included free), and fully customize through its powerful administration panel, which allows you to choose from unlimited colors, hundreds of Google Fonts fonts, and various content organization settings.

And if you want to monetize your website, Newspaper allows you to include Google Ads and AdSense ads, as well as an online store using the popular free WooCommerce plugin. In case you are looking to generate a community around your online magazine, this topic can have a forum and a social network through the bbPress and BuddyPress extensions. It also supports Youtube and Vimeo videos. Its translation panel has 90+ translated languages.


Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Soledad - Plantilla WordPress para revistas digitales de análisis y reviews

Soledad is one of the most complete WordPress templates for creating blogs and digital magazines. Due to its power and flexibility it can be used for analysis, rating and review websites for any type of product or service. Its 23,000+ satisfied customers are an excellent purchase guarantee.

Soledad stands out for its 6,800+ variations of home pages that will provide you with unlimited design possibilities, ready to be installed with a single click, allowing you to combine elements from different pages, so that you can develop your website with a unique and professional look. It also includes 600+ customization options, allowing you to view changes in real time before you save them.

This template offers a set of premium extensions for those who know nothing about web programming or just want to go faster, such as WPBakery Page Builder – drag and drop page builder, and Revolution Slider – extension for intuitive creation of amazing slide-out image banners.

Soledad can be used to sell products online thanks to its integration with WooCommerce. It supports the inclusion of videos in animated banners. It also offers 1,000+ combinations of blog and banners, various gallery styles, 6 header variations, 5 blog entry designs, zoom effects when clicking on images, and much more.


Divi Themes

Divi - Plantilla WordPress para revistas digitales de análisis, valoraciones y reviews

Divi is one of the most popular, versatile, optimized, efficient, and safe WordPress themes. The main theme developed by the Elegant Themes team. Thanks to a highly flexible design and its intuitive page building tool – Divi Builder, with a drag and drop graphical interface, you can easily create any kind of online magazine for product reviews, ratings and analysis, giving your website a modern and unique look. Importantly, by purchasing Divi, you have access to all other Elegant Themes.

It comes with 40+ website elements such as: slider banners, calls to action, blogs, galleries, testimonials, forms, and many more. It also includes 100+ pre-designed demos of complete websites and 800+ designs for free. And every week new designs are added along with photos, icons and illustrations totally free and without the need to purchase extra licenses.

By choosing Divi as the theme for your review and rating website, you’ll have relevant features like complete control over the design of any element; a design completely adapted to all types of mobile devices and retina (HD); clean code and optimized for search engines (SEO); has a strong security against malicious attacks; offers integration with the popular plugin for online stores WooCommerce; is 100% translated into 32 languages, including Spanish; and as a differentiating element against other templates in this list, it allows you to perform conversion factor tests for various content presentation formats, something really interesting if you want to analyze what is the most effective way to present your content to achieve maximum conversions.

With 550,000+ satisfied customers, Divi is a 100% safe choice!

REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme

REHub - Tema WordPress para revistas de análisis, revisiones, comparaciones

REHub is a comprehensive, multi-purpose hybrid WordPress template that can be adapted for multiple types of monetizable websites such as: price comparison or product with dynamic price update; magazine and news sites; discount coupons; affiliates; business directory with locators, search filters and customizable specifications; social network with submission option; product analysis and review with user ratings; multi-vendor marketplace or store; offers of the day; and more.

It is the first WordPress theme recommended by Amazon. This template offers a clean and modern design that is continuously updated with the latest trends and has passed rigorous security and code quality controls.

It features the WPBakery Page Builder – with a drag-and-drop graphical interface. As well as the popular Revolution Slider image banner creation and management solution.

It comes with 14+ pre-designed demos ready to install with a single mouse click. You won’t need any web programming skills to have a completely unique and differentiating website quickly and easily.

Supports multiple extensions for Marketplaces like: WCFM, Dokan, WC Vendor, WC Marketplace. It also integrates a store and product location function based on the customer’s geolocation. It has advanced features for affiliates like: import via CSV and XML; special post styles; price comparison; price tracking; and more. As for its capacity as a business directory: customized search filters; specifications; table builder; payment submission; search maps and locators; and many more.


Jannah – Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

Jannah - Plantilla WordPress para modernos sitios web de análisis de productos

Jannah is a WordPress template specially developed for the creation of digital magazines and blogs. Given its great versatility it can be easily adapted to websites that offer analysis of all types of products: mobiles, smartphones, gadgets, games, movies, series, cars, etc.

In case you want to monetize your website, this template has many predefined spaces where you can easily include advertising banners, as well as page backgrounds with advertising content and advertising block detection by the user’s browser. It is compatible with the AdRotate extension. It also allows the installation of the Taqyeem Reviews plugin, which offers a system for displaying product analysis results.

By choosing Jannah as your theme, you have 27+ pre-designed demos at your disposal covering a wide range of theme niches. The design is 100% mobile and retinal (HD) enabled, as well as touch screens. It has unlimited styles of headers and footers, Mega menus with multiple columns and inclusion of prominent images of the articles, web notifications to keep your readers up to date with your new publications.

An excellent feature, which no other templates in this list have, is that it is compatible with the AMP plugin, which displays a clean version of your articles to load very quickly on their mobile devices.

Jannah has a fantastic page builder – with 40+ blocks of content – through which creating your pages will be a breeze, as thanks to its drag and drop graphical interface, you won’t need to know any code. It also offers 15+ styles of banners to highlight your publications, which has an incredible functionality to define colors in the different modules that will be displayed.

No doubt this template is highly customizable and very easy to use, with hundreds of options to choose from unlimited colors for all its elements, content layout, upload your logo and much more. This theme is ready to be translated to another language easily through its translation tool, it also supports the plugin for WPML multilingual sites.


Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Huber - Plantilla WordPress para valoraciones y análisis de productos, juegos, películas, destinos vacacionales

Huber is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for creating powerful interactive review, analysis, and rating websites. It’s perfect for reviews of games, movies, products, apps, mobile phones, vacation destinations, restaurants, and series. Huber is a unique and powerful hub system. This theme features a large collection of unique designs so that your website can be set up with the click of a button.

A cube is an entry or page that contains all the information related to a particular product. Each cube can have multiple tabs where you can include your ratings, news, images, videos, forums, etc.

Huber has an analysis and rating system that allows you to assign the result of your reviews to any entry or page. It supports multiple criteria for each review. The results of your ratings are displayed in Google search results. Users can leave their own ratings using a form specifically for this task. You can include multiple affiliate links for each product. Users have the option of following updates to your reviews about a product.

This theme has integration with the WPBakery Page Builder page generation extension, so you don’t need to know any code to quickly and easily create your content. You will be able to drag and drop elements thanks to its intuitive graphic interface. In addition, it supports many plugins such as: BuddyPress – to create an internal social network; bbPress – to have a forum; WooCommerce – to include an online store; and more.


Pixwell – Modern Magazine

Pixwell - Tema WordPress para blogs y revistas de análisis y valoraciones

Pixwell is a modern WordPress template that has everything you need to build a modern blog or review and rating magazine in a very short time.

It includes in the same package 19+ unique pre-designed demos that you can install with one click and easily configure as you wish. Its import tool will allow you to load all the content or just pages, options and/or modules. It also has a light and simple drag and drop layout, and comes with the popular Elementor Page Builder web page generator.

It offers full integration with the free WooCommerce plugin, so you can sell all your products online, both physical and digital, from your personal blog.

It has a rating system with which your visitors can give their opinion about their experience with products. A unique solution offered by this template compared to the rest is that it has a functionality so that your readers can mark the articles they are interested in reading later.

Through its creative galleries you can upload your images and share them with your visitors. The number of post styles is unlimited at Pixwell. It supports AMP format for fast loading on mobile devices.

Its code is search engine optimized (SEO). Another advantage is that it will help you comply with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As for your monetization options you can include affiliate links like Amazon Associates, or create your own affiliate program. Of course you accept the inclusion of Google AdSense ads.


Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme

Valenti - Tema WordPress para revistas online y blogs de análisis de productos

Valenti is a WordPress theme with an ultra modern, clean and dynamic design. Ideal for online magazines and blogs for product analysis and reviews. This theme is 100% adapted to mobile devices, tablets and retinas (HD).

Valenti has a powerful and integrated rating and analysis system, with display of ratings in different styles – numbers and percentages. It also allows you to include unlimited rating criteria, lists of positive and negative points, and rating by readers.

And if you don’t have any knowledge of code, don’t worry, because Valenti comes with its own Valenti Drag & Drop page layout, with which you can easily organize the content of your home page by simply dragging and dropping its contents. This theme includes a powerful hit counter system, for each article or page you can choose different styles of featured images and customizable dark or light Mega Menus. It comes with an infinite scrolling option.

In case you want to monetize your website, Valenti allows you to include advertising for Google Ads and Google Adsense, as well as a complete online store with WooCommerce. Valenti has integration with WPML multilingual plugin, is translated into several languages including Spanish, allows the inclusion of forums and a social network through the extensions bbPress and BuddyPress. This theme is optimized for search engines (SEO), as well as tested in all major browsers.


Gauge: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Gauge - Plantilla WordPress para sitios web de análisis de juegos, películas, series

Gauge is a powerful WordPress theme for building websites that offer rating for any type of product, including games, movies, restaurants, etc. Its modern design is completely adapted to mobile devices and tablets.

Each product or service analyzed has its own page where tabs are shown where you can offer its features, the latest related news, complementary videos and images, etc. In addition, they can be evaluated by the administrator as well as by the readers themselves. Visitors can leave their ratings and comments through a form hosted on the front of your website.

And if you want to create a community around your website, Gauge supports the premium extensions BuddyPress – for the creation of an internal social network, and bbPress – for the inclusion of a complete forum.

Gauge comes with the powerful WPBakery Page Builder, with a drag and drop graphical interface. It is fully customizable through its powerful options panel, allows one-click import of your demo data, is optimized for search engines (SEO) and is ready to be easily translated into other languages.


Search & Go – Directory WordPress Theme

Search & Go - Plantilla WordPress para valoración de restaurantes, actuaciones y lugares en la ciudad

Search & Go is a WordPress theme specifically developed for the creation of online directories of places of interest and entertainment with an integrated system that allows users to leave their ratings and comments. Its design is very modern and innovative.

This theme gives you the ability to set price packages, automatically generating price tables that will be displayed to your users so they can choose the plan that interests them most. In addition you can easily earn money with your directory thanks to its integration with PayPal. It offers functionality for online reservations from your website.

Search & Go allows you to customize the appearance of your maps and show visitors the locations of your listings on a Google Maps map. Advanced search forms and powerful filters are available. The results of these searches provide all the information you need about each location you have chosen and all within the same area.

It has a user area where they can edit their profile, create/modify/delete lists, see their favorite lists, etc. The registration can also be through their social accounts in Google or Facebook. It allows you to claim ownership of the lists.

Search & Go is highly customizable through its powerful administration panel, allows importing the demo data with a single click, its design is 100% adapted to all types of mobile devices and retina (HD), brings free the popular WPBakery Page Builder extension for the creation of your pages through a drag and drop graphical interface. Search & Go is optimized for search engines (SEO), and much more.


Moview – Responsive Film/Video DB & Review Theme

Moview - Plantilla WordPress para revistas online de valoración de películas y series

Moview is a modern WordPress theme clearly oriented to offer rating of movies, shows, series, games, music, DVDs, Blu-ray. By choosing Moview together with the installation of the suggested extensions you can create a movie database that offers ratings for recent movie releases and cinema releases, DVD Blu-ray, etc.

Moview has developed a special extension that allows your visitors to make their own ratings. It includes the option to sell tickets online using WooCommerce or by linking to external ticketing platforms.

In case you have no knowledge of code, Moview has included for free the popular WPBakery Page Builder tool, with a very simple and easy to use drag and drop graphical interface.

Moview supports WooCommerce – so you can easily sell your products; BuddyPress and bbPress – for creating a social network and forums; MailChimp – for including subscription forms to your newsletters on that platform; WPML and PolyLang – for offering all your content in multiple languages. It is also ready to be easily translated. Its design is perfectly adapted to mobile devices and 100% optimized for search engines (SEO).


INNOVATION: Multi-Concept News, Magazine & Blog Theme

Innovation - Plantilla WordPress moderna para blogs de moda, belleza y tendencias

Innovation is a WordPress theme designed for digital magazines, blogs, and content-rich websites. It is easy to install and use. By including a rating system that also allows your visitors to make their own ratings, Innovation is perfect for magazines and blogs that offer analysis and ratings of mobile devices, tablets, apps, fashion, travel, sports, shows, movies, games, etc.

Innovation comes with 11+ pre-designed, ready-to-install demos with one click, and 250+ variations for your home page. It also includes the powerful drag-and-drop Ruby Composer page creation tool. Innovation features integration with the WooCommerce online store extension. Its design is completely adapted to mobile devices and retina (HD).

Thanks to its powerful options panel you can easily customize this theme to your liking. Innovation includes Mega Menus, is optimized for search engines (SEO), allows you to choose 600+ Google Fonts fonts, supports videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and videos and audio hosted on your server, and much more.


Wyzi – Business Finder and Service Provider Booking WordPress Social Look Directory Listing Theme

WYZI - Tema WordPress para directorios y listados con valoración de empresas

WYZI is an advanced WordPress template designed to create listings and directories of companies and services, while showing the feedback from users of those companies and their services. WYZI aims to allow companies and customers to contact each other easily. This template is very similar to the main social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, where each business has its own company page where it shares information with its customers and other companies.

In WYZI every company has a wall where they share the latest news, updates, images and videos, just like in a social network, as well as the option to sell their products or services online. Each entrepreneur has his own profile, customers can make a “me gusta” and comment on the companies’ walls to interact with them directly, and all this without having to pay for extra extensions.

And if you want to make money from your listing, WYZI allows you to charge commissions, offer subscription packages, offer to post offers (advertising), hide unsubscribed pages and much more. In addition, you will have full control over the customization of your maps, specifying the icons and colors of each category to help customers easily find what they are looking for.


TopNews – News Magazine Newspaper Blog Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme

TopNews - Tema WordPress para sitios web de análisis y valoración

TopNews is a premium WordPress template for digital magazines, blogs, video blogs, and review publishing websites. TopNews is simple and full of useful features and functionality, user friendly navigation, fast loading and easily customizable. Its design is 100% adapted to mobile devices and tablets. It has an integrated evaluation system for products and services, with unlimited evaluation criteria that you can define. It supports videos hosted on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.

This theme comes with 11+ pre-designed and ready-to-install demos, which will help you save time in the creation of your website by not having to start your project from scratch. TopNews comes with multiple variations of the home page and headers that can be easily used through your administration panel.

Its powerful and flexible customization options will give you the possibility to adapt its visual aspect in a few clicks to suit your needs, and the free inclusion of the WPBakery Page Builder tool, with a drag and drop interface, will help you to create your pages in an intuitive way and with a unique and creative style. TopNews also features SEO optimization, which is an advantage when positioning your content on Google or Yahoo.


Herald – Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme

Herald - Tema WordPress para blogs y revistas de análisis y valoración de productos

Herald is a unique WordPress theme specifically developed for online magazines, blogs, and websites that want to showcase analysis and reviews of products and services such as mobile phones, tablets, movies, DVDs, shows, etc. It is highly customizable and super easy to use.

Among its main features we find the integration with the free WP Review plugin to have a complete analysis and rating system, the possibility to choose between 100% modular headers, different image display formats, easy to get income with your website thanks to the inclusion of areas for advertising banners on the home page, in your articles and on your archive page.

This theme comes with +500 combinations to display the listing of your articles in a flexible way, as well as many other options that will make your job easier.  The developers have taken special care to optimize the Herald’s loading time so your website will load at lightning speed. Search engine optimized (SEO), 100% mobile and tablet friendly design.

Herald allows you to integrate several useful extensions such as WooCommerce – which will allow you to have an online store, and bbPress – with which you can include a forum. It has extensive documentation or support to solve any questions you have.


Well, this has been our compilation of what are perhaps the best WordPress themes for analysis, ratings and reviews and we hope you find it useful. As always, if you know of any other theme that you think deserves to be included in this collection, you can share it with all of us by leaving a comment below and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

If you like it, do share it.

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