Accio | Responsive Onepage Parallax Agency WordPress Theme

Accio | Responsive Onepage Parallax Agency WordPress Theme

Buy Accio | Responsive Onepage Parallax Agency WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/creative/portfolio and agency,bootstrap,fullscreen,onepage,parallax,photography,portfolio,responsive,retina,showcase,slider,studio,video,wordpress,wpml


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Theme description

Accio Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Accio Premium Responsive WordPress Theme
Accio Premium Responsive WordPress Theme
Accio Premium Responsive WordPress Theme
Accio Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Theme description:

The first class One-page premium WordPress theme by AccioIt is the face of modern web design. It inspires! It is amazing, clean, original, and full energy

AccioThis is a very functional and modern WordPress theme. We would like to emphasize that you can use it in both a single-page or regular theme with different pages.

AccioIt has many amazing features all in one. Accio You get Full screen layer slider, fullscreen SuperSlides slider and a full screen video player.
AccioBe your best friend Any area of business and any company projectIt is possible to meet all your portfolio theme needs, but the point remains AccioIt is a very universal wedding work, which can be adapted and integrated into every part of our lives.

Modern, clean design

AccioThis is an incredible combination of skills that will help you attract attention. Amazing parallax effects, multiple animations, and simple design. This extraordinary collection of artworks is a great addition to any home. One pageYour website will stand out among other websites.

Responsive & asp ready

That’s all. Fully responsiveWith Retina readyYou can find a great design on every mobile phone or tablet device.

2 different menu changes

Accio Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

We used two navigation styles, zoomed in with smooth sliding and created a website that was unique and diverse.

Parallax effect part

Prepare to be amazed AccioThis feature allows you to add multiple parallax backgrounds and a 3D effect to any part of your website. This feature adds movement effects to your website that look like you are breathing.

Advanced layout builder

You can arrange page and posts layouts in a matter of seconds using our great tools. It is easy to build layouts for pages and posts using the backend. This includes all the content and a visual representation on the front end. Everything is up to your imagination, needs and desires.

Quick demo content import

There is now an easier, faster and more fun way to upload demo content on your website.
If you are interested in our Accio WP themeIt can be used for your company design. If you would like the exact same layout and content, then our built in magic tools will help. TMM database migrationYou can import demo content!
*All pictures have watermarks

Background video full screen (Youtube. Vimeo. Self-hosted).

AccioSurprises are not to be missed! Youku, VimeoOder Self-hosted one. It adds charm to your websites.

Extensive documentation

We provide video instructions and detailed documents to help you understand the content. You will be amazed at how simple it is to use our work. Accio.

Excellent, prompt and free of charge support

Our customer service team is available to assist you with any problem. Support and updates are 100% free. We can answer your questions.
We have a help section for any questions you may have about our products. Tutorials, FAQs and videosPlease visit our support forum to open new topics or check out our FAQs. Support ticketing systemThey will get back to you as soon as they can.

Theme features

  • WordPress version 4.0 is now available
  • Panel with additional themes
  • 2 stunning responsive sliders (support Video). Full screen layer slider ($18 Value), full screen parallax slide
  • Already include 4 advanced plug-ins (Layer Slider plug-in, TM Visual Shortcodes plug-in, TM Layout Constructor plug-in, TM DB Migrate)
  • There are more than 35 visual shortcodes
  • There are 4 types of blog posts available: gallery, video (default), quote, gallery, and video (video, quote, gallery).
  • Each page can be customized individually
  • 10 custom widgets (contact information, contact form, Flickr Feed and Google Maps; latest tweets, most recent posts, social links, recommendations, Google Maps, Flickr Feed, Google Maps; contact information, Facebook Like Box; contact information, Facebook like box; contact information.
  • There are many styles to choose from through the ThemeOptions panel
  • Infinite slider group
  • Infinite sidebar
  • Unlimited single page pages
  • Inside SEO module
  • Google fonts API (570+ Font Family)
  • Amazing CSS3 effect
  • Bootstrap CSS framework usage
  • CSS improvements and touch-enabled multilevel drop-down menus
  • Cross-browser compatibility IE 8+, FF 3+​​, Opera, Chrome, Safari (Note: Use the IE 10 browser in the IE browser family to get the full-featured css effect ;) )
  • Blog list page
  • Every page can have a customized page title
  • Responsive layout
  • Send us a message
  • Integrate Facebook comments
  • Layout creator (test editor using complete shortcode list).
  • PSD layer allows for customization and modification.
  • Localization is possible! (.Po file)
  • One-click demo installation (you can get a complete demo copy in just 5 minutes!)
  • Add extended video files
  • Our forum receives high priority support, and the ticketing system is not affected.

Responsive layout:

  • Mobile portrait layout
  • Layout horizontal mobile
  • Vertical layout for tablet
  • Tablet landscape layout

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Demo previews of media files for this theme are only for demo purposes and do not come with the theme package.

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We are grateful Isabella RodriguezCreate a stunning portfolio.

Our customers’ opinions

Support has been in place already and has helped resolve these issues quickly.  :)

Your professional support was greatly appreciated. This theme is amazing! I’m so happy to have worked with it! Give 5 stars


Fantastic themes and amazing documentation.


Thank you for reading. The customer support provided by these authors is something that should be celebrated. They seem to be interested in answering all questions, which is a refreshing change from most topic authors.


== RELEASE1.0 (March 14, 2014). ==
* Initial Release
== RELEASE 1.0.1 (15 March 2014)
* fixed few issues with iframes
* fixed parallax effect
* minor other fixes
== RELEASE 1.0.2, March 28, 2014 ==
* minor updates
* improved one click demo install feature
* updated theme documentation
== RELEASE 1.0.3 (April 4, 2014.)
* added styling for main navigation
* updated jquery.tweet.js (for servers where files automatically compressed)
* quick fix for previous version (cleaned up unnecessary files)
* updated theme docs
== RELEASE 1.0.4 (April 23, 2014.) ==
* WordPress 3.9 compatibility updates
== RELEASE 1.0.5 July 7, 2014 ==
* added text tab to layout constructor
* added 'awaiting moderation' message to comments
* minor updates for contact form
* minor css updates
== RELEASE 1.0.6 (8/08/2014) ==
* update for dynamic sidebars on single posts pages
* update for colorising lazy load icon
* update for service icon set (extended icon set)
* update for WPML readiness (checked with new plugin, updated some issues)
== RELEASE 1.0.7 (18 February 2015) ==
* WordPress 4.1 compatibility update
* update with new twitter feeder script
* update with plugins auto installation feature
* minor plugins and theme improvals based on customer requests
== RELEASE 1.0.9 (August 27,2015) ==
* Compatibility update with WP 4.3
* Updated and improved theme performance
* Minor updates based on customer requests
== RELEASE 1.1.0 (September 29,2015) ==
* Updated Facebook Likebox Widget
* Team Section Update (quick fix for desktops and update for mobiles)
* Minor updates based on customer requests
== RELEASE 1.1.1 (October 15,2015) ==
* Important theme security update
* Minor updates reported by customers
== RELEASE 1.1.2 October 22, 2015 ==
* Google Fonts feature update
* Fix for Services Shortcode
* Required Plugins update
== RELEASE 1.1.3, February 14, 2016 ==
* updated media files uploading
* fixed staff shortcode in IE
* js files optimization
== RELEASE 1.1.4, March 14, 2016 ==
* updated: twitterFetcher script
* fixed Portfolio attributes issues
* fixed Slider issues on mobile layout
* fixed: WPML issue with nav menu
== RELEASE 1.1.5, July 29, 2016 ==
* fixed: issue with altering colors through theme options
* fixed: issue with LayerSlider links
* fixed: issue with staff auto-alignment
* fixed: issue with contact form
* fixed: issue with ssl domains
== RELEASE 1.1.6, August 12, 2016 ==
* updated: Googlemap API
== RELEASE 1.1.7 (Sept 27, 2016)
* updated: WordPress 4.6.x compatibility
* updated: Googlemap API optimisation
* fixed: issue with adjusting staff members on mobiles
* fixed: twitter shortcode
== RELEASE 1.1.8 (Nov 21, 2016) ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.0.5 
* fixed: wordbreak issue from past update

Please Note: LayerSlider's latest version could cause problems with your slides, effects and other files. We recommend that you make a backup of your entire site before proceeding with any upgrades.
== RELEASE 1.1.9 (May 21, 2017, ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.4.0
* updated: twitterFetcher script
== RELEASE 1.2.0 (Jun 26, 2017) ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.5.1
* updated: video.js plugin
* fixed: issue with selfhosted video player
== RELEASE 1.2.1 (Nov 07, 2017) ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.6.1
* updated: Important theme security update
* updated: tgm plugin
* fixed: child theme template
* fixed:  Issue with accessing the social networks on staff on mobile
* fixed:  Issue with captcha when using child theme
* fixed:  Issue with saving theme options in MS Edge
* fixed:  pattern blinking on scroll
== RELEASE 1.2.2 (Nov 16, 2017) ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.6.2
* added: Ajax pagination to portfolio shortcode
* updated: Mixitup plugin to it's latest version
* updated: Performance update (minified css files)
* fixed: Minor issues
== RELEASE 1.2.3 (Dec 27, 2017) ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.6.5
* updated: video player plugins
== RELEASE 1.2.4 February 5, 2018, ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.6.8
* fixed: issue with single post without sidebar
== RELEASE 1.2.5 (April 27, 2018)
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.7.1
* fixed: issue with nondisplaying captcha
* fixed: mixed content issue for ssl
* fixed: minor updates to shortcodes plugin
== RELEASE 1.2.6 (Nov 13, 2018) ==
* updated: WordPress 4.9.x compatibility
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.7.6
* updated: TwitterFetcher plugin
* fixed: minor theme fixes
== RELEASE 1.2.7 (Nov 29, 2018) ==
* updated: updated plugins(to their latest versions), that are responsible for displaying background videos (YouTube, Vimeo and SelfHosted)
* fixed: issue with footer gap, when the footer sidebar is disabled
* fixed: escape dynamic data in twitter shortcode
* fixed: fixed styles, incorectly displaying fullscreeny bg videos
* fixed: printing notices in wp-admin
== RELEASE 1.2.8 (Dec 13, 2018) ==
* added: option to portfolios adding videos and open them in lightbox
* updated: WP 5.0 compatibility check
* updated: deactivate Gutenberg and re-activate Classic editor
* updated: replaced Fancybox with Venobox
== RELEASE 1.2.9, February 4, 2019, ==
* added: option to sort and order items to the portfolio shortcode
* updated: mixitup plugin to the latest version
* fixed: PHP 7.0.2 compatibility issue
* fixed: decoding html special chars issue when saving theme options
* fixed: issue with shortcode displaying googlemap incorrectly
* fixed: styling issue for mixitup gallery plugin
* fixed: displaying incorrect number of items per category show in top left corner
== RELEASE1.3.0 (Feb 27, 2019, ==
* updated: WordPress 5.1.x compatibility
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.8.1
* updated: YTPlayer plugin to newest version
* updated: optimise theme icon font list
* fixed: issue with displaying tabs shortcode
== RELEASE 1.3.1 (May 8, 2019)
* added: option to edit footer logo
* updated: WordPress 5.2.x compatibility check
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.8.3
* updated: move TMM classes (Page, Onepage, Testimonials, Staff and Portfolio) to theme features plugin in order to make the theme be compatible with new Themeforest requirements
* fixed: googlemap shortcode
* fixed: missing icons issue
== RELEASE 1.4.0 Jan 27, 2020 ==
* added: option to upload logo for subpages
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.9.2
* updated: WordPress 5.3.x compatibility check
* updated: Theme now supports blocks editor from Gutenberg (but yet without TMM shortcodes package)
* updated: important theme update according to the latest Envato requirements
* updated: added phone and email icons to staff shortcode
* updated: improved google fonts functionality
* updated: TGMPA and Aqua resizer plugins to the latest versions
* deprecated: TMM SEO custom fields. Use Yoast instead.
* improved: theme slider functionality
* fixed: issue with displaying the site logo as an image on subpages
== RELEASE 1.4.1 (Jun 01, 2020) ==
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.11.1
* updated: WordPress 5.4.x compatibility check
* updated: php 7.4 compatibility
* fixed: issue with theme skin creator function
* fixed: minor theme bugs and improvements
== RELEASE 1.4.2 (Aug 24, 2021)
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.11.2
* updated: WordPress 5.5.x compatibility check
* fixed: minor theme bugs and improvements
== RELEASE 1.4.3 (Sept 17, 2020)
* updated: improve google fonts API
* fixed: improve latest jQuery version compatibility issues
* fixed: incorrect width counting in Safari browser
== RELEASE 1.4.4 (Sept 23, 2020)
* fixed: fix issues with unloaded styles in admin page;
* fixed: fix issue with nonapplying styles to sections in frontend
* fixed: escape dynamic variables
* fixed: minor theme bugs
== RELEASE 1.4.5 Nov 22, 2020) ==
* fixed: adjust styles in theme options
* fixed: fix issue with google font load functionality
== RELEASE 1.4.6 Jan. 28, 2021
* updated: WordPress 5.6.x compatibility check
* updated: LayerSlider to v.6.11.4
* fixed: updated background video player plugin; fix issue with background videos for mobiles
* fixed: updated mobile navigation
* fixed: minor theme bugs


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