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Adifier – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

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Adifier is a fully-featured marketplace for classified ads. All it’s features are built from scratch which results in having only the things which are required. To decide what features to include, it was carefully designed using extensive analysis of all major marketplaces. Let’s see some of the features which the theme offers.

Multiple Ad Types

With the ability to choose the type of ad that will be sent to potential buyers, your users will be able present their classified ads more effectively. They can choose from the following options: buy, sell, auction, buying or exchange. This type of ad can be used to filter the ads.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced custom fields are required to allow sellers to present their classifieds with rich and clear information. Visitors will have the best filtration option and speed up the site. These advanced custom fields are made specifically for this theme. It is possible to create custom fields for each category.

Monetization – Earn From Ad Posting

The theme targets broad market variations so monetization of classified ads post is possible. The theme supports packages (allowing users post certain amounts of ads), subscriptions, (allowing users submit ads for a specific amount of time) and free.

Monetization – Earn From Ad Promoting

Your users can promote their classifieds with Theme. You can make your classifieds more visible by allowing them to boost up, highlight, urgently make, or make it prominent on the home page map. This section can be customized in such a way that you can create unlimited promotional offers.

Payment Methods

PayUMoney, Stripe, PayUMoney and iDEAL are all options that you can accept. This theme is custom-built to allow you to serve classified ads the best possible.

Messaging System

What’s a marketplace without communication? Adifier’s custom messaging system will allow users to communicate with each other and have their messages organized by ads.

Review System

This is why reviews systems for buyers and sellers are implemented. This will give users a starting point for safety when trading with goods advertised on classified ads.

Auction System

Or maybe buyers want to pay less, or the seller wants to make more. Bidding system for classified ads is available in Adifier theme.

Login Social

We understand that registration forms can be tedious and so we created a social login system to make it easier for users to register. Users can then start posting classified ads immediately.

User Dashboard

Through their dashboard, users have complete control over their profile. Here they can easily access any information or take the action they require. You can post classified ads, message and review, as well as view your invoices, visit counts, favorite ads, modify profile details, check the auctions they are participating in, buy a package or subscribe ,….

Compare Ads

Your users can now compare the classified ads they like, so they can see what is available among their favourites. This comparison is based upon features (custom fields) and your users can control the maximum number of ads they can see.


  • Bump Up Ad
  • Highlight Ad
  • Featured Ad
  • Ad for Home Map
  • Urgent Ad
  • Subscription System (Unlimited).
  • Package System (Unlimited).
  • Hybrid system (unlimited)
  • Free System
  • Register to Get Free Ads
  • Compare Ads
  • Google Maps
  • Mapbox maps
  • OpenStreet Maps
  • Restriction on the Country of Location
  • Manual Custom Locations
  • Single List of Locations
  • Locations at Multiple Levels
  • AJAX Search
  • Quick Search
  • Radius Filter
  • Price filter
  • Filter for Custom Fields
  • Image Only Filter
  • Condition Filter
  • Reveal Phone
  • Dial Phone
  • Print an Ad
  • Share an Ad
  • Report Ad
  • Bidding History Ad
  • Negotiable Field
  • Ad Slider
  • Ad Video
  • Seller Listing
  • Normal Sell Ad
  • Auction Ad
  • Gift Ad
  • Buy Ad
  • Exchange Ad
  • Rent an Ad
  • Post a Job Requesting Ad
  • Job Offering Ad
  • Nested Custom Fields ( for example Car Make / Model dependency )
  • Multiple Values Custom field
  • Single Value Custom Field
  • Date Custom Filed
  • Single / Multiple Colors Custom Field
  • Rangle Slider Custom Field
  • You can range custom fields with inputs
  • Use the Checkbox Custom Fields
  • Radio Buttons Custom Fields
  • Regular Input Custom Fields
  • Custom Fields for Mandatory Control
  • Multicurrency
  • Unlimited Categorization
  • Chart of Visits
  • Ad Status
  • Full Profile Management
  • Ajax Messaging
  • Messaging per Ad
  • Review by Buyer
  • Seller Reviews
  • Dashboard: Unread Comments Management
  • Read the Responses
  • Favorite Ads
  • Quick Access to Auctions
  • Sticky Menu
  • RTL fully supported
  • XML Importer
  • CSV Importer
  • XLS Importer
  • Expanding Categories: More or Less
  • One List – All Categories
  • Categories In Multiple Levels
  • Get Smart Contact Form Logged Out
  • GDPR Ready
  • Account Deactivation
  • Bad words fitler
  • Watermark
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Google Login
  • Regular Login
  • Email Verification
  • Expire Advert Email Notification
  • Notification Email for Auction
  • Auction Countdown
  • Approval by Auto or Manual
  • Notification by email to approve
  • Custom Bidding Step
  • Custom Video Thumbnail
  • Pages with custom ads
  • Promotional Custom Ads
  • Custom Map Style
  • Radius Units
  • Submit Terms & Conditions
  • Max Images Control
  • Max Image Size
  • Max Videos Control
  • Custom Email & Name Sender
  • Control ID orders
  • Authorize.
  • Bank Transfer
  • iDEAL Payment Gateway
  • PagSeguro Payment Gateway
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • PayStack Payment Gateway
  • PayUMoney Payment Gateway
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • WalletOne Payment Gateway
  • PayULatam Payment Gateway
  • PayUEU Payment Gateway
  • GoPay Payment Gateway
  • QuickPay Payment Gateway
  • PayHere Payment Gateway
  • Mercado Payment Gateway
  • PayFast Payment Gateway
  • Paysafe Payment Gateway
  • Worldpay Payment Gateway
  • Flow Payment Gateway
  • Tax ready
  • King Composer Page Builder
  • Beaver Builder Page Builder
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Grid / List Style / Card Style
  • Use the Contact Form
  • There are many options for appearance customization
  • Mail Subscription
  • Sticky Menu
  • Multiple Blog Listings
  • Invoices
  • Slug Changer
  • Separate Email Logo
  • Beautiful Email Notification Style
  • Password Recovery
  • Password Strength
  • Password Length
  • SVG Logo
  • Row Slider
  • Row Video
  • Social Links
  • Demo Content
  • Responsive
  • A System Made From Scratch
  • Optimized For Speed
  • Three Navigation Styles
  • Google AdSence Available
  • Google Analytics
  • Placeholder for Ads
  • SMS / Call Phone Verification
  • And Many More…


Version 3.8.9

  • Minor bug fixes & improvements

Version 3.8.8

  • Minor bug fixes & improvements
  • File updated in English

Version 3.8.7

  • Icon added compare count
  • Clear All added to compare window
  • Color filter now has a reset button
  • You can also edit an ad screen by viewing it.
  • Sellers can hide their phone from profile settings.
  • Option to disable auto opening the compare window
  • You can now add first and last names to your list of mandatory fields.
  • Scrollable ads loaded with the Infinity Ads element
  • Moved Stripe is now available at their checkout
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 3.8.6

  • You can now disable the count of ads in locations/categories widget
  • Option to filter active/inactive users in Users listing in WordPress-Admin.
  • Mapbox now has autocomplete
  • Consent to an Added Map Cookie (maps are not loaded for visitors unless he consents).
  • Version v2 of the phone verification service has been moved to this location
  • Add a sales filter to Sell Ad Types
  • Add widget to share posts and pages
  • Option to disable password strength
  • Option to limit login attempts
  • Add compare button to ads single
  • You can also enable redirect after your ad is submitted
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8.5

  • Elementor page-builder support added
  • Open Street Maps now available
  • Demo imports added for Elementor
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8.4

  • You can also limit the length of your title.
  • Additional password strength
  • Additional option to lengthen your password
  • Email activation with resend added
  • Add verification mail to your profile mail change
  • Added custom text field for regular text
  • Additional search on the sellers page
  • Profile field added to website
  • Administrator adds bids control (on a single page)
  • Multi-select selection added for certain categories
  • Multi-select option for predefined areas
  • Option to display username in place of First Name + Last name
  • User dashboard: Added unread comments
  • Separate options added for mapbox language
  • Cancellation option added to orders
  • Zoom Level Option on Profile Page
  • Zoom level can be added to a single advertisement page
  • Zoom on promotion map, and default map location are now available.
  • You can also disable comments from ad-only pages
  • Email added for unread comments
  • Updated language files
  • Design improvements for small devices
  • Some minor adjustments
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.8.3

  • Video compilation for GDPR
  • Video URL validation
  • Backend filter added with expired filter
  • Added Strict Sequential Invoice Numbering option in Adifier WP -> Payments -> Force Sequential Paid Invoice Numbering
  • Added an expired filter in the admin listing for the ads
  • Addition of autologin for mail verification
  • PayPal v2 API Added
  • Google geocoding has been added for locations that are entered by typing the location, and not selecting from a list of places.
  • You can now choose whether search is initiated by the button or any other change to the form.
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8.2

  • Compatibility with WP5.3
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8.1

  • Adifier Importer Added currency and missing Ad types
  • Added map for mobile phones ( search using map template ).
  • These options include additional rent options as well as the ability to control which one is displayed.
  • Add submit link to button element (use #submitforlink ).
  • Similar ads
  • Scrollbars added to radios on submit an ad and checkboxes
  • New Stripe Checkout
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8.0

  • Gateway for Added Fondy Payments
  • Add button for beaver builders
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 3.7.9

  • Google Directions can be controlled via an additional option
  • You can also adjust the image sizes generated by theme
  • Multi-line support in messages
  • Auto update of bid history on the single advert page
  • Payment gateway for Added MakeCommerce
  • Mapbox support added
  • File in Updated Language
  • Some tweaks
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7.8

  • Sign-in to Google has been added
  • Gateway to Added Flow Payments
  • Support for thousands, decimal separator, and decimal control for second currencies
  • Separate column added for total and tax
  • With regular inputs to Custom Fields, you can add ranges
  • Custom Fields have been updated with checkboxes
  • Custom Fields have been updated with radioboxes
  • You can also make mandatory a custom field.
  • Auction: Reserved price added
  • Post expired with an advert
  • Additional details have been added to invoices ( price and tax columns as well the title of the advert)
  • Toggle button for adding password
  • Some minor adjustments
  • File updated in English

Version 3.7.7

  • Minor bug fixed
  • Removed Google network
  • Register and Login modals added links
  • Search by ID of the Ad
  • File updated in English

Version 3.7.6

  • Added speed control for text & interactive sliders
  • On arrival of a category page, autoopening subcategories has been added
  • Added option to restrict reporting of ads in Adifier WP -> Ads -> Reporting Of Ads
  • Added date to ad single
  • Add ID columns to ad categories and locations
  • Removed links in the submit ad area
  • Google+ removed
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7.5 Download All Files & Documentation and read changelog

  • Minor bug fixes
  • RTL Fixed ribbons
  • New Envato requirements: Updated theme
  • Retina support added for Google marker icons (cluster included).
  • Additional information regarding direct reply to mail logout contact
  • Add an advert ID (next to the number of views)
  • Search ads by ID in the backend
  • You can also set the direction of your address on a profile or in an advert.

Version 3.7.4

  • Minor improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 3.7.3

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7.2

  • iOS users have better control of images orientation
  • Reset added for the category/custom location filter
  • Added option for register terms&conditions
  • Users receive an additional number of ads
  • Commenting validation added inline
  • Notification by mail for account status changes (active/inactive)
  • Outbidders will be notified by mail
  • List of invoices now includes bank payment details (so that the user can quickly access them)
  • Added Job – Offer ad type
  • Added Job – Wanted ad type
  • Search page has been given a dynamic URL
  • Additional offline payment
  • Improved design for mobile phones
  • New improved taxonomy page with complete search
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 3.7.1

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7

  • KingComposer has a temporary fix

Version 3.6

  • Gutenberg compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5

  • Search values in custom fields can be reordered by adding an ID to the order
  • QuickPay payment gateway
  • Added PayHere payment portal
  • Added Mercado Pago payment gateway
  • Maximum price for Buy ad type
  • Get directions to an additional ad or profile page
  • Custom field for Multiple Colors added
  • Link to add to advert. Link to reply to unread email messages
  • Side categories added to the header layout
  • Full dark header layout added
  • SVG icons added to categories
  • Interactive slider now available
  • Improved mobile design
  • Increased selections of custom fields values in ad submit
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.4

  • Additional author panel recommendations
  • OWL carousel updated
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.3

  • PayFast Payment Gateway – Added PayFast
  • Payment gateway for Added Paysafe
  • Payment gateway for Worldpay added
  • Ads added autoplay
  • Rent ad type with an additional renting period
  • Double opt-in added to MailChimp Subscription
  • File updated in English
  • Some improvements
  • Some bug fixes

Version 3.2

  • Redesigned author panel, modals improvement, forms improvements, etc…
  • Additional advert card layout
  • Multicurrency filter added (filter ads with different currencies at the right conversion rate
  • Type of ad: Added Rent
  • Added how it works element
  • Table element added categories
  • Typed text element
  • Add a featured label to elements
  • Added topads filter in Adverts element
  • Add label to menus
  • Additional demos
  • Optional option to increase maximum image size
  • Increased control of invoice ID
  • Added PayU EU payment gateway
  • Additional option to remove accounr (optional)
  • Add another search form layout
  • File updated in English
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.1

  • Fixed Twilio bug

Version 3.0

  • You can also verify your phone number by calling
  • You can also choose to disable decimal places
  • Added support for term order plugins (custom fields sort order set at None)
  • Additional urgent/negotiable advert
  • Option to add category/location subterms to WP default taxonomy pages
  • Added option to link categories/locations terms from Appearance -> Menus to taxonomy or search page
  • Add a favorite button to item listings
  • Minor bug fix
  • File updated in English

Version 2.9

  • Added google map language option in Adifier WP -> Ads -> Map Language
  • Mails with invoices added
  • Mobile phones get better messaging
  • Improved category/location dropdown in submit/profile edit screens
  • List of updated fonts
  • File updated in English
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.8

  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 2.7

  • Additional title element
  • Additional locations element with 5 styles
  • Additional Quick Search element
  • Additional transparent categories element
  • Text slider element added
  • Add a slider with text and background images
  • Another search box variant has been added to the page builder element
  • For orders, add paid column
  • Additional link to ads in approval status emails and related coloring with appearance options
  • Enabled: Additional price table, free stuff on registration
  • Added option to control number of ads on standard taxonomy term listing ( ads category & ads location )
  • Slider added to Categories Tree element
  • Some visual improvements
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.6

  • Auto-triggered quick search
  • Add an expire colum to ads on the backend
  • Transparent header added
  • Mail with unwelcome messages
  • Twilio provides additional phone verification
  • Additional negotiable field to Sell ad type
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 2.5

  • GoPay payment gateway added
  • Google AdSense: Additional options
  • Added option to chose type of price filter – slider or inputs
  • Better saving of first ad, where the location is automatically saved to profile
  • Image Watermark can be used ( see documentation ).
  • Minor bug fixed
  • Languages updated

Version 2.4

  • Prefilter to allow copy/paste of ads from other sites
  • Advert placeholder image added
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.3

  • Shortcodes now allow you to display empty categories
  • Add bad words filter
  • Updated preview pending approval
  • Option to remove promotion
  • Added GDPR checkbox for contact/register/subscribe
  • Option to display additional ads from a particular author on one ad
  • Minor changes
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 2.2

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1

  • Logout icon added next to account
  • Beaver Builder Support
  • You can also remove predefined locations and use Google only
  • Additional image must be at least 2 inches wide
  • Payment gateway Added PayULatam
  • Filter: Added Show more/less of categories and locations
  • For users who have logged out, there is an additional option to show a contact form
  • Small devices get a better message conversation layout
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 2.0

  • Fixed bug in social login
  • Fixed compare markings ( icon refers to theme color)
  • For small devices, fixed navigation font color
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 1.9

  • XML/CSV/XLS importer
  • Chat messages can now be enhanced with image and link parsers
  • Option to add mandatory fields
  • Additional type for custom fields
  • Option to hide certain fields from searches
  • Optional Google Analytics option
  • Option to change default listing on search page
  • Removed option ‘Single Ad Sidebar Location ( Small Screens )’ since single page is now organized
  • Fixed reddit sharing icon
  • Fixed adding to favourites
  • File updated in English

Version 1.8

  • Add another navigation style
  • You can also choose to disable certain conditions
  • Access to backend restricted for admins
  • Add a category list element
  • Tree element of added category
  • Add-on services
  • Addition of advert slider option
  • Icon added round element
  • Search function added widget
  • Sidebars added to your own design
  • Option to disable header search
  • Auctions have a fixed expiration date
  • Fixed font switching
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 7.2.2
  • Updated demo content
  • File updated in English

Version 1.7

  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Promotions removed after a fixed period
  • Fixed saving updates
  • Adverts can be used to improve image manipulation
  • File updated in English

Version 1.6

  • You can also set up some free ads when you register (Package).
  • You can also choose to have ads posted for free upon registration (Subscription).
  • You can also choose to have ads posted for free upon registration ( Hybrid).
  • Add-on hybrid pack, where you can set up multiple ads and the time it takes to run
  • Added compare ads feature
  • Auctions: Additional countdown
  • Notifications of new messages on the topbar
  • Additional location restrictions per country (country)
  • Social login with an avatar
  • There are tweaks you can make
  • File updated in English

Version 1.5

  • You can dial a number from your mobile device by using the additional option
  • Added filter to protect against pending updates
  • Quick search
  • Added PagSeguro payment gateway
  • Design improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • File updated in English

Version 1.4

  • Minor bug fix

Version 1.3

  • You can also restrict certain types of ads
  • Search page can be linked to the categories shortcode with an additional option
  • Option to add a single advert sidebar at the bottom of smaller screens
  • Payment gateway for Added Paystack
  • Added Wallet 1 payment gateway
  • Manual approval added for ads
  • Addition of an option for an email logo, since email does not support SVG
  • Optional Organizing
  • Fixed message sending on mobile devices
  • File updated in English

Version 1.2

  • Additional information about the Google API key
  • A page template has been added for listing all the sellers ( users with at least one ad posted).
  • You can also disable Google Locations completely
  • User dashboard now includes additional information on the expiry date of ad listings
  • Row settings have an additional slider
  • User data saved from the admin backend has been improved
  • Fixed bug in iOS uploads
  • Fixed bug when changing the slug of ads
  • File updated in English

Version 1.1

  • Updated smeta plugin
  • Even small tweaks

NOTE: Images from demo cannot be included in demo content. Instead, placeholder images are being used (similar behavior to demo images) to ensure that image license is not violated.


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