AirPro-heating and air conditioning WordPress theme for maintenance services

AirPro-heating and air conditioning WordPress theme for maintenance services

Buy AirPro – Heating and Air conditioning WordPress Theme for Maintenance Services best used for wordpress/corporate/business and air conditioning,building,company,construction,cooling and heating,handyman,home maintenance,home services,installation,maintenance,mechanic,plumbing,repair,small business,ventilation


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AirPro is a platform that focuses on cooling/heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. It is a great platform to create modern business presentations for small businesses, no matter if they are home repair and maintenance, auto repair shops, or plumbing companies.

Handmade by CreatopusThemes with ♥!

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Notification:After updating to WordPress, if you are experiencing any problems with your page/post editing behavior, please let us know. This FAQ article.

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Why choose AirPro

We try to offer micro-niche themes that are specifically tailored for HVAC and Air-conditioning professionals. This theme provides an excellent platform for creating professional-looking, modern and convincing business presentations.

The theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. It also offers a variety of customization options. These plugins are carefully selected, and include:

  • Layer slider
  • Smart Grid Gallery
  • WPBakery page builder

We focus on providing a simple, elegant and informative design. These amazing features will allow you to create a simple and powerful maintenance website.


  • WP 4.8 is ready
  • Fully responsive
  • This website is for heating and air conditioning professionals as well as general service websites.
  • There are many themes to choose from (page layout controls and unlimited colors, as well as typography).
  • Step-by-step installation video guide
  • For only $54 you can get $122 worth goods
  • Excellent support!


  • Professional design that is elegant, professional and clean
  • Boxed layouts or full-width layouts
  • Mobile friendly
  • Sticky headline options
  • Includes WPBakery Page Builder, Layers Slider 5 Smart Grid Gallery, valued $71
  • Sections for header and footer that can be customized
  • Sidebar/content width adjustable
  • Sidebars on both ends
  • Typesetting control
  • Pages:
    1. Home page
    2. About
    3. Service
    4. Case study
    5. Cost
    6. Special promotion
    7. Testimonials
    8. Our team
    9. Get a warranty
    10. FAQ
    11. Contact page
    12. Blog
    13. Single release and single-service VC presets
  • Fully responsive
  • Cross-browser compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9+
  • Translation ready (po/mo).
  • Shortcodes customized: We offer custom shortcodes to allow you to add more features through the WPBakery Page Building
  • Fonts from Google
  • Google Map
  • Icon (900+)
  • Include files


You must run to use the AirPro theme

  • WordPress 4.6 and higher
  • PHP 5.6 or greater
  • MySql 5 and higher

It is recommended to set these PHP environment settings to specific values:

  • upload_max_filesize 32M

This value can be changed, but it is not required. You can install the theme without changing this setting. However, in this instance, the theme file must be uploaded manually to the server via FTP client or CPanel.

We try to make the theme as flexible and adaptable as possible to accommodate as many hosting providers as possible. Some providers may place restrictions on certain PHP environment variables. If the PHP configuration limit is set too low, it may affect the installation/activation process and cause similar problems such as white screen, failure to import demo content, etc. You can increase the PHP limit. This can be done by you, or your web host can ask them to reduce these restrictions to a minimum as shown below.

  • Maximum execution time is 180
  • Memory limit 128M
  • post_max_size 32M


AirPro 2.1.0 includes all images that are free of charge or available through our themes. so, You don’t need additional images to get the latest theme version..

The images in the older theme versions (2.0.2) and earlier are stock images. They are only used for preview purposes and can be removed if necessary (for historical or legacy reasons). http://shutterstock.comOder to all images belong to the respective owners.

For a complete list, please contact us.

Are you looking for support?

We appreciate your purchase of our theme. Send us an email if you have questions that are beyond the scope of these help files and video tutorials.

Change log

October 8, 2021 - V2.6.12
1) LayerSlider WP updated to 6.11.9
July 9, 2021 - V2.6.11
1) WPBakery Page Builder Updated to 6.7.0
April 20, 2021
1) Updated Booked: Appointment Bookings for WordPress to 2.3.5
2) LayerSlider WP Updated to 6.11.8.
March 8, 2021, v2.6.9
1) LayerSlider WP Updated to 6.11.6
February 22, 2021 - V2.6.8
1) WPBakery Page Builder Updated to 6.6.0
2) LayerSlider WP updated to 6.11.5
January 27, 2021 – v2.6.7
1) LayerSlider WP updated to 6.11.4
December 25, 2020, v2.6.6
1) WPBakery Page Builder Updated to 6.5.0
November 26, 2020 - V2.6.5
1) Updated WPBakery Page Building to 6.4.2
October 22, 2020 - Version 2.6.4
1) Updated Booked to Version 2.3
October 12, 2020 -- v2.6.3
1) WPBakery Page Creator Updated to 6.4.1
September 1, 2020 - Version 2.6.2
1) WPBakery Page Builder Updated to 6.3.0
August 12, 2020 - V2.6.1
1) LayerSlider Updated to 6.11.2.
May 17, 2020 - Version 2.6.0
1) WooCommerce: Additional option to adjust sidebar position (sidebar left", sidebar right", no sidebar) on archive/shop for single product.
1) WooCommerce - Checkbox visibility in terms/conditions acceptance area on checkout ("I have reviewed and agreed to the website terms & conditions")
2) WooCommerce - Update obsolete templates.
April 21, 2020 -- v2.5.5
1) WPBakery Page Builder Updated to 6.2.0
1) WooCommerce - Update obsolete overridden templates
April 6, 2020 - Version 2.5.4
1) LayerSlider Updated to v6.11.1
March 1, 2020- v2.5.3
1) LayerSlider updated to v6.10.2
2) Booked Updated to 2.2.6
February 11, 2020 -- v2.5.2
    1) WooCommerce: cart popup positioning (on desktop).
2) Demo content: URL to the "scroll up" button.
January 6, 2020 - Version 2.5.1
1) WPBakery Page Building Updated to v6.1
December 2, 2019 - Version 2.5.0
1) LayerSlider updated to v6.10.0
1) Pages: You can change the page title background for individual pages through custom fields.
1) WooCommerce - Update obsolete overridden templates
October 30, 2019, v2.4.7
1) The Breacrumb Trail plugin caused the "Structured Data" validation error.
2) WooCommerce - Update obsolete templates.
September 18, 2019, v2.4.6
1) LayerSlider Updated to v6.9.2.
September 3, 2019, v2.4.5
1) LayerSlider updated to v6.9.1.
July 29, 2019 - Version 2.4.4
1) WPBakery Page Builder Updated to Version 6.0.
July 17, 2019, v2.4.3
1) Updated WPBakery Page Building to 6.0.4
2) Booked Updated to 2.2.5
1) Support for the "wp_body_open theme hook" has been added.
1) Pages, default Template: Value "No Sidebar", for custom field "Page Sidebars Position", however showed sidebar but was pushed to bottom of page.
April 14th, 2019, v2.4.2
1) LayerSlider WP updated to v6.8.4.
April 22, 2019 - Version 2.4.1
1) Installing the "Envato Marketplace" plugin as a necessary plugin.
1) WooCommerce - Update obsolete overridden templates
    2) WPBakery Page Builder: If a color is selected for the "Custom Heading" text, apply it to the inner <a> also.
3) You can apply the custom-designed theme-defined checkboxes styling only to Contact Form 7 forms.
4) Child theme. Style.css wasn’t mentioned at all.
5) Remove any modules that caused PHP7 "deprecated codes" warnings.
6) Default WP Gallery: Remove left-right margins from rows that push the last row item to the bottom of the row.
March 7, 2019 - Version 2.4.0
1) WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), updated to v5.7
2) Booked Updated to v2.2.3.
3) Updated Layer Slider WordPress to v6.8.2.
1) Custom fields: Add new fields to "Use Footer?"", "Use Footer?". They conceal i.e. Show the header and footer sections.
2) Custom fields: Additional option to create "sidebar layouts" on a per-post basis.
3) Custom fields, New field "Content Padding Top/Bottom".
4) WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer blocks): New custom block, "Theme Social Share Button".
5) Minor tweaks to support "landingpage" display mode.
1) Theme plugin - Fixed translations functionality (properly mapped text domain that is easily translated through e.g. a translators plugin
2) WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer blocks): Fixed the "hover background" setting for "Content Box".
3) WPBakery Page Builder blocks (formerly Visual Composer block): To properly display post excerpts if they are entered, fix "Post List".
January 2, 2019, v2.3.2
1) Logo image: Instead of using a hardcoded text, use "Alt" or "Title" in the Media section.
1) Images in "Our Partners", carousel ("WP Slick slider and Image Carousel") get oversized. The theme demo content has been updated to fix the issue.
December 7, 2018 - Version 2.3.1
1) WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), updated to v5.6
November 22, 2018, v2.3.0
1) WPBakery Page Building (formerly Visual Composer), has been updated to version 5.5.5.
2) Updated Booked to Version 2.2.1.
1) Added new pages/blog/post custom field: "Use Page title?" "Use Breadcrumbs?"".
1) Updated obsolete WooCommerce templates, overridden by the theme
    2) Fixed a markup issue with the "woocommerce_order_button_html" hook.
October 10, 2018 - Version 2.2.1
    1. Visual Composer updated to v5.5.4.
August 13, 2018, v2.2.0
    1. Visual Composer v5.5.2 has been updated
    1. Gallery plugin: Support for Smart Grid Gallery was removed and Justified Gallery support was added.
    2. You can also customize the sidebar position of a blog archive or single webpage ("sidebar left", “sidebar right”, "no sidebar")
3. Install two plugins from rather than baking them into your theme (Meta Box, Breadcrumb trail).
May 29, 2018 - Version 2.1.2
    1. Comments form: GDPR Comment Privacy Opt In Checkbox
    2. Overridden by the theme, updated WooCommerce templates.
May 24, 2018 - Version 2.1.1
    1. Updated Layer Slider WP v6.7.6
April 17, 2018, v2.1.0
    1. The custom field "Custom Logo" on the page wasn't functioning.
    2. <base> tag was breaking "URL fragments” functionality (e.g. WPBakery Page Builder tabs
    3. Typography: Use a sans-serif font for page titles to avoid the unwelcome "FOUT" effect.

    1. Demo: Replace all images by free or royalty-free images
    2. For all demo pages sections that are already created, create WPBakery Page Maker templates to allow you to reuse them on any page.
    3. Demo: Add "Page Elements Page" with sample pages of all demo sections (i.e. All WPBakery Page Builder templates.
    4. Booked plugin: implement full design compatibility.
    5. Theme Options : WooCommerce – number of columns in the Shop (products archives) page.
    6. Theme Options: WooCommerce - turn the cart icon on/off, even when WooCommerce is installed & active.
    7. Theme Options
    8. Sticky Header: This is the header that will be used to fit the boxed contents, when the appropriate template has been chosen for a particular page.
March 20, 2018 - Version 2.0.2
1) Updated obsolete WooCommerce templates, overridden by the theme
2) "Theme Button", WPBakery Page Builder Add-on: Call undefined function scp_sanitize...
3) Primary styling colour: This applies to all links within the user's text on pages.
    4) "WP Slick Slider & Image Carousel": install plugin from instead of deploying with the theme.

1) WPBakery Page Building (ex Visual Composer), has been updated to version 5.4.7.
2) Updated Layer Slider WP v6.7.1.
November 20, 2017 - V2.0.1
1) The Footer and Top Bar layout blocks were limited to the first five items found on each page.
2) Responsive menu was hidden after installing the theme, except that demo content was imported shortly after.
3) AirPro plugin: Correct paths to registered.css/.js file.
4) W3TC Total Cache: Add a code block in order to render part of W3TC's merged code.
5) Redux Framework: Create backup fonts and import default settings immediately after activation.
6) Creatopus WPBakery Page Builder "Post List" (ex Visual Composer). It wasn't stylized and the "read more" button didn't work.

1) WPBakery Page Building (ex Visual Composer) updated to version 5.4.4.
2) Updated Layer Slider WP v6.6.2.
October 10, 2017, v2.0.0
1) Reduce FOUT (flash of unstyled texts) on the main menu.
2) Reduce the unnecessarily large amount of.woff2 files used for web fonts.
    3) WPBakery Page Builder (ex Visual Composer): fix enqueing of CSS styles, since for some reason it was being loaded in  instead on in <head> (e.g. on Tips&Tricks page).
4) Demo content: Social icons are now in the footer. Horizontal alignment is possible for all icons.
Demo content: Contact form 7 - We have removed the obsolete forms and made improvements to the rest.
1) Support for WooCommerce
2) Additional demo of "shop" (with WooCommerce enabled, different colours, and a different landingpage).
3) The mobile menu has been made more user-friendly
A larger, more prominent toggle button for "expand/collapse",
b. If a menu items doesn't have links (or an anchor with no "href") then subitems can collapse/expand by clicking anywhere on the menu (not just the arrow).
1) WPBakery Page Building (ex Visual Composer) updated to version 5.3
2) Layer Slider WP Updated to v6.6.0
September 5, 2017, v1.2.2
1) Demo Import - Re-enabled thumnail image generation
2) Post list: This uses a custom image size (dimensions of 480x320). It was previously loading full-size images.
3) Update the WP version required in documentation and activation (new value: WordPress 4.6).
1) Theme Options: Add option to hide/show the title on pages (previously this was only available for blog posts).
1) WPBakery Page Building (ex Visual Composer) updated to version 5.2.1.
2) Layer Slider WP updated to v6.5.8
July 27, 2017 -- v1.2.1
1) TGMPA issue with WordPress 4.8 ("Warning, sprintf(): Too many arguments ...").
2) Creatopus custom VC - Addon "Theme Logo": The add-on did not have any effect.
3) Custom CSS, created in VisualComposer by "layout block" CPT (topbar, footer), was not rendered on page.
There are no new features.
1) WPBakery Page Building (ex Visual Composer), has been updated to version 5.2.
2) Layer Slider WP updated to v6.5.5.
May 31, 2017: v1.2.0.
    1) Lower-level submenus (e.g. Services > A/C Installation > My New Subpage) is pushed down by 40px.
2) Don't load unnecessary WP resources (emoji).
1) Breadcrumbs: Use the icon "Home" instead of the text "Home"
2) Demo content: Moved a set CSS from VisualComposer widget into a separate.scss format.
3) Minor styling improvements/fixes
1) WPBakery Page Building (ex Visual Composer), has been updated to version 5.1.1.
2) Updated Layer Slider WP v6.4.0
April 3, 2017, v1.1.2.
1) Fixed Long post titles do not overflow the content area, creating a large horizontal bar.
1) WPBakery Page Builder (ex Visual Composer), updated to v5.1
2) Updated Layer Slider WP v6.2.2.
March 29, 2017 - Version 1.1.1.
1) Fixed "syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING" (
March 12, 2017, v1.1.0.
1) Demo content - Force WPBakery Page Builder (ex Visual Composer), modules to use fonts defined in Theme Options ("usedefault")
2) You can modify a few CSS styles, such as button) to support customized text better
3) Renamed admin Section "Layout Blocks", to "Header, Footer".
February 24, 2017 - Version 1.0.0
- Initial release.


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