Airtifact-Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme

Airtifact-Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme

Buy Airtifact – Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/creative/portfolio and creative,design,grid,illustration,masonry,minimal,original,page builder,parallax,photography,portfolio,slider,typography,unique,video


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Airtifact – Portfolio Creative WordPress themeOur efforts to assist creatives with websites are a way for developers, designers and users to have a more creative experience with WordPress. You can use this portfolio website tool to highlight the most important content and projects.

Artifacts have been around for a long while, helping to make the most innovative objects and tools for collective and community development. This is how your work can communicate with your audience in new and unique ways. A complete tool is requiredWe can help you develop and build your own audience and community. Portfolio theme for Airtifact.

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Complete feature list

  • ResponsiveCertain.
  • AJAX-driven themes. This feature can be disabled by clicking on the panel.
  • Two different navigations. A compact and an ordinary navigation.
  • A lightweight and unique content builder. To present your project in a simple and creative way, you can make very unique layouts. There is no bloated code or unnecessary components.
  • WordPress customizer available
  • Packaging, isotopes & masonryLayout
  • Lazy loadingControl the situation ‘Infinite scroll’
  • Regular pagination
  • Cool filtering for project items
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • There are two blog styles: “Minimal” or “Magazine”. We adjust the presentation to display these styles.
  • Full screen background customizationEach item and each part. Has a unique function.
  • Hero SliderWith Video hosted by you
  • Google Font Library
  • Your own method can be easily implementedFont customization
  • Fully customizable portfolio page. You can choose from a variety of colors and heroes.
  • Adaptive fonts respond to browser sizes and can adapt to every device. To verify, you can try the demo on another device. These dimensions can be manually adjusted using the content editor. You can adjust the text size, font, color, and other settings. There are many combinations.
  • Ready for localization
  • Tracking in real-timeSupport
  • Support for touch gestures and keyboardSlider
  • The wizard will assist you in installing the required plugins and themes. It is a quick and easy way to create a new website. Virtual content can be added based on the layout. You can just think that the placeholder will replace the image.
  • Calafaters. Since Airtifact is our first theme, Calafate is our first framework, you can easily modify the site by switching between our themes. All you need to do is modify the options panel. Get all the benefits offered by our lightweight framework.

Outstanding customer support

We respond to support questions within 24-48 hours (8:00 – 10:00 UTC+1).

Dashboard PickyOur ticketing system will keep an eye on your tickets for any new questions. You can also check whether your question has been answered before and refer to the FAQ.

Support tasks should relate to the subject.
Support does not include any customizations specific to your site.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions prior to purchasing.

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Change log

v1.2.3 // Update: Jul 02 · 2021

  • Update: ACFPRO plug-in updated to the most recent version (v5.9.7)
  • WordPress 5.8 is now available

v1.2.2 // Last update: May 24, 2021

  • Fix: CF7 form plugin is required to fix the CF7 selection element enhancement.
  • Improvement: Mobile navigation accessibility
  • Performance Improvement: A single portfolio page desktop or mobile is now performing better
  • Improvement: slight visual movement details
  • Update: ACFPRO plug in to the latest version (v5.9.6)

v1.2.1 // Update time: March 26, 2021·

  • WordPress 5.7 is now available
  • Update: ACFPRO plug-in updated to the most recent version (v5.9.5).
  • PHP 8.0.3 support

v1.2.0 // Last update: January 23, 2021

  • Improvement: PHP 7.4.1 is available and PHP 8.
  • Firefox: Improved usability of the checkbox form
  • Improvement: When lazy loading activities are being performed, the Alt tag on the noscript object will be used
  • Improvement: Blog archive description layout
  • Improvements in accessibility and general performance
  • Update: ACFPRO plug in to the latest version (v5.9.4)

v1.1.9 // Update: November 14th · 2020

  • Fix: The comment problem is solved
  • Improvement: Native lazy loading is used to handle Alt/title attributes
  • Improvement: Native implementation of lazy loading is better
  • Improvement: Font swapping to speed up page rendering.
  • Add: Add the description option to the category page
  • Update: ACFPRO plug in to the most current version (v5.9.3)

v1.1.8 // Update: August 11, 2020·

  • Improvement: Apple’s AirPlay issue and background video on the Cover page
  • WordPress 5.5+ is ready for improvement
  • Update: ACFPRO plug in to the latest version (v5.8.13)

v1.1.7 // Update time: June 6, 2020

  • Social sharing functions and sub-themes fixed
  • Fixed an issue with the social sharing options for hovering off of the mouse failure
  • Edge now has an option to select colors from the form elements.
  • Improved gallery spacing
  • Colophon Foundry added three new Google fonts: DM Serif Display, Serif Text and Sans
  • A new tab has been added that allows you to open portfolio items linked via URL (no lightbox).
  • Updated PRO plugin for advanced custom fields

v1.1.6 // Update time: March 24, 2020·

  • The issue of social sharing has been fixed
  • Problems with duplicate meta tags fixed
  • Added backward compatibility to wp_body_open
  • Improved scrolling behavior for the iframe in the lightbox elements
  • Updated PRO plugin for advanced custom fields

v1.1.5 // Last update: January 31, 2020

  • The slider arrow visual problem was fixed
  • Parallax background images fixed
  • Issues with blog/journal design style and big-screen thumb gradient fixed
  • Minor issues with full-width videos, and certain screen sizes, were fixed
  • Updated PRO plugin for advanced custom fields

v1.1.4 // Update time: August 29, 2019·

  • To create more complex footers, we have added a tool.
  • iPad Pro and related devices now offer improved menu performance
  • The update package includes the most recent version of the ACF plug-in

v1.1.3.4 // Last update: July 4, 2019,

  • The visual issue with the hero title (top right margin) was fixed
  • Fixed visual errors in mobile menu
  • Other small improvements

v1.1.3.3 // Update time: June 14, 2019

  • Cover page problem fixed
  • Package updated with the most recent version of ACF plugin

v1.1.3.2 // Last update: May 17, 2019,

  • Image custom size issues fixed
  • Problems related to sliders and subtitles have been fixed

v1.1.3.1 // Update time: April 30, 2019·

  • Fixed bugs in portfolio and fancybox galleries
  • In self-hosted videos, fixed the error of black empty spaces

v1.1.3 // Update time: April 24, 2019·

  • Video function that can be hosted by the user is now better
  • Option to disable loading animation
  • Other visual issues were fixed

v1.1.2 // Update: Mar 11 · 2019

  • Some translation issues were fixed in the theme
  • The update package includes the most recent version of the ACF plug-in
  • Updated portfolio shortcode using tag. orderby. order. include
  • Completed some visual enhancements for mobile devices

v1.1.1 // Update: Feb 8 · 2019

  • Footer added shortcode support
  • Updated plugin for Airtifact fixes translation problems
  • Other visual errors were corrected

v1.1.0 // Update: January 18, 2019·

  • The Gallery page template has been updated. A complete gallery can be created within a project.
  • Additional options for lightbox gallery objects
  • Improved lightbox design and general functions

v1.0.8 // Update time: January 11, 2019·

  • Issues related to secondary Google Fonts have been fixed

v1.0.7 // Last update: December 20, 2018.

  • Cascading drop-down menus now available
  • Package updated with the most recent version of ACF plugin
  • Minor issues were fixed

v1.0.6 // Update: November 29th · 2018

  • WordPress 5.0 available
  • A new font manager was added
  • Minor issues were fixed

v1.0.5 // Update: November 14th · 2018

  • Package updated with the most recent version of ACF plugin
  • Minor issues were fixed

v1.0.4 // Last update: October 26, 2018,

  • Some bugs fixed in blog and portfolio shortcodes
  • Fix for the problem with IE11 delaying loading of pictures
  • Fixed Portfolio File Page

v1.0.3 // Updated time: October 9, 2018.

  • Hero slider title added with link/CTA support
  • Hide the extended option in the footer. You can now choose between the portfolio and post pages.
  • Other minor visual issues were fixed

v1.0.2 // Update: Sep 28 · 2018

  • Additional styles available for hero titles
  • Support for inner columns added
  • IBM Plex fonts added
  • Some visual issues were fixed

v1.0.1 // Update: Sep 19 · 2018

  • The issue with the custom blogger card was resolved
  • Fixed the autoplay error for the hero slider
  • Fixed some minor visual errors
  • Importers will benefit from a greater global width setting

v1.0.0 // Theme release: Sep 16 · 2018


Very big ‘Thank you! ‘We are grateful to the talented artists and creatives that have contributed amazing artworks to illustrate Artifact Portfolio Creative WordPress theme.

Demo uses the SIL/Free font. It is loaded with the theme as default. Hanken Design supplied both fonts for the demo. (Https://, thank you so much!

You will see “Orkney” in the text and “HK Kontrast” as title and display in the demo. This font is high-quality and can be purchased from Hanken. hereThis font will be changed to “Bagnard” after you have installed the demo. You can also use the Google font library to install your custom fonts via the theme dashboard tool.

important:The owner of the image used for illustration belongs to it. These designers and illustrators are mentioned above. Themeforest’s final package will not contain any of these images. These images are used only to show proposals. After installing the theme, all images are replaced by placeholders.

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