Alexia-Model Agency WordPress Theme

Alexia-Model Agency WordPress Theme

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Alexia WordPress Theme – With this theme, you can create model agency themes. Talents (users), can register online and create talent profiles. Agents have the ability to control publishing, verify email addresses, or approve registrations.| Using this theme, you can create model agent themes, talents (users) can register online and create their talent profiles without agent intervention, agents can control direct publishing or email verification or registration approved by the administrator. You can use this theme to allow users to register custom forms, and restrict user activity, such as content. Alexia can be used for casting, modeling, acting, casting, music and dubbing artists as well as any other user-based website.

This theme was created using Ultimate Member Free Plugin

All functions available

  1. Completely customizable

    • Registration form: completely customizable. Users can include any fields (e.g. gender, height or hair color) when registering.
    • Profile page: This page is very important for talents. Administrators can add as many fields as they need. All fields from registration forms are added to the “Profile”. You have the option to show fields below your profile photo. Additionally, you can display icons for social connections. Users who aren’t logged in can hide/show certain fields, such as their email or contact information.
    • Login form
  2. There are custom fields that can be used

    • Text field
    • Checkbox
    • Choose a box
    • Checkbox
    • One button
    • Slider
    • Rich text field
    • Date of birth
    • Date picker
    • Upload
    • Upload picture
    • Gallery Upload
    • Video upload
    • Audio upload
    • Rich text editor to create a biography
    • Text area for simple creatures


  3. You can embed a rich editor in a profile tab you create from Pod. This allows you to use the WordPress default rich editor to add text, images and audio to your content.
  4. All registration fields can be added to the talent page.
  5. Talent fields can be hidden or shown according to their role (talent type). This allows you to hide multiple fields from users for no cost.
  6. You can hide or show your talent profile page depending on the role, which indicates the type of talent.
  7. Talents have the option to keep their personal information secret so that no one else can see it
  8. There are multiple tabs for your profile, including a resume, image, and video. These tabs can all be edited by you.
  9. Label content can be hidden or displayed depending on the user’s role
  10. You can upload multiple photos, videos, audios, or any other type of file to your profile page.
  11. Multiple forms are possible. You can create multiple forms. For these kinds of needs, you can create multiple Registration forms
  12. For any talent type or search field, you can create member directory pages.
  13. Site administrators can control all aspects of user registration. They can also post registration and verify email addresses. Administrators can also check configuration files personally and publish them.
  14. The profile image can be hovered or grid-column layout to give you full control over the talent fields
  15. You can restrict access to a portion of the website or to a few pages for the logged-in user
  16. An administrator can also use email for creating a talent account and sending the activation code to the talent to activate it. The talent will then be able to fill out the profile page.
  17. Later talents may log in to edit their profile page
  18. Administrators can view/edit/delete/suspend/reject talent files
  19. You have the option to direct users to restricted pages.
  20. Site for members

    You can easily create a membership-based website using this theme. Talents, or users, can pay to register and become talents. The membership function was tested using the plug-in “Paid Member Pro”, but you can use any other plug -ins.

Note: Demo images of our themes are provided for demonstration purposes only. Customers who purchase them will not be allowed to use them in their own websites. All photos source: Twenty20


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