Ananke-One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Ananke-One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Buy Ananke – One Page Parallax WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/creative/portfolio and agency,business,clean,corporate,creative,designer,flat,freelance,modern,one page,page builder,parallax,photography,portfolio


Ananke-One Parallax WordPress Template – The current version 3.8.9 is available for download!

Ananke is a premium WordPress theme that’s modern and creative.It is designed in beautiful styles. It is suitable for personal portfolios, creative agencies, designer portfolios, illustrators’ portfolios, photographers’ portfolios, etc. It has a universal design that considers every detail and animation effect. You can modify the theme to suit your requirements by replacing text and images.

The WordPress theme is responsive and can be viewed on mobile/tablet devices. It looks stunning on these devices.

Ananke is the perfect theme for blogs, personal and business portfolios.

-Latest version 3.8.9 – June 24, 2021
—— WordPress version 5.x get ready
-Compatible WPBakery page builder 6.6.xInsert
-Compatible Revolution slider 6.5.xInsert
—— Hosting requirements

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Ananke-One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

This theme has all you need

  • 8 Homepage versions
  • Version dark
  • Import demo content with one clickImport dark or light versions in minutes
  • Visual Composor page builder with drag and drop layout – 23+ web page elements
  • Unlimited color styles. In just a few mouse clicks, you can create your own color scheme!
  • Redux framework theme options
  • Includes Revolution Slider
  • Translation readyUse the provided POT File
  • Filterable portfolio (fancybox) ajax single project)
  • Ajax portfolio
  • Advanced Royal Preloader
  • Built-in 4 portfolio page examples
  • Layout for scrolling effect
  • Parallax on page
  • Parallax background
  • 100% Response
  • Pricing table
  • Blog single page
  • Responsive layout
  • Navigation in one page
  • Parallax effect
  • Retina ready
  • 150+ animated SVG icons
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Responsive design
  • Responsive video support
  • SEO optimization
  • Support for Google fonts
  • Contact Support via Form 7.
  • Constructed with HTML5 & CSS3
  • More than 400 icons
  • Simple to set-up
  • Animation CSS3
  • It is amazing to include the entire font
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • jQuery enhancements
  • Clear documentation (step-by-step)

Ananke WordPress theme is used to power this website

The Ananke WordPress theme can be used to create many examples. It can do so much!

We appreciate your interest in OceanThemes WordPress theme.

Update Log – Ananke One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

24/06/2021-Version 3.8.9 – Update: Revolution Slider 6.5.2 now has “OT About Video or Image”. Edited files include functions.php. vc_shortcode.php. shortcodes.php. style.css

02/03/2021-Version 3.8.7

- Updated: The WPBakery Page Builder version 6.6.0
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.3.9
- Fixed: Portfolio error in shortcodes.php at line 508
- Files edited: functions.php, shortcodes.php, style.css


- New addition: Upload an image gallery to the post.
- Files edited: functions.php, meta-boxes.php, style.css

31/12/2020-Version 3.8.6

- Updated: The WPBakery Page Builder version 6.5.0
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.3.3
- Improvements: Improving the preload logo, and text
Fixed: Onepage Scroll
- Files edited: functions.php, color.php, sample-config.php, style.css

30/09/2020-Version 3.8.5

- Install Meta Box plugin
- Updated : The WPBakery Page Builder, latest version 6.4.1
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.2.23
- Add: wp_body_open(); after  tag
- Add: meta-boxes.php, admin-style.css, admin-script.js
- Removed: framework/Custom-Metaboxes folder
- Files edited: functions.php, meta-boxes.php, style.css

13/02/2020-Version 3.8.3

- Updated: WPBakery Page Builder version 6.1
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.1.8
- Files edited: functions.php, style.css

27/08/2019 – Version 3.8.2

- The WPBakery Page Builder's latest version 6.0.5 has been updated.
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.1.0
- Fixed: Javascript bug fixed 
- Files edited: functions.php, template.js, style.css

21/06/2019-Version 3.8.1

- Last Updated: WPBakery Page Builder Version 6.0.3
- New: Added the wpmlconfig.xml file. This allows you to translate theme options into multi-languages with the WPML or Polylang plugins.
- Files edited: functions.php, style.css

03/05/2019-Version 3.7.0

OT Portfolio category element added to show portfolios by special categories
- Option columns added to the OT Portfolio element
- Files edited: shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php, color.php, template.js, dark.css, style.css

12/03/2019 - Version 3.6.8
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version
- Fixed: Remove bugs from WPBakery Page Creator row and column
- Files edited: functions.php, vc_row.php, vc_column.php, style.css

27/02/2019 - Version 3.6.6
- Updated : The WPBakery Page Builder's latest version 5.7
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version
- Options added: Image icon, font icon, and SVG icons for the "OT Service Box".
- Fixed: Video HTML5 autoplay on mobile devices.
- Files edited: functions.php, shortcode.php, style.css

13/12/2018 – Version 3.6.5
- The Theme is now compatible with WordPress 5.x
- Updated: WPBakery Page Builder version 5.6
- Options added: Image icon, font icon, and SVG icons for the "OT Service Box".
- Files edited: functions.php, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php, style.css

13/09/2018 – Version 3.6.2
- Updated: WPBakery Page Building latest version 5.5.4
- Files edited: functions.php, sample-config.php, style.css

28/06/2018 – Version 3.6.1
- Updated : Compatible with WordPress 4.9.x
- Updated by WPBakery Page Builder version 5.5.1
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 5.4.8
- Files edited: functions.php, style.css

14/03/2018 – Version 3.6.0
- Updated by WPBakery Page Creator latest version 5.4.7
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version
- Improving CSS: Improved
- Files edited: functions.php, style.css

15/11/2017 – Version 3.5.9
- Last Updated: WPBakery Page Creator version 5.4.2
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version
Documentation guide - Updated
- Files edited: functions.php, style.css

04/10/2017 – Version 3.5.8
- Updated: WPBakery Page Creator latest version 5.3
- Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 5.4.6
- Improved: Enhancing CSS and features in Ananke Options
- Files edited: functions.php, sample-config.php, color.php, style.css

August 09, 2017 – Version 3.5.6
- Updated: WPBakery Page Building latest version 5.2.1
- Improved: The "OT Slide Show" works fine in all cases (You can either add URL links for the images or not).
- A new option: Turn on/off autoplay to show "OT Slide Show".
- Files edited: functions.php, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php,  style.css

August 03, 2017 – Version 3.5.5
- Updated: WPBakery Page Building latest version 5.2
- Improved: Improvement of some functions.
- Files edited: functions.php, style.css

June 19, 2017 – Version 3.5.4
- Updated: Theme compatible for WordPress 4.8.x
Revolution Slider
- Files edited: style.css, class-tgm-plugin-activation.php

June 06, 2017 – Version 3.5.3
Revolution Slider 5.4.5 - Updated
- Improved: paragraphs within the "OT about Box" element
- Redesigned: The "OT Video Project" element now shows FullScreen on video Vimeo
- Files edited: style.css, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php

May 08, 2017 – Version 3.5.2
- Optional link target selection for "OT Socials Slider” has been added 
Revolution Slider 5.4.3 Updated
- Last Updated: WPBakery Page Creator 5.1.1
- Files edited: style.css, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php

March 13, 2017 – Version 3.5.1
- Updated by WPBakery Page Builder version 5.
- New added: Sound on/off for HTML5 video in "OT Slider Video​", "OT About Video or Image​".
- Fixed: Responsive HTML5 Video
- Fixed: Conflict js issue using WPBakery Page Builder Tab element, Tour elements, Accordion component
- Files edited: style.css, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php, template.js

08/03/2017 – Version 3.5.0
OT Contact Info 2 and OT Gmap Style 2 have been added (add unlimited style).
- New added: Footer layout 2 and you can choose footer layout in Ananke Options -> Footer Settings.
- New added: Footer widget four columns and you can easily set up in WP admin -> Appearance -> Footer One, Footer Two, etc...
- Improved: CSS dark version
- Optimized: Min CSS files and min JS files are now available to speed up your website's loading.
- Updated: Demo content files, One Click Import Demo Content plugin
- Updated : Languages translate.pot file.
- Files edited: style.css, shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php, functions.php, color.php, footer.php, sample-config.php

07/03/2017 – Version 3.4.0
Revolution Slider 5.4.1 - Updated
- Add a category or comment to the post.
- Add previous and next posts to a single blog page.
- Theme package now includes the Ananke RTL version.
- New added: easy to add your google map API key in Ananke Options -> Miscellaneous Settings -> Google Map API Key
Fixed: The video background image is not showing on mobile.
- Files edited: style.css, content-*.php, header.php, header-home.php, functions.php, color.php

17/01/2017 – Version: 3.3.3
- New added: include file archive-portfolio.php
- Improved: style in taxonomy-categories.php
- Files edited: style.css, sample-config.php

04/01/2017 – Version 3.3.2
- Updated : WordPress compatible theme
- Reviewed: WPBakery Page Building Version 5.0.1
Revolution Slider
- Optional layouts for all blogs now available
- Files edit: style.css, archive.php, index.php, search.php, sample-config.php

16/11/2016 – Version 3.3.0
- Updated: WPBakery Page Creator Version 5.0
- Make your WPBakery Page Builder 5.0 theme more compatible
- Fixed bug
- Files edit: style.css, functions.php, vc_row.php

26/10/2016 – Version 3.2.9
- Add a heading to any page of your website with the new shortcode element "OTHearing"
- New addition: Equal height, Disable row in the "Row Settings". 
Revolution Slider Updated
Font Awesome 4.7.0 - Updated
- Files edit: shortcode.php, vc_shortcode.php, functions.php, vc_row.php, vc_column.php, sample-config.php, etc...

27/09/2016 – Version 3.2.8
- WPBakery Page Builder Update 4.12.1
- Compatible with WordPress 4.6.1
- Update demo content and update plugin one-click-import-demo-content
Remove folder plugins from theme with path ananke/framework/
- Files edit : style.css, functions.php

25/07/2016 – Version
- Update Revolution Slider 5.2.6. (Find in folder plugins/).
- Update Google map works fine now.
- Files edit : style.css, functions.php

21/06/2016 – Version 3.2.6
- Update WPBakery Pages Builder 4.12 (Find In Folder Plugins/)
- Update Revolution Slider ( (Find in folder plug-ins/
- Update Font Awesome 4.6.3
- WordPress 4.5.2 compatible update theme
- Files edit : style.css, functions.php, content-*.php

09/05/2016 – Version 3.2.5
- WPBakery Page Builder
- Update Revolution Slider
- Update Font Awesome 4.6.1
- Additional layouts: 1320px, 1200px, and 960px
- Remove the folder Theme Option "ReduxFramework". 
Redux Framework Theme Option - Version 3.2.5 requires installation
- Files edit : style.css, functions.php

06/04/2016 – Version 3.2.4
- WPBakery Page Designer latest version 4.11.1 (Find In Folder Plugins/)
- Download Revolution Slider version 5.2.4 (Find folder plugins/).
- Update revolution slider demo file (Find in folder data_export/dark-version/
- File Edit : styles.css, functions.php

16/02/2016 – Version 3.2.3
- Update plugin WPBakery Page Builder latest version 4.10
- Change code for date format show on a blog post and you can change date format in Settings -> General -> Date Format
- Files edit : content-*.php, shortcode.php, single.php
- Fix code when you enable "define['WP_DEBUG?, true;") in files: shortcode.php and vc_columns.php
- Files updated: styles.css, functions.php
Fixed background parallax for show good mobile.
- Update plugins compatible to plugin Re-Order type: OT Portfolio, Slide Show

30 December 2015 – Version 3.2.1
- WPBakery Page Builder Update plugin 4.9.1 (Find plugins/).
- Update Demo content file (Find in the folder: data_export/Dark-version/demo-content.xml)
- Update CSS to Dark version of file dark.css. Find it in folder Ananke/css/dark.css
- Update document guide

15 December 2015 – Version 3.2.0
Font-Awesome Version 4.5.0 Updated
- Update WPBakery Page Builder latest version 4.9
- WordPress 4.4 compatible update theme
- Update demo content and include plugin one-click-import-demo-content
- Update document guides and add link video guide to import demo content.
- Update files translate theme en_US.PO &
- Files edit vc_column.php, vc_row.php, style.css, base.css, skeleton.css
- Change the layout grid to 16 columns and 12 columns.

10 November 2015 – Version 3.0
- Update WPBakery Page Builder latest version 4.8.1
- Remove file template-canvas-dark.php and if you update the new theme then you need to choose again the template of the home page is template canvas.
- Some file css were fixed

22/09/2015 – Version 2.9
Easily customize your logo display on desktop or mobile.
- Added background image at the top of each page.
- Preload Logo and Text added options
- Added color to the header background, menu font, and menu item colors.
- Update Plugin for the most recent version:
+ WPBakery Page Building (4.7)
+ Update font icon 4.4.0
+ Update theme option for : all heading (h1 -> h6), custom header color, background color, font menu, etc...
+ Compatible with WordPress version 4.3.1
+ Compatible With WPBakery Page Builder newest version
- And many other...

26.06.2015 – Version 2.0.1
- Update Plugin for the Latest Version:
+ WPBakery Page Creator (4.5.3)
+ Revolution Slider (4.6.93)

14.05.2015 – Version 2.0
- Files edit : vc_shortcode.php, shortcode.php, sample-config.php, single-portfolio.php, functions.php
- Add a description under the image to identify a team member
- Theme options now include an option to choose a theme style for version dark or version light.
- Section maps: Click the button to show/add options or click the button to display maps.
WPBakery Page Builder - Added shortcode assistance Create layout portfolio project
- Added option create layout portfolio project by WPBakery Page Builder or custom meta-box in theme options -> portfolio setting.
All demo content should be updated
- Make sure to update all plugins to the most recent version.
* Important: Customer who use an old version needs to save an old version on your hosting before update the latest version.

10.02.2015 – Version 1.3
Update Font-awesome icon
- Update theme compatible with the latest version of Plugin WPBakery Page Creator 4.4.2
- Option to add: number of pages and order - portfolio with custom post type in block OT Portfolio
- Update revolution slider demo content.

16.01.2015 – Version 1.2
- Update multilingual and create file translation.po, and fix some files
- Remove the background item menu from the mobile version.
- Easy customization with your logo by adding new options such as x-height logo scroll and static.

09.01.2015 – Version 1.1
-  Fixed portfolio shows all.
- You can add a popup to your portfolio.
-  File edit: template.js, shortcode.php
- Upgrade WPBakery Page Builder to Version 4.3.5

16.12.2014 – Version 1.0.3
Fixed menu for scrolling onepage, menu link out, multipage.

11.12.2014 – Version 1.0.2
-  Add more icon SVG and fixed some file : style.css, vc_shortcode.php, flat_filled_styles.css

10.12.2014 – version 1.0.1
Fixed menu scroll template: Canvas Dark 

07.12.2014 – Version 1.0.0
    * First release!



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