Bepop - Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

Bepop – Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

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Bepop is an innovative and contemporary WordPress music theme that uses WordPress Blocks. You can use it to create your next website as a musician, or an online streaming service.

The theme has blocks. You can add blocks to the page by clicking on them. A loop block allows you to insert any looping post onto the page.

The theme includes website layouts and apps, as well as dark and light colors to suit your music website.

dark style website layout view

Bepop - Nonstop Music WordPress Theme - 1

Light style app layout view

Bepop - Nonstop Music WordPress Theme - 2

This feature is available
  • Block editor management page
  • Ajax loading page
  • Continue to play music
  • Play youtube and Show Video on Player
  • Play radio live station
  • Music by
  • Listen to music
  • Remote and local streaming videos are available
  • Register/Login Mode
  • Playlist/Like/Download Music
  • Recently played
  • Concern for the user
  • Submission at the front-end
  • Ajax Search
  • Review of ajax
  • RTL


  • Support for Mysql8 and PHP8 added
  • Add upload/download/no ads role control
  • Enhance upload form
  • Improve players


  • Add multi-class filter on loop block
  • Video on iOS: One-click Playback to Enhance and Improve
  • Play video fullscreen with iosNative iOS
  • Update artwork for Azuracast
  • The actions of Merge David


  • Increase EDD
  • Improve loop query
  • You can also disable online streaming uploads
  • Add to the embed
  • Small screens: Improve video quality
  • Improve duration input
  • Import soundcloud and heartthis data
  • Add support to import youtube title/description/duration/artwork
  • AzuraCast Servers now supports playback and can be updated with playback titles
  • Use filters and other actions as suggested by David.


  • Add embeddable share mode
  • Form for improvement suggestions
  • Add find_in_set in loop block meta comparison
  • You can add “Featured”, to one site
  • You can add an ad interval
  • Frontend Upload Form: Copyright to be added
  • Fixes on the login page


  • Add fullscreen to your video.
  • Disable autoplay for chrome
  • If you see 404 on the webpage, refresh it.
  • Logout to refresh the page
  • To disable history from the page, add no-player to the class
  • You can add no-ajax to your menu item classes in order to disable ajax
  • Fix login bug


  • Bulk upload
  • A footer should be added to your page
  • Subscribers don’t have the option to purchase albums
  • No albums/uploads/stations after subscribed user login menu
  • Option to display admin bar is now available for administrators
  • Add delete alerts


  • You can add ads to the player.
  • Clear the queue and clear the cache to unlock the cache for the player
  • Loop css on the user page
  • Editorial notes or copyright to playblock plugin
  • To prevent invalid tags, add exclude tags to the upload form. play_exclude_tags
  • Increase dropdown menu for slider
  • Increase loading of svg icons on players
  • Verify sidebar fix


  • You can add history to this player
  • To add frontend playlist to custom type of post
  • To post automatically uploaded files, authenticate users
  • You can remove subscriber site endpoint.
  • Sliders can be added to blocks similar in size
  • Improve avatar image
  • Sidebar improvements


  • Add shoutcast/icecast to the current player title
  • Add whatsapp/instagram/snapchat social network
  • For managing the profile page user menu, add a user menu to your page.
  • Edit playlist to add playlist type option User can create playlists then modify them to become albums.
  • Album endpoint, album section added to user page
  • You can add a download link and a section to your user page
  • Upload status can be improved when the button is clicked
  • Add loop-post-excerpt.php template to loop block plugin
  • You can add the orderby” “User” so that you only show products/sites/posts for the current logged-in user
  • Woocommerce: Improved
  • You can add sidebar options to “Template Sidebar”, or you may choose a different sidebar for the page.
  • Language correction for playblock plugin


  • Search results can be improved by adding a search keyword and a category
  • Add subtitles for loop blocks
  • Play_next_tag filter can be added to make the next play.
  • Sidebars are hidden when there isn’t a page configuration.
  • Station artist can add sorting
  • To add likes/dislikes product reviews
  • Improve ios autoplay, click play again.
  • You can increase the play count by adding 25-30 seconds to your play time.
  • Fix Firefox’s waveform color
  • Waveform fix on upload form


  • Comments: Add your likes/dislikes


  • On loop block, add operator/compare category/meta query
  • Slider “more from” added to single station
  • Upload form to add purchase option
  • Ajax issues fixed
  • Loop block plugin loop query does not save meta query
  • Play block plugin updates have caused playlists/albums to become empty.


  • Gutenberg may not be fully supported (e.g. Add play blocks for custom post types to Gutenberg’s support.
  • Play m3u8 is a tag that can be added to an audio file. Video defaults to video. You can either add “?audio” or “play_single_data?” for audio data.
  • Improve loop blocks
  • Enhance ajax Comment Form
  • Play block: Add support
  • To filter authenticated users stations, add “Authenticated User” to the loop block
  • Youtube video playback can be fixed on your mobile


  • Replace column style with loop block grid, add row to column and remove the slick slider. Use custom js instead
  • In Loop Block Plugin, add empty content
  • Add meta query in Loop Block plugin
  • Loop Block plugin can be filtered with a sortable filter
  • To Loop Block plugin, add loop-waveform.php Template
  • Play Block plugin now includes support for m3u8 streams
  • Waveforms can be added to the Play Block frontend plugin
  • On frontend submit, add/delete playlist/album
  • Verified artist added to user
  • Increase activity of recurring items
  • Improve user avatar
  • Remove tag input plugin


  • On the User Page, add an empty placeholder
  • To add btnajax-register, to the popup registration form
  • You can add client_id to the Soundcloud Download URL.
  • Logout link added to menu
  • Loop block template template template template template template template template template template template template template template template template template template template
  • Change playlist ending point


  • Gutenberg Support: Add Woocommerce Products
  • Woocommerce Products: Add the Play Block
  • Fix menu links in demo data
  • Firefox title fix

v.1.2.1 – 12/24/19

  • Fixed Safari upload streaming button problem
  • Editing playlist needs front-end stream field
  • Sidebar template: Fix the loop block slider

v.1.2.0 – 12/12/19

  • Allow automatic next playing music for the same user/artist

v.1.1.3 – 11/2/19

  • To create site filters, add a filter to the Loop Block plugin
  • Product price can be added to the product archive page
  • You can add a purchase button for a product to the player

v.1.1.2 – 10/27/19

  • Upload form: Add poster as required field
  • Upload form with ajax flow
  • Search results improved for stations
  • Add wait cursor to page load
  • iPhone Fixed input borders, Zoom issues, Center Play button

v.1.1.1 – 10/10/19

  • 1. On the loop block, add a sequence “User played / user liked”
  • 2. You can add the option disable ajax to your page
  • 3. In “Settings> General”, add “Playlist auto-public” option.
  • 4. Allow non-admin users to block wp-admin access
  • 5. Automatically, the front end sends “single” to its message
  • 6. Ajax Search Fix
  • 7. Get “more” from artist output

v.1.1.0 – 10/4/19

  • 1. Add a button to download the phone
  • 2. Search for woocommerce products
  • 3. Add message to stream URL or empty music files
  • 4. Problem with the play button in user profile pages

v1.0.3 – 10/1/19

  • 1. Support for variable products added to Woocommerce
  • 2. To add an artist, upload the form
  • 3. You can add the product type to the upload form.
  • 4. You can add a user role for upload control
  • 5. Automatically post playlists
  • 6. Add sharing module
  • 7. Show stations/playlists/likes/followers/following counts on user profile
  • 8. The phone’s likes/videos are displayed on the player. It hides the random/random option
  • 9.Improved loading speed and the search bar of the touch screen.
  • 10. Maximize album/playlist tracks

v1.0.2 – 8/10/19

  • 1. Support member control, Binding Page Upload and Download
  • 2. To the Loop Block front-end URL, add a tag/category filter
  • 3. Mailboxes cannot be changed by users who have been permanently locked out
  • 4. To play on mobile, you must click twice
  • 5. Loading playlists/albums from users on the profile page has been fixed

v1.0.1 – 7/27/19

  • 1. Fixed station types are not included in the cyclic blocks type
  • 2. Template login added secondary menu
  • 3. Support Woocommerce
  • 4. Woocommerce Products: Add frontend Submission
  • 5. Station style can be applied to products

Notice: Plyr is the base of its playlist player.


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