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Bostan – Business Theme

Buy Bostan – Business Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and agency,business,business theme,clean,company,corporate,modern,page builder,portfolio,responsive,retina,rtl,seo,slider,translation


Bostan is a Multi-purpose Retina ResponsiveThis is a WordPress theme that was built using bootstrap. You can use it to create your own themes BusinessIt is perfect for a website that promotes your agency or services.
Bostan - Business Theme - 1
Bostan - Business Theme - 2
Bostan - Business Theme - 3


  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • 960px & 1200px Width
  • Visual Composer (Free )
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Unlimited Colors & Fonts
  • Advanced Option Panel
  • Translation & WPML Ready
  • 2 Layouts, boxed/fluid
  • Revolution Slider (15$)
  • Isotope Portfolio Filter (25$)
  • Fontawesome Vector Illustrations (For Retina Displays).
  • Fantastic and Very Useful Shortcodes
  • All Google Fonts Included
  • Formats for Posts
  • Carousel Projects
  • Carousel for Team Members
  • Carousel Clients
  • Carousel Testimonials
  • Touch Friendly
  • Pricing Table
  • XML Demo Data included (doesn’t include menus, sidebars and sliders)


Version 6.65 26-07-2021

– Include Revolution Slider Update v6.5.5.
WPBakery Page Buider Update V6.7.0
– Compatibility With PHP 8.
– WordPress compatibility 5.8.
Fix Projects Edit Issue
Issue with the Fix Theme Options button

Version 6.64 29-1-2021

Fix sticky header issue

Version 6.63 29-1-2021

– Include latest Revolution Slider version 6.3.6.
– Include latest WPBakery Page Builder version 6.5.0.
Fix the button issue regarding theme options and saving changes.

Version 6.62 29-8-2020

Fix Projects – Post formats issues in editor.
– Minor improvements and fixes

Version 6.61 24-08-2020

Compatibility With WP 5.5
Update 6.3.0 of WPBakery Page Builder plugin
– Include Slider Revolution plugin update 6.2.22.
Minor fixes and improvements

Version 6.60 3-2-2018

Compatibility With WP 5.x.
Fix Page Title Holder issue
– Increased loading speed
– Add Team members page options.
– Option to hide the page title holder in projects
Update WPBakery Page Building plugin 5.6
– Include Slider Revolution plugin update
Minor improvements and fixes

Version 6.57 – 21-9-2018

– Fix portfoilio loading issue.
Fix Show All translation issues
Fixing the twitter connection problem
Update 5.5.4 to include WPBakery Page Builder plugin
Minor fixes and improvements

Version 6.56 – 4-8-2018

– Add an Option for Projects Filter Link.
– Include Revolution Slider plugin update 5.4.8.
Update 5.5.2 to include WPBakery Page Builder plugin
Minor fixes and improvements

Version 6.55 – 12-6-2018

– Add Team Members page.
– Add Clients page.
– Add option to text block at Page Builder & WPBakery Plugin for text format issues.
– Include Revolution Slider plugin update
– Add the option to add projects number to portfolio page options.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.54 – 25-4-2018

– Option to add an option to modify the number of projects shown on each slide in other project.
– Allows you to add a background color for page titles and headers in single projects.
– Add option for general custom page title holder background for portfolio & projects.
– Option to add a revolution slider banner to the post gallery banner

Version 6.53 – 12-4-2018

– Improved page options layout
– Add upload button for custom page holder background URL field.
Minor repairs

Version 6.52 – 4-4-2018

– Fix icon issue in tabs & accordions in WPBakery page builder.

Version 6.51 – 3-4-2018

– Add subsets to font options
– Option to add testimonials to each slide.
– Add an option to define Other Members
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.50 – 18-3-2018

– Upgrade WPBakery Page Builder plugin version to v5.4.7
– Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.4.7.2
Fix tabs class issue using UTF8 characters
Page Builder: Improve image URL fields
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.491 – 14-2-2018

Fixed error page saved

Version 6.49 – 14-2-2018

– Pricing options for the Fix Package to include non-latin characters
Fix Social Media bar custom colors on mobile
– Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.7.
– Now you can choose Yoast Search SEO Breadcrumbs over default Bostan breadcrumbs
To adjust the width of blocks, you can add dropdown menus to Page Builder.
– Add Single Member Pages to Your Team.
– Add the Option to Link Team Members to Their Single Pages.
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.48 – 13-1-2018

Update v 5.4.5 – WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer).
– Include Slider Revolution Update v
– Fix single project preview with post format.
– Add RTL Style.
– Add Search Scope Option
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.47 – 18-11-2017

– WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer Update v 5.4.4.

Version 6.46 – 16-11-2017

– WordPress compatibility 4.9
Update v 5.4.3: WPBakery Page Building (Visual Composer).
– Include Revolution Slider Update v
– Improved Demo Slider for smaller screens
– Mobile Menu Improvements
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.45 – 7-11-2017

– Fix Search bar on IE9+.
– Fix sticky bar at IE9+
Mobile sticky headers improved
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.44 – 29-10-2017

– Increase search bar actions

Version 6.43 – 28-10-2017

– Add Top bar social icons hover effect option.
– Select the “Add search to top bar” option.
– Enable rich texts in copyright text options
Minor Repairs and Improvements

Version 6.42 – 19-10-2017

– Option to hide social shares on images (PrettyPhoto)
– Option to add direct image links to an external preview URL to your portfolio carousel.
– Include Visual Composer update v5.4.2.
– Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.6.2.
Minor Repairs and Improvements

Version 6.41 – 9-10-2017

– Import Demo Better with One Click
Fix the icon height in Services boxes
– Add iconpicker to Visual Composer boxes
– Add Toggle Visual Composer block.
– Add the accordion shortcode.
– Add the Accordion Visual Composer block.
– Add Icon Option to tabs & Toggles & Accordions Titles.
– Add icon family option for icon shortcode
– Add icon colour option to the icon shortcode.
– Fix Clients Carousel Kurzcode
– Add Icon to the menu options
Edit Projects Carousel shortcode
– Add Shadow Separator Shortcode
– Add Title Dividers VC Block.
– Set width at the map shortcode
Visual Composer – Fixed Full Width Row
– Add Alerts shortcode on visual composer blocks
– Add Button shortcode for visual composer blocks
– Include Visual Composer update v5.3.
– Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.6.1.
– Option to hide page title
– Add option to show meta at bloglist block (PageBuilder & VC).
– Add Demo pages as templates to VC.
– Add Icon Picker to Menus Edit Page
– You can now choose to adjust the top space in your page builder template.
Minor Repairs and Improvements

Version 6.40 – 15-6-2017

Fix Alert shortcode Title
Fix Font links ssl problem
– Fix Revolution Slider Import Issue.
– Fix Portfolio Filter Pages.
– Enhance projects carousel
Major changes to portfolio filter tag.
Add menu class option to menu settings
– Include Visual Composer update v5.1.1
– Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.5.1
Compatibility with WordPress V4.8

Version 6.31 – 2-3-2017

Mobile and tablet: Fix the carousel issue in projects
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.30 – 28-2-2017

– Include Revolution Slider update v5.3.1.5
FontAwesome Version 4.7.0 Update
– Fix project page layout.
– Fix no results search page.
Major improvements in post format support
– Improve handling of video connections
– Allows you to add, order and delete post gallery items.
– Add global pages options
– Allow users to hide or show posts meta information (date, comments and categories).
– Add options for showing/hiding posts navigation.
– Add options to hide/show projects navigation.
– Show/hide the project overview by adding options
– Link text for projects with option to change (Live preview)
– Allow users to choose whether or not to display meta information about projects (date, tags).
– You can now adjust the height of project thumbnails in the projects carousel.
– Option to link email and telephone header info
Minor repairs and improvements

Version 6.22 – 10-12-2016

– Include Visual Composer update v5.0.1.
– Fix Page title issue.
– Fix Projects and Clients title at shortcodes.
– Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.
– Add Categories option to ‘Bostan – Posts list’ widget.
– Add order, number of items to show per slide and autoplay options to clients carousels.
– Add order and autoplay options to projects carousel.
– Add order and autoplay options to team carousel.
– Add order option to blog list carousel.
– Add option to rename projects link.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.21 – 23-11-2016

– Include Revolution Slider update v5.3.0.
– Include Visual Composer update v5.0.
– Add option to load default fonts locally instead of Google Fonts CDN.
– Add categories option to bloglist blocks at Page Editor and Visual Composer.
– Fix clients carousel link at Visual Composer.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.20 – 11-10-2016

– Add tags option to portfolio pages.
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.19 – 10-10-2016

– Fix Facebook subscribe widget issue.
– Fix title conflict with YOAST SEO issue.
– Include Visual Composer Version 4.12.1.
– Add feature to disable PrettyPhoto plugin (image popup when clicked).
– Add option to include FontAwesome Icons.
– Add option to change Read More pharse at bloglist block and shortcode.
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.18 – 8-8-2016

– Fix icon mail color.
– Improve title size at mega menu.
– Fix page holder color at theme options.
– Add option to set number of projects to be shown at mega menu.
– Add widgets block to Page Builder (to be used at mega menus).

Version 6.17 – 25-7-2016

– Fix project titles border skin color option.
– Fix padding at mobile.
– Fix team member social icons colors.
– Fix disappearing logo on retina screens.
– Add target=”_blank” to team members social links and clients links.
– Include Revolution Slider v5.2.6.

Version 6.16 – 19-6-2016

– Improve Mobile menu.
– Fix comments reply issue.
– Fix calling empty favicon.
– Include Revolution Slider v5.2.5.4.

Version 6.15 – 13-6-2016

– Fix sticky header sliding issue.
– Fix archives.php issue.
– Include Revolution Slider Update v5.2.5.3.
– Include Visual Composer Update v4.12.

Version 6.14 – 1-6-2016

– Fix extra padding at mobile.
– Fix Subscribe shortcode.
– Improve mobile menu.
– Fix incorrect height at carousel and portfolio.
– Minor fixes.

Version 6.13 – 25-5-2016

– Fix issue at import demo.

Version 6.12 – 14-5-2016

– Include Slider Revolution v5.2.5.1 (update from Appearance > Install Plugins).
– Improve Sticky Header.
– Fix Twitter account at subscribe widget.
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.11 – 1-5-2016

– Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.
– Include Visual Composer v4.11.2.1 (Deactivate plugin before updating.)
– Include Slider Revolution v5.2.5 (update from Appearance > Install Plugins).
– Fix 1200 width layout (Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Settings).
– Fix Boxed Style (Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Settings).
– Add Option to hide Posts Meta Info and Posts Type Icon (Appearance > Theme Options > Posts Settings).
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.10 – 6-4-2016

– Fix Facebook Subscribe.
– Improve Mega Menu style.
– Included Revolution Slider V5.2.3.5 (Update from Appearance > Install Plugins).
– Included Visual Composer V4.11.1 ((Deactivate plugin before updating.)
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.0 – 27-2-2016

Mega Menu Options for Menu Items.
– Added: Menu Icon Option for Menu Items
Revolution Slider V5.1.6.
Visual Composer V4.10.

Minor Repairs and Improvements
Version 5.5 – 22-1-2016

– Added: Project options for the theme panel.
– Security and bug fixes

Version 5.4 – 19-1-2016

– Added: Themes options panel for posts.
– Security fixes and significant bugs fixed

Version 5.3 – 17-1-2016

– Added Hover/Active link color feature.
– Fixed: Hover over the Read More button.

Version 5.2 – 08-1-2016

Added: Support WordPress 4.
– Added : Standard blog post shows featured image on blog page.
– Translation added to the project page.
– Updated : TGM Plugin updated.
– Fixed: Issue with Post List Thumbnails
– Fixed: Comments layout issue.

Version 5.1 – 23-11-2015

– Added: 1 click demo importer added in theme options
– Added: Removed plugins from the package. Now installable via TGM plug-in.
Aqua page builder block height issue fixed
Version 5.0 – 19-11-2015

– Added: All blocks now available in shortcodes.
Visual Composer page builders included.
– Added Blocks in Visual Composer
– Security fixes and significant bugs fixed

Version 4.0 – 04-11-2015

– Fix: Prettyphoto security issue fixed.
Revolution Slider Updated.
Page Builder – Redesigned
– Many style improvements.
– Updated Bootstrap classes.
– Updated : Projects carousel design updated.
Admin panel update and improvements
– Updated: Widget has been updated to conform to the new WordPress rules.
– Fixed: Security and vulnerability fixes.

Version 3.2 – 13-02-2014

– Fixed: Issue with client carousel/project carousel.
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2 – 13-02-2014

– Fixed: Missing translation variables
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.12 – 11-02-2014

Fixed: You can hide the page title on your portfolio and blog pages.
– Fixed: Fourth level sub menu.
– Fixed: RSS button opens new tab
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1 – 04-02-2014

– Added: You can change the portfolio icon to link to lightbox instead.
– Improved: Clients and Projects carousel.
– Improvement: Image block improved.
Fixed: Titles of social icons
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0 – 09-10-2013

– Added: You can disable the page title holder on different pages and posts.
– Fixed: New twitter api is now available for the latest tweets widget.
– Added page builder image block (no uploaded yet).
– Updated: Client URL opens in new tab
– Fixed: Image alignment left, right, and center issue.
– Fixed: The shortcodes for columns are now responsive.
– Added: Option to translate certain themes words.
– Updated: The URL for Social Icons opens in a new tab
– Fixed: Blue color now appears in header even if there are social icons.
– Added: Flickr icon added as social icons
– Updated : Revolutions slider updated with the most recent version.

Version 2.6 – 16-09-2013

– Added: You can add a different background title to different pages.
– Speed Improvements

Version 2.5 – 02-09-2013

– Added: The ability to disable breadcrumb.
– Added: Option to disable sticky header.
– Fixed: Service Block Support HTML code.
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4 – 24-07-2013

– Added: Option to change the area color for the social icons and action button.
– Fixed: Skin issue with firefox

Version 2.3 – 17-07-2013

– Added: The option to alter the top margin of your main menu.
– Fixed: Portfolio tags conflicting with the theme classes
– Fixed: The number on the Clients Carousel is incorrect
– Fixed: Service button color doesn’t change with skin color.
– Fixed: Font size and line height don’t change from typography options.

Version 2.2 – 11-07-2013

– Added: The option to filter blog posts by tags.
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1 – 09-07-2013

– Fixed – Responsive issue with tablet and mobile view.

Version 2.0 – 07-07-2013

– A new feature: The ability to switch between layouts of 960px (narrow), and 1200px(wide).
– Fixed: The Clients Url points to the current page.
– Fixed: Third level menu issue
– Fixed: Shortcodes issues
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1 – 2-07-2013

– New Feature: Unlimited custom sidebars.
– Added: Filter portfolio block by tags
– Added: Option for header to hide the RSS icon
– Fixed: Service icon does not point to URL.
– Fixed: Clients block heading title doesn’t change.
– Fixed: Service image padding problem
– Fixed: Issue with text logo url
– Minor bug fixes.
Revolution Slider has been updated to version 3.0.3

Version 1.0.6 – 29-06-2013

– Added White space block to fill in empty spaces between rows.
– Added: The option to change the page title text to black or white.
– Added Option: To change the Buy Now text
– Fixed: The $ sign was removed from the pricing package.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Fixed: Issue with the Responsive Action Button
– Fixed: Page meta info style issue

Version 1.0.5 – 28-06-2013

– Fixed: The sticky menu is now under youtube videos.
– Fixed: Fonts option resets itself automatically
Documentation Updated.

Version 1.0.4 – 26-06-2013

– Added : More social icons added (Youtube. Vimeo. Instagram. Pinterest. 500PX. Github).

Version 1.0.3 – 26-06-2013

– Added: The option to open an action button on the same tab.
– Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.2 – 25-06-2013

Added: Choose a custom background to your site.
– Fixed: Replace the body borders with shadows (For boxed layout).
– Minor bug fixes.
– Added: XML Demo Data Added to Package (doesn’t include menus, sidebars and sliders)
Slider Revolution updated to the latest version.

Version 1.0.1 – 24-06-2013

– Fixed: Featured image box doesn’t exist.
– Fixed: Boxed layout option doens’ exist.
– Minor bug fixes.


All images in demo site were purchased via Photodune.


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