Composer-Responsive multi-purpose high-performance WordPress theme

Composer-Responsive multi-purpose high-performance WordPress theme

Buy Composer – Responsive Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and business,clean,corporate,creative,drag and drop,mega menu,modern,multi-purpose,multilingual,page builder,portfolio,responsive,visual composer,woocommerce,wpml


Version 3.5.1-August 7, 2020

WordPress 5.8 is now available
WooCommerce 5.5.2 is available

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The Composer theme was created by a team of top designers and developers. It is responsive, multi-functional, and high-performance WordPress theme. Our WordPress team has over 6 years experience. Every stage of theme creation requires us to be meticulous and take time. We provide safe, high-performance themes that are easy-to-use.

Start your business with more than 50 demos that will allow you to create eye-catching and unique websites for your clients or yourself. To save $71, you can use premium plug-ins like Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Ultimate Add-ons. Composer can be used with popular plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and WPML. We have been working on the composer theme, and each Monday we will add new features to Composer or demos.

We took the time to make sure that Composer is free from errors. We encourage customers to use our profile page and our support forum to report any errors. We promise to fix any error reported within 12 to 48 hours. All issues will be addressed within 18 hours.

Are you still unsure about the Composer theme. We offer a free demo of the back-end software. You will be impressed by the composer theme.

Suggest a new demoTitle layout    Menu layoutPortfolio and page layout

What are you waiting for?

-Visual composer

Visual Composer can be used with Composer to create stunning pages. Visual Composer can be used front-end and back-end. You can choose from over 200 elements to reflect your style and real needs.

Please note that front-end editors may not be fully supported, but most elements can be used.

-Ultimate VC plugin

Visual Composer’s No. 1 selling add-on, Ultimate offers support for over 20,000 websites. Ultimate is the #1 selling add-on.

Advanced Options

Composer allows you to adjust the size of your stunning design to fit any screen size. You website will not only be accessible on the retina but also on mobile devices like Android, iPad and iPhone.

-Revolution slider

Easy creation of eye-catching slideshows. Revolution Slider can be customized in many ways. It also features a visual editor that loads quickly. You can use Composer to display any slider that you like.

Unlimited possibilities

Composer has many options to help you create your dream website.

Hundreds of short codes

Once you have installed one of the Composer demos, you are ready to go. Your page will be ready within minutes if you choose, click and configure. You don’t need to code anything, just super quick setup.

Great support

You can count on our friendly and fast support team to help you with all your questions. No matter if you have any questions or need help, we are here to help. Use our forum to contact us.


Composer can take your website wherever you want it to go. Composer offers intuitive demos, premium plug-ins for free, and standard customization. It is the perfect tool to help you achieve impeccable engineering design.

-Colors, fonts

You can customize almost everything

To make your text stand out, change your layout. You can change your font family, font weight and size, as well as the style. Use our color picker or one of our preset themes to find the perfect shade for you message.

Premium plugin free

Composer comes with the most popular plug-ins.

Revolution slider allows you to create unlimited sliders. The sliders can be customized with width and transition options. Full customization of slider controls and animation time. Your fully responsive slideshow can be controlled by the revolutionary slider. Visual Composer, Ultimate VC Addon and the Ultimate VC Addon let you use any element, button or widget to create a stunning website.

Short codes available in hundreds

Composer loads hundreds shortcodes to make it easy to create your website. You can install one of our Composer Demos and you’re good to go. Your page will be ready within minutes if you choose, click and configure.


WooCommerce integrates with Composer so that you can create and design your own beautiful ecommerce website.

Version 3.3.4 (03 July 2019)

Visual Composer: Updated Plugins
WooCommerce 3.6.5.

- Improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3.3 ( 15th Mai 2019 )

- Updated plugins: Visual Composer and Yellow Pencil
WooCommerce 3.6.2.

Version 3.3.2 (13th April 2019

- Updated Plugins - Ultimate VC Addons Yellow Pencil Visual Composer Slider Revolution
WooCommerce 3.5.7.

Version 3.3.1 (8th Dec 2018)

- Updated Plugins - Ultimate VC Addons Yellow Pencil Visual Composer Slider Revolution
WooCommerce 3.5.2.

Version 3.3 ( 20th Nov 2018 )

8 New Demos.
    Composer Default:
    Space Project:
    Personal Site:
    Basketball Player:
    Fitness 2:
    CupCakes Shop:
    One Page Business:

WooCommerce 3.5.1

- Improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2.7 (2 October 2018)

- Improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2.6 (1st October 2018)

- Updated Plugins - Ultimate VC Addons Yellow Pencil Visual Composer Slider Revolution
WooCommerce 3.4.5.

Version 3.2.5 ( 28th June 2018 )

- Updated plugins: Slider Revolution and Visual Composer.
WooCommerce 3.4.3.

Version 3.2.4 ( 05th June 2018 )

- Updated plugins: Ultimate Vc Addons and Yellow Pencil

Version 3.2.3 (13th April 2018

- Updated plugins: Ultimate VC addons
WooCommerce 3.3.5.

Add shortcode to footer option
Blog Masonry and Grid Style add column option
Social sharing added to Single Blog

Correction to Breadcrumbs

Version 3.2.2 ( 21 March 2018 ).

- Updated plugins: Slider Revolution, Visual Composer and Extreme Copy Paste Addons.
WooCommerce 3.3.3.

Version 3.2.1 (12 February 2018)

WooCommerce 3.3.1
- The.pot file has been updated.

Anchor menu not animated problem fixed.
- Fixed a few small bugs.

Version 3.2 (9 February 2018)

- Updated Plugins : Visual Composer Slider Revolution, Yellow Pencil, and Ultimate VC Adons
Language file updated.

- One blog, separate elements added (post tag, category image, author image, etc.) allows you to create your own layout.
- One blog post layout with sidebar option.
- Image srcset was added to blog, single blog archives, search, and single portfolio
- Recent Blog Shortcode Style Changes (Slide Grid Masonry).
Added Custom 404 Page Option
Recent blog shortcode now includes custom post types and cutom taxonomy options.
- Default Pages now offers a custom title tag option
- Search option added to element blocks
Retina logo option added on page option
- Added Related Post Link Text Option
Added Blogger icon to the social icon shortcode.
Portfolio - Add description
BB Press is updated.
- No value added to Hide/Skip portfolio terms that allow all categories.
- Re-order portfolio shortcode and portfolio block filter Option Added.
- Portfolio category slug option added.
- Logo alt text added.
Added page option: Catalog image option
Shortcode text can be entered in the Footer copyright.
- Add an anchor link to Blog/archives/search feature thumbnail.
- New option to hide/show category names in portfolio shortcode thumb

Fixed one page menu issue
Fixed the mega menu title issue in mobile menu dropdown
Fixed Title bar background image issue
- Fixed a body background issue
BB Press Issue Fixed
- Portfolio filter issue fixed.
- Lightbox title issue in gallery and portfolio block fixed
- Fixed a general metabox issue
- Portfolio sub category filter issue fixed.
- Preload trigger for tags that do not contain an href
- Core Plugin Php error if theme is deactivated
- Portfolio shortcode animation issue fixed.
- Page option now includes missing menu
- Fixed one blog issue

- Improved theme option
- New post widget improved.
- Single Blog, Single Portfolio CLASS based changes into get_template_part

Version 3.1.4 (11th December 2017)

- Updated Plugins - Visual Composer Slider Revolution, Ultimate VC Addons.

New menu style added.
Metabox option for custom post types added
- Row default padding option was added.
Recent Blog Shortcode: Pagination option added
- Add a header widget to the Center Logo/Left-Right Menu.
Autoload and Load More now include the option to change URL in the address bar

Fixed cart page responsive issue
Fixed: Exclude search issue
- Portfolio loadmore lightbox issue fixed.
Fixed Autoload animate offset issue 
Fixed: Single Portfolio arrow is not clickable in responsive issues
- Recent Blog added pagination issue fixed. 

Version 3.1.3 (17th November 2017)

- Updated Plugins - Visual Composer Slider Revolution, Ultimate VC Addons.

- Yellow Pencil - Added plugins
- Single Blog Title Tag Added.
- Mobile Menu Color Option Added.
Portfolio Filter now includes a Skip Option
Login/Logout Header Element Added.
Added Visual Composer Option for Single Blog Post.
- Portfolio Block 13 Added.
Image Carousel: Custom Link Option

- Portfolio Filter Improved.
Image Carousel has been improved

Version 3.1.2 ( 29th Oct 2017 )

VC Copy Paste Plugin Updated

Video Shortcodes issues resolved
- Video Portfolio issues fixed.
- Small Bugs Fixed.

Version 3.1.1 ( 20 October 2017 ).

- Slider Revolution, Visual Composer are the most recent plugins.
WooCommerce 3.2.1
Google webfont update.
Updated Pot file

- Skip Portfolio Category.
Blog design update: New style.
Shortcode added Composer Slider Slide animation Option
- A few additional footer layout options added.
WooCommerce login/logout code added
Shop catalog thumbnail now shows product link
- Title tag option added to sub banner title.
Portfolio Block Option added.

Search for Product.
- Many improvements and bugs.

Version 3.1 ( 4.10.2017 )

7 New Demos.
    Bed and Breakfast:

- Many improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 3.0.4 (18 August 2017)

- Updated Plugins - Visual Composer Slider Revolution Ultimate VC Addons.

- Custom Hamburger overlay style added. 
Added Hamburger style menu.
- Option to transform the menu text

- Fixed Blocks Image Issue
Fixed the password production container issue 
- Woocommerce error styling issue fixed.
- Portfolio style2 style issue fixed.
- 404 error page issue fixed. 
- Side header widget issue fixed. 
- Mobile logo issue fixed.

Version 3.0.3 (5th August 2017)

Visual Composer: Updated Plugins


New Gallery lightbox style.
- Title bar and header options for Event Tribe have been added.


- Portfolio Block style 2 link issue fixed.
Copyright text issue resolved

Version 3.0.2 ( Third August 2017 ).

- Updated Plug-ins: Ultimate Vc Addons


- Portfolio image blur issue fixed.
Menu problem fixed

Version 3.0.1 (29th July 2017)

- Updated Plug-ins: Ultimate Vc Addons
WooCommerce 3.1.1


Menu problem fixed
- VC Editor Post type.

Pricing Table - New Options 

Version 3.0 (7 July 2017)

- Updated Plug-ins: Slider Revolution and Visual Composer
WooCommerce 3.1.

- 3 New Demos.
        Sports Tennis:
        Top Invest:
Video Carousel added.
Added Menu Responsive Breakpoint Option
Image Size Options Available for Single Portfolio
Slider Option added to Header
- Theme Options and Metabox now include a Main Wrapper Background Color.
- Single Portfolio: Visual Composer available
Added to Single Blog: The Related Post Option
Added Portfolio and Gallery Block Custom Link Option
Search no result title or content changing option.
- One Banner Custom Color Option Available
- Composer Slider Autoplay & Loop Option Added.
Added Single Banner Style Option
- Shop Width Height Option added
- Blog Full Content Option Added
- A new Contact Form has been added.
- Portfolio Category Added.
- Portfolio Load More Button Text Option Added.

Fixed Header Opacity issue
Contact Form Date Issues Resolved
- iPhone Mobile Menu Issues Fixed.
- wpautop widget text
- Portfolio dt to li convert.
Gallery Block Issues Resolved
Sub-Menu Background Issues Resolved
Sidebar issues fixed
Fixed Menu Issue

Search Results Improved

Version 2.10.1 (15th April 2017).

WooCommerce 3.0.3.

Shop with Masonry
- Composer Slider Arrow Design.

- WPML Error.

Version 2.10 (12 April 2017 ).

- Visual Composer ver-5.1.1.
WooCommerce 3.0.
- WPML Config XML.

- Sidebar option for one product
- WooCommerce Single product Zoom Effect.
- Custom fonts option
- Missing Custom Color Option.

- Single Blog Style1 Issues.
- Header Custom text Option Issues
- Title Bar Background Image Issues.
- Many improvements and bugs.

Version 2.9 (15 March 2017).
- Many bug fixes and improvements
- Updated Plug-ins: Slider Revolution and Visual Composer

Version 2.8 ( 25 February 2017 )
    - 3 New Demos Added.
        Creative Studio:
        Business 10:
        Simple Portfolio:
Mobile Menu: Separate Menu
    - Portfolio Thumbnail Direct Link.
    - Portfolio Search Option added.
Register Form Fix.
Image Carousel now offers Lightbox Image Option
- Add tags for a single blog.
- Add social shares to a single blog.

IconBox Shortcode Bug Fixed

Version 2.7 (12 February 2017)
- 2 New Demos Added.
Register Form Added
Login Form Added
Added Option to Hide Mobile Menu on Mobile Devices
Sticky Logo Option Added
Added Mobile Logo Option
- The default placeholder image option has been added.

Fixed: Problem with Product Category Pagination
- Blog Grid Issue Fixed.
- Portfolio Block Issue Fixed.
- Shop Block Issue Fixed.
Fixed Right Mobile Menu Arrow Issue

Version 2.6 (26th January 2017).

- Digital Agency Adds a New Demo
- Added: Title Bar Hide option in Search Page.
Fixed: Only Woocommerce Categories Available
Retina Issues Fixed
Fixed: Visual Composer Post Grid. Post Masonry Grid. Media Grid. Masonry Media Grid.
Fixed: Title Bar Hide option in Archive Page and Blog Page.
- Missing: Translated text added.
- Missing: Demo Slider added.

Version 2.5 ( 26th Dec 2016 )

- Blog Translate text missing fixed.
- Portfolio Blocks loadmore block style issues fixed.
- Portfolio Blocks loadmore block lightbox issues fixed.
Resolved RTL issues with Owl Carousel

Version 2.4 (23 December 2016)

- Responsive Logo Size corrected.
Fixed the collapse of the Boxed Layout container
- mobile sticky header corrected on header 6, header 7, header 8 & header 9.
- Vc_inner_row Top Space Fixed
- Issues with vc_images_carousel image expansion fixed.

Version 2.3 (22nd December 2016)

Revolution Slider Updated.
Login Form Added
Gallery Blocks: Link added
- Portfolio animation added.
Dynamic Styles have been added.
Many improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 2.2 (9th Dec 2016)

- Ultimate Addon compatibility issue resolved

Version 2.1 (8th December 2016)

Page Jump is fixed upon page load.
- Portfolio jump fixed.
Blog load more
- Blocks added to pages that are missing
- Vc_row disable issue fixed.
Fixed Footer Blocks issue
Fixed Undefined Notices
- Ajax Load Button size adjusted.

Version 2.0 (3 December 2016)

12 New Demos.
- 20+ New pages.
Layout for 20+ Feet
- 12 Grid Blog Blocks.
- 12 Gallery Blocks
- 10 Magazine Blocks.
- 10 Blocks of Featured Blog Content
- 10 Preloader Animations
- 5 Blocks of Shop.
8 New Subscribe Forms
- 2 New Single Blog Styles.
Added: Left and right header menu styles
- A new header style.

- Footer Background Option Fixed.
Fixed Custom Footer Option
- Custom Social Icon Margin Collapse fixed.

- Visual Composer Updated.

Version 1.1.2 (14th November 2016)

- Portfolio Block Error Fixed.
Firefox Fixed Header 5 Issues
- Vc row Remove default padding Added.
- Custom Css File Move To Upload Directory
- Fixed Custom Font Weight Issue on the Theme Option 
- More than 800+ Google Fonts added.
Woocommerce Cart Dropdown: Spinner removed 
- Header Color Option Corrected. 
- Single Blog Title link Removed.
- Ajax Load more Button Added

Version 1.1.1 (27 October 2016)

- Conflict with the old composer plugin fixed

Version 1.1 (26th October 2016).

10 New Demos.
- 6 New Portfolio Hover Effect.
- 10 Portfolio Grid / Masonry Blocks.
- Template Inserter.
- Exclusive VC Copy Paste Plugin.
- Background Text Shortcode.
- Social Icon Custom Option.
Hover Box Shortcode
Copyright Center Widget Option
- Top Header Background Option. 
- Single Product Thumbnails column option.
- Video Popup Custom Designs
Carousel Arrow Styles
Mobile Menu Dropdown Opens when parent Href is #, empty.

- Portfolio Issues Fixed. @done (16-10-28 15:53)
Multisite Custom Style Savings Issues Fixed
Video Popup Issues Resolved
- Styling issues for product categories fixed.

Version 1.03 (8th October 2016).

- Added sticky header responsive option 
- Added Portfolio Image Grayscale Option. 
- Mobile Menu One page nav Enhanced. 
Fixed Slider issue in backend 
- Added Right Header Navigation Alignment Option.
Fixed Sub banner Title and breadcrumbs do not display correctly in shop or product categories
- Issues with Left and Right Headers fixed
Fixed Woocommerce Register Form Styling Issues
- ADD SEPERATE ONE XML to all demos in the package
- ADD Contact form 7 forms included in the Package

Version 1.02 ( 02/10/2016 )

Fixed Position Issues on Single Portfolio
- Fixed Custom Color option Issues.
- New Portfolio Option Added.
Fixed Responsive Issues
- New Demo Added.
- One Click Demo Importer Added.

Version 1.01 ( 28 September 2016 ).

- New demos and rev slider!
Fixed Title Bar custom setting is not working in metabox
Fixed social icons not visible in dark bg header left and right
Fixed Header Hover Style 8 and 9 Padding Issue
- The fixed body bg color is not applicable.
Fixed portfolio theme not available
- The Sticky Cart Icon Color is Fixed on Dark Header
- Added envato Toolkit plugin

Version 1.0 (26th September 2016).

- First Release

Not included in the package are images from our demo site.


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