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Coral WordPress theme features

V 1.0.3
March 18, 2011



Update js/cufon.yui.js (now supports Cufon within IE9)

V 1.0.2 Files updated March 8, 2011,
Template full-galleria.php

Options for theme management

Theme options


  • WordPress Multi-user Support and WordPress Standalone
  • Includes custom portfolio sidebar widget
  • To create featured slides, you can use pages or posts
  • It contains 404 pages
  • You can enable and disable folio lightboxes, and you can also direct links to posts.
  • Dynamic image resizing
  • JQuery code that uses noConflict variable in order to minimize conflicts between other plugins
  • You can toggle between the summary and the full content of this blog list.
  • Thread comments
  • Similar posts (can be disabled).
  • Author information can be disabled
  • Contact template verification form
  • There are many short codes
  • Shortcode for slides with an optional width or height
  • Drop-down menu with subcategories, managed by WP3
  • Footer with social buttons (via custom widgets


  • 16 Skin
    • Classic
    • blue
    • Red
    • Verge
    • Dark light
    • Blu-ray
    • Red light
    • Green light
    • Notebook
    • Black wood
    • Black paint
    • Red paint
    • Blue paint
    • Purple paint
    • Stripe
    • Snowflake

Home page

  • To build a homepage accordion, use custom widgets
    • Home Portfolio Widget
    • Widget for home service
    • Homepage recommendation gadgets
    • Widget for homepage client
  • Four different homepage feature slides.
    • Optional 2, 3, or 4 slides: Accordion
    • Horizontal slider
    • Slider Nivo with subtitles
    • Static picture
  • Slideshow controls for featured slideshows in the theme options

Template page

  • Nivo slides
  • Static picture
  • Portfolio page
  • Gallery
  • The promenade from the full angle
  • Full-width Page
  • Attachment page
  • Sitemap page
  • 404 pages

Cufon font

  • 7 Cufon font. You can link the font you choose through the theme option.
    • Feel
    • PT Sans
    • Titanium Dioxide
    • Road
    • Grayscale
    • Quicksand
    • Big Five

Portfolio style

  • Portfolio (8 portfolio styles)
    • Slideshow of small thumbnails
    • Minimal thumbnail paging
    • Slideshow of medium thumbnails
    • Medium thumbnail paging
    • Medium full-width page pagination
    • Large image pagination
    • Small Square
    • Square in full width
    • Present your project with videos and images. (Easy-to-recognize hover icon

Short Code

Short Code

  • [column1]Text [/column1]
  • [column2]Text [/column2]
  • [column3]Text [/column3]
  • [column4]Text [/column4]
  • [column32]Text [/column32]
  • [dropcaps]Let me know [/dropcaps]
  • [notice type=normal]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=thick]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=double]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=dotted]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=yellow]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=red]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=green]Text[/notice]
  • [notice type=blue]Text[/notice]
  • [postlist cat=15 num=4]
  • [button type=normal link=”#”]Button[/button]
  • [button type=download link=”#”]Button[/button]
  • [button type=play link=”#”]Button[/button]
  • [button type=tick link=”#”]Button[/button]
  • [button type=plus link=”#”]Button[/button]
  • [button type=magnify link=”#”]Button[/button]
  • [highlight]Text [/highlight]
  • [pullquote-r]Text [/pullquote-r]
  • [pullquote-l]Text [/pullquote-l]
  • [pullquote]Text [/pullquote]
  • [thumbnails]
  • [slidegallery width=value height=value]
  • [googlemap src=”link”]
  • [list type=”star”]Unordered List[/list]
  • [list type=”music”]Unsorted list[/list]
  • [list type=”play”]Unordered List[/list]
  • [list type=”bullet”]Unordered List[/list]
  • [pictureframe]
  • [accordiontabs]
  • [tabs]


  • Provide PSD file

Please help

  • It is simple to follow the help guide that comes with the topic.
  • Contains the published content XML files for demonstration.
  • Import demo data provided


If you need help setting up the template, please let me know.


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