Coupons-affiliate and submit coupons WordPress theme

Coupons-affiliate and submit coupons WordPress theme

Buy Couponis – Affiliate & Submitting Coupons WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and affiliate,coupon,deal,directory,discount,import,listing,printable,promo codes,sale,savings,store,submit,third party,user submit


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Couponis is a theme that allows you to offer coupons from your users, imported from affiliate networks, or both using XML/CSV files. This theme is fast and easy to use, won’t add pressure to WordPress queries and offers the best features. The WP All Import plugin (free) allows you to import coupons using the XML/CSV file that is provided by your affiliate network.

Functional Overview

Import coupons

Couponis is a membership WordPress coupon theme. WP All Import makes it easy to import coupons from your files, or from affiliate network files. This is accomplished by drag-and-drop and is described in detail in our theme document.

Submission of front-end coupons

You can let your users submit coupons to increase interaction. These coupons must be approved before publication so you have full control.

Type of coupon

There are three types of coupon codes you can offer: online coupons (which are used at checkout), online sale (which leads visitors to the sales page), and in-store coupons (printable coupons that customers will bring to their store).

Coupon time

Coupons are available for either a permanent or a temporary use. They can be used permanently or for a short time. Visitors will also see their expiration date and countdown clock.

Only valid coupons are displayed in the search list, and each user’s list type and sort order will be remembered and applied to each of their searches until they decide to change it.So that tourists always get what they want

Coupon’s success rate

Each coupon can easily be used. Feedback can be collected from users and shared with others to let them know if it is worth the effort. This information is available in both graphical and digital formats.

Visual page builder

Multiple elements have been designed. You can arrange these elements to make your own homepage. Everything is possible through drag-and-drop plugin.

Profile page

Every user can register to get the option of saving their favorite stores or coupons so that they can be stored for later use, or track any unused content.

Login to social media

People don’t like having to remember their passwords/usernames for each site. Or they don’t like how the registration process works on each site. We implemented a social login system that allows users to use their facebook or twitte accounts to register and log into the site.

Speed ​​optimization

We understand that website speed is not only important for aesthetics, but also for speed. This is why the theme is linked to the WordPress query so listings and searches can be done quickly.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to appearance and speed, the third key part of a good website is SEO ranking, because it pays to have a great website without anyone knowing.We use the latest SEO standards when designing the theme, so you don’t have to worry

Demo import

Even though everything is done in native WP, if you are familiar with how to manage pages and posts, it will not be difficult to use coupons. So that you can quickly start analyzing the workings of things, we have included all demo content with one click import.

Translation ready (including RTL).

The poEdit program can be used to translate the theme. The theme is also designed to work great on LTR and RTL languages ​​so don’t worry we have covered the complete Globe

Change log

Version 3.1.3

  • GDPR support added
  • Optional registration terms
  • User account deactivation is now possible with an additional option
  • You can also disable comments on coupons
  • Language files updated
  • Some minor bugs were fixed

Version 3.1.2

  • Visual representation of selection with an added icon
  • Language files updated
  • Some minor bugs were fixed

Version 3.1.1

  • Extra coupon widget
  • Additional coupon elements
  • Add store or category to read more
  • MailChimp now offers dual selection
  • Social login moved to topic
  • Google+ share deleted
  • Repairs and minor maintenance
  • Language files updated

Version 3.0 Read the Change Log and download all files.

  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Add sender name, sender email options to register, recover ,…
  • To meet the Envato theme requirements, update the theme
  • Language files updated

Version 2.9

  • Add-on service link
  • You can also disable a coupon page entirely.
  • Update language
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.8

  • Display store coupons with an additional element
  • You can also choose from a variety of coupon types
  • Added ajax storage/category choice for search/submission
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Update language

Version 2.7

  • Fixed a bug with password recovery mode
  • Responses from the contact page now go to the sender’s mail
  • Language files updated

Version 2.6

  • Hidden verification code
  • Fixed mode without code
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Language files updated

Version 2.5

  • Additional protocol options and checkboxes will appear on the contact page
  • Mode with slightly improved code
  • Language files updated

Version 2.4

  • Zooming in on the store page was fixed
  • Add empty shops and category to the submission page

Version 2.3

  • Display coupons by category in blocks
  • WP All Import updates and deletions custom data following deletion
  • Language files updated

Version 2.2

  • On the coupon building block, a filter was added by type
  • You can filter the coupon widget by type.
  • Option to disallow submission
  • My account was hacked.
  • Fixed bugs in 2 featured sliders
  • The latest coupon widget has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue with hover action button
  • Language files updated

Version 2.1

  • Fixed the coupon-like image for the small screen
  • Share new coupons on a single page
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0

  • Image from the added coupon list
  • All stores should have pagination
  • Add blog module
  • Addition of an “expired” filter to the admin coupon listing
  • Added a tag for the store
  • All stores Alt – Add loads more
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Language files updated

Version 1.9

  • Modal input for iPhone7 has been modified
  • Additional options for deleting coupons and images from stores
  • Add an alt tag to your logo
  • Additional support for disabling registration (Settings->General -> Anyone can Register)
  • Language files updated
  • Improving import: Images associated with coupons and stores are deleted when coupon/store are deleted
  • Fix the login message error
  • Importer error: Replace text
  • Fix sharing error

Version 1.8

  • Additional fields for import
  • Additional support for setting expiration times
  • An option has been added to show the time in the coupon box beside the date
  • Fixed order category and store

Version 1.7

  • The ability to filter featured coupons based on category, store, and order has been added
  • Style improvements of a small size
  • Fixed a bug that linked to all stores
  • By pressing Enter in the textarea, you can fix the mistake of submitting coupons.
  • Filters and store templates were able to correct an error in alphabetical sorting
  • Fixed an error when importing images located within the WP All Import’files’ folder
  • Fixed bug in safari pop-up windows opening
  • Language files updated

Version 1.6

  • Search for coupons via text in the page builder
  • You can now change the position of the sidebar on a single coupon
  • To make a coupon page even more interesting, add similar coupons
  • Sidebar and header now include more support for Google Ads
  • Added ALT fields in coupon import for store logo images, coupon features, and coupon features
  • WordPress 4.9 has been improved compatibility
  • Google Font Montserrat style update
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Language files updated

Version 1.5

  • You can also choose to disable sharing
  • Add store description to importer
  • Add Instagram to your footer social icons
  • Language files updated
  • Fixed importer bug

Version 1.4

  • In the builder module, you can now search for text by category, coupon, and store.
  • You can also change the coupon category, store or store slug.
  • Additional social link options are available in the footer
  • Search and add product detail pages to your letter.
  • Language files updated
  • Fixed subscription widget
  • Fixed the BG image in the modal for the button
  • A bug was fixed in taxonomy searching
  • Problem with expired coupon the day before

Version 1.3

  • Fixed the bug by adding the featured image of coupon to the list
  • Fixed an error in the expiration date for a single coupon that is unlimited
  • Correction of an error in the registration link

Version 1.2

  • Option to allow empty shops and categories
  • Additional link cloak
  • Flash has been replaced with JS autocopy
  • Corrected the error in the grid listing’s expiration date zindex

Version 1.1

  • Type of fixed savings coupon

Please note that the images used in the presentation are not part of the presentation content. Instead, placeholder images (with the same behavior as the presentation images), are used to avoid violating an image license.


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