Cryptoigo - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme With Elementor Page Builder

Cryptoigo – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme With Elementor Page Builder

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Crpytoigo, which offers algorithmic trading strategies, is the best option for anyone who wants to take part in the transformation of the global economy. Cryptoigo has some of the most attractive deals, including four unique landing pages and 20+ inner pages. They also offer powerful user panels, multiple homepages, multiple homepages, multiple homepages, multiple homepages, multiple homepages, numerous homepages, many landing pages, 3D animated landing pages, and more. But, these are only available for a short time.

Cryptoigo is a custom-designed WordPress theme for cryptocurrency website landing pages. This theme is responsive, flexible, powerful, secure, and complete cryptocurrency ICO startup solution. It is the future of global economics and the best platform to help you get there.

What makes Cryptoigo so special?

There are thousands of products on the market today to satisfy our every need. But do all of them have the quality or quantity required to fulfill your ICO requirements. This is the core problem. Crytoigo has the simple answer to all your quarries.

  • Only Crytoigo provides a complete ICO template (Initial Coin Offer) on ThemeForest to help you launch your ICO.
  • Cryptoigo was designed to address all aspects of ICO needs. It allows you to choose between multiple homepages and more than 20 pages for a better presentation.
  • It was built using Bootstrap4 so it is simple to use.
  • It’s easily accessible via any platform, such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, desktops, and desktops.
  • With just one click, Cryptoigo allows you to get a free demo.
  • You can now add an introduction video to your homepage if you use this theme.
  • It allows you to create unlimited pages.
  • It provides four different and unique styles for your landing page.
  • Blog listing pages, blog details pages, search pages, and 404 pages are unique; Cryptoigo’s functionality offers a user-friendly environment that is accessible to investors of all intelligence levels.

Crypto Currency-A CryptoCurrency can be described as a virtual currency that is used to exchange money. It uses cryptography for transactions to be secured and verified, as well creating new units of specific cryptocurrency. A password is a unique entry to a database that can only be modified by the owner if certain conditions are met.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICOs are a cryptocurrency space similar to IPOs in an economic environment. Any company who wants to create a brand new coin, service, or application can introduce an ICO. Investors interested in purchasing this product may purchase it. Investors will receive a specific cryptocurrency token in return. These ICOs are used by the company to fund various business needs. Many startups and small entrepreneurs resort to ICOs in order to avoid the lengthy and risky fundraising process required of banks or venture capitalists.

Cryptiago is the only place you can get these amenities

  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Multiple Homepages
  • Build with BootStrap4
  • One-click demo
  • Powerful User Panel
  • 20+ pages

Cryptoigo offers some special features

  • Cryptoigo has 2 unique ICO landing pages that will attract potential buyers
  • Live Page BuilderelementThis unique feature of the platform is:
  • Fully responsive
  • Ripple effects and particle effects
  • ICO Token Sales Counter
  • Unlimited page building options
  • For amazing icons, you can create custom themes and fonts
  • Based on bootstrap version 4.1 stable
  • Blog list page
  • Blog details page
  • Search page
  • 404 pages
  • Non-animated and animated pages
  • Ready to use widget
  • Translation available
  • Get the newsletter
  • Smooth scroll animation
  • We are ready to take your contact form 7
  • Navigation on one page
  • W3C Valid HTML
  • Well documented

Crytoigo’s diverse graphics make your site stand out –
1. 3D graphics.
2. SVG graphics
3. Mobile app graphics
4. You can also use coin graphics.
5. Chart graphics
6. Problem solving diagram.
7. What does it look like in graphics?

Four unique landing pages –

  • 3D animated landing page.
  • 3D Graphic landing page.
  • Counter landing page.
  • Introductory video landing page.

Please note: Images are only for demonstration purposes.


12thJuly 2021

-- Fix for plugin update issue
-- New: Header menu color change option
-- NEW: Hover color option for header menu
-- NEW: Header Line color option added.

11th July 2021
- NEW - Banner 3d animation Color Gradient Option
Banner Title typography changes available
- New : Banner Title Text Color change option
Banner Counter Style - Now Available
- NEW : About Ellementor Widget Section Header text option
- NEW : About Ellementor Widget Section Header Typography Option
- Solution Elementor Widget Panel edit Option
- New: Solution Elementor Widget Section header Typography
- New: Advisor Elementor Widget Panel edit
- New: Blog Elementor Widget Panel edit
FAQ Elementor Widget Panel edit Option
Team Elementor Widget Panel edit available
- New: Typography for Team Members 
- New : Token Section Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : Token Counter Elementor Panel edit option
- New : Whitepaper elementor Widget Panel editing option
- New : Gradient Button change option
Roadmap Elementor Widget Panel edit available
Fix image
Fix: Slick Slider mobile issue

- Fix video modal popup issues
- Added – Logo size option changed

Roadmap Responsive issue fixing.


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