Cubify | Multi-purpose entertainment WordPress theme

Cubify | Multi-purpose entertainment WordPress theme

Buy Cubify | Multi-purpose entertainment WordPress theme best used for wordpress/entertainment and band,clean,club,cornerstone,creative,dj,entertainment,events,gallery,modern,multipurpose,restaurant


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Stereoscopic | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 2
Stereoscopic | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 3

Stereoscopic | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 4

Stereo | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 5

Stereoscopic | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 6

Stereoscopic | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 7
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Stereoscopic | Multipurpose Entertainment WordPress Theme - 11
CubifyTheme was created for entertainment industry. It is the only one of its type on the internet. Its modern, striking and captivating design grabs everyone’s attention immediately.

CubifyTheme has multiple menu options. Cornerstone, ThemeCo’s page builder Cornerstone will help you make your own. Amazing and original website. Cubify, a grid-based (Twitter Bootstrap Grid SystemNightclub Responsive HTML5 theme. Cubify features include valid HTML5 and CSS3 code as well as custom animations.

Block key


Three cornerstone components of our robust event system are TopEvents EventsList and PastEvents. These allow you to present your customers with all the information they need about your events. Event covers can be either square or wide-angle rectangular. Also, you can create albums that are attached to your events.


WordPress is the perfect blogging platform. That’s why we try to make it easy for you. Fantastic blogHave you noticed? You can merge all of your blog posts together into one! Cornerstone Element “Blog List”. The cover of your blog will be available in 5 different formats. The image can be placed there, as well as a cover. Or you may leave the blank space empty. To make the best of it, you can either reduce or increase its size. This list contains some of the most amazing, unique and interesting blogs available on the Internet!

CubifyTheme is a gallery that allows you to add photos to albums and attach them as events. It is also possible to create slideshows from albums, and put them wherever you wish.


5 menu optionsCubifyTheme is waiting for you. Choose whether you want to add a search icon, a contact bar, or both to your menu. You may also prefer a 2-part menu separated by your logo. super menuFor each one. You can divide the mega menu into four columns. You will find the top 3 events and the popular ones in the first column. The second column contains the most recently added events. Finally, you’ll see suggestions at the bottom.

coloring scheme

We are concerned about your website Stand outIt is different from other competitors. 5 stunning pre-made color schemes. Pick one. Your custom color schemeClick here to learn more Attractive And eye-catchingYour website is now!

News headline

Set it up Placement of breadcrumbs, page title(left-center, middle, right and none) This is the right color. A can be set to Background (image, color or text) can be customized for your titleYou can also turn the device off if it isn’t needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to make sure your content is easily indexable so you can rank higher on search engines. CubifyTheme is a result of major SEO principles.


The layout and color schemes, as well as the headers and block styles can be customized. You also have options to edit text and photos.



ThemeCo’s Page Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly create a webpage. Get upgraded with our customized elements.

Slider for layers

CubifyTheme comes with a license to the amazing LayerSlider plugin by Kreatura This multi-option slider can be added to any part of your website, including sidebars and homepage. LayerSlider allows you to set up the slidehow, as well as styling and resizing options. You can also insert a Shortcode anywhere on your site.

Beautifully designed galleries can be created with custom plugins You can easily create albums or attach them to events using the intuitive admin panel.

VideoSlider, our plugin is simple to use and has a unique design. You can create albums of videos, and have them displayed on any page in your site as a slide. Copy the URL to the video, then fill in the description, name, and click Save!

Event manager

Use our exclusive plugin, Event-manager to create your event system. You can classify events as past, top or normal. Include a photo of your event, along with a description and price, as well as contact information.


Get started with your website one-clickUse one of our Built-in demoWe offer 7 Constantly increasing Demo so you can give your website a good starting point.

Living room

Get more visitors with our ready-to-eat restaurant demonstrations Keep in mind best SEO practices. Our special features allow you to make the best online menu. Cornerstone Elements Food menu blocks, lists and sliders. It will now be much easier for you to reserve a table with us Bookable open-table and booking widget. Register your client Widget for business hours.


You can let your fans hear your music via soundcloud right from your page. Use the cornerstone element for notification about upcoming gigs travel dateInclude text, CTA and/or pictures Reciprocal.


Are you able to show photos and announce a lot of activities? Display all activities and photo reports within a special activity block. To collect visitor information before the event begins, start the countdown.

Entertainment establishments

This demo will help you showcase your talents and value. Cornerstone Elements gallery and events are a great way to create a portfolio.

Music and art events

Use social media and announcements to promote your event.

online magazine

Cornerstone Elements: Maintaining blog columns Blog listUse a photograph report to show the event beautiful gallery insert.


Creativity in a creative space. Our cornerstone elements will help you create the perfect website.

This feature is available

100 % responsive

CubifyTheme can be used on any device. The theme’s elements look great on every screen.

Completely seo optimized

CubifyTheme was built using top SEO practices. CubifyTheme is committed to indexing all your content and helping you rank higher in search engines.

Optimized speed

Our plugin MBC Minify optimizes Cubify for speed. Information will be available to your customers in just seconds.

coloring scheme

Pick from one of five beautiful color options (or make your own), and ensure that your website stays true to the concept.

Boxed and wide layouts

It is easy to switch between wide and narrow layouts. Wide Background: Choose your own background.

Five menu options

Choose from five different menu styles to personalize your website. You can choose whether you want a search icon or contact bar in your menu. Or you may prefer a central logo.

super menu

For all types of menus, mega menus can be created. You can add links to your inner pages and display 3 recent events or 3 photos with links.

Drop-down menu of three levels

To make navigation easier for your customers, you can use our three-level menu.

Optional titles that are powerful

Your site can be customized by setting page headers or breadcrumbs colors, and setting background images for sections. You can close entire sections if desired.


Select from right- or down-sidebar options. Your widget can be placed in the footer, or on a special slider.

Cubify has 5 different footer options. They all support widgets.

This is the cornerstone

Cornerstone, ThemeCo’s powerful page builders, can create your site in just minutes. We have added custom elements, and full support for v2.0! Cornerstone custom elements Our own elements were created for this page builder. Look at our collection of sliders to attach to your event and demo blocks. We also have buttons that allow you multiple options.

Include layer slider

CubifyTheme comes with a license to the amazing LayerSlider plugin by Kreatura This plugin is great for making the slider you want.

Grid included

Grid is a powerful WordPress plugin which allows you display custom posts in a responsive and customizable grid. Grid can be used to support our events, posts and galleries.

Cubify themes offer custom plugins to create stunning galleries. You can create albums and attach photos to events using the intuitive admin panel.

5 Blog Preview Types

WordPress, as we know, is an excellent blog CMS. This is why we made sure to show you some of the most amazing blogs that you have ever seen. CornerStone elements allow you to store all of your blog posts in a “Blog List” element. The CornerStone element “Blog List” will allow you to select from five types of cover for your blog posts. The image can be placed there, as well as a cover. Or you may leave the blank space. It can be made smaller or bigger. This option can be used to make a list with the best blogs online!

Event manager

Use our exclusive plugin, Event-manager to create your event system. You can classify events as past, top or normal. You can add to your event photo cover description, time, price, and contact information.

Video slider

Show your video in a slider and add a description.

custom slider

You can check out the custom slider which displays all information about the event. Only you need to select whether it is fixed or full screen, whether there will be a countdown on the slide or a calendar and how many sliders. that’s it.

Custom widget

Cubify offers two additional plugins: Custom Search and Open Hours. Both are great plugins that allow you to search for events, posts and galleries, as well as keep your clients up to date about your work hours.

One-click demo import

Importing a demo is the fastest and easiest way to create your website. One click to import complete websites

Subscriptions to MailChimp & Unisender

You can share important information with one of our mailing services.

Social sharing

Cubify offers a way to share your social media buttons with others on facebook, pinterest and google+

Search through events, posts and galleries with power Display search results in our customized page.

Custom 404

You can use our plugin to make any page your 404.

Smooth scrolling/

Cubify theme allows you to disable smooth scrolling


CubifyTheme values your website and provides great support. If you have questions regarding our themes, or WordPress in general, we will be happy to assist you. All you need is to create a ticket. Within 24 hours, our highly skilled and professional support staff will respond to your inquiry.

online documentation

Cubify themes can be powerful online documentation


CubifyTheme is a theme created by MakeBeCool. We are proud to present this theme. Visit us to see how we hope it inspires you!


1.8.5 (09.11.2017)
Updated Cornerstone (v2.1.4).
Fixed: Pinterest api
Fixed: Theme install

1.8.3 (22.08.2017)
Upgraded: LayerSlider ( Version 6.5.7)

1.8.2 (26.07.2017)
Upgraded: LayerSlider (v6.5.5)
Upgraded: Cornerstone ( Version 2.0.6 )
Updated: The Grid ( Version 2.4.0 )
Upgraded: Reservations for Restaurants (v1.7.6

1.8.1 (10.05.2017)
Upgraded: LayerSlider ( Version 6.4.0)
Updated Cornerstone (v2.0.5)
Some bugs fixed

1.8.0 (27.04.2017)
Addition: A custom search widget
Addition: widget for openning hours
Available now: Booking widget
Added: Open table widget
Added: Cornerstone elements, Food menu block, Food menu slider
added: restaurant demo
Updated: MBC Video Gallery 2.0
upgraded: Mega-menu
Upgraded: Cornerstone 2.0 now supports Cubify theme with extended color settings, typography and support for Cubify
Slider for layer
Upgraded: The grid
All MBC plugins upgraded
upgraded: cornerstone elements presentation block(now cta&text), button, tour dates

1.7.0 (23.03.2017)
added: centured logo menu + mega-menu support
added: Cubify New Slider Cornerstone Element
added: Online documentation ( )
Comment for Gallery and Events ( Standart and Facebook)
MBC Gallery ( version 2.0.0 ) has been updated
Updated: MBC Event Manager ( Version 2.2.0)
Updated: LayerSlider ( Version 6.2.0)
Upgraded: Customizer (Added Blog Tab, added switch to post date
fixed: menu bugs, standart comments, mobile version bugs

1.6.1 (17.03.2017)
Updated: MBC Gallery V1.3.0 (Back up your data)
upgraded: Cubify Cornerstone v1.2.1 ( added cubify_feature_blocks and upgraded cubify_button )
Cubify Shortcodes Version 1.2.1 has been upgraded
Updated: MBC Event Manager version 2.1.0
Cubify Addons version 1.1.3 upgraded
Upgraded: Customizer
WordPress Posts (Added Preview for Created Post)
Updated: Last element can now be a custom-menu-item (see landing)

1.6.0 (04.03.2017)
upgraded: frequent events demo
Upgraded: Scroll-up
Upgraded: MBC Event Management (v 2.0 )
Additional: Reviews of the cornerstone element
Text logo
Addition: You can customize the header
added: Grid plugin ( v.2.3.0).

1.5.0 (21.02.2017)
added: Cs-elements Music-Slider and Tour-Dates
Scroll-up to add:
Music demo upgraded
Fixed: Mobile profiles for social media
Fixed: Video-list bugs

1.4.1 (17.02.2017)
Fix: Facebook widget language
Fixed: Contact-form cornerstone Element
TGM Plugin Activation (delayed update to our plugins)
upgraded: trigger for display post notes ( tags, categories, author )
upgraded: trigger for display "share post"
Upgraded: All MBC plugins have been updated to 1.1.0 (bug fix release)
LayerSlider V6.1.6 was upgraded

1.4.0 (09.02.2017)
Cubify addons
Addon: Custom 404
Google Analytics add-on
Comment on Facebook
MailChimp addedon
added: WP custom logo addon
Smooth Scroll Addon
Upgraded: Cornerstone V1.3.3
LayerSlider Version 6.1.0 Upgraded
fixed: event-manager bugs
Gallery bugs fixed
Fixed: Menu bugs

1.3.1 (04.02.2017)
Upgraded: Widgets (sidebar added for Cornerstone)
fixed: demo uploading

1.3.0 (03.02.2017)
evanto market updates tool added
added: remote demo uploading
Added: Preloader for the admin panel

1.2.3 (30.01.2017)
Fixed: Layout for Blog
upgraded: pingbacks & trackbacks

1.2.2 (26.01.2017)
Fix: Home page layout
Comments for Pages: Updated

1.2.1 (23.01.2017)
Installing plugins was fixed
Fix: Use of the WordPress filesystem functions

1.2.0 (20.01.2017)
Add sidebar to widgets
Layout for Standart Widgets added
Search: Updated
Fixed: Menu

1.1.0 (16.01.2017)
Fixed: Search menu appearance
Fix: The cselement Slider bug
fixed: mega-menu bag
Bug fix for MBC Gallery plugin
fixed: MBC EM plugin bug
Upgraded: cselement SocialShare
Added: MBC Minify plugin
added: cselement Button

1.0.0 (30.11.2016)


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