D Event - Conference WordPress Theme

D Event – Conference WordPress Theme

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D Event WordPress theme to create conference and event websites. D Event Conference WordPress theme is a great way to create an effective website. Any event can use the D Event WordPress theme. D Event’s customizations are easy with the WordPress native customizer panel. You can also see live previews of your changes so you don’t have to reload your site. All the tools you need to create and manage events, conferences or exhibitions on your website with D Event.

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Here are some of the key features of D Event

D Event provides many useful features to enable you to create fully functioning websites. These are helpful features that everyone will appreciate.

Six family members change:D Event’s homepage design options include 6 fully-functional and unique designs. The theme can be used to host any type of event. All houses have unique design features. You can also see the event countdown for each home and event registration.

You can have one or multiple pages.D Event allows you to create multipage and one-page websites without the need for additional plugins. You can easily work on one or more pages simultaneously with just a few clicks.

Slider for touch friendly:D-Event Slider was built with Swiper.js. This is the most widely used JavaScript framework to create touch-friendly sliders and carousels. D Event offers a system that allows you to make fully responsive sliders on your site.

WooCommerce Friendly:WooCommerce lets you create and manage products. D Event themes let you sell tickets to events, t-shirts or digital goods as well as any other item.

SEO Optimization:D Event covers will ensure a better ranking on search engines. The theme has been coded in SEO style.

Reliable responseMobile devices such as the iPad, iPhones, Android phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and other smartphones are all responsive. Your website will look great on all web devices because this theme was tested using the most common screen sizes.

Native Customizer Panel:D Event utilizes the WordPress default customizer to modify or manage the theme settings. This ensures that your site will be compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. You can modify your logo, colors and admin headers as well as footers, navigation menus, sidebars, menus and widgets.

Portrait of the SpeakerD Event creates speaker profiles using custom post types. A speaker profile can be displayed anywhere on your website, individually or as part of a group. A speaker can be assigned to a calendar or used as part of a team. Socially-friendly profiles for speakers are available.

Drag-and-drop page creator:Visual Composer’s drag-and-drop page builder plugin, D Events, is very popular. This theme has over 25+ shortcodes/elements/blocks to create fully functional websites.

Fill out the 7-Step Contact FormThis plugin is used to create and manage events. Support contact form D Event theme native 7.

Timer for countdown:D event countdown is stable and supports all time zones. It does not need server resources. It is extremely fast, can be used in any format and it’s very easy to use.

Calendar of Activities:D Events can create several events by using customized post types. The event creation panel has a wonderful settings panel which will allow you to make your event plan. You can choose from six different styles of event timeline displays.

Mailbox:MailChimp can be used to build lists, gather contacts and then send out newsletters. MailChimp supports D events. Ajax is used to power Mailchimp forms.

Google MapGoogle Maps can be added to D Event in a variety of ways. Google Maps is a great way to show visitors the location of your event. Or you can contact it using its contact area.


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