DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme

DateBook – Dating WordPress Theme

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DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Promotion.

DateBook is a speed smart dating theme built for dating sites.

DateBook is made based on the experience of world professional websites and the requirements of customers. Features that are really needed in actual use, in practice rather than in theory.

DateBook has more features and smart features than any other dating theme.

We listen to every wish, criticism and suggestion of every client. We’ve come a long way, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, improvements and thousands of hours of hard work.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Multilingual, translated into 7 languages ​​for a total of 8 languages.

DateBook is the only dating theme in the world translated into multiple languages.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Prepare native pages.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. More ready-made native pages.

Automatically create pages with our theme installer.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Use Brizy Page Builder pages.

Create any page design using your page builder and our shortcodes.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. All countries and cities are included.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. All countries and cities are translated into 5 languages ​​by default: French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, German and English.

DateBook is the only dating theme in the world that translates countries, regions and cities into multiple languages.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Subscription plan. Free and paid plans. Different features of subscription control.

Subscriptions or memberships are fully included (integrated) in the theme.

No need to buy any additional subscriptions or membership plugins.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Accept payments via PayPal and Paystack payment gateways.

Use the integrated DateBook subscription to accept payments through PayPal or Paystack gateways or through WooCommerce by installing your payment gateway plugin.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Accept payments via WooCommerce and supported payment gateways.

Note: Payment Gateway plugins are not included in the theme. They are listed only to show that they are supported by WooCommerce. If you plan to accept payments through WooCommerce, you must first check if a payment gateway is available. We are not responsible for the availability, working ability, functionality and problems that may arise with payment plugins.

All payment plugins listed above are trademarks of their respective owners.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Fast performance.

Topics are really fast. You will feel it when you have more than 1 000 000 registered members on your website.

DateBook can run on a server with very few resources: 512 MB RAM, 1 MB/s I/O Usage.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Online Metrics.

private message

This theme comes with a built-in private message for your members to chat in real time.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Chat and message.

Allow your members to pay to have their profile placed in a special location, such as the homepage or below the header. Members can earn extra when they use this feature to highlight their profiles.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Feature profile.

top status

Top status is when the profile is placed in the top position on the search page (above the normal profile). You can make huge income by having your members pay to move their profiles to the top.

DateBook - Dating WordPress theme. Top level configuration file.

photo upload

Our dating themes allow your members to upload their photos easily. The upload process is simple and straightforward, making it easy for users to add profiles.

Blur effects can be added to profile images. Members can hide their images from non-registered users or non-subscribing members. In this case, all their images are blurred.

Simulation – imitating the user’s online status

Turn on the online indicator on the demo profile. Therefore, create the illusion that multiple users are logged in and appearing on your site.

Also, regularly increase the number of viewings of the demo profiles, just as those profiles are accessed on a regular basis.

100% responsive

Responsive design is a must for any serious online business. It provides a better viewing experience for your visitors and a better experience for your search engine rankings!

Optimized for mobile devices

DateBook theme is fully responsive and looks great on any device.

retina ready

All images support Retina.This means the image will be displayed in high quality on Retina display devices

Main features:

  • 100% fully responsive
  • Create any design for all pages using any page builder
  • Paid subscription via DateBook subscription or WooCommerce subscription
  • Accept payments via PayPal or Paystack gateways
  • Powerful search for all profile fields (custom fields too)
  • Country: includes all countries and cities
  • Private chat or message
  • Online status display
  • Popular and Featured Status of Profiles
  • favorite profile
  • Blacklisted Profiles
  • Different gender and sexual orientation (already included)
  • Custom fields in profile, registration, settings and search forms
  • comment in config file
  • Comments and ratings in profile
  • Favorites list
  • blacklist
  • Friends: Users can connect with each other as friends
  • Watermark on profile picture
  • Users can deactivate or delete their profiles
  • Detect user’s real city and country by IP
  • Simulation – imitating the user’s online status
  • Classified Ads
  • travel
  • Custom login page
  • register
  • Google reCaptcha in login and registration forms
  • Restrict non-registered users from viewing profiles

Subscription and Payment:

  • PayPal and Paystack payment gateways. More gateways will be added.
  • Create different subscription plans
  • Free subscription for selected genders
  • Restrict non-subscribers from viewing and searching profiles

Other features:

  • Cookie Notice
  • Restrict access to admin panel
  • Profile Statistics
  • Front page general introduction
  • Email verification
  • Check for invalid configuration files
  • Verified profile
  • liked profile
  • Upload images: set the number and size
  • Can add blur effect to profile image
  • who viewed my stats
  • Zodiac signs
  • Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • phone and website
  • social share buttons
  • Custom code in headers and footers
  • Google Fonts
  • retina ready
  • multilingual
  • widget ready
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy to install: install, save, ready

Design and Style Features:

Set your style: different layouts, colors, shadows, sizes, borders

  • header background image
  • Different logos on the front and other pages
  • top menu
  • main menu
  • User menu
  • typesetting
  • modeling
  • panel
  • search form
  • Search for profiles on the page
  • Feature introduction
  • top profile
  • Contour mosaic
  • nation
  • image size
  • chat window size

small parts:

  • Feature introduction
  • Information about the city
  • Related information by country
  • Classified Ads
  • travel
  • register log in
  • Notes
  • latest information
  • the latest posts
  • category

Access the demo admin panel

Check out all the features on our demo site. Click the link below.

demo administrator


The following assets were used:


Images and Icons



Version 4.6.3 (March 19, 2022):

- Improved: email templates were improved and can be edited. 
- Updated: all translations are updated. 
- Fixed: deleted image was wrongly displayed on account photos page.
- Fixed: Select button in subscription plan was wrongly displayed. 
- Fixed: status of profile was displayed after second page reload if admin activated it.
- Added: new restore function added to restore accidentally deleted profile photos and filled in data records. 
- Fixed: username did not allow to correctly enter minimal characters.
- Fixed: Suspend button wrongly displayed in the Admin Dashboard (frontend).
- Fixed: email address of user was displayed in email notification. 
- Fixed: Block button stopped working. 
- Fixed: Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Version 4.6.2 (January 27, 2022):

- Fixed: error occurred in cookies file. 
- Fixed: title of custom fields for search forms were displayed incorrectly. 
- Fixed: search links incorrectly displayed results on Search page. 
- Fixed: color of gender buttons were not saved correctly. 
- Fixed: all errors in all forms were fixed.
- Small improvements in forms were made.

Version 4.6.1 (January 15, 2022):

- Improved: all forms have been improved. 
- Fixed: horizontal layout of search form did not work properly. 
- Fixed: bug in forms fixed. 
- Fixed: gender buttons in search form stayed clicked in mobile.
- Fixed: matching displayed error if match settings were not saved. 
- Improved: now default subscription plan is assigned to user again after paid plan expires.
- Fixed: Zodiac sign was displayed incorrectly. 
- Fixed: IP location stopped displaying info on profile.
- Translated: theme was translated into Arabic and Chinese. 
- Fixed: widget comments displayed comments from deleted users. 
- Fixed: IP location did not display info due to provider's error. 
- Improved: custom fields improved. 
- Improved: some functions were optimized to run faster. 
- Fixed: many little bugs fixed. 

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