Direo-Directory and Listing WordPress Theme

Direo-Directory and Listing WordPress Theme

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Direo is a WordPress theme for list directory sites. It helps you to build one or more local or global directories and make money from it. It is designed to be responsive for listing and directory business. This theme is built in and allows you to create extraordinary listing and catalog websites. These pages are created using powerful Elementor tools which allow for incredible flexibility.

This theme has many amazing features, including guest submission, pricing plans and claim lists, private contents, advanced search and modern user dashboard. It also includes maps, custom fields and social login. You don’t need to write a single line of code to enable these features. So go ahead! Enjoy website building!

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Advanced filterTo get the best search results, users can filter by their needs. There are also options to add filters that you want.

Pricing plan:Registering for business owners is free. Or, you can sign up for a plan that charges a fee to submit your listings. Each plan contains different benefits. The administrator may change or upgrade the plan in the future. Administrators can also offer private plans to specific users that will be hidden from the rest of the world.

Booking:Reservations can be made directly by customers and business owners can then confirm or deny them via their dashboard.

Chat live:Visitors can contact the owner of the business or list immediately to ask any questions. Tourists can also be satisfied by the owner by interfacing with them and solving their problems. It will increase the sales of businesses and improve customer service.

Check:The integrated checkout system supports both online and offline payment options. The online payment system allows you to set up recurring payments.

Check out the following list of verified claims:To earn badges, business owners must declare their ownership and have it verified with the site administrators. This will allow them to build trust with users and attract more customers.

Comments and ratings:Customers have the option to use rating and star-based reviews. The business owner can decide which comments are approved and how many will be displayed.

Featured List:It is possible to pay for business owners to be at the top. This will increase their potential customers.

SEO optimizationThis combination uses Yoast SEO integration and built-in SEO optimization. This combination will allow business owners to achieve a higher ranking.

GDPR is availableBusinesses have the option to use GDPR features.

RTL supportIt allows people of different countries to create directories in either direction.

One-click demo import:Administrators can find out more about the theme’s functionality with one click.

translation:Every element of the theme is easily translated into different languages.

To build a page, use ElementorYou can create new pages, or you can edit existing pages with Elementor.

Private directory:Only certain sections or pages can be shown to specific users by the business owner. These pages will be hidden from the rest of the public.

badge:There are many types of badges. The administrator can modify the text of the badge text, if needed.

Submission by guest:Visitors can act as reviewers and authors without having to log in if the “As Guest” option is enabled.

Modern user dashboard:The dashboard is clean and easy to use, and includes many modern amenities.

Social loginLogging in is possible with both their facebook and google accounts.

Spam protectionTo protect your form from spam, you can use Google ReCaptcha in this topic.

bill:Users can create very elegant invoices that include details about their orders and payments.

Tax preparationThe administrator can modify the VAT rate in accordance with the rules of the region or country and collect it via Stripe.

Place:You can either manually define your location or use the Map API to automatically do so.

Hours of operation:Based on the timezone map, event status and business hours will be displayed. They can be edited by business owners according to their needs.

Directions and contact informationBusinesses can display their contact information and provide directions for customers to their stores on the map.

Reporting and markingAny list can be reported by logged-in users, and administrators may take appropriate action.

Save and Bookmark:Users can save and bookmark something so they can come back to it later.

Email notificationBusinesses can communicate with customers by sending customized emails to notify them about new updates.

Scheduled TasksThe administrator can determine the expiration and deletion dates for submitted lists and notify the user.

Developer friendly:Because there are so many hooks, developers can easily modify the theme.

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