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Download 5sec Google Maps PRO nulled 5sec gmp Featured

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Based on # 1 leading selling Google Maps plugin on CodeCanyon

  • visual map contractor will assist you produce maps with numerous pins in seconds
  • totally responsive and mobile friendly
  • 10 predefined map skins + endless color overlays.
  • instructions to and from pin address
  • 15 predefined pin icons + customized ones
  • information layers – traffic, transit, bike
  • wise cache – 1 or 100 pins, map loads in less than a 2nd (map with 100 pins).
  • totally personalized HTML bubble/description on every pin
  • full-screen assistance
  • vehicle language choose
  • operates in sidebars, posts, pages and customized post types out of package
  • numerous maps per post/page are supported
  • comprehensive documents
  • default shortcode ([map]) can be altered
  • no code modifying required
  • following settings can be set up for each map;.
    • width & height
    • map color & skin – 10 predefined skins + endless colors
    • zoom
    • map type – roadway, surface, satellite, hybrid
    • information layers – traffic, transit, weather condition, clouds, bike
    • fullscreen
    • disable mouse scroll wheel
    • lock map by concealing controls and locking zoom, pan and type
    • autofit – changes map zoom and center to fit all pins
  • following settings can be set up for each pin;.
    • address – human-readable address and lat/lng collaborates
    • description – big bubble offered on click
    • vehicle open description
    • tooltip – little description
    • center – utilize this pin as map ’ s center
    • bounce – stimulates pin
    • instructions – allow instructions type
    • icon – 25 predefined pin icon ’ s + customized ones

5sec Google Maps PRO - 1  Download 5sec Google Maps PRO nulled map builder

5sec Google Maps PRO - 2  Download 5sec Google Maps PRO nulled

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v1.41 - October 17 th,2017
* small bug repairs.

v1.40 - January 23 rd,2015
* optimised filling for a great deal of pins - 50 pins load in under a 2nd.
* small bug repairs.

v1.35 - December 15 th2014
* included alternative to totally lock map and eliminate all controls.
* small bug repairs.

v1.30 - November 11 th2014
* a couple of bug repairs.
* included alternative to disable mup contractor on chosen post types.

v1.25 - July 18 th2014
* couple of bug repairs in map contractor.

v1.20 - April 5th2014
* bug repairs relating to managing lat/lng collaborates.

v1.15 - March 29 th2014
* small bug repairs.

v1.1 - March 25 th2014
* GUI responsive repairs.
* maps now operate in tabs and other"hidden situations"

v1.05 - March 24 th2014
* small bug repairs.

v1.0 - March 22 nd2014
* preliminary release.

5sec Google Maps PRO - 3  Download 5sec Google Maps PRO nulled fbga

Download 5sec Google Maps PRO nulled


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