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FreeDownload Musik – Responsive Music WordPress Theme (nulled) [Latest Version] finest for album, artist, audio, audio style, audio wordpress, categories, music,Music style, music wordpress, radio, radio station, tune, soundcloud


Download Musik – Responsive Music WordPress Theme nulled preview

Musik is a responsive music wordpress style, let you handle audio, album, categories, artist and offer the audio files to your consumer.

You can check out the online documents here


  • Base on Easy Digital Downloads – EDD
  • Sell single audio or package album
  • Manage music categories and artists
  • Audio sneak peek file assistance mp3 or ogg format
  • jPlayer – jQuery HTML5 Audio gamer
  • Playlist assistance
  • History gamer
  • Save gamer volume, repeat, shuffle setting in internet browser
  • Fully personalize style
  • 4 page design templates
  • Allow personalize the Logo/Header/Aside/Player background colors
  • One click to set up demonstration information


v. 3.1.0 – 16 January 19

  • Add art work when include soundcloud url as included image
  • Get duration/publish year from soundcloud
  • Fix download when sneak peek file is on other server

v. 3.0.3 – Dec 22, 2017

  • Add custom-made js/css file, inline scripts

v. 3.0.2 – July 10, 2017

  • Fix login/profile blank page when utilizing ajax
  • Fix buddypress design

v. 3.0.1 – June 8, 2017

  • Fix edd cart design
  • Fix edd checkout page

v. 3.0.0 – 9 May 17

  • AddSiteorigin Page Builder/WidgetsBundle assistance

v. 2.3.3 – 7 March 17

  • Update the widget.wie file
  • Change body class when ajax switch pages.
  • Show time out button on track thumbnail when track playing
  • Add alternative to limit download just for user
  • Add action hooks
  • Add ajax assistance for siteorigin page contractor grid design
  • Fixed play button on album

v. 2.3.1 – 27 November 16

  • Fix post widgets order by plays & sales
  • Fix album/playlist sort order
  • Fix login blank page

v. 2.2.1 – 23 August 16

  • Youtube assistance

v. 2.1.2 – 22 June 16

  • Update to wordpress 4.5.2
  • Update piklist to
  • Add no ajax page design template

v. 2.1.1 – 21 April 16

  • Update to wordpress 4.5
  • Update piklist to to repair taxonomy not saved money on wp4.5
  • Order the tracks in album with edd drag & drop
  • Fix ajax search results page typeface color
  • Fix getcurrentuser_info() -> > get_crrent_user()

v. 2.1 – 28 March 16

  • Ajax look for tracks and artists
  • Player on search results page page
  • Playlist archive page
  • Add leave out on the music post widget
  • Add filter by plays on music post widget
  • Popup cost selected on variable rates product
  • Close left menu when page turned on mobile
  • Optimize on categories page on mobile
  • Force download media file

v. 2.0 – 17 December 15

  • Add music post widget shortcode
  • Add category/tag/artist filter on music post widget
  • Soundcloud url assistance
  • Category design template with gamer
  • Category design template with thumbnail
  • Add page size alternative for artists, albums and tracks
  • Add ajax gamer on buddypress pages
  • FES design template
  • Music plays
  • Playlist
  • Like

v. 1.3 – 25 October 15

  • AddAjax when page switch
  • AddSoundcloud trackid assistance.
  • Add BuddyPress combination
  • Add pagination for artists and their music
  • Add link for music title on the gamer
  • Add design template which disable the left nav or leading nav.
  • Add html tag assistance on music widget subtitle
  • Add leading bar widgets location
  • Add FES sneak peek field( preview_vendor) to play verdor ’ s music sneak peek file
  • Add alternative to disable the purchase button on entire website.
  • Add alternative to disable the play button on entire website.
  • disable variation prices screen on grid list
  • Add alternative to alter the music title
  • Add alternative to reveal purchase button on list
  • Add alternative to reveal upload user profile on list and grid
  • Add upload user profile on music information page
  • Update documents
  • Update fontawesome
  • Fix playlist vanish when click the eliminate btn
  • Fix custom-made relate to packing design bug
  • Fix the iframe on google advertisement
  • Fix lower size of the artist picture

v. 1.2 – 8 September 15

  • Add shortcode assistance on the text widgets
  • Add custom-made design on the default video gamer
  • Add alternative to disable register/cart
  • Add alternative to disable the bjax packing design
  • Add alternative to disable gamer
  • Add alternative to disable search on the top bar
  • Select music by ids on music widget
  • Select taxonomy by ids on music terms widget
  • Add link group field when post music
  • Add alternative for disable the play icon on list or information page for each music
  • Add purchase button on list
  • Add download button on list and information page
  • Add custom-made classification design template when create/edit classification
  • Add kid style example code
  • Allow bypass the edd.php functions in kid style
  • BuddyPress all set
  • Fix white background sub menu

v. 1.1 – 13 August 15

  • Add Edtior when produce artist
  • Add musik remote url when post music
  • AddRadio station
  • Add SoundCloud
  • AddEvent classification
  • AddVideo classification
  • Improvement on mobile


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Audio –.
StarkPalace –
Miaow/ Arnaud Laflaquiere – MiaowMusic web


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