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A What sApp plugin for your client assistance channel.

Ease the interaction with your clients by embedding a click-to-chat What sApp widget on your website.

Links to demonstrations:

  • WooCommerce automated button with a default account
  • WooCommerce button with a customized account
  • Shortcode examples

This WordPre ss What sApp plugin is an easy tool to reveal your group ’ s accounts in one box. It shows a list of What sApp accounts on your website which when clicked, will take the user to that specific account on if the user is utilizing a desktop, or open the What sApp application if she is on a mobile phone.

Install this plugin on your WordPre ss website and you ’ ll get all the following functions:

  • Display numerous accounts
    Are you operating in a group? Show each member ’ s account with their names and titles in an attractive box on your website and let your visitors understand who is who.
  • WooCommerce Product Page Button
    Automatically reveal a contact button right prior to or after your Add to Cart button for every single item. Just like in the drifting widget, you can randomize, limitation, and pin represent item page buttons.
  • Set accessibility by time and days for each account
    What occurs when your clients send out a message while you ’ re sleeping or investing the time with your household? They ’ ll believe you ’ re unresponsive. With this plugin, you can set the accessibility of each account. If nobody is around to address, then the widget will be concealed. This will lessen the possibility of pulling down your clients. Also, this function plays good with any caching plugins. It doesn ’ t matter if the page is cached, it will conceal and reveal itself properly.
  • Editable text and color
    Customize the colors to match your website ’ s style and the text to represent your primary users ’ language. Make it individual. Turn your words into a call-to-action!
  • WPML is supported
    If your website remains in multi-languages, you can set the text in each of those languages through WPML string translation module. Also, conceal or reveal accounts based upon the language your user is presently seeing.
  • Page targeting
    You can reveal the What sApp box on the entire website or particular post types and even some specific pages.
  • Auto- screen based upon dead time, lack of exercise, or scroll length
    If your clients utilize large screens, a small widget sitting at the corner of your page will have a difficult time getting itself observed. Draw your users ’ attentions onto the widget by setting an auto-display for it to tease them. Auto- screen can be set based upon time-delay, lack of exercise, or scroll-length.
  • Pre- inhabited text
    Not everybody understands how to begin a discussion – even on an online chat. Help your clients by pre-populating a preliminary text. If they concur with the tone of your phrasing, it can be an icebreaker. One basic example is: “Hi Daniel, I was visiting and have a question.” Once they send that text, your name and your URL (which showed rather well on the app thanks to What sApp) will be continued their chat history. It ’ s a win-win to both sides.
  • What sApp link on your material utilizing shortcodes
    Having a What sApp widget is ideal to reveal on the entire website. But what if you require to reveal a contextual What sApp account which describes your organisation partners, good friends or households? A link to those accounts with predefined text is ideal for that, and it can be finished with an easy shortcode.
  • ClickTracking utilizing Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel
    If you have Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel (or both) set up on your WordPre ss, then the plugin will instantly send out information to those services when user clicks a What sApp account.
  • Compatible with GDPR
    An approval verification checkbox is supplied to abide by GDPR. This is a needed function for business based in the EU or those who gather information from people in the EU.
  • Randomize accounts list order
    If you ’ re concern that the account on the leading most will get more clicks than the others, then you can randomize the list order of the shown accounts.
  • Pin accounts
    Pin accounts to remain on top of the list while the other are randomized.
  • Limit the accounts showed
    When you have great deals of accounts to show, you can restrict to a number so that the list is simpler for your users to scan.

UsingWhat sApp as an assistance channel works and inexpensive. Get one on your own with a totally free life time updates.


26January 2019 - v2.2.5.
- Bug repair: Buttons usage incorrect URL on desktop variation of Firefox on specific condition.
- Improvement: Remove some labels from What sApp list on the admin side and changed it with something else.
17January 2019 - v2.2.4.
Note: Not an essential upgrade. No require to download if you're okay with your existing variation of this plugin.
- Improvement: Remove tradition text on picked represent drifting widget on the admin.
15December 2018 - v2.2.3.
Note: Old users need to reset their What sApp accounts in the plugin given that it utilizes various approach for time accessibility.
- New function: Randomize and limitation account list on item page.
- Improvement: Time accessibility now is set in a different way for each day in a week.
04December 2018 - v2.2.2.
- New function: Pin an account to make it constantly on top of the list when the list is randomized.
- Improvement: Added brand-new techniques for Google Analytics
20November 2018 - v2.2.1.
- New function: Limit the accounts revealed on the drifting widget.
- New function: Exclude/Include by URLs.
- Improvement: Fix the shortcode buttons so they'll play good with cached pages.
11August 2018 - v2.2.
- New function: Hide or reveal accounts based upon a WPML language the user is presently seeing.
- New function: Randomize accounts list order.
- Bug repair: Line breaks on pre-filled text not dealing with mobile.
19July 2018 - v2.1.9.
- Improvement: Changed the predefined text field from a textbox to textarea. It supports line breaks now.
03July 2018 - v2.1.8.
- Bug repair: Removed caution on WooCommerce item pages.
27June 2018 - v2.1.7.
- Small enhancement on a CSS file. The toggle's icon was instantly picked when user clicks the toggle on Android variation of Firefox web browser.
26June 2018 - v2.1.6.
- New function: Optional checkbox for authorization verification to abide by GDPR.
06June 2018 - v2.1.5.
- Improvement: Reduced the space in between the toggle and package when the toggle is round.
- Bug repair: Removed tradition code that triggers widget to vanish. It just occurred in some circumstance, so no requirement to upgrade if there's absolutely nothing incorrect with your existing settings.
26May 2018 - v2.1.4.
- New function: Option to disable auto-display when nobody is online.
22April 2018 - v2.1.3.
- Improvement: Added prefixes to ajax actions to avoid dispute with other plugins.
21April 2018 - v2.1.2.
- Improvement: Added versioning to CSS and JS recommendation to make certain that customers have the most recent code.
18April 2018 - v2.1.1.
- New function: Auto show on little screen.
- New function: Option to keep revealing the account even if it's offline however with a message.
16April 2018 - v2.1.
- Bug repair: Current day is not correctly inspected.
09April 2018 - v2.0.
MajorUpdate. Please seek advice from the paperwork on
- Integrated with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics for account clicks.
- New and much better variation of shortcode button. Old shortcode will still work, however it's advised to utilize the brand-new one.
- Time and day accessibility now deals with in-page button too.
- In- page button can be concealed based upon screen size.
- In- page button can show an avatar. If no image utilized, the plugin will utilize What sApp logo design rather.
- Page targeting can be utilized per account, not on the entire widget. Now you can reveal a various account on various pages in the drifting widget.
20March 2018 - v1.7.
- Bug repair: WPML not showing properly.
- Improvement: WooCommerce button can likewise reveal permalink instantly utilizing the [product_link] shortcode.
03March 2018 - v. 1.6.
- Bug repair: Russian cyrillic not showing properly.
- Bug repair: Widget is shown through AJAX to make certain the time accessibility is precise when users have a caching plugin in their WordPre ss.
09February 2018 - v. 1.4.
- New function to instantly reveal a contact button on WooCommerce item pages.
- New choice to reveal a rounded toggle on mobile phone just or desktop just, or both.
08November 2017 - v. 1.3.
- Support for WPML plugin.
03November 2017 - v. 1.2.
- Improvement: An ajax search to discover particular pages to be consisted of or left out from page targeting.
04October 2017 - v. 1.1.2.
- New function: Added a button to move accounts up or down in the list. Now it's simpler to reorganize the line.
23September 2017 - v. 1.1.1.
- Bug Fix: Fixed link on Safari web browser.
15September 2017 - v. 1.1.
- New function: Exclude specific pages from the picked post types from revealing the widget.
25August 2017 v. 1.0.7.
- New function: Other than contact number, you can likewise place an invite URL to your group chat.
19August 2017 v. 1.0.6.
- Bug Fix: Stop JS execution when What sApp box is offline.
04August 2017 v. 1.0.5.
- Bug Fix: Remove web browser smelling to make certain that the plugin deals with all gadgets.
- Bug Fix: Remove non-numeric characters from contact number to make certain that the links are proper.
- New Feature: Add a choice to conceal the widget based upon the width of the screen. Detecting mobile phone is too dangerous.
29July 2017 v. 1.0.3.
- New Feature: Shortcode to make a Click to Chat button on page and on in text widgets.
- Bug Fix: Time accessibility not precise since timezone is not set yet.
15July 2017 v. 1.0.2.
- New Feature: Pre- inhabited text for each account
10July 2017 v. 1.0.1.
- Bug repair: Account not saved money on some conditions.
- Improvement: Adding z-index to What sApp box to make certain that it's on top of other aspects.
 5 July2017
- Initial Release


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