Eventra - Seminar, Meetups & Conferences WordPress Theme

Eventra – Seminar, Meetups & Conferences WordPress Theme

Buy Eventra – Seminar, Meetups & Conferences WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/events and business,calendar,conference,events,exhibition,launch,marketing,meeting,Meetup,organize,schedules,seminar,session,software,webinar


Eventra - Seminar, Meetup & Conference WordPress Theme - 1
Eventra - Seminar, Meetup & Conference WordPress Theme - 2
Eventra - Seminar, Meetup & Conference WordPress Theme - 3 Eventra - Seminar, Meetup & Conference WordPress Theme - 4

Eventra - Seminar, Meetup & Conference WordPress Theme - 5

Eventra can be a responsive, powerful tool. Parties, conferences, seminars and eventsThis theme is compatible with WordPress and has many advanced features for meeting. Advanced features for meeting party topics


  • Elastic slider
  • still image
  • custom slider

custom slider– Third party sliders, such as revolution, main slider or layered slider, can be used by simply placing the generated shortcode into the custom slide area. Or, you may use whatever you like in the custom slideshow area shortcode.

Theme Features

  • There are 5 styles of headers, with fixed and animated headers.
  • Sidebars unlimited for every page
  • Recent Fontawesome icons
  • Options for left sidebar
  • Sidebars right
  • Option for full width pages
  • Sliders can be assigned to any page.
  • For any page, disable breadcrumbs
  • To any page, add a background colour for subtitles
  • Three subtitles aligned to the left, center and right are shown.
  • Google Web Fonts: 501+
  • Sticky strip at the top
  • Business Hours Pro Plugin – $15 value
  • Images for posts and pages with custom subtitles
  • Teasertext allows you to create custom subtitles on pages or posts
  • You can set the subtitle height to fit your page.
  • Referral List Shortcode
  • Carousel shortcode recommended
  • Widgetized Footer
  • There are many color choices for your skin
  • Multithreaded Comments
  • 9 post formats (standard, narration, audio, link, image, gallery, quote, status, video)
  • Built-in shortcode generator.
  • Advanced Options Panel (Import and Export of Option Settings.
  • Blog Page Template
  • Shortcode to activate VC plugin
  • – blog post
  • – Sessions counter
  • Gallery
  • – Instagram
  • Milestones
  • – part part
  • – Meetings (event schedule)
  • – Speakers
  • Sponsor
  • Tickets


  • accordion
  • Alarm box
  • message window
  • Alarm box
  • Box of success
  • Light grey box
  • camera obscura
  • custom alert box
  • block quote
  • Blog
  • Blog Carousel
  • Click here
  • Flat button
  • Button border
  • Callout box
  • Column layout
  • Contact Information
  • Countdown Counter
  • Divider
  • Both are clear
  • Divider
  • demo space
  • Dividers made to order
  • Cap 1
  • Caps 2
  • Drop caps 3
  • Fancy & Symbols
  • H1 fancy head
  • H2 header
  • H3 fancy head
  • Header H4 fancy
  • H5 header design
  • H6 Header of fancy
  • A big, fancy title
  • Fancy header xlarge
  • Flickr Photos
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Map
  • Accentuate
  • Highlight 2
  • Icon Box – 6 styles
  • Picture
  • List Styles – Fontawesome & Pe Line Icons
  • Reciprocal
  • landmark
  • Pricing Table – 3 and 4 Columns
  • The circle of progress
  • Progress bar
  • Serve
  • Service box
  • Box for staff
  • Label
  • Tab Navigation
  • Make a list of recommendations
  • Fading recommended
  • Carousel recommendation
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Custom background

  • Body
  • Page
  • Titel
  • Subheading
  • Slider Area
  • Fußer

Additional features

  • extensive documentation
  • localization ready
  • WPMU compatibility
  • WPML plugin compatible
  • WordPress 4.4+ Test
  • Shortcodes are supported by the text widget.
  • 80+ custom shortcodes
  • You can change the background, text, menus and typography using this theme skin option.

Custom widget

  • Eventra – Contact Information
  • Eventra – Recent Posts
  • Eventra – Flickr Photos
  • Eventra – Social
  • Eventra – Twitter
  • The Business Hours Program
  • Business hours Holiday
  • Eventra – Social Show saved social media in the theme options panel
  • Eventra – TwitterDisplay recent tweets, show limit to tweets, and see tweet posting status
  • Custom post types

    • Gallery
    • Speaker
    • Tickets
    • Meeting
    • Sponsor
    • Slider
    • Zeuge

    Color customization

    • More than 500+ Google Fonts and Themes
    • Edit multiple elements in unlimited color combinations
    • Background Image-You can upload a background photo per section instead of a consistent background color. This is useful for body backgrounds and subheadings.
    • Change only certain areas. Use the options panel to select the only theme color and then create your style.

    The current theme has 10 layout options for the footer columns, where custom or default widgets can be placed

    Localization of the theme

    It is easy to use for various languages because it has localization and internationalization. The theme has very minimal text and you can change it in the panel’s options.

    Changelog update

    v2.7 - 2020-03-11
    Boxed Mode for Single Pages
    Added: Vendor Prefixes
    Addition: Schedule day display for single-speaker sessions
    ### Fixed
    Fixed: XML demo data in the live version
    ### Removed
    Caption: Removed: Opacity in the Flex Slider caption
    Swiper Slider replaced the deprecated Owl Carousel
    ### Modified
    Swiper slider replaced blog carousel
    Swagger slider replaced testimonial carousel
    Swagger slider replaced speaker carousel
    Swaiver slider replaced session carousel
    Swaiver slider replaces sponsor carousel
    Eventra Core updated to version 1.4
    WP Bakery Page Builder Updated to Version 6.1
    v2.6 - 2018-04-13
    ### Fixed
    Issue with fancyheading margins using the new WPBakery Page Creator
    Fullwidth page: - Left and Right vc Column Container Padding
    - WPB-content-element Bottom Margin Issue
    ### Modified
    Eventra Core plugin updated to v1.3
    Business Hours Pro to Version 5.5.0
    WPBakery Page Builder plugin for 5.4.7
    v2.5 - 2018-01-17
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin v5.4.5
    - Business Hours Pro Plugin To v5.2
    - Eventra Core Plugin Upgrade to v1.2
    ### Fixed
    Shortcode for blog not working
    - Blog carousel not working.
    - The Post "like" option is not available.
    v2.4 - 2017-09-28
    Flex Caption Background Color Option
    Option Flex Caption Alignment
    - Flexible Caption Background Color with Opacity
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin - v5.3
    - Proto v4.3.1 - Business Hours Plugin Pro
    ### Fixed
    Prices tables for mobiles.
    Problem with hamburgers in mobile devices, header style 4, and 5
    - In responsive mode, the counter display.
    Blog Post List shortcode responsive issue
    v2.3 2017-05-21
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for v5.1.1
    ### Fixed
    Unauthorized string offset in skin.php
    v2.2 - 2017-03-23
    ### Modified
    - Eventra Core Plugin v1.1.0
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin - v5.1
    - Business Hours Pro Plugin for v4.1.0
    v2.1 - 2017-01-19
    - You can change the text color of your ticket list in the VC Addon.
    ### Modified
    - Eventra Core Plugin v1.1.0
    ### Fixed
    Subheader background with header style
    Yoda conflict page with search results.
    v2.0 - 2017-01-18
    - The page meta options now have new columns images.
    Google Fonts - More variants available in the options panel
    Fontawesome icons displayed in the backend of theme options menu icons
    - One Click Demo Importer using an external plugin
    - Addon for Direction VC
    - Eventra Core Plugin v1.0.0
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for v5.0.1
    - Replaced h5 Flex slider elements with h2.
    Display with no color option for Sessions
    - Screenshots new for parent and child theme.
    Gallery Page Meta Options images.
    WordPress Core functionality, skin.php for an inline style
    New user interface for theme options panel.
    - Admin UI HTML in the backend page meta option.
    - Description for page meta options.
    Images from the Sessions Page Meta Options Columns.
    - Speakers Page Meta Options columns images.
    Flex Flider animations and position in the slider bottom center.
    Flex Slider Jquery Files.
    ### Removed
    Import option for old themes
    You can import options from the options panel with just one click.
    - Eventra Post Type Plugins.
    - Eventra Shortcodes Plugin.
    - Eventra VC Plugin.
    Additional lightbox styles available at PrettyPhoto
    - Remove unwanted images from the Theme Options Panel
    Administrator: Unwanted Colorpicker Images
    ### Fixed
    Copyright Section separate from the footer.
    Navigation mega menu issues and styling options are major problems
    - Subheader Section Sanitization
    Subheader Background: Header Layouts Issue
    - Issue 5: Header Layout
    ### Child Theme Changes 
    ### Modified 
    - Functions.php file.
    Style.css is the only version.
    Screenshot images
    :warning: *Existing buyers kindly please deactivate and delete the following plugins before making an update.
    Next, activate eventra-core.*
    - eventra-posttypes.
    - eventra-shortcodes.
    - eventra-vcaddons.
    v1.5.0 - 2016-09-17
    - Use XML to import data with attached files set to true
    ### Modified
    Styles.css is only modified by version number.
    - Translate.pot file to add new strings
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Version 4.12.1
    WPBakery Page Builder plugin and all other Repository plugin versions.
    Display direction navigation is not visible on mobile devices
    v1.4.0 - 2016-07-19th
    Google Map API Key Option for maps display
    ### Modified
    Eventra Post Type plugin for v1.3.0
    - Version numbers and plugins.
    Download a Sample Template Options File
    Widgets JSON data File
    XML Sample Data File.
    - Google Map JS.
    Google map search scripts updated to current formats
    Plugin v3.6.3 – Business Hours Pro Plugin
    - Eventra Shortcodes Plugin v1.3.0
    ### Fixed
    Mobile devices not showing the logo
    - The header file should be indented
    Problem with Maps refusing to load without API Key
    v1.3.0 - 2016-06-17
    Google fonts: Source Sans Pro font variations
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin to v4.12
    Plugin - Business Hours Pro Plugin v3.5.2
    - Eventra Shortcodes Plugin v1.3.0
    - Eventra Post Type Plugin v1.3.0
    - Theme preview text to the lorem Issum.
    You can now choose from a variety of new sample options
    JSON: New Sample Widgets
    XML New Sample Data
    Font preview for Google.
    - Flex Slider Title Letter Spacing and Z-Index
    ### Removed
    Header: Default Sociables Display
    ### Fixed
    Mobile devices not showing the logo
    v1.2 - 2016-05-10
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin to v4.11.2.1
    - Eventra Post Types Plugin to v1.2.0
    ### Fixed
    Subheader Background Issue
    - Session display is without sub-categories for Schedule day
    v1.1 - 201-06-25
    ### Modified
    - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Upgrade to v4.11.2
    Plugin for Business Hours Pro v3.5.2
    Eventra Post Types for v1.1.0
    - style.css version.
    - Updates on plugins
    ### Fixed
    New installation of the session issues
    Version 1.1.0

    Live preview images are only for demo purposes and can be purchased directly from shutterstock. If you make use of any images from our live demos, we will not compensate for copyright infringement damages.


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