Evenz - Conference and Event WordPress Theme

Evenz – Conference and Event WordPress Theme

Buy Evenz – Conference and Event WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/events and business,conference,congresses,convention,event,exhibition,expo,fair,festival,meeting,schedule,seminar,speaker,summit,workshop


WordPress themes for conferences, events, seminars and parties. Easy to set up, quick to use and flexible as a yoga instructor.

You can create any type of event website. Full customization, with 14+ color options, four font selections, logo uploader and fresh design effects. There are also 12 templates that you can use as templates. Guaranteed money-back guarantee within 7 days, without questions

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WordPress Events Themes for Professional Events

The theme includes all of the WordPress Activity features that you might need without any feature bloat.

Easy to install and use. Solid updates and support. This tool is ideal for any type of event, whether it’s entertainment or business.

One-click demo installation

In a flash, you can create your event site! Included are 12+ homepagesTo start your project, simply import the demo pages and images in 30 seconds. You can then start editing within seconds. Installation is easy. No coding required!

Completely customizable

This is the most versatile conference and event theme. It’s amazing how many settings you can change to suit your personal style. The program has 12+ color options, 5 font choices, a logo uploader, for mobile or desktop, as well as tons of design settings such headers Grayscale and Duotone.

You can easily edit any item with real-time preview. No programming skills are required.

Event manager

Unlimited events can be managed, including end and start dates, purchase links and automatic Google Calendar links.

Connect events easily to speakers and schedules.

Just a few mouse clicks and you can add pricing plans, descriptions of venues, maps, or venue information. It’s easy and requires no programming or bloat.

Clients are often amazed by how fast they can use our themes.


You can add unlimited schedules, shows and schedules.

You can have up to 10 speakers at once, unlimited possibilities with background images and infinite combinations.

This calendar responds to mobile device inputs and converts tabs into drop down menus. It provides comprehensive useability for today’s mobile users.

With just one click, add your schedule from anywhere using the shortcode page builder or page maker!

Download manager

Did you miss any events? Evenz allows you to easily track and manage all your downloaded events. You can manage any attachment type, including videos and zip files. Do you want to limit access? The theme can be used with Download Monitor plugin. This plugin is the strongest download plugin and has tons of extensions that allow you to limit access to purchases, shares, purchase, and other activities. You will need extensions to limit download access if you don’t have the theme.


You can easily add unlimited testimonials and display them on a single page, grid or carousel to increase your event attendance.

Pricing plan

You don’t need any additional plugins! It comes equipped with an amazing pricing plan tool that lets you create unlimited pricing plans. These pricing plans can be customized with your theme and include unlimited items, styles, and prices. There are no additional fees for plugins!

Team members, speakers, etc.

You can manage artists and musicians at concerts as well as team members. There is also a post type that you will need to be able to handle professional profiles such speakers, managers, etc. You can easily add members to your team with social links and professional profiles.

For the best information schedule possible, associate at least 10 people or teams to every time period of each schedule.

super menu

MegaMenu’s plugins were very confusing to us, so we created our own. Reliable, fast and easy. Mega menus can be created using visuals Page builderEditor and you can edit the page to include almost any information, then link to an existing menu option.

Limit widgets! Our Mega Footer plugin bundle allows you to create unlimited footers, unlimited styles, and override global settings. You can recycle special footers anywhere or add them everywhere!

Consider this: Suppose that you would like to include a CommunicationsHow do you add a section to your footer on any page? You can create a footer section within minutes and place it wherever you want!

Do you want to do it? Exclusive Discount AreaYou can only reuse it on four or five pages. Add a footer to each page.

Most Flexible, QuickAnd Simple to use footer managerThe solutions you have seen

Activity map

It comes with powerful graphics QT Places pluginSave $22 More than 10,000 clients have used it! A google map api key is required

Flexible, simple, and professional

The theme is great for both professionals and beginners.

This theme can be used to promote any event, no matter how big or small, whether it’s a party, conference, seminar, exhibition, party, or other type of event.

Well-documented and well supported

Our documentThis page covers everything from the server requirements, WordPress installation and advanced features. Every page contains the most useful tips and screen shots.

We are available to assist you from Monday through Friday at our Help Desk


  • Support is provided by help deskNot via comments or email
  • Send us an email if you have any questions regarding pre-purchase. here.
  • Images can be included (we purchased them under a GNU licence, so they are possible to include in the product).
  • For multisite, this theme isn’t available. You can instead install subdomains and subfolders individually.

Evenz - Meetings & Events WordPress Theme - 9

== Changelog ==
1.3.6 [2022 january 03]
[x]Updated plugins

1.3.5 [2021 Octuber 28]
[x]Updated woocommerce.css. Columns Clear Fix
[x]Updated WooCommerce templates

1.3.4 [2021 Octuber 20]
[x]Javascript changed wave width calculation

1.3.3 [2021 September 28]
[x]field.php was replaced with editor for footer type text
[x]Copyright-bar.php was replaced by wp_kses and post_kses, to allow html

1.3.2 [2021 July 14]
[X] inc/ttgcore-setup/custom-types/event/event-program-display.php:93 changed 1 with 0 to avoid program not showing with only 1 day

1.3.1 [2021 July 14]
[x] FIX part-event-googlecalendar.php added control if the checkbox is enabled
[x]Select the checkbox ADDED to hide the countdown during event setups, in order to disable the headcountdown for a given event.

1.3.0 [2021 June 28]
[x]Updating the Theme Core plugin

1.2.9 [2021 march 24]
[x]WPBakery Update

1.2.8 [2021 Jan 05]
[x]TTG Core Update

1.2.7 [2020 DECEMBER 09]
[x]WPBakery Update
[x]In replacement for Easy Swipebox, QT Swipebox has been updated

1.2.6 [2020 DECEMBER 09]
[x] Force disable plugin Easy swipebox in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/conf.php

1.2.5 [2020 October 23]
[x]Frontend jquery migration added
[x]WPBakery Updated to 6.4.1

1.2.4 [2020 September 19]
[x]ADMIN: Plugin updates can now be rescinded by users who disable the message or complain about plugins that are out of date
[x] TGMPA Dismiss link removed 'dismiss'  => $this->dismissable 
[x] TGM REMOVED LINE 1111 class-tgmpa-plugin-activation.php // || get_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'tgmpa_dismissed_notice_' . $this->id, true ) 
[x]WPBakery Update: 6.4.0
[x] UPDATED Envato Market plugin [2020 August 12]
[x]Updates to WP 5.5
[x]NEW Plugin Theme Core

1.2.3 [2020 April 28]
[x]WPBakery Update
[x]WP 5.4 Updates

1.2.1 [2019 december 7]
[X]Removed query-prep.php line 48 implode
[x] Close mobile navigation if linking to internal section
[x]The mobile menu also uses the "sticky” parameter
[x]Fixes loading issue with 3D element mobile browsers
[x]WordPress 5.3 fixes
[x]WooCommerce fixes 3.8

1.2.0 [2019 october 16]
[x]Woocommerce Templates Update Cart/Cart.php
[x] woocommerce templates update checkout/thankyou.php [2019 october 16]
[x] schedule-display.php accordion fix

1.1.9 [2019 october 04]
[x]Support for 12H event table format added
[x] Schedule table: improved 12h format time

1.1.8 [2019 october 03]
[x]Text title should have a text logo with no breaks
[x]Option to add a countdown selector as an optional customization in the secondary menu
[x] schedule.display.php fixed 24 hours time format

1.1.7 [2019 october 03]
[x] customizer refresh fix

1.1.6 [2019 October 02]
[x] part-event-buylinks.php added control for empty buy links

1.1.5 [2019 October 01]
[x]Fixing the primary button color accent
[x] Demo update

1.1.4 [2019 September 19]
[x]To fix form conflicts, added stronger CSS selector to the slider CSS

1.1.3 [2019 september 19]
[x]The QT Places plugin has been updated to version 2.0.1
[x]Optimization of code
[x] Page Builder templates update


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