Evnt - Event and Conference WordPress Theme

Evnt – Event and Conference WordPress Theme

Buy Evnt – Event and Conference WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/events and calendar,camp,concert,conference,convention,event,exhibition,festival,lecture,meeting,seminar,speaker,summit,venue,webinar


Events WordPress Theme

Evnt is the perfect WordPress theme for any type of event, conference, summit or festival. This easily customizable theme lets you quickly launch a great event website. Evnt provides a complete package for managing presentations, speakers, venues, tickets, sponsors and everything you need to run a secessful event.

10 schedules

All timetables include a filter box that appears when you click the little plus icon. You can filter presentations by category, speaker name, location, event date, or time of day. Each presentation includes a title linking to the presentation details page, the speaker’s name linked to his profile page, the company name or title, the presentation start and end times, and the location name.

4 Speaker list

All speaker listings include the speaker’s name, company or title, and photo linked to his profile page. We have four speaker list layouts:

  • Speaker list 1:
    • Displayed as a grid.
    • Social icons with links to speakers’ profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Button for speaker detail page.
    • Flip animation on mouseover.
  • Speaker List 2:
    • Displayed as a mosaic.
    • Featured speakers with large photos.
    • Flip animation on mouseover.
  • Speaker List 3:
    • Displayed as a list with speaker photos on the left.
    • Social icons with links to speakers’ profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Speaker List 4:
    • Displayed as a grid.
    • Large speaker photo with good mouseover links to speaker detail page.
    • Short introductory text.
    • Social icons with links to speakers’ profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Speaker Profile Page

It includes the speaker’s name, company or title, photo, and extended description text. Below the description is a list of presentations given by the speaker.

5 Price list

Price lists are used to sell event tickets. Each price list includes a package title, subtitle, price, a list of options or a short description, and a button to buy tickets. Prices can be displayed in any currency and in any unit, such as per day, per person, etc. We created five different price list layouts.

4 List of sponsors

it? Grid with sponsor logo. We created four different skins with different mouseover effects.

contact form

We use the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin to create contact forms. Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, and you have the flexibility to customize form and email content with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-based submission, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and more.

Visual composer page builder $34 value

Build responsive websites and manage your content with ease using the intuitive WordPress front-end editor. No programming knowledge required? Create stunning and beautiful pages with the award-winning drag and drop builder.

Multiple location maps

Add any number of locations on one map. Each location pin is clickable and displays location information. This map gives your users the option to enter full screen mode, and it supports over 50 languages. Almost all languages ​​supported by the Google Maps API.

Event schedule? WordPress plugin $24 value

You can add as many courses as you want to your schedule and use powerful options to save time. The timeline should only show important information, but you may provide visitors with many other useful details. That’s why, each class accepts separate text and images that can be displayed in separate pages. If you assign categories to your presentations, your visitors will be able to see what they’re looking for right away. Assignment type, location, and speakers make it easy to filter courses and display important information in the schedule.

other options

  • event countdown

    You just need to set the date and time of the event.

  • 6 widget areas:
    • Like the newsletter anywhere in the main content area
    • 4 column footer
    • social icons in footer
  • communication

    You can create events, mailing lists, subscriptions.

  • Other widgets:
    • Address – allows you to add title, text, address, phone and email in footer group bookings and sponsorships
    • Newsletter – allows you to add input with text placeholders and choose a background image
    • Sponsor – allows you to add a carousel with a sponsor logo, you can set the carousel background color and number of columns (logo visible)
  • header background image

    You can activate or deactivate the background image header on each page. You can add some randomly displayed images in the settings.

  • Customizer Advanced Options:
    • Advanced Font Settings – You can set font family, size, margin, padding, border and border radius for all headings and paragraphs in the theme.
    • Footer Settings – You can set the number and width of columns in the footer, and you can also edit the copyright text at the bottom.
  • 20 custom plugins for Visual Composer:
    • HGroup – Heading group (header and subheader).
    • Subtitle – Add a subtitle.
    • Pricing table – title, options list and buttons.
    • Sponsored Grid – Displays brand sponsors in a nice grid.
    • Sponsored Carousel – Showcase your brand sponsors in a beautiful carousel.
    • Progress Bar – Displays a progress bar container.
    • Map – Displays the map container.
    • Counter Up – Statistics counter with animation.
    • Countdown – Countdown clock with days, hours, minutes and seconds.
    • Service Widget – Company service with icon, title and small description.
    • Feature Box – Adds a box on the left with a title, description and nice icons.
    • Button – Button with editable text, link, background and color.
    • Featured Items – Add featured items with a large photo, title, subtitle and description. Edit background color, text color and select image side.
    • Address – Add an address widget with title, address, phone and email.
    • Sitemap – Add a list of your website pages.
    • Gallery – Adds a gallery grid with links to larger images.
    • Floor Plans – Adds a tab with floor plan images.
    • Horizontal Line – Adds a horizontal line.
    • Newsletter Form – Add subscribe input and button.
    • Speaker Gallery – A list of speakers with links to their profile pages.

customer reviews

Evnt - Events and Meetings WordPress Theme - 1 for customizability go through Janet Redwell

This is without a doubt the best I’ve ever used in WordPress. They thought of everything. I like that the speaker profiles are customizable and then link to the courses they’re teaching, the blogs they’ve written and everything can be tagged and auto-populated if you want to change it. I made this site for an event that takes place across the country, several times a year. I can add speakers for different cities and tag them, rebuilding the conference agenda is as easy as creating a blog post, and the whole thing looks great. It’s SEO perfect, mobile friendly, and just an all-around great theme. If anyone wants to see what I can do with it, here is my website: I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Evnt - Events and Meetings WordPress Theme - 2 for Customer Support go through Djukukisima

I had a problem with my topic (my fault) and I asked for help and the author stepped in and fixed it right away within minutes. The theme is beautiful and easy to customize, I recommend it for small events.

Evnt - Events and Meetings WordPress Theme - 3 for Customer Support go through Alastrelli

This theme is very nice and easy to customize. I asked customer support if they could change one thing for me and within a few minutes they personalised the theme to my request. excellent! I recommend it!

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  • February 10, 2021 – v.1.9.3
    • Speaker social icon fix
    • WPBakery page builder updated
    • Minor CSS fixes
    • 20.10.2020 – v.1.9
      • Demo content has been updated
      • Service widget icon fix
      • WPBakery page builder updated
      • 20.08.2020 – v.1.8.5
        • Service widget icon fix
        • WPBakery page builder updated
        • July 6, 2020 – v.1.8.3
          • Fixed mobile logo link
          • WPBakery page builder updated
          • Event Calendar plugin version update
        • January 14, 2020 – v.1.8
          • Added logo height option
          • WPBakery page builder updated
          • Event Calendar plugin version update
        • October 26, 2019 – v.1.6
          • WooCommerce templates are up to date
          • WPBakery page builder updated
          • Event Calendar plugin version update
          • Updated Evnt VC extension – removed map, fixed CF7 elements
          • Google Maps does not require a plugin like Google Maps Easy to create or use in Google
          • Minor CSS fixes
          • Demo content has been updated
        • June 20, 2018 – v.1.5.4
          • Events Calendar WP plugin update
          • small fix
        • 01.12.2017 – v.1.5.3
          • Sponsored widget fixes
          • Map info window fixes
        • September 7, 2017 – v.1.5.2
          • Weekly class schedule plugin updates
        • August 27, 2017 – v.1.5.1
          • Sponsored grid fix
          • timetable fix
        • March 22, 2017 – v.1.5
          • new function: Arrange multi-speaker options
          • new function: One-click demo installation
          • Visual Composer plugin updated to 5.1
          • Weekly class schedule updated to 1.8.1
          • Speaker library fixes
          • other small changes
        • December 19, 2016 – v.1.4.2
          • security update
          • Fixed scheduling bug
        • December 19, 2016 – v.1.4.1
          • Sponsor widget fix carousel time
        • 05.12.2016 – v.1.4
          • Blog post display fix
          • Font Awesome Update
          • Add speaker permalink settings
          • other small changes
        • November 22, 2016 – v.1.3.9
          • Visual Composer updated to version 5.0
          • Weekly class schedule updates
        • 04.11.2016 – v.1.3.6
          • Floor Plan Repair
          • All strings are translatable
        • October 28, 2016 – v.1.3.5
          • Subscribe to widget updates
          • Price list fix
        • October 11, 2016 – v.1.3.4
          • Price list fix
          • Speaker library fixes
        • 01.10.2016 – v.1.3.3
          • Mobile version fixes
          • Speaker library fixes
          • Customizer improvements
        • 29.09.2016 – v.1.3.2
          • Added newsletter plugin to download package
        • September 21, 2016 – v.1.3.1
          • Added gallery to speaker profile page
          • Added skill progress bar to speaker profile page
          • Added short and detailed description to speaker profile page
          • Updated Visual Composer widget descriptions
          • Fixed a typo on the “Buy Tickets” button
          • Currency display on fixed price list

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