As you know, measure correctly Marketing numbersThis is essential when making decisions and evaluating the actions we are performing Digital or media strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to have such Google Analytics Oh Facebook analysis The most important thing is to know how to use them.

You need to know everything about Facebook Analytics for digital advertising campaigns

Day after day, tools such as Google Analytics Oh Facebook Insight Update, add new components and tools to help improve Data experienceAnd help us make decisions as efficiently and appropriately as possible.

In this article, we will focus on Facebook analysis; A Native facebook toolThis allows you to explore Facebook users on pages, articles, likes… All the things users do on social networks related to digital marketing activitiesIn other words, the brand will be able to see the interactive path of conversion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has such a useful and practical tool that your e-commerce will never ignore it or don’t know how to use it. Do you know that it has advanced tools? Customize audiences based on channels similar to omnichanel? Do you now understand how important it is to use it correctly?

We emphasize the following points to give it sufficient utility:

First, you have to access the corporate dashboard of the social network, Facebook analysis, And fill in all activity data: users to be affected, their segments, purchase analysis, funnels, related graphics, active images, the same size… etc. Before advancing and starting the activity, you should be very clear that you have completed the specified fields perfectly.

I must tell you that the most difficult thing about creating a Facebook campaign is actually creating it, and you have already done it! From now on, everything is much simpler, only a few points need to be noted:

When your campaign has been running long enough Facebook And you can already generate results, you will have accurate metrics for marketing or digital strategy.Among them, there are reports that Facebook analysis Generated as follows:

  • Statistics overview: In this tab, you can choose to check each of the most important indicators of the activity in detail: likes, coverage, visits, actions, publications, videos, and people.
  • like: Like option yes, yes or yes, you should analyze to understand how the campaign works social mediaYou can even know the source of each “like”: if you look at the page itself, publications, mobile devices, advertisements…, you will also see the date and time range for which you received the most likes. ..There are a lot more!
  • range: This tab refers to the number of people displayed for each of your posts. In addition, you can choose to find out how many users clicked “hide”, “report as spam”, or “no longer like”.
  • Page visits: The total number of views received for each part of your page: homepage, publications, personal information, pictures…
  • Page operation: It will generate specific and interesting information about the behavior of your followers, from personal data such as age, gender, or country to the websites they get the most clicks or likes.
  • Publications/Videos: Here, you will learn which videos and publications have the best results, the most visited, the most commented, and the most shared videos… This way, you can know what type of audiovisual content is most popular with the audience.
  • people: Various data about your followers; number of men, number of women, age, gender, country, city, language…

What benefits does it bring?

As you can see, one of Facebook’s advantages in advertising is Allow complete and perfect segmentation: At any time you will know who you are talking to. In addition, you already know where to place your ads, which channel to use, the most suitable content type, etc. Among all its advantages, we found:

  1. You will know who you are Target Audience.
  2. You will know Demographics Audience.
  3. You will know if you Facebook strategy Is it effective.
  4. What you will see The best publication for you, Which are the least.
  5. You will have one Overview Over time, how your profile works on social networks.
  6. You will know if you get your the goal In Facebook’s strategy.
  7. You will find What time and day Your followers are connected.

By carefully checking the data, you can Maximize your participation And achieve greater results.

What are you waiting for to execute it?

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