Firwl - Cyber Security WordPress Theme

Firwl – Cyber Security WordPress Theme

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Firwl is a responsive website. Cyber security WordPress themeWith Grade SPEED performance, Events Calendar, Whitepapers Download Manager, 6 Demos Included, and Page Builder Visual Editor.

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With Firwl you can also create stunning landing pages for your products and services with a special sticky internal menu, that increases page orientation and visitor’s satisfaction.

This theme includes many exclusive functionalities that enhance the WordPress core capabilities and transform your website into a cyber security website.

All the information you need in one location!

We analysed Every popularFunctionality The following are some of the 200 Most Reputable Cyber Security FirmsCombine the two All the features you require in one placeTo create the most visually appealing security website possible Without the need to search for external pluginsWhite Papers management, embedding, magazine layouts construction and eCommerce, megamenu are just a few of the many services that we offer.

We understand the importance of your timeFirwl is a handcrafted product with the goal to provide a real experience. time-savingIt is easy to build a website.

6+ Pre-built Home Pages

Choose from our pre-built homepages and get your website up and running in just one click. Select from either the WooCommerce or normal demo to get started and build your website using a solid foundation.

The pages are built using WPBakery Page Builder plugin which comes with the theme. You can easily edit, delete or add content to our demos.

20+ Custom Page Elements

Firwl expands the functionality of page Builder by adding more than 20 additional shortcodes. This allows you to add complex elements like slideshows or post grids as well as pricing tables, pricing tables, and other features with just one click.

Firwl supports front-end editing to allow you to see what you have created in real time.

One example of the custom shortcodes is:

  • Auto post slideshow:Add a full-width slideshow using pure-css interactivity. No js! For super-fast rendering and high SEO score (including total query extraction flexibility), to display recent posts, top voted, and more in one click!
  • Auto post carousel:You don’t need any other plugins to add testimonials, posts, and team members. You can also extract your results by query or category. It is responsive and completely customizable to suit any design idea.
  • Post mosaic This 3-slot header is the ideal way to quickly review your top news, which is the #1 traffic source on every cyber security site. External plugins are not to be confused!
  • Post heroHighlight your special news extracting data on user interaction, recency and any other parameter in full screen, super-slick fashion.
  • Post lists, post cards grid, horizontal grids, post cards grids, and post lists with thumbnailsFirwl shortcodes can be used to create almost any modern design layout. A full range of shortcodes is available with tons of options to quickly create complex magazines.

Blocks for custom cards

There are special cards with links options that allow you to quickly drop off grids containing features, services, and product categories. You can create super cool cards by using the 1000+ icons library (bundled with Icons2Go premium plugin).

Whitepapers and embedding files

Firwl is 100% compatible to the popular Monitor Downloadplugin is the best and most efficient plugin Manage attachments that can display in different design styles on any page, post or page.

This tool is perfect for publishing whitepapers and keeping track of downloads.

The plugin is also free and includes some additional functionality as an external add-on. These include the ability to limit downloads by email subscription, purchase, login, or form submission.

Events, courses, seminars

Firwl covers all aspects of events, courses and seminars organized by your company. Firwl has a built-in custom type that can be used to create custom posts. It includes all fields like address, purchase link, start and ending dates, and even purchase links. Include the option to automatically add a Google Calendar link so that your visitor can add your event directly to their calendar in one click!

You will also find super-useful shortcodes in the events: Events and featured eventsThis page can be used to display important upcoming events.

A running event can be displayed as a Featured Event. CountdownTimer in pure shifi fashion. It grabs attention and encourages sales with an urgency feeling.

You can also set the automatic function to hide previous events, reducing the website maintenance time. Make sure that you don’t display any outdated content.

Rating and Like, Social Interactions

The bundled ReAktions plugin gives you tons of engagement functions such as social sharing, post likes, views count, ratings and even posts. Post can be extracted using query based on interactions. These include top viewed, most rated and favorited, top commended and top favorites.

Advanced author details

Each author can have their own social icons, biography, and custom image with the direct uploader. Your authors will appreciate your efforts, and you’ll be a more popular influencer.

Frontend + Backend visual editing

If you don’t like Gutenberg, we provide a faster and easier page creation experience with the bundled plugin Page Builder by WPBakery. You can create pages from scratch even using WPBakery’s bundled plugin Page Builder. front-end editor!

Gutenberg compatible

You can choose whether you prefer Gutenberg or the classic editor. Firwl supports both.

4 different blog news archives

You have 4 options for post designs: cards, horizontal, wide, and classic large posts lists. You can create your cyber security site in any style that you want!

Sidebar options

ModernOne columnPosts and Sidebar style news in a classic way?With the built-in options, you can choose it. It takes just one click! Firwl offers a useful alternative. For single pages, archives, products, and pages, you can override global sidebar styles.

Call to Action Button

To display, you don’t need plugins A super-visible call to action button is added to the header menuEven mobile users can link to your most visible action, increasing conversion, and following the most important web marketing strategies.

SOS Text To Action

As common feature among the best cyber security firms, we included a special slot where you can display an icon and a visible phone number for your customers’ emergencies, with an optional link to any page of your choice.

Sidebar and menu for Off-Canvas

The optional off-canvas space allows for additional contents, such as a menu location or sidebar widgets.

Custom widgets

This theme includes the custom Firwl Widgets plugin. It adds 2 widgets: List archives and Cards. This widget extracts posts by the traditional date parameter as well views and likes.

Mega Menu with Visual editor

Easy to create Page Builder allows you to create endless mega menusYou can link them to any menu item you like, and an automated mobile fallback will allow you to use default sub-menus.

After testing 10 of the most popular mega-menu plug-ins, we found out how time-consuming and difficult they were. We made our own page builder and custom post types.

You can Every mega-menu item can be duplicated, recreated and recycledIt can be styled with Backgrounds, Images, ShortcodesYou can also request anything else!

Avoid tedious complexity and save time. Build exactly what you need, with no restrictions.

Are you tired of the traditional and limited footer widget slots? The old days are gone!You can create endless footers and assign them using the page builderIt takes you no time to set up your plugins. You can set your Columns, Backgrounds, colors, WidgetsParallax, or anything else.

You can alsoYou can reorder, swap and hide mega-footer sections easilyYou can also create custom mega-footers that you use on only a select number of pages. Override the global footer settings.

You can make a footer with an offer that will be displayed on several pages. Create it once and then set it up for only the pages you need.

Create faster, maintain quicker, and save huge time!

Pricing tables

We made it easy to simplify complex plugins.

Firwl makes it easy to create elegant pricing tables that can be arranged on one, three or four columns.You don’t have to alter any design settingsFocusing only on the contents. You can set the price and add any features you like with status icons.

Set up an optional pricing plan that is only applicable to the entire groupAdd your custom background ImagesFor maximum conversion rate impact,

You don’t have to spend time searching for the plugins that you need when you can find them all in one location, easier to look at, and more convenient to use.

Rapid and responsive

This theme was designed with performance in mind. It is light and fast enough to achieve a top-grade performance that will improve SEO and user experience.

One Click Demo Installer

The simplified setup process allows you to replicate the website shown in the demo with just one click. You can choose whether you want the WooCommerce or not.

With a single click, you can clone the demo on your server!

Parallax Headers

One-click activation to activate a fancy, smooth parallax effect in every page and post header!

Animations with Glitch Effects

You want your visitor to feel inspired by sci-fi hacking? EnableOptional Glitch Effect Click here, for any header or for selected Page Builder rows, this effect will add a super cool css glitch effect, to make your site super fresh and unique, attrack the attention on the important spots, and scream loud “Cyber Security Matters”.


Firwl can be used in conjunction with the popular MailChimpMailchimp WordPress plugin and newsletter platform. To add your subscription form, it is simple and easy.

We also offer the perfect HTML structure for creating forms in the most attractive way.

Fill out the 7-digit Contact Form

Contact Form 7 is compatible with the theme and it comes free with the theme.

You can do so many things!

Modify logo, fonts, colors and footer. The real-time preview allows you to easily alter the appearance of your site.

Direct Support

There are no third-party services, and there is no copy-and paste. Support is provided by the theme developers directly, Monday through Friday, 9-18 CET.

Documented well

Clear, detailed documentation, with screenshots in PDF or web format. This will guide you through the process of creating the site of your dreams. If you have any questions, we are always available to help!

Fully translatable

Our theme and custom plugins include an up-to date.pot file. This allows you to quickly and easily translate any language into WordPress in the most basic way.

A Child Theme is Available

Firwl allows you to easily apply customizations, theme overrides, or custom CSS versions. Just use the provided child theme, and the updates won’t delete your changes!

SASS provided

We provide all SASS files for the theme, including the naming system and the modern sass techniques.

Grade Performance

It is essential to load quickly. This theme can achieve an A-grade performance on GTmetrix. With a few tweaks you can get a 100% score.

Included minified CSS and js

To optimize SEO faster and more efficiently, enable minified CSS/Javascript Just click the customizerTo speed up loading time and increase SEO score, you can click one button. You can also edit the theme at will if you choose to use it as a base for your custom projects.

Questions about Pre-Purchase

Please contact us if you have any questions about presale


== Changelog ==
1.3.0 [2021 December 22]
[x]Updates for plugins

1.2.9 [2021 April 25]
[x]Youtube pages links disabled lightbox

1.2.8 [2020 December 09]
[x]Updated WPBakery 6.4.2
[x]In replacement of Easy Swipebox, QT Swipebox plugin version 5.6 has been added

1.2.7 [2020 December 09]
[x] Force disable plugin Easy swipebox in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/conf.php

1.2.6  [2020 September 19]
[x]ADMIN: Plugin updates are now not disregarded anymore. This is because users have disabled the message and complained about plugins that were out of date.
[x] TGMPA Dismiss link removed 'dismiss'  => $this->dismissable 
[x] TGM REMOVED LINE 1111 class-tgmpa-plugin-activation.php // || get_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'tgmpa_dismissed_notice_' . $this->id, true ) 
[x]UPDATED WPBakery to 6.4.0
[x] UPDATED Envato Market plugin  [2020 August 12]
[x]WP 5.5 - UPDATED Core Plugin Theme

1.2.5  [2020 June 27]
[x]WPBakery Page Builder Update
[x]Customizer now has a LinkedIn social icon
[x]WooCommerce compatibility version 4.2.2 updated 

1.2.4  [2020 January 07]
[x] Improved single event template part-event-buylinks.php with control over deleted links
[x] Page Builder update

1.2.3 [2019 December 08] 
[x] WP5.3 updated inc/tgm-plugin-activation/inc/welcome-page.php 
[x] WooCommerce udpated cart.php

1.2.2 [2019 October 01]
[x] Page Builer update
[x]WooCommerce compatibility update 3.7

1.2.1 [2019 July 25]
[x]Correct grid class added to post grids shortcode


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