FlyCoffee Shop - Responsive Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

FlyCoffee Shop – Responsive Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Buy FlyCoffee Shop – Responsive Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/restaurants-cafes and bakery,bar,bistro,cafe,cafe shop,clean design,coffee,coffee shop,cook,eco,food,food shop,modern,restaurant


FlyCoffee, a versatile and customizable WordPress theme for bar or restaurant websites is available. Fully responsive and Bootstrap-based, FlyCoffee is suitable for restaurant, bar/bistro, cafeteria, bakery, cafe, cake shop, fruit, florist, etc. We’ve included over 12 useful features to meet the requirements of any food-based business.

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This feature is available

  • Drag-and-drop visual page maker
  • One-click demo installation
  • Flexible page layout
  • Unlimited color skins
  • WPML ready
  • WooCommerce is ready
  • MailChimp is ready
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Backup module
  • Custom post
  • custom sidebar
  • Custom widget
  • custom slider
  • Responsive Design (optimized to all mobile devices).
  • grid system (bootstrap grid system)
  • There are many customization options
  • Element customization is simple in themes for children

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Free drag-and-drop builder

UNYSON is the best free WordPress framework. There are many extensions that can be added to the framework, which will make it easy for you to build and customize websites quickly.

Google Fonts + Font Awesome

Google Fonts Library available now! Do you remember the time when fonts were an issue for designers or web developers? Google Fonts has been integrated into our themes, so we are very pleased to say that it is now obsolete. You now have free access to more than 818 fonts, in different shapes and sizes. It’s now up to you to choose the right font and combination of colors for your project.

Google Developers Mobile Friendly

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You can see the theme customization and installation videos

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Client usage example

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Themes specifically designed for your business

Dining room

Let your guests browse. Menü pageChoose wisely ReservationYou can use the restaurant’s wonderful menu for a special occasion or simply to browse the delicious dishes. Galerie.


You can’t have enough cocktails. SliderTell them who your employees are GalerieDeclared in Promotional Offer Page.


You are a bistro which specializes in one particular cuisine. Show off what your main courses look like to your customers. Menüpage and in Galerie Make a deal!


It’s great to sit in a cafe with good friends. Special OfferYou can’t turn them down, especially when it is crowded. ReservationYou will have a wonderful evening with friends.


Pizza is the best option for eating at home and out. ReservationPhotos of mouthwatering food SliderOr MenüOr via Shop page – in minutes!


Your coffee shop is a place where customers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. MenüFor some appetizers GaleriePhotos and allow them to browse the most recent InformationAnd Get a Discount.


You don’t have to shop for groceries anymore. Provide descriptive and charming information to your customers. MenüA simple way to get fruits and veggies ShoppingPage and tell them where you’re at InformationAnd Promotional Offer Page.


There are many options for business lunches as well as sophisticated banquets. MenüYour customers are your best resource ReservationYou can choose a date. Contact Page.

Flowers shop

Your customers will appreciate an easy, intuitive method to pick bouquets. GalerieAnd in ShoppingPages. SliderSelling your most-sold flowers, and keeping customers informed Promotional Offer.

The key advantages of this theme

FlyCoffee WP will give you the best experience building websites fast and easy. Because we understand how valuable your time can be, our theme is easy to use even for WordPress novices. Our professional support team can help you if there are any problems.

Do you need an online recipe book for guests to use? You don’t have to worry about it, because the online menu is already available! It’s easy to put together and can be run within minutes.

Are you looking for an online booking tool to increase your online customer base? Our custom booking module is a great way to turn your customers into loyal ones. You just have to enter your details to receive a confirmation email. There is no additional set-up or third-party service. All you require is included.

Are you a developer? You’ll be delighted with the features that we offer if you are a developer and creating custom websites for clients. Our themes are intuitively designed to be easy for clients to understand. You don’t need documentation, videos or written explanations on how to handle this topic. We have it all covered for you.

UNYSON is a strong framework, which already powers thousands upon thousands of sites around the world. The greatest news? It’s open-source, free and available for anyone to use.

Bootstrap is the best HTML, CSS, and JS framework to use for your web projects. We are confident that bootstrap will make development easier and more efficient. You can use it to customize and build your own bootstrap.


Current Version: 1.0.18

Version 1.0.18 - 2019.03.27
A filter has been added to the image logo page so that users can change the URL for the specific image.
Minor improvements to PHP 7.2

Version 1.0.17 - 2018.04.03
Fixed instagram issue

Version 1.0.16, 2018.02.06
Unyson WooCommerce Shortcodes Plugin added
Minor fix to testimonials word-break

2017-11-15 - Version 1.0.15
Gallery widget wp.4.9 minor modifications
Button to go up
With prettyphoto, you can open a shortcode menu picture
Offers can be extended by adding a custom date
Minor fix in sidebar to allow for single offers and category

2017.05.01 Version 1.0.14
Support Woocommerce New Gallery

2017.04.14 Version 1.0.13
 - siblings submenus changes
Slider controls for mobile fixes - Special Offers

Version 1.0.12 - 2017.02.14
Shortcode for a new button added
 - added target option for gallery, image-box & menu gallery shortcode
Fixes wp_title issue for SEO plugin
Shortcode for an additional section

Version 1.0.11 - 2017.01.16
Menu shortcode added with a subtitle
Added id for shortcodes

Version 1.0.10 - 2016.11.17
Added support for columns (Visual Page Maker)
Slider excerpt now fixed when created using prettyPhoto

2016.10.08 Version 1.0.9
 - fixed problem with CF: get_item_localization()
Minor fixes

Version 1.0.8 - 2016.07.11.
Add google maps API Key
Update to TGM plugin
Fixed height mobile auto
If bg is true and color and image have not been changed, a fixed white border will be used.

Version 1.0.7 - 2016.05.18
 - header menu fixes

2016.05.09 - Version 1.0.6
Header Image for fixed posts page
Video bg slider added and Header image shortcode
Minor changes to wpml Shortcode Translations
Additional Custom Loading Option
Awesome font update
Header: Featured logo

2016.04.10 Version 1.0.5
Minor changes to wp.4.5
Fixed testimonials URL

Version 1.0.4 - 2016.02.29
 - mobile menu fix
Minor adjustments to slider on iPad

2016.02.03 Version 1.0.3
Mobile menu minor adjustments
Minor changes to the home slider for mobile

Version 1.0.2 - 2016.01.22
Mobile header height
Addition of subset fonts to general theme settings
The overlay for the carousel slider can now be enabled/disabled
Minor changes to responsive

Version 1.0.1 of 2015.06.30
Minor adjustments to WordPress 4.3

2015.06.30 Version 1.0
First release

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