Gags - Image, Meme & Video Sharing WordPress Theme

Gags – Image, Meme & Video Sharing WordPress Theme

Buy Gags – Image, Meme & Video Sharing WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment and content sharing,funny,gags,media,meme,sharing,upload,video


Meet Gags WordPress theme is perfect for making gags, memes, or any other image-sharing site (like 9gag with WordPress). With this WordPress theme, you can make your own meme or prank website.

It’s so simple to set up and use Gags. Do you need to modify the color scheme or typography? You don’t have to worry about it, as all the colors and fonts can be modified from our themes options.

Gags uses our customized plugin, which manages all submissions from media users. Did we mention that images and videos can be submitted? A description can be added to every submitted prank.

We have added captcha functionality to Google reCaptcha in order to prevent spammers signing up. Enabling Facebook logins and Twitter logins will make signing up easier.

Check out our theme preview and see the way the theme looks on the demo site.

Try the Demo Site

username: User demo
password: Tigana 182

Gag WordPress Theme

Features related to the theme

  • You have many powerful themes options
  • You can use unlimited colors or typography
  • It is easy to install and set up
  • Login and Registration Front-end
  • Submitting a front-end form
  • System of voting
  • User Dashboard
  • GIF Images Support
  • You can create custom page templates that feature popular trends, recent and current gimmicks
  • You can use normal pagination or infinite scrolling
  • Similar gimmicks
  • Login to Facebook or Twitter
  • Facebook Comments
  • Google Recaptcha integration
  • Custom widget
  • Use the share button

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