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GoodGame – WordPress Gaming News Magazine

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GoodGame is a purpose-built gaming news magazine blog theme. It has everything a gaming news and review site could possibly need. Easily assign platforms like PC, Playstation, Xbox to your posts to indicate which devices are supported. Easily embed video reviews or new game trailers from youtube, vimeo, and more.Powerful review features will make your game reviews stand out from the competition

Edit the home page with the drag-and-drop editor

GoodGame has a beautiful newspaper style homepage layout that you can edit using the drag and drop page editor. There are over a dozen different types of homepage content blocks that can be used and combined in different settings to achieve the perfect layout for your website. Blog posts are designed to be concise and clear to avoid distracting readers.

Enhance your game reviews

GoodGame is the perfect theme for review sites. Each article can easily be turned into a review of a new game or gadget, etc. All you need to do is open the post edit page in your WordPress admin and set the star rating. This rating will now appear on the thumbnail for this post on the homepage, blog post archive, search results, etc.

Another cool thing that’s unique to GoodGame is the review summary tool. The theme has a specially crafted custom Visual Composer block that lets you list all the pros and cons of the product and rate each aspect individually. These ratings will be animated the moment this block enters the user viewing port.

Create video news

Embedding videos in your posts and comments is very easy. Just provide the link to the YouTube or Vimeo video you want to embed and it will appear in the post thumbnail position. Videos can also be set to autoplay as soon as a post is opened.

Monetize traffic with GoodGame advertising system

GoodGame has a wide range of features that allow you to insert ads in the theme’s header, sidebar, posts and various other places. The theme supports different types of ads in multiple sizes. Setting up Google Adsense ads or embedding iframe banners for affiliate partners is easier than ever. Other ad networks are also supported – the theme allows you to insert any ad network script and display it on the frontend. You can also use regular image banners that can be linked anywhere – this is useful for advertising (using WooCommerce ecommerce software) products for sale on your website. Ad Manager is simple but powerful. You can enable/disable individual ads and their locations with a single click. Adding and rotating multiple ads is just a matter of checking a few checkboxes. Adding new ads or removing old ones is also very simple. GoodGame supports the most popular ad sizes, in addition to predefined positions like header, gallery, below posts, etc., you can also access ad widgets and visual editor blocks to add ads to posts.

Powerful integration with BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce

GoodGame supports integration with leading WordPress plugins. We specially designed WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress to fit nicely with the theme.Now you can easily use forums, use BuddyPress social features or use WooCommerce to set up your storefront

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Main features

  • Fully responsive design – mobile, tablet and computer versions
  • One-click import theme demo
  • Includes drag and drop page builder!
  • Amazing comment feature
  • Build your community with buddyPress and Ultimate Member plugins
  • Setting up a forum with bbPress support
  • Easily create video posts
  • Awesome custom admin panel
  • Edit GoodGame’s appearance with the live visual editor
  • Multilingual support (using WPML plugin)
  • beautiful typography
  • social media sharing
  • Customizable sidebar
  • SEO optimization
  • full width page layout
  • Contact list
  • WooCommerce Support

change log

1.0.25 - March 1st 2021
* Fixed issue with sidebar
* Updated plugins
1.0.24 - January 8th 2021
* Fixed issue with header
* Updated plugins
1.0.23 - October 10th 2020
* Updated plugins
1.0.22 - August 24th 2020
* Updated plugins
* Fixed issue with WP 5.5 comments
1.0.21 - May 23th 2020
* Updated plugins
* Removed custom update feature in favour of Envato Market
1.0.20 - April 7th 2020
* Fixed issue with page counts;
* Updated bundled plugin WP Bakery;
1.0.19 - July 24th 2019
* Updated Twitch API version;
* Updated bundled plugin WP Bakery (Visual Composer);
1.0.18 - April 17th 2019
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer; 
* Bundled Envato Market plugin for simplified updates;
1.0.17 - January 7th 2019
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer; 
1.0.16 - October 29th 2018.
* Fixed issue with boxed background;
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer; 
1.0.15 - September 5th 2018.
* Minor bug fixes;
1.0.14 - June 25th 2018.
* Fixed issue with WooCoommerce select fields;
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer; 
1.0.13 - February 1st 2018.
* Fixed issue with buddyPress register page styling;
* Fixed minor issue with post title color styling;
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
1.0.12 - November 22nd
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Fixed issue with WP 4.9 backgrounds;
1.0.11 - November 1st
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Added steam to author social network links;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
1.0.10 - August 1st
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Fixed issue with gravatars;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
1.0.9 - June 19th
* Mega menu widgets now support filtering by Platform;
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Updated translations;
1.0.8 - June 1st
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Fixed issue with shop page layout; 
1.0.7 - May 8th
* Supports WooCommerce 3.0.0
* Fixed translation text-domain for Loco Translate support;
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
1.0.6 - March 1st
* Improved Twitch integration;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements; 
1.0.5 - January 13th
* AJAX-ized Twitch and improved loading;
* Improved buddyPress support;
* Fixed issues with affix;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
1.0.4 - December 15th
* Improved user registration experiance
1.0.3 - December 13th
* Improved WP 4.7 support;
1.0.2 - December 9th
* Added support for Ultimate Members plugin;
* Improved BuddyPress support;
* Updated bundled plugin Visual Composer;
* Fixed various responsiveness bugs;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;
1.0.1 - December 5th
* Fixed issue with registering theme
* Improved styling for mobile version of theme;
* Improved demo import;
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements;

help and support

If you need help with this topic, please visit our Support Forum. Please note that we are based in Europe, so support is only available during the European day on weekdays. A detailed response to your question may take up to 48 hours.

Please note that we if only provide support:

  • If something goes wrong with our product
  • To give you advice on using the features of our products

US do not want have to:

  • Assist you in modifying your website, for example, changing button colors, moving parts, etc. (Because we are really good, we usually help clients with small and simple things)
  • Create custom functionality for you (like writing to Microsoft and asking for a custom built version of Windows)
  • Teach you HTML, CSS or PHP coding

Game image used

Images seen in the demo page will not be included in the download. These are for preview purposes only. All credit goes to their respective image authors.

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