Growler - Brewery WordPress Theme

Growler – Brewery WordPress Theme

Buy Growler – Brewery WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/restaurants-cafes and bar,beer,brewery,brewing,brewpub,drink,drinks,ecommerce,events,food,pub,pubs,restaurant,seo,winery


Show off your work with this Easy to customize and full functioning WordPress theme.When purchasing this theme, you will receive a Detailed help file and other features such as e-commerce and Drag and drop page builder.

Main features

  • Drag and drop page builder – Build your website easily with drag and drop page builder
  • Includes Slider Revolution ($26 value) – Easily build a slideshow of any page with the revolutionary slider
  • Includes Boosted Elements add-on ($22 value) – Easily create sliders, maps, popups and more with this premium plugin
  • Contains demo content – Get your website up and running in minutes with our demo importer
  • E-Commerce Support – Start selling products with Growler today
  • Responsive layout – Make sure your website looks great on any device from mobile to desktop
  • unlimited colors – Change the look of your website from our frontend theme customizer
  • font adjustment – Easily adjust fonts within themes with our powerful theme customizer
  • super menu – This theme has built-in support for dropdown menus and mega menus
  • sticky header – Titles can be pinned to the top of the browser to be visible at all times
  • footer – Easily adjust the number of footer columns from 1 to 4 columns. You can also easily add logos, icons and navigation to your footer.
  • Contact list – Build and display multiple contact forms using the contact forms included in our themes
  • Translation ready – Easily translate this theme to any language
  • Retina support – This theme is optimized for high resolution displays like iPhone and iPad
  • Include Photoshop files – This theme includes Photoshop files for logos and designs
  • Top-notch support – We provide great support for all themes

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latest project

Theme Updates – Changelog

==Version 4.8 - 23 March 2022==
Fixed deprecated function in Elementor 3.6+
Updated Premium Plugins
New Progression Elements included in /Plugins/ folder of your download

==Version 4.7 - 14 July 2021==
Support Added for PHP8
Typography Options Update (Google Fonts Plugin API Update)
Updated Files:

==Version 4.6 – 3 January 2021==
Updated Events Calendar plugin (Custom Version)
Removed non-functioning event share link
Updated Premium Plugins

==v4.5 - 3 November 2020 ==
Updated Translation Files
Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

==v4.4 - 6 August 2020 ==
Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

==v4.3 - 18 February 2020 ==
Updated Progression Elements - Growler plugin
New Version Located Under: /Additional Files/Plugins/
Directions on how to update plugin:

Updated Boosted Elements Plugin

==Version 4.2 – 11 July 2019==
Added Support for new Elementor Icon Library!
Updated Slider Revolution Plugin
Updated Boosted Elements Plugin

==Version 4.1 – 9 May 2019==
Added support for WooCommerce 3.6.X

Files Updated:
style.css (WooCommerce Single Section)

==v4.0 - 16 March 2019 ==
-Complete Theme Rebuild from Scratch
-Drag & Drop Page Builder Added
-Updated Design
-New Theme Options Panel
-New Font Controls
-Icon support in Menus
-Mega Menu Support
-Speed & SEO Improvements
-New Google Map Support

==Version 3.0 – 4 July 2018==
Updated FontAwesome font kit
Updated WooCommerce Template Files

==Version 2.9 – 3 March 2018==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.3

Files Updated

==Version 2.8 - 24 August 2017==
Added full SSL support to theme

==Version 2.7 - 11 July 2017==
Fixed beer listing pagination in the admin area

Files Updated: functions.php

==Version 2.6 - 1 July 2017==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.1
Updated Premium Plugins

Files Updated
/Additional Files/Revolution Slider/ folder of download

==Version 2.5 - 14 April 2017==
Added WooCommerce 3.0 Gallery support
Deleted /single-product/ folder
Updated functions.php

==Version 2.4 - 4 April 2017==
Added Support for WooCommerce 3.X.X
Updated Plugins: Slider Revolution(
Updated plugins under /Additional Files/Plugins/ folder of download
How to update plugins:
Files Updated: 

==v2.3 28 July 2016 ==
Added support for latest WooCommerce update
Files Updated:

==Light Shortcode Plugin Update - 30 June 2016 ==
Added support for new required Google Maps API Key
Updated Light Shortcode plugin to v1.2
To update, deactivate and delete old Light Shortcode plugin. Then update with latest version.
Latest version located in download: /Additional Files/

==v2.2 15 April 2016 ==
-Updated Slider Revolution plugin.  See /Additional Files/ folder of your download to find the latest version.
-Updated /woocommerce/content-product_cat.php

==v2.1 19 January 2016 ==
WooCommerce 2.5 Support Added!
-Slider Revolution Plugin Update (See /Additional-Files/Revolution Slider/ folder for slider update.)
-Files Updated:

==2.0 - 10 December 2015 ==
-WordPress 4.4 Supported!  
-Updated Slider Revolution Plugin
-See /Additional Files/Revolution Slider/ Folder for latest version of plugin

==v1.9 - 7 September 2015 ==
-RevSlider Plugin Update (See /Additional Files/Slider Revolution/ folder for slider update.)
-Updated functions.php file

==v1.8 - 20 August 2015 ==
=WordPress 3.4 Support Added!
-RevSlider Plugin Update (See /Additional Files/Slider Revolution/ folder for slider update.)
-Updated /widgets/ folder

==v1.7 - 16 August 2015 ==
-Added Support for WooCommerce 2.4.x
Files Updated:  content-product.php, content-product_cat.php
-RevSlider Plugin Update
-style.css update for revolution slider updates

==v1.6 - 14 June 2015 ==
-prettyPhoto Lightbox Plugin Update
Files Updated:  /tgm-plugin-activation/plugins/

==v1.5 - 21 May 2015 ==
-Updated archive-event.php file
-Updated prettyPhoto Lightbox Plugin
-Updated Revolution Slider Plugin (Updated Plugin under /Additional Files/Slider Revolution/

==v1.4 - 27 April 2015 ==
-Updated folder: /tgm-plugin-activation/
-Updated Slider Revolution (/Additional Files/Slider Revolution)

==v1.3 - 19 March 2015 ==
-Updates added for events calendar
-File updated: archive-event.php

==v1.2 - 12 February 2015 ==
- Support added for WooCommerce 2.3.x
- Updated Slider Revolution Plugin
Files Updated:
- style.css (Bottom section noted as v1.2 update)
- product-searchform.php

==v1.1 - 19 December 2014 ==
-Minor CSS update to remove double bread-crumb on Events Pages.  New code is noted at the bottom of the style.css file.


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