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Hostme Premium Hosting & Business WordPress Theme

Buy Hostme Premium Hosting & Business WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/technology/Hosting and accordion,clean,corporate,elegant,hosting,jquery,minimalistic,panel,picemaker,portfolio,slider,software,tabs,technology


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hostThe powerful premium WordPress theme for hosting your blog, portfolio, website, or any other type of website. You have complete control over all aspects of your website’s design through the Hostme admin panel. The Hostme admin panel offers color and font options. You can modify elements such as background, text, title or logo text. You can do a lot with this panel to customize your website. You can view the complete list below or access a live preview.

Theme features

  • You can customize unlimited colors via the admin options panel
  • Modify typography using the admin options panel
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Background upload via admin panels panel
  • Sliders can be customized with a custom post type
  • Portfolios can have custom post types
  • Style switching via the admin options panel with the color picker or typography
  • 80+ shortcodes in custom styles (Shortcode Tinymc editor makes it easy to use).
  • Cufon replacement Fonts (50+ Fonts Available).
  • 10 custom widgets: Sub Navigation, Top Posts and Recent Posts Flickr, Twitter Contact Form, Contact Info Search, Ads Google Maps
  • Sidebars customized for certain pages
  • Home Content Editor (via Manage theme Options page).
  • Custom Ajax Contact form (one-field shortcode, just enter your email address).
  • Widget Footer is easily disabled
  • Blog page single with about author, popular posts and related posts.
  • Multithreaded comments
  • WordPress Menus Customization
  • Comprehensive documentation including screenshots that will guide you through the process.
  • PSD layers are available for editing and saving files.
  • Built-in paginating system. (Note – If you have the plugin already, please disable the WordPress page nav plugin.
  • Blog pages, full-width and contact pages are available, as well as templates.
  • TinyMCE Editor allows you to easily insert custom shortcodes
  • Video Shortcode

Update and Changelog

v5.0.0 - 2018-02-22
### Added
- One Click Demo Importer Option
- Icon Box widget
2 new header styles
- Fixed Header Style
- New Hamburger Menu
- Header Style 2 Left Widget
- Header Style 2: Right Widget
- Header Style3 Widget

### Updated
Interface for new themes
- Dash Icons to indicate the types of custom posts
- TGM Class plugin activation plugin
- Code beautify in custom Jquery File

### Fixed
Responsive menu issues
Responsive Tablet Layout Issues
Issue with Small Desktop Layout

### Removed
- Old One click Installer
- Chosen jQuery

### Child theme modification
- style.css
- functions.php

v4.0.0 - 2016-09-01
### Added
Updated plugin for prettyPhoto
- Business hours Pro Plugin.
- A new admin interface.
Fontawesome is another option.
Flex Slider CSS Latest Version
- A new import export option is available for the theme options.
- A new import export option is available for theme sample data.
Flex Slider on the front page
- Coding for default toggle slider
- Slider inner for the toggle slider.
Clearfixes for the floating floats and pagemid class

### Updated
- Modified interface for the Options panel.
Sidebar background images issue
- Better page options UI/functionality
- Code for the index page and switchable slider code to the header file.
Comments coding up to the latest codex.
- Breadcrumb function has been removed from the archive
- Beautified CSS with Indentation
- Footer.php Coding.
- Header coding with an additional flex slider option.
- Functions.php code with cleaner code

### Removed
- Demo video slider.
- Default widgets for footer.
- Editor add link to the page.
- The updated framework replaces the old framework
Edit the post link in the blog template
Cufon font options and files
Margin taken from the copyright bars
- Sociables have been replaced with the built function.
RettyPhoto old version
- Create a custom homepage file
- Breadcrumbplus plug-in and replaced by Breadcrumb NavXT.
- Separate comments.css files are merged into style.css
- Demo Nivo slider.
- Demo piecemaker slider.

### Fixed
PrettyPhoto is at risk of a security breach
- Responsive mobile issues
- An issue that has top menu responsive.
- Issue with the primary menu responsive in iPhone6
- Issue with Nivo slider categories fetching.
Sidebar images missing and styles not in the main stylesheet.
- Skinning issues
- There are several responsive issues for iPad and mobile.
Single.php floats to the blog posts
- A single page portfolio display issue.
- Contact info widget has an option to send mail.
- Undefined widget issue and default sidebar issue
Breadcrumb: A new function for all pages.
Contact us to get more information.
- Wp_reset_query function using fullwidth template
Missing localization on page 404
- A problem with missing functions.php
Templates with hyphens
- TGM Plugin notifications issues.

:warning: *Updated all the files. Please make sure to back up all the files and contents before you update.*

v2.3 - 2014-02-23
### Added
Admin Interface Modified.
Admin Options Panel Icons Updated.

### Updated
- The Latest WordPress Compatibility.

### Removed
- Unwanted Photoframe shortcode
Cufon font option added to Google Font Option

### Fixed
WordPress v3.7: Post Meta Options are not saved
WordPress v3.7: Page Meta Options not Saving
Twitter has been updated to API version 1.1
Issue: Twitter Widget Language Characters
Twitter Shortcode Language Characters Issue

v2.2 - 2013-08-14
### Added
- Responsive menu to topbar
Twitter API in the theme options

### Updated 
Wordpress v3.5.2 Compatibility and v3.6 Compatibility
- Video shortcodes
 - Nivo slider Files.
Twitter API v1.0 - v1.1

### Removed
- Old Twitter functionality.

### Fixed
 - Blog Pagination Issue.

### Fixed
Page metadata not working
- Related Posts for a single page
- Posts on one page that are most popular
Video Slider Shortcode responsive issue

:warning: *Make a backup of all the files that you have right now in your WordPress and then update the theme.*

v2.1 - 2012-12-23
### Fixed WordPress3.5 Menu Bug

WP3.5 Ready Compatibility Tested
Style.css Modified

v2.0 – 2012-12-08
:warning: *Before making an update to version 2.0 
Take a backup copy of your theme options panel as well as pages, posts and pages. 
You can also find categories on the site. This is a major update. 
Legacy versions will not be supported from now on.*

v1.5 – 2012-01-10
### Latest
Compatibility of wp3.3.1

### Fixed
Minor bugs found with the teaser option.

Legacy Version Updates
v1.4 - Updated 6th June 2011
v1.3 Updated 5th June 2011
v1.2 - Updated 1st June 2011
v1.1 - Updated February 2, 2011

V1.0 - Initial Release


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