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Hotel Booking WordPress

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Hotel Resort & Apartment WordPress Template Overview| Hotel, Resort & Apartment WordPress Theme Overview

Hoteller WordPress Theme was created for apartment, hotel and resort owners. It also includes a complete booking system. Built using the most recent WordPress technology. Responsive layouts for apartment, hotel or resort websites are supported by Hoteller. It looks great on all devices. It offers hotel booking management features like flexible rates, seasonal pricing, booking management, and booking management. There are many ready-to-use websites available for various types of hotels, including luxury hotel, beach hotel or mountain hotel, apartment, and city hotel. All of these can be imported in just one click.


Ready to use websites

We have created websites that are ready-to-use for different types of hotels with complete booking management.

  • One click!All ready to go websites can be set up
  • Luxury Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Beach Hotel
  • Mountain Hotel
  • Apartment

Book Completed without the need for an additional plugin

  • You can book with our advanced booking management. Customers can then search availability. Complete the booking form and make payment right from your website..
  • Single Accommodation Page with room details, price, gallery, and booking form.
  • Search for Availability Results Based on the number of children and adults.
  • Go to the Checkout Page. Enter your customers’ personal information and make payment.
  • Customers can log in with their accounts to view booking history.

Flexible Pricing Options

  • Seasonal PricingYou can set prices based on specific dates or seasons. “Season” is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes.
  • Flexible RatesYou can set different rates depending on your accommodation benefits (e.g. You can choose to include breakfast or not. Guests will pick the most appropriate one when they make a booking.
  • Variable PricingThe search parameters of your guests can change the price dynamically. You can customize accommodation rates by setting price parameters based on the number of guests.
  • Weekly and monthly ratesAny property rate you choose can be adjusted to reflect a season (or any term). You can create different price points according to the length of your stay by adding weekly, monthly, and other customizable rates.
  • Multiple AccommodationsYour guests will find the best results quickly because the search algorithm is extremely intelligent. The guest can choose to skip the recommendation altogether and make their choice.
  • Packages and servicesAdditional services or packages can be booked (paid or free) in addition to your accommodation reservation. You will be charged per person or per room.

Flexible Booking Conditions

You can set the minimum and maximum days of stay, check-in and checkout dates for all accommodations or individual rooms. For a specific period, you can disable the booking option on all or any of the accommodations.

Online and Offline Payments

You can pay through PayPal or Stripe, 2Checkout, Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora, and Stripe. To confirm the booking, charge the full amount or deposit and allow guests to pay the balance after they arrive.

Taxes and fees

All accommodation costs must be correct and complete. Guests will be able see the summary charges before they make a booking. The admin dashboard also stores all information about each booking.

iCal Support to Sync Bookings automatically

Automated synchronization of bookings submitted via your WordPress property rental website and those made by online travel agents such as Airbnb or Avoid overbooking

Booking Management

All booking requests and booked bookings in their current status are stored in one place. They can be easily sorted and displayed in calendar view.

Enjoy Discount Coupons

You’ll be able to set a discount amount, an expiration date, select accommodation types, set check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum days to stay and apply other settings to customize your coupons.

Multilingual Support

With the Free Polylang plugin, you can easily create multilingual websites to promote your hotel. See example demo below.

GDPR compliant

Below each reservation form, your guests will see the box for opt-in consent. This allows them to agree to your terms and conditions.

Elementor Page Builder is the easiest to use

  • Intuitive page builder We are using easiest to use WordPress page builder “Elementor”. So you can enjoy building gorgeous pages with drag & drop simplicity.
  • Add & Manage Contents VisuallyInstead of showing icons, when you select contents that you want to add to a page, it displays a screenshot of the content visually.
  • Responsive Preview Instantly view and work with responsive layouts within the page builder.
  • Drag & Drop Content BuilderDrag and drop the pre-defined content module gallery, blog, map, etc. to create multiple layouts within a single page. Let’s try the powerful page builder.
  • Save as TemplateTo apply to new pages, a page can be saved as a template. This saves time and allows you to create new pages quickly.

Fully integrated with WordPress Customizer

  • Fully integrated with WordPress CustomizerLive preview of Modify Appearance settings The results will be visible immediately, regardless of what elements you modify, including background colors, fonts, layout types, text, images and typography.
  • Your website should be easily responsive.Only one click in LiveCustomizer to display the results in responsive view, including on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Styled Typography Live PreviewAll styles are supported by over 500+ Google Fonts. Font changes can be viewed in live preview via Customizer. Without touching any code, you can alter font size, style, and color.
  • Advanced Font ManagementWe support Typekit, Google Fonts and Self-hosted Fonts so that you can upload your own fonts without the need for any additional plugins.
    • You can easily set different typography for Main Content Font Family, Main Font Size, H1–H6 Font Family and H1–H6 Font Weight.
    • Simply change the Font Family of the Button.
    • You can also set different typography for Menu Font Family, Font Size, Menu Padding and Menu Font Weight.
    • You can also easily adjust SubMenu Font Size and Weight, SubMenu Font Spacing and SubMenu Transform (None. Uppercase, lowercase and capitalize).
    • You can easily change the Side Menu Font Family, Side Menu Font Font Size, Side Menu Font Spacing, and Side Menu Text Transform (None. Uppercase. Lowercase. And Capitalize).
    • You can also easily change the Page Header Pad Top and Bottom, Page title Font Size, Page title Font Weight, Page title Font Spacing, Page title Font Spacing, Page title Font Spacing, and Page text Transform (None – Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize).
    • You can also easily modify the Content Builder Header Font size and Content Builder Text Transform (None – Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize).
    • Also, you can easily alter Page Title Font Size and Weight, Page Tagline font Weight, PageTagline Font Spacing, Page Tagline Type Transform (None. Uppercase, lowercase, capitalize)
    • Last but not least: Widget Title Family, Widget Title Size, Widget Title Weight, Widget Title Spacing and WIDGET Title Text Transform (None. Uppercase, Lowercase and Capitalize).
  • Gallery & Image Protection Options You have many options to protect your work with Theme, including password protected, image dragging protection, and watermark.
  • Amazing Backgrounds You can easily add images, patterns, and colors to the background of your website. There are many repeat options.
    • It is easy to set different backgrounds for Main Content Background, Input, Textarea Background, and Button Background.
    • You can also set different backgrounds for Menu Background Color, Menu Back Image, Menu Back Repeat, Menu Hintergrund Size, Menu Abstract Attachment, and Menu Background Position
    • Also, you can easily set the Background Color for Sub Menu Hover States and Sub Menus.
    • You can even change the Background Color of the Top Bar.
    • Additionally, you can change the background color of your Side Menu Background, Side menu Background Image, Side menu Background Repeat, Side menu Background Size, Side-menu Background Attachment, Sidemenu Background Position, and Sidemenu Background Size.
    • You can also easily change the background color of your Search Input Color.
    • You can also easily set the Page Header Background Color, Page Footer Hintergrund Color, Footer Background Image, Footer Repeat, Footer Background Size, Footer Attachment, and Footer Position.
  • Unlimited Colors Use the color picker to easily control the colors of your website’s elements
    • Change the color of Main Content Background, Page Font Color and Page Link Color to change the dissimilar colors.
    • You can set different colors for the Input/Texarea Font, Background Color, Textarea Font, Border Color, Textarea Focus Color, Textarea Border, Color, Color, and Input/Texarea Highlight State Color.
    • You can also change the frame color with ease.
    • Also, you can set an unfavorable color for Menu Background Color or Menu Font Color, Meal Hover State Font Colour, Menu Active State Color Font Color, and Menu Border Color
    • A submenu can be created with Sub Menu Font Color and Sub Menu Hover Color. Sub Menu Hover Background Color, Color for Sub Menu, Sub Menu Border, Sub Menu Background Color and Sub Menu Background Color.
    • Easily change Mega Menu Header Font Color and Mega Menu Border Color.
    • It is possible to change the color of the background and font colors for the top bar.
    • Also, you can easily change the background color of your Side Menu, Side Menu Font Color and Side Menu Hover state font color
    • You can easily change the background color of Search Input and search input font colors.
    • You can easily change the Page Header Background Color and Page Title Font Color.
    • Sidebar font color, sidebar link color, sidebar hover link color and title font color can be easily changed
    • Change the Footer Background Color, Footer Color, Footer Link Colors, Footer Hover Link Colours, Footer Border Colors, and Footer Social Icon colors easily.
  • Responsive Design With users’ behavior focus, every pages are designed to look great on all devices no matter what devices users are on laptops, tablet or mobile phone. If you wish to disable responsive features, all that is needed in your live customizer backend is one click.
  • FrameOne click can enable frame for site layout. You can also easily choose the Frame Color using the color picker.
  • Boxed & Wide Layout You can instantly select the wide or boxed layout using the live customizer.
  • Social SharingOne click can apply the Sharing Social Button to all pages.
  • Content
    • You can set up different typography such as Main Content Font Family or Main Content Font Size, the H1/H6 Font Family, Font Weight, and Font Size.
    • You can also set different backgrounds for Main Content Background Colors, Page Font Colors, Page Content Link Colors, Page Content Hover Link Colors, H1-H6 Font Color and Horizontal Line Colors.
    • You can also change the Input/Texarea Background Color and Input/Texarea Font Color, input/Texarea Border Color and Input/Texarea Focus State Color.
  • Navigation
    • General
      • Layout of the MenuYou have many options for choosing your menu layout.
      • Sticky MenuScrolling to the fixed menu requires only one click. Moreover, Light & Dark Sticky Menu Color Scheme You can match it to your web design.
    • Typography
      • Change Menu Font Family, Font Size, Menu Padding and Menu Font Weight.
    • Colors
      • Simply change the Colors of the Menu Font, Menu Hover Font Color, or Menu Active State Font color.
    • Background
      • You can easily set different backgrounds for the Menu Background Color and Menu Background Image, Repeat, Menu background, Menu Background Size, menu Background Attachment, and menu Background Position
    • Sub Menu Submenus can be created by setting the SubMenu font size, SubMenu font weight, SubMenu font spacing, SubMenu text transform, SubMenu menu Font Color and Sub Menu Hover Color. Sub Menu Hover Background Color, Sub Menu Background Color, Sub Meal Border Color and Sub Menu Color are all possible.
    • Mega MenuMega menu support is available in Theme. This allows you to display navigation links in columns, which allows you to organize large numbers of menu items.
      • You can easily change the color of Mega Menu Header Font and Mega Menu Border Color using color picker
    • Top Bar
      • You only need one click to display Top Bar above the main menu.
      • Additionally, you can easily change the color of the top bar background and top bar menu font colors.
    • Contact InformationContact hours and contact phone number can be set. You only need one click to open the Top Bar Social Icons Link in a new window
    • Side Menu
      • Side menu on desktop can be enabled with just one click
      • By using the color picker, you can easily change the Side Menu Background Color, Side menu Font Color, or Side Menu Hoverstate Font Color.
      • You can easily set the Side Menu Background Image simply by browsing the image
      • You can also change the background repeat, background size, attachment, and background position with ease.
      • You can also change the Font Family of Side Menus, Side Menu Font Size and Side Menu Font Text Transform (None. Uppercase, lowercase, capitalize).
  • Header
    • Background
      • Just one click is all it takes to activate the Blur Effect on header background image while scrolling past it
      • You can easily change the background color of your page header using the color picker
    • Page Title
      • You can easily change the Page Header Pad Top and Bottom, Page title Font Size, Page title Font Weight, Page title Font Spacing, Page title Font Spacing, Page title Font Spacing, and Page text Transform (None. Uppercase, Lowercase. Capitalize).
      • You can easily change the page title font color by using the color picker
    • Page Title and Background Image
      • You can easily change the page title and background image height in percentage
    • Header Content Builder
      • You can easily change the font size and text transform of Content Builder Header (None, Uppercase or Lowercase, Capitalize).
    • Page Tagline & Sub Title
      • You can easily change the font color of your page tagline by using the color picker
      • Additionally, you can easily alter Page Title Font Size and Weight, Page Tagline font Spacing, Page Tagline Type Spacing, Page Tagline Transform (None – Uppercase, Lowercase – Capitalize)
  • Sidebar
    • Typography
      • You can easily change Widget Title font Family, Widget Title Size, Widget Title Weight, Widget Title Spacing, Widget Title Title Font Spacing, Widget Title Title Font Spacing, Widget Title Title Font Spacing, and Widget Title Transform (None. Uppercase, Lowercase. Capitalize).
    • Color
      • Color picker allows you to easily change Sidebar font color, Sidebar link color, Sidebar hover link colour, Sidebar title font color and Sidebar widget title font colors
  • Footer
    • General
      • It is easy to set Footer Sidebar ColumnsTo Hide Footer Sidebar and 1-4 Columns
      • To set up the option, all you have to do is click once In a new window, open footer social icons are linked
    • Background
      • Change the Page Footer Background Color using the color picker
      • Change Footer Background Repeat, Footer Hintergrund Attachment, Footer Background Size and Footer Background Position.
      • Simply browse the image to set your Footer Background Image
      • You can easily modify the footer font color, footer link color, footer hover link color, footer border color and footer social icon colour using the color picker
    • Copyright
      • You can easily enter your Copyright Text, and you can also choose Copyright Right Area Content (Social Icons and Footer Menu)
      • Just one click is all it takes to activate the go to bottom button when scrolling
  • Gallery
    • General
      • You can do it easily Gallery images by selecting the various options; for instance, by drag&drop, by newest, by oldest, by random and by title.
      • Display easily Information about the imagePhoto proofing pages. These information include WordPress Media ID and File Name.
      • Select easily Layout columnsPhoto proofing pages are an option
    • Lightbox
      • 2 color skins available for the lightbox can be applied for lightbox (White & Black)
      • You can do it easily Align the lightbox thumbnailsTo be either horizontal or vertical alignment.
      • Adjust effortlesslyLightbox overlay transparencyIn this customizer
      • It takes only one click to get there Caption the imageBelow the image in lightbox mode
  • Blog
    • General
      • Display post full content in blog pages (excerpt layout of blog grid) is possible with just one click.
      • Modify the page layout easily to display archive, category, or tag pages (Grid, grid + right sidebar, grid + left sidebar, grid + left sidebar, right flank, left sidebar and full width).
      • Change the font color of post category links by using the color picker.
    • Single Post
      • One click is all that’s required to display the featured image as the post header background, display featured content (image/gallery) in single page, display post tags on single page, display about author on single page, display related posts on single page and display sharing buttons on single page content.
  • MenusYou can easily design your own
    There are 24 options already pre-defined. Also, rearrange elements of the headers sections, change position of logo, change colors, and apply image, social icons, taglines & secondary top menus.
    • General
      • You can easily set different typography for Menu Font Family, Menu Font Size and Menu Padding, Menu Font Weight, menu Font Spacing or Menu Font Transform, Side Font Spacing, etc.
      • You can also set different backgrounds for Menu Background Color, Menu Background Image, Repeat, Menu Background, Menu Hintergrund Size, MenuBackground Attachment, and Menu Background Position.
    • Placements for the Menu
      • Theme supports four menus: Primary Menu, Top Bar, Side (Mobile), Menu, and Footer. You can choose which menu will appear in each area and you can place menus in widget areas using the custom menu widget.
    • Order submenus easily by drag&drop as following menu.
      • Menu Features
      • Main Menu
      • One-page Menu
      • Side Mobile Menu
  • WidgetsWe offer a range of custom widgets to simplify your life, including Custom Category posts, Custom Flickr and Custom Instagram, Custom Google Map, Custom Menu, Custom Popular post, Custom Recent Posts as well as Custom Social Profiles and Custom Twitter. To activate and configure custom widgets in sidebars, drag and drop them.
  • Static Front Page
    • Select the Front Page options to display your most recent posts, or a static pages. You can also apply the frontpage to a specific page.
  • Fantastic Page/Post Options
    • The menu item page options includes the Theme Options. Page options can be used to configure the values for each page or for posts. They will have an effect on the page or the post they are set on. These options will override the theme options, which allows you have a different page or post from your global settings. You can create incredible websites by combining these options.
    • Post Options
      • Layout for the single post page with Fullwidth and left sidebar.
      • You can specify the featured content type of the post, including image, gallery and Youtube Video. Different content types will be displayed on a single page.
      • Please specify Format, including Link, Standard and Quote.
      • Select categories including Photography, Lifestyle Travel, and Other.
      • You can specify multiple tags, featured images, excerpts, and shortcodes
      • It is easy to manage tags and categories.
    • Page Options
      • Just one click will make the main menu transparent or hide the default page header.
      • The page tagline option is available (HTML code also supported).
      • Select the page template to specify page sidebar
      • Customize the page’s menu in case you would like to display main menu other than default one.
      • Indicate parent of the page, template and ordering
      • Please specify featured image and discuss.
  • Great Blog Options
    • Choose from 8 page layouts
    • There are four types of post available: image, gallery and Youtube Video.
    • Automatic pagination
    • Post sharing box with social icons
    • Threaded comments
    • Author profile page.
  • Sidebars customized You can easily create your own sidebars by simply using HTML. You can also set the sidebars to match each page.
  • Unlimited sidebarSelect sidebars for each page.
  • One-page Navigation SupportDrag and drop to easily create your microsite or one-page site.
  • Sharp Font Icons Font icons are always crystal clear and look perfect on all devices’ screens and sizes. Additionally, font icons help speed up site load times.
  • Retina Ready You should ensure that your images and elements appear sharp and beautiful on Retina displays and other high resolution displays.
  • Google Mobile Compatibility Test Optimization Your site’s search by Google will more visible and have better performance for mobile users. Google has updated its search algorithm to favor websites optimized for mobile/handheld display.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).This theme was built with semantic HTML code and CSS. Search engines can easily crawl and index your website.
  • Fully customizable Our flexible framework allowed us to create a powerful theme that can display amazing portfolios and photos. It is not surprising that no two versions will ever be the same.
  • Multiple images upload This theme has advanced gallery editor which support bulks images uploader and drag&drop reorder.
  • Translation support The theme is available as well as.po language files. WPML plugin is also compatible with theme, which allows you to translate your website to multiple languages.
  • Other
    • Compatible with the latest WordPress version
    • Built with HTML5 or CSS3
    • jQuery Enhancements
    • Javascript files can be automatically combined and minimized for increased performance
    • WordPress Multisite (WPMU), Tested
    • SEO Optimized, excellent SEO base already built in (compatible with SEO Plugins such as Yoast).
    • Well organized, commented & clean code
    • 100% Responsive Theme – and you can easily turn it on or off
    • Automated Theme Updater
    • Font Icons that are social icons and theme icons are font icons, not images
    • CSS3 animations can be enabled or disabled on desktop/mobile
    • CSS and javascript compression support
    • CSS3 Animations CSS3 animated help attract visitors to your content. You can set type, direction, speed and the number of elements.
    • Child Theme support for advanced customization which is not affected by theme future update
    • WordPress best practices used in development

    Customer Support

    • To receive the same professional support as we offered, once you’ve made your purchase, you can use the advanced support ticket system Support team with experience and dedication To ensure that you have the right help for your business, at the right time,
    • The largest online & offline documentation Included
    • Get free theme updates – We are endeavoring to improve the quality of our themes by adding new features and removing bugs
    • For new features, customer feedback is always welcome

    Integration & Plugin

    • Social Media Profiles SupportSocial Media can help you promote your online brand.
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google Plus
      • Flickr
      • Youtube
      • Vimeo
      • Tumblr
      • Dribbble
      • Linkedin
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram
      • Behance
      • 500px
    • Photo StreamTheme was the channel that displayed photo stream before footer area, including
      • Instagram Photostream
      • Flickr Photostream
    • Compatible Plugins
    • Compatibility of WPML and Polylang PluginsTranslate your website into any language or multiple languages with the help of.
    • Send us a message via the Contact Form 7.Compatible with full design integration
      • Google Maps is available above the contact page.
      • Modify the custom size of your map
      • You can set sidebars or the entire width of your contact pages
    • MAILCHIMP Subscribe to the newsletter
    • W3 Total Cacher plugin support
    • Yoast SEO plugin support
    • WP Supercache plugin support

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