Forms have always been an important part of the Internet and have been used for many years to enter data and send important information from one place to another. In particular, the contact form is an indispensable part of most websites because it is the main way for visitors to communicate with the webmaster.

With the right plugin, in WordPress, you can create your own forms relatively easily. More importantly, thanks to them, you can create all kinds of pages: from simple contact forms to appointment calendars and your own business bookings.

Why forms are so important

Form is a kind of element Every website will use it sooner or later, Because this is the only possible way to send structured information and store it correctly on a web page.

Whether you are a small business or an online store, you need something as simple as a contact form to receive visitors’ messages and communications.Although in theory you can publish your email address instead of a form, then It will only cause you to receive a lot of spam in your inbox.

The great advantage of web forms is that they allow you to process all the information entered into them to provide them with specific uses according to your needs. For example, you may be interested in saving all the email addresses of your contact request in a database in order to find out who will contact you and send them quotes in the future.

How to create a form in WordPress

You may have noticed that the newly installed WordPress already comes with some forms for specific purposes.For example, it is Local search engine You can use the corresponding widget to add, and you can use it to perform advanced searches on the content of your website.

However, if you want to create custom forms and use them for specific tasks, you need to use plugins for this. Although there are many plugins that allow you to process contact forms and perform a large number of different tasks, my recommendation is to use one of the most popular plugins available: Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 is a tested and mature free plug-in, Huge downloads And use it very actively. In addition, its use is relatively simple for those who are just starting out and allows you to easily try new methods of collecting data from your website. As if this is not enough, you can find a fairly complete document (in English) on its official website.

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It is a comprehensive solution for organizing emails and attracting new customers. It allows you to manually or automatically send letters when adding new content. The plug-in has many functions. It will help you collect guest emails and provide customers with all updated notifications. In addition, there are multiple scrolling effects for drop-down menus, search engine optimization integration, Google fonts, and multiple portfolio layouts.

On the other hand, the advantage of this program is the use of various media for maximum optimization. Since the WordPress team is developing plugins, the integration and speed of the modules is not surprising. Therefore, its versatility will be favored by many people.

  • Full screen menu layout;
  • No additional cost to get all future updates for life;
  • Personalized design;
  • Easily customize the style of the store page;
  • Custom post formats for quotes, video and audio posts;
  • Unlimited title combinations

Use Contact Form 7

The plugin allows you to create simple forms through which you can receive information that visitors can enter.This is not limited to the contact form, but also includes You can use it for other purposes:

  • Registration form
  • Appointment query
  • Quotation request
  • “Call me” button

In addition, in the official WordPress repository, you can find some additional plugins to supplement the functionality of Contact Form 7.

How Contact Form 7 Works

The way to use Contact Form 7 is very simple: after installing the plugin, you will see a new section called contactIn this section, you can create as many forms as you need, each with its own fields and response text.

After creation, the form can be embedded in the shortcode provided by the plugin, based on the unique ID of each form.

This short code, like everyone else, You can insert it almost anywhere Your WordPress site: you can add them to content Your page, for example Text widget, Even in some Special area If allowed by the WordPress theme you are using. In this way, using contact form 7, you can insert forms in almost any part of WordPress.

Every time someone fills out your form, their data will be emailed to the address you specify in the format you want. This way, you can be notified every time someone wants to contact you.

Create your first form

With Contact Form 7, you will have to manually create a form with a large text box instead of an interface for adding or removing fields. This provides a lot of flexibility for the plug-in because it makes it a completely free canvas, but it can also make it a bit complicated to use if you don’t understand HTML or similar languages.

Fortunately, on the right side of the text box, you can use the field builder to make your life easier.

The form in Contact form 7 is created by a combination of the plug-in’s own tags, which are used to insert different fields of the form and indicate the values ​​they should have. The syntax of these tags is usually as follows:

[text* campo-nombre 30/50 “Introduce Tu Nombre”]

For example, this code will create a text field with the following values:

  • text: Indicates that it is a text field.
  • Asterisk :
  • Make this field required and cannot be empty. Field Name:
  • It is the reference name of the field and must be unique. 30/50:
  • Indicates the size of the field (30) and the maximum number of characters (50). “Introduce your name”:

It is the text displayed when the field is empty.

[text* campo-nombre]

As you can see, the syntax for creating fields can be a bit complicated, but at the same time it gives you many options to cover all possible use cases. Fortunately, most of these attributes are optional, so a more simplified field might look like this: It doesn’t look that complicated now, does it?

The Contact Form 7 document has a good explanation of all the information about the values ​​you can use in your field, and you can use it to create real miracles.

  • The plugin not only allows you to create text fields, but it also enables you to add various elements to the form: drop-down lists, checkboxes, file uploads, date fields, and more. Due to the nature of each of these fields, many of them have their own specific configuration:
  • Text field
  • Number field
  • Date field
  • Checkboxes and drop-down lists
  • upload files

Form submit button A very important detail is that in addition to the fields you can enter in the form, You can also insert HTML tags

normal. Therefore, advanced users with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS can create almost any form design and incorporate it into their website.

Set form options

After creating the form, you can configure warning/error messages and the email that Contact Form 7 will send to you.


In the body of the email, you must put every field you added in the form itself, because the plugin will not send them as attachments or automatically send them to you. Doing this is as simple as using the quoted name you provide for each field enclosed in square brackets-following the previous example, to insert a field in a message, you should add the following label:

Contact form 7-mensajes

Insert form

[contact-form-7 404 “No encontrado”]

After creating the form, now you just need to insert it into your website. In the form list and edit screen, you will see that Contact Form 7 always provides you with a shortcode to embed it, with the following aspects:

Contact list

Paste the result of the shortcode in my contact page. Note how the fields are stylized like the rest of the layout.

It should be said that CPOThemes advanced themes provide integration with this plugin, and the forms you build will be automatically stylized and integrated with the rest of the design. Many other themes do not provide any styles to form fields, so they look poor.

Start creating forms in WordPress

As you can see, creating your own form in WordPress is very simple, and the examples we have seen just scratch the surface of everything that can be done. Later we will see other options to create a way to send data through your website, as well as tips and techniques that allow you to use this plugin more.

with you? Do you use Contact Form 7 or other plugins to process the forms on your WordPress site?


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