Thanks to the latest updates, WordPress has become a platform capable of performing almost all tasks. Thanks to its flexibility and various plug-ins that currently exist, today you can use this CMS to create almost any type of content.

Today, we will take a look at one of the most powerful WordPress features: shortcodes. Thanks to them, it is possible for us to insert various interactive content on the page to attract the attention of visitors. The correct use of shortcodes can help you fundamentally improve the content of your website.

What is a shortcode

In short, a shortcode is a series of tags that you can insert into the content of pages and posts to create special content based on the shortcode used.Its operation is very similar to HTML, in which text can be passed by characters Separate tags to stylize.

Shortcodes work in a similar way, but there are some differences.Compared to HTML, they use square brackets [ y ] As a delimiter, the tags that can be used are defined by you, rather than belonging to a standard like HTML. Although WordPress comes with some shortcodes by default to insert multimedia content in your posts, usually you need to use a plugin that implements them to start using them. Shortcodes can also have attributes, so that they can be indicated to a series of values ​​and attributes that can affect the final result. In this way, a short code is written as follows:

[mi_shortcode atributo=”valor”]

[mi_shortcode atributo=”valor”]content[/mi_shortcode]

As you can see, shortcodes can be simple tags between content, or they can contain specific content. Depending on the shortcode you use, you may need to use it in one way or another to design your content, or just insert new content.

Using shortcodes, you can turn ordinary pages into dynamic and breakthrough designs.

Why you should use shortcodes

Shortcodes are often used to insert special content in the middle of a page or post, otherwise such content would be impossible. It is very widely used, and many plug-ins now rely on this feature to work properly, such as Contact Form 7. Many advanced WordPress themes also use shortcodes to provide the most advanced features, such as Themeforest.

Some of the main advantages of short codes are:

Stylize the content on pages and posts. At some point, you may need to insert a call-to-action button, a subscription form, or even a picture gallery in the middle of an article. You can easily achieve this with shortcodes, because they are designed to generate otherwise tedious programming or require you to insert specialized HTML directly into your content. The use of short codes makes everything neater and more maintainable, especially when you need to enter the same content multiple times in different places.

Add interactive content where it’s impossible to reach. Since shortcodes are text that is converted into some special content later, you can use them to add elements in places where you would normally not be able to add them. For example, you can use simple text widgets to insert more complex content, such as slides or recommendations.

Create a page layout with a custom structure. Shortcodes are not limited to styling content or inserting elements. They are also used to organize your content and create content as important as columns so that you can make fundamental changes to the way you create pages. Although the use of shortcodes makes content management more complicated, the results you can get far outweigh the difficulties due to the use of shortcodes.

Use a set of shortcodes

As we mentioned before, shortcodes are usually implemented by plugins and themes to achieve specific goals.For example, Easy Digital Downloads implements short codes [[purchase_link]]Allows you to embed purchase links anywhere. If you need to embed a specific type of content on your page, you can check the official WordPress repository and look for plugins that can do this. However, most of the time, you can use a bunch of shortcodes to add various interactive content. These packages will provide you with a large number of design elements designed to give life to your page, being able to insert content and add the following:

  • Buttons in various colors
  • Accordion and drop-down content
  • Slideshow
  • Various types of icons

In the official WordPress repository, you can find several of these plugins, I highlight one of them below:

CPO shortcode

CPO Shortcodes are a series of shortcodes we launched from the CPOThemes website. Previously, it was an advanced feature of our theme, providing you with up to 30 shortcodes that can be used to add interactive design elements: progress bars, counters, columns, separators, post lists, and even price lists.One of the details of this package is Allows you to insert shortcodes in text widgets, Giving you complete freedom to add content to the sidebar. CPO Shortcodes comes with a very complete document, which you can find on the CPOThemes page.

Download CPO shortcode

Indispensable element of transformation

As you can see, using shortcodes in your content offers you more possibilities than just using text and images. If used properly, they can help you make an impressive leap in converting pages, making them more eye-catching and causing more sensation.


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