Hudebia - Restaurant WordPress Theme

Hudebia – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Buy Hudebia – Restaurant WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/restaurants-cafes and bakery,bistro,cafe,clean,cooking,diner,food,menu,modern,one page,parallax,pub,reservation,restaurant,shop


Completely Drag and Drop

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WordPress Restaurant Themes

Hudebia is fully customizable WordPress theme for restaurants, cafes, bars, blogs, or restaurant farms. Hudebia’s outstanding design, great features and easy-to-use customization will instantly meet your expectations.

You can buy it now to make your restaurant better.

Hudebia, a stunning Restaurant WordPress theme or Restaurant Theme has an interactive and original concept. It’s focused on business like Restaurants, Hotels, Cafe, Coffee shops and Pubs.

This template is composed of well-organized parts that can be easily modified. Whatever their purpose and audience, the template can be modified easily. The combination of a highly-organized layout and an interactive navigation experience creates a new and unique user experience.

Hudebia has a responsive design, is retina ready, and was built with Bootstrap Framework.

Hudebia WordPress Theme is also available for use in multiple stores


  • Interactive Navigation
  • With Visual Composer, you can drag and drop pages.
  • Revolution Slider
  • Unique Design
  • Supported Payment Gateways
  • Retina Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Simple to modify
  • Contact form for work with validation
  • Font Awesome Icons 300+
  • Google Fonts – easily expand to 600 Google Fonts
  • The Code Can Be Commented Full
  • LESS files include
  • Built with HTML5 / CSS3 – Powered by Bootstrap 3
  • Incredible Support
  • Cross browser support
  • Search Engine Friendly Code

Shop advanced products

  • Woo-Commerce compatible.
  • Online payment
  • WordPress themes for Ecommerce
  • Shop WordPress Themes
  • Great product layouts.
  • Simple and elegant checkout page.

There are many other options.

  • No coding required.
  • Get great new content for your menu.
  • You can create different layouts to suit different product categories, or for your blog.

Hudebia Restaurant: Theme Overview

Hudebia Restaurant is a clean and modern WordPress theme for Cafe & Restaurant and any food related business web site. The latest WordPress technology was used to create this theme. Hudebia Restaurant supports responsive layouts so that it works well on any device. The layout can be customized to suit Asian Food Restaurants, Modern Cuisine Restaurants and Elegant Food Restaurants.

These are the features

Online menus can help you make money

  • WooCommerceWooCommerce Plugin makes it simple to launch a food delivery service. We support both online & offline payment options.
  • Support for every menu via a direct purchase link Your customers can purchase each menu directly from your website, increasing your sales. All customers have to do is click on the link for each menu that they wish to purchase.

Professionally display your restaurant

  • Recipes for Food Menu Layouts Our unique layouts display classic and modern food options.
  • Google Maps Style & Multiple Locations Easy styling with snazzymaps makes it easy to change the Goodgle Maps colour scheme. Also, multiple maps & locations are supported in this theme.
  • Reserve Options You have several options for making reservations: email form, customized URL, OpenTable, etc.

There are many options to get started

  • Beautiful Pre-Defined DemosOur pre-recorded 6 demos will get your site up and running in no time.
  • Just one click to import Demo ContentsYou can quickly and easily import all demo content including pages, posts sliders widgets and theme options with just one click.
  • Blog Templates Multi-post layouts can be used in multiple purposes. The flexibility of post content allows you to use images, galleries slider shows or other video source. YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos also support blog posts. These include photo, gallery, soundcloud, audiocloud, etc.
  • Menu Layouts With 3 options for menus and different customization options, you can make your own custom menu.
  • Use these contact templates with various layouts for contact form, google maps & styling so you can easily create contact page.
  • Boxed & Wide LayoutYou can instantly select the wide or boxed layout using the live customizer.
  • Search Now With visitor focus, we’ve included the instance search to help visitors search for partial queries or provide some interactive feedback. You only have to make one click to activate the search form and instance search in the header of your side menu.

Amazing Builder

  • Creator of intuitive, live content The Keynote app’s interface is similar to a live preview, so that anyone can easily create stunning pages. You can choose between Classic Mode or Live Mode in this Content Builder. Live Mode allows you to see immediate results. Classic Mode, however, is a faster way to build if your familiarity with our builder.
    • Simple to use interface Keynote-like With a keynote-app-like interface, intuitive content creator. A clear overview of content and the ability to preview any changes immediately.
    • Add & Manage Contents VisuallyWhen you click on contents, the page will display a visual screenshot.
    • Responsive Preview You can instantly see and use responsive layouts in content builder.
    • Drag & Drop Content BuilderDrag and drop our pre-defined content modules, such as gallery, blog and testimonials, to create multiple layouts on one page. Let’s try the powerful built-in builder.
    • Use this template to saveTo apply to other pages, you can save the page as a template. It saves you time when creating new pages.
  • Integrated with WordPress CustomizerLive preview of Modify Appearance. The results will be visible immediately, regardless of what elements you have changed, including background colors, typeface, layout type and text. Test Drive
    • Your website should be easily responsive.One click on Live Customizer and you will see the responsive view, including for mobile devices or laptops.
    • Preview Styled TypographyWith all styles, over 500+ Google Fonts have been included. Font changes and live previews will be available via Customizer. Font size, style, and color can be changed without having to touch code.
      • You can set different typography options for the Main Content Family Font Family, Main Font Size, H1–H6 Font Family Font Weight, and H1–H6 font Size.
      • Easy to set Button Font Family.
      • You may also set different fonts for the Menu Font Family, Font Size and Weight, Menu Font Spacing, Menu Font Size and Text Transform.
      • You can easily alter SubMenu’s Font Size, SubMenu’s Font Weight, SubMenu Spacing and the Menu Font Transform (None. Uppercase. Lowercase. Capitalize).
      • Additionally, you can easily adjust the Mega Menu Header Font size.
      • You can also change the Side Menu Font Family and Font Size, or Transform the Side Menu Font Text.
      • You can easily alter Page Title Title Font Size and Weight, Page title Font Spacing, Page title Font Spacing, Page title font Spacing, Page title text Transform, (None.
      • You can also easily set the Page Title mixed font family, Content Builder header font size, and Content Builder header text transform.
      • Also, you can easily alter Page Title Font Size, page Tagline Font Weight and paginal Tagline Spacing (none, uppercase, lowercase, capitalize)
      • Last, but certainly not least: Widget Title font Family, Widget Title font Size, Widget Title Title Font Weight and Widget Title Title Font Spacing can be easily changed (None. Uppercase. Lowercase. Capitalize).
    • Images You can enable Right Click or Image Dragging Protection with just one click
    • Amazing Backgrounds It is easy to add patterns and colors as background images on your site. There are many repeat options.
      • Dissimilar main content background, background image, background repeat, and background position.
      • It is also possible to change the background color of your Input or Textarea Background and that of your Sharing Button Background.
      • You can also set different backgrounds for Menu Background Colors, Menu Background Image, Repeated Menu Background, Menu Hintergrund Size, Menu background Attachment, and Menu Background Position
      • It is also possible to change the background color of Sub-Menu Hover, Top Menu, Top Bar, and Search Input colors.
      • You can set the Side Menu Background Color and Repeat, Side Background Size, Side Background Attachment, Side Background Position, Side Background Style, Side Background Location, Side Background Image, or browse side menu background image.
      • It takes only one click to blur the background image of your header when you scroll past it.
      • You can also change the background color of your page header
      • Additionally, you can easily modify the Page Title or Background Image Height by changing the percentage.
      • You can set different background colors for your Footer Background: Footer Background Color, Footer Background Repeat, Footer Background Size, Footer Wallpaper Attachment, or Footer Privacy Position.
      • Also, you can easily create a Footer Background Photo by simply browsing the image.
    • Unlimited Colors You can easily change the colors of elements on your website with color picker
      • You can set the Main Content Background Colors, Page Color Font Color, Page Color Link Colors, Page Color Hover Color, H1H6 Font Color and Horizontal Line Color to your Food Menu Highlight Color.
      • You can set different Input/Texarea Colors, such as Input/Texarea Font Colour, Input/Texarea Font color, Input/Texarea border Color, Focus State Color, Input/Texarea Color, and Button Background, Font Color, and Border Color.
      • You can also set the background color and icon colors for Sharing Button with ease.
      • Also, you can set an unfavorable color as the Menu Font Color (Menu Hover State Font Color), Menu Active State Color Font Color, or Menu Bar Border Color.
      • You can also change the background color of your menu.
      • You can also easily set the Sub menu font color, Sub menu hover state background color, Sub menu border color, and sub-menu Hover state background colors.
      • Easily change Mega Menu Border Color.
      • Changeable colors for Top Bar background, Top bar Menu font color, Top bar Social Icon color can all be made easily
      • Change the Search Input Background and Font Colors quickly.
      • Set the background color of your Side Menu, side menu font color, and hover state font color for your Side Menu.
      • Change the color of your Page Header Background and Colors, page title font, content builder line separator colors, or page tagline font color.
      • Sidebar font color, sidebar link color, sidebar hover link colour and title font color can be easily changed
      • Change the Footer Font Color, Page Footer Background Colors, Footer Link Colors, Footer Footer Hover Link Colour, Footer Border Color and Footer Social Icon color.
    • Responsive design Because users behaviour is the focus of every page, it’s designed so that they look good on any device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or phone. You can deactivate the responsive feature by clicking one button in your customizer’s backend.
    • Boxed Layout You will be able to instantly select the boxed layout from the live customizer.
    • Social sharingOne click can apply the sharing social button to any page.
    • The Content
      • It is easy to set different types of fonts for Main Content Type Family and Main Content Size.
      • Setup different backgrounds for header, background, content, background, footer, background page title, background color of Page Content, Page Title Bar Background, Page Font Colors, Page Link Colors, Page Hover Link Colors, Page Font Colors, H1 to H6 Font Colors, Horizontal Line Colors and others.
      • You can also easily set a different color for the Menu Font Color or Menu Hover State Color Font Color, and the Menu Active State Color Font Color.
    • Menu
      • Allgemein
        • Menu LayoutYou have many choices to pick your menu layout: Classic, Left Align or Right Align.
        • Sticky MenuScrolling is as easy as one click to access the fixed main menu.
      • Typography It is easy to set your Menu Font Family and Font Size.
      • ColorsSet the Menu Font Color (Menu Hover State Font Color), Menu Active State Font Color, or Menu Bar Border Color to an unsuitable color.
      • Background You can set different backgrounds for Menu Background Colors, Menu Background Image, Repeated Menu Background, Menu Hintergrund Size, Menu Behind Attachment, and Menu Background Position.
      • Sub Menu Submenu settings include SubMenu Text Transform and SubMenu Type Size.
      • Mega MenuYou can use mega menu support to show navigation links in columns. It allows you the ability to organise large amounts of menu items.
        • With ease, change Mega Menu Header Font Size or Mega Menu Border Colour
      • Top Bar
        • You only have to click one time for Top Bar to be displayed above the main menu.
        • Additionally, you can easily change Top Bar Font Color and Background Color.
      • For more information, please contact usYou can easily set up contact address, open hours and phone number.
      • Look for
        • Searches can be enabled and disabled in just one click.
        • You can easily alter the background color of Search Input and search input font colors using the color picker.
      • Side Menu
        • Side Menu for Desktop is enabled by a single click
        • You can easily change the background color of your Side Menu, Side Menu font Color, and Side Menu hover state font Color using our color picker.
        • Simply browse the image to set the Side Menu Background Image.
        • You can also set different options for Side Menu Background Repeat, Side Menu Hintergrund Size, Side Menu Attachment, and Side Menu Background Position.
        • Additionally, you can easily alter the Font Family of Side Menus, Side Menu Font Size, or Side Menu Font Text Transform.
    • Header
      • Background
        • You only need to click to add blur effect to the header background image as you scroll past it.
        • Change the Page Header Background Color using the color picker
      • Title Page
        • Change Page Header Top, Bottom, Title Font Size, Title Font Weight and Spacing of Page Title.
        • You can easily change the page title font color by using the color picker
      • Page title with background image
        • Change Page Title and Background Image Height to Adjust the Percentage
      • Header for Content Builder
        • You can easily change the Page Title mixed font family, Content Builder Font Size, and Content Builder Text Transform (None. Uppercase. Lowercase. Capitalize).
        • You only need to click one button to enable mixed typography for the Content Builder Header.
        • Change the content builder header line separator color by using the color picker.
      • Page Tagline & Sub Title
        • Change the Page Tagline Font color by using our colour picker.
        • Additionally, you can easily alter Page Title Font Size, page Tagline Font Weight and Spacing as well as Page Tagline text Transform (none, uppercase, lowercase and capitalize).
    • Sidebar
      • Typography
        • You can easily change Widget Title font Family, Widget Title Size, Widget Title Weight, Widget Title Spacing, Widget Title Title Font Spacing, Widget Title Title Font Spacing, Widget Title Title Transform (None. Uppercase. Lowercase. Capitalize).
      • The color of the sky
        • • Easily change Sidebar Font Color, Sidebar Link Color, Sidebar Hover Link Color and Sidebar Widget Title Font Color by color picker.
    • Footer
      • Allgemein
        • Enter the footer text directly under footer logo, and over footer sidebar (HTML support).
        • You can easily set footer sidebar columns of between 1-4 columns
        • It takes only one click to open the option for Open Footer social icons link in new window
      • Colors
        • With the help of the color picker, you can change page footer background colors, footer font colors, footer link colors, footer hover link colours, footer border colors and even your social icon color.
        • Simply browse the image to set your Footer Background Image
        • Change Footer Hintergrund Repeat, Footer Background Size, Footer Attachment, and Footer Hintergrund Position.
      • Copyright
        • You can easily change the Copyright Background Color using the color picker.
        • Enter your Copyright Text easily and then select Copyright Right Area Content.
        • You only have to click one time to activate the scroll to the top button.
    • Gallery
      • Sorting Images
        • You can easily change the sorting of Gallery Images
      • Caption
        • To display the caption of an image under it in lightbox mode, you only need to click once.
    • Blog
      • Allgemein
        • To enable display post full content on a blog page, you only need to click one button (excerpt grid layout).
        • You can easily adjust the page layout to display archive, category, and tag pages (Grid + Right Sidebar or Grid + Left Sidebar), full width, right sidebar, left sidebar, and grid.
      • Only one post
        • You only need to click once to activate the display featured picture as the post header background, display featured content (image/gallery), the display tag on single article page, display about author and display related articles on single article page.
      • Typography
        • It is easy to adjust the Post Title Family Font, Post Title Text Transform and Post Title Type Font Weight.
    • Buy
      • Layout
        • Easily adjust page layout for displaying shop’s products page (Fullwidth, with sidebar) and also the number of product items you want to display per page.
      • A Single Product
        • You can easily change the font color of your product’s price using the color picker.
        • It takes just one click to show related products on a single product page.
    • MenusYou can create your header using 3 different menu options. Also, rearrange elements of the headers sections, change position of logo, change colors, and apply image, social icons, taglines & secondary top menus.
      • Placements for the Menu
        • You can choose from 4 different menu options: Top Bar Menu (Primary Menu), Side (Mobile) Menu, Bottom Bar Menu, Footer Menu or Side (Mobile). The custom menu widget allows you to place your menus anywhere in the widget area.
      • Order submenus easily by drag&drop as following menu.
        • Menu Features
        • Main Menu
        • A One-page Menu
        • Side Mobile Menu
    • WidgetsYou will find a wide variety of widgets that make life easy, including Custom Flickr, Custom Flickr Map, Custom Menu and Custom Popular Posts. We also offer Custom Twitter. To activate or configure custom widgets in sidebars, drag them and drop.
    • Static Front Page
      • Select the option of the Frontpage to display the latest posts. You can also choose to apply the Frontpage and Posts page to any page.
  • Amazing Page/Post Options
    • The menu item page options includes the Theme Options. The page options allows you to set the individual value of each post or page. These options will prevail over theme options. This allows you to set up a page or post which is unique from your global settings. You can create incredible websites by combining these options.
    • Optional Post
      • The layout is for a single page, including Fullwidth.
      • You can specify the featured content type of your post, including gallery, image, Youtube Video, Vimeo Video, and Youtube Video. Multiple content types will appear on a single page.
      • You can specify the format, link and quote.
      • You can select categories such as Photography, Lifestyle and Travel, or Other.
      • You can specify multiple tags, excerpts, shortcodes, and featured images.
      • You can easily manage tags and categories.
    • Optional Pages
      • You only need to click once to turn the main menu transparent or hide the page title/tagline.
      • Select the page template to specify page sidebar
      • Customize the page’s menu in case you would like to display main menu other than default one.
      • Please specify the parent page, the template page and the ordering.
      • Enter your featured image, shortcode, and discussion.
  • Design your own page templates
    • News Fullwidth
    • News Grid
    • News Grid Left Sidebar
    • News Grid Sidebar
    • News Left Sidebar
    • News Sidebar
    • Page Left Sidebar
    • Page right sidebar
    • Page full width
  • Gallery OptionsFull screen slideshow and support for featured image are included in the theme.
  • Great Blog Options
    • Choose from 6 page layouts
      • News Fullwidth
      • News Grid
      • News Grid Left Sidebar
      • News Grid Sidebar
      • News Left Sidebar
      • News Sidebar
    • Each layout can include a left- or right-sidebar, or be fully widened.
    • You can choose from 4 types of posts: gallery, image, Youtube Video and Viemo Video.
    • Automated pagination
    • Share your post with icons on social media.
    • Threaded Comments
  • The Food MenuThis theme allows you to display your menus to customers. It lets you specify the price of each item, currency used for it, highlight them, place an order online or provide URLs to this menu. You can also choose from different sizes and categories.
    • Help us support the featured image
    • You can easily manage and maintain a menu category (or group of meals)
  • TestimonialIt is important to have testimonials in order to build trust with your customers. The theme allows you to enter Customer Name, Customer Place in Company, Company URL, Testimonial Type, and Company Position.
    • Help us support the featured image
    • It is easy to manage and maintain the Testimonial category (Group of Testimonial).
  • Each member of the teamYou can show your colleague by using this theme. It supports many social profiles information like Position and Role and Google+ URL, Twitter URL and LinkedinURL.
    • Help Support the Featured Image
    • It is easy to manage and keep track of a Team Category or Group of Team members.
  • PricingYour package/pricing options can be easily displayed on your site. This pricing feature can be enabled in just one click. Next, enter the currency and price in dollars.
    • Help Support the Featured Image
    • It is easy to manage and maintain pricing category (Group of Pricing).
  • Sidebars made to order You can create custom sidebars easily without having to code. You can also set different sidebars that perfectly match each page.
  • Unlimited sidebarSidebar for each page: Create sidebars and choose sides
  • One page navigation supportYou can easily build your one-page parallax or micro website using the drag and drop tool with a custom menu system.
  • Background Parallax EffectYou can easily make a parallax effect with this theme by choosing images and the height of your parallax picture. For an impressive visual effect, the background images of sections can be set up to move at different speeds than the rest of your page.
  • Sharp Font Icons Font icons are always crystal clear and look perfect on all devices’ screens and sizes. Font icons can also speed up the loading time of your website.
  • Retina Ready Make sure your elements and images look stunning on Retina or high-resolution displays.
  • Google Mobile Compatibility Test Optimization Your site’s search by Google will more visible and have better performance for mobile users. Google has updated its search algorithm so that websites optimized for mobile/handheld display are preferred.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).This theme was built with semantic HTML and CSS. Search engines can easily crawl your website and index it.
  • Google Map Styles Easy to change the color scheme of Google Maps using styling tools from snazzymaps
  • Custom Designs Your styles can be customized with CSS from the theme options. Upgrade the theme without having to modify core theme.
  • Full Customizability The flexible theme framework allows you to showcase amazing photographs. It is not surprising that no two theme versions will ever be the same.
  • Multiple images upload This theme has advanced gallery editor which support bulks images uploader and drag&drop reorder.
  • Shortcodes With our Shortcodes, you can easily create your very own page. You can include any elements from this theme on to your own page.
    • Style shortcodes ex. dropcap etc
    • Many shortcodes are already built-in
    • Built-in Shortcode Generator plugin
    • Column shortcodes ex. Column shortcodes ex.
  • Translation support It is available as well as.po languages files. WPML plugin is also compatible, meaning that you can translate the theme to any language.
  • Others
    • Compatible with the latest WordPress version
    • Constructed with HTML5 & CSS3
    • jQuery Enhancements
    • Javascript files automatically combine and are minified to increase performance
    • WordPress Multisites (WPMU), Approved and Tested
    • SEO Optimized already has a great SEO foundation (compatible to SEO Plugins, Yoast)
    • Well organized, commented & clean code
    • 100% Responsive Theme – and you can easily turn it on or off
    • Automatic theme update
    • Font Icons that are social icons and theme icons, with no images
    • CSS3 Animations are enabled/disabled on desktop/mobile
    • CSS and javascript compression support
    • CSS3 Animations CSS3 animations can help you attract attention to your content. You can set type, speed and direction of the elements.
    • Child Theme support for advanced customization which is not affected by theme future update
    • WordPress Best Practices – Developed

Support for customers

  • After you have purchased, you will be able to use our advanced support ticket platform for the professional assistance that we provide. Support team with experience and dedication To ensure that you have access to the right help when you need it, for your business and yourself
  • It is also the largest online & offline documentation Included
  • Get free theme updates – We are endeavouring to improve the quality of our themes by adding new features and removing bugs
  • We welcome customer feedback for any new feature.

Integration & Plugin

  • Social Media Profiles SupportSocial Media can help you promote your brand online.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Flickr
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • Tumblr
    • Dribbble
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • You can be a Behance
    • Tripadvisor
  • Compatible plugins
    • WooCommerce PluginSupport for the shopping cart feature
      • WooCommerce integration makes it easy to create and manage your online store.
      • The plugin can be used in conjunction with the theme.
      • Your products can be displayed based upon their category, ID, or SKU
      • Slider with featured products that you can customize to showcase your products
      • Flexibility in setting up your shop layout, with sidebar templates or full width.
      • This plugin can be used for artwork shop and photography.
    • Revolution plugins Premium Plugins ($19 Value). They are part of the theme.
    • Compatibility with WPML pluginTranslate to your web site in multiple languages.
    • Send us a message via the Contact Form 7.Compatibility with full design integration
      • Use Google Maps to find your contact page
      • Design a Google Map with Custom Style
      • You can change the size you want for your map
      • Sidebars or the entire width of your contact pages can be set
    • MAILCHIMP Subscribe to our newsletter
    • W3 Total Cache plugin support
    • Yoast Search Engine Optimization plugin support
    • WP Supercache plugin support


  • Bakery
  • Bistro
  • Cafe
  • Keep it clean
  • Cooking
  • Diner
  • Food
  • Menu
  • Modern
  • One page
  • Parallax
  • Pub
  • Reservation
  • Restaurant
  • Buy

Images are not available in the downloaded files

You can contact us 24 hours via support – It’s always a pleasure to help our customers

12 February 2018

Updated woo commerce files
New visual composer.


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