Incentive - Responsive All-Purpose Theme

Incentive – Responsive All-Purpose Theme

Buy Incentive – Responsive All Purpose Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and admin,blog,business,clean,corporate,creative,custom,mega menu,parallax,portfolio,responsive,retina,seo,universal,widget


Incentive – Responsive All-Purpose Theme

Incentive is a responsive WordPress theme that can be used for all purposes. Easy-to-use features combined with a universal design make it easy and fun to create your site. This versatile theme can be used for any type of site, such as blogs, portfolios of artists, business websites and more. Incentive is a simple theme that uses a clean, crisp design to create a highly adaptable theme. Incentive was designed with the Runway Framework and is extremely versatile.

Customers are saying nice things.

After this, I feel a little bit spoilt. This is my first WordPress website. This theme is amazing! – seenondv

I don’t normally rate themes, but I’ve been playing with this theme for a few days now — You just received 5 stars without even a second thought – musicmovement

This is a wonderful theme! Great job! It is still difficult to comprehend all the possibilities and there seems to be no end to the possibilities. Your themes are always top-notch and we thank you for all your support. – bryanv78

I’ll buy this theme just because When Parallelus releases a new theme I know it will be in a class of its own and receive the best support. – ms_webcasa

Theme Features

  • Super-ultra-mega responsive
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Mega-menus powered by UberMenu (by SevenSpark)
  • Slider Revolution (by ThemePunch)
  • WPBakery Page Builder(formerly Visual Composer).
  • SEO optimization
  • Blog styles: Traditional and modern
  • Post formats – Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote and Video
  • Sortable portfolio
    • Post formats – Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image and Video
  • Blank page templates
  • Drag and drop layout manager
  • Use our contact form to get started
  • Sidebar generator
  • Unlimited variations of the home page
  • Unlimited headers
  • Unlimitted footers
  • Unlimited layouts
  • There are many color options
  • Unlimited templates and layouts
  • Administration without a white label
  • Self-hosted HTML5 Video Player
  • Custom audio player
  • Google Fonts Support (500+)
  • Retina ready
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files)
  • Demo content included
  • All Photoshop files included
  • and so much more…

Feature Details

Mega-menus powered by UberMenu

UberMenu, the most popular mega-menu WordPress plugin, is easily accessible over 45,000 sales. SevenSpark, the menu master, created it. We’ve worked directly with SevenSpark to custom develop this version of UberMenu just for this theme.

Find out more about UberMenu

Dynamic Animations Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a powerful plugin that gives your website and slides outstanding quality. Slider Revolution is currently unavailable The best slide show plugin on CodeCanyon and we’ve included it free. It’s easy to use and allows you to drag and drop slide show graphics and assign animations, timing, and other amazing effects. It’s Fully responsive and touch-enabled for mobile devices. You’re going to love building your slide shows.

Find out more about Slider Revolution

Drag and drop content WPBakery Page Builder

You can forget about having to remember shortcodes or hard-to-read pages. WPBakery Page Building is the best-selling plugin. Drag and drop content wherever you likeIt is easy to create complicated layouts in just minutes. Add content blocks, columns tabs, toggles and slide shows to create complex layouts. We’ve integrated our shortcodes directly with WPBakery Page Builder so you can build pages the fast and easy way. You’ll even save time using the Built-in template systemThis allows you to save and reuse layouts.

Find out more about WPBakery Page Builder

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Updates and notifications

Built with Runway

This theme was created with the amazing RunwayFramework for WordPress. Runway is a complete solution to quickly create WordPress themes.

Made with the Runway framework for WordPress.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.35 (September 14th 2021)

Plugin update.

  • Slider Revolution Updated to v6.5.8.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.34 (August 12th 2021)

Plugin updates.

  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to v6.7.0
  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.5.6.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.33 (April 16th 2021)


  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.4.8.
  • Fixed PHP v8 notices

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.32 (March 14th 2021)

Updates and fixes for plugins

  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to v6.6.0
  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.4.3.
  • Customizer does not support fixed color picker

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.31 (January 15th 2021)

Plugin updates.

  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to v6.5.0
  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.3.5.
  • Refactoring code

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.30 (December 16th 2020)

Plugin updates.

  • WPBakery Page Builder updated to v6.4.2.
  • Slider Revolution Updated to v6.3.3.
  • Corrected a PHP notice

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.29 (October 18th 2020)


  • Enabled jQuery Migration for admin (fixes broken admin functionality).

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.28 (October 17th 2020)

Plugin updates.

  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to v6.4.1.
  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.2.23

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.27 (September 15th 2020)


  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to Version 6.4.0
  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.2.22
  • Refactoring code
  • A PHP v7.4+ notice was fixed.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.26 (August 14th 2020)

Fix it and update the plugin.

  • Added WordPress v5.5 compatibility (reactivated jQuery Migrate).
  • Slider Revolution Updated to v6.2.18.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.25 (June 18th 2020)


  • Optimized code to check on packaged plugins. This resulted in faster page loading front-end and admin, especially for busy shared servers.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.24 (June 15th 2020)

Plugin updates.

  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.2.12.
  • WPBakery Page Builder updated to v6.2.0

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.23 (February 21st 2020)


  • Fixed PHP v7.4+ notices

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.22 (January 8th 2020)


  • Slider Revolution updated to v6.1.5.
  • WPBakery Page Creator Updated to v6.1
  • Fixed incorrect templates in Portfolio drop-down

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.21 (June 21st 2019)


  • Sometimes, fixed contact form scripts are not loaded correctly and display problems occur.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.20 (June 12th 2019)

Plugin Update

  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to Version 6.0.3.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.19 (March 8th 2019)

Updates for Plugins

  • Slider Revolution updated to v5.4.8.3.
  • WPBakery Page Builder v5.7 Updated

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.18 (February 2nd 2019)


  • Slider Revolution Updated to v5.4.8.2.
  • Fixed plugin installer outputting “An error has occurred” on all pages.
  • Updated Plugin Installationer extension to v0.9.9
  • Removing redundant code that disables Gutenberg

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.17 (December 1st 2018)

Update plugin and fix

  • WPBakery Page Builder v5.6 Updated
  • Fixed UberMenu Lite error with PHP v7.1+

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.16 (September 21st 2018)

Plugin Update

  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to v5.5.4.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.15 (July 26th 2018)


  • Disabled Gutenberg plugin and nag

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.14 (July 12th 2018)


  • Slider Revolution updated to version 5.4.8.
  • WPBakery Page Builder Updated to v5.5.2.
  • Updated UberMenu Lite extension to PHP v7.2+ compatibility

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.13 (May 30th 2018)

Plugin Update

  • Slider Revolution updated to version

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.12 (March 10th 2018)

Plugin updates

  • WPBakery Page Builder v5.4.7 Update
  • Slider Revolution Updated to v5.4.7.1

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.11 (December 9th 2017)

Updates and fixes for plugins

  • WPBakery Page Builder v5.4.5 Updated (formerly Visual Composer)
  • Slider Revolution updated to v5.
  • Fix for creating a gallery in the Gallery post format that was not working with WordPress version 4.9.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.10 (June 30th 2017)

Plugin updates

  • Visual Composer v5.1.1 has been updated
  • Slider Revolution updated to v5.4.5.1

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.9 (March 23rd 2017)

Plugin Updates and Fixes

  • Visual Composer updated to v5.1
  • Slider Revolution updated to version 5.4.1.
  • Fixed some PHP v7.1.x errors.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.8 (January 20th 2017)

Updates and fixes

  • Slider Revolution Updated to v5.3.1.5
  • Extended Updated Formats Extension to Version 1.0.2.
  • Captcha enabled error in Contact form fixed
  • Sometimes, Google Map background backgrounds are not fixed.
  • Some PHP notices were fixed.
  • Refactoring and code cleanup.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.7 (December 8th 2016)


  • Visual Composer v5.0.1 has been updated
  • Slider Revolution updated to v5.3.1
  • Font Awesome updated to v4.7.0

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.6 (August 11th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Visual Composer v4.12.
  • Slider Revolution version 5.2.6.
  • Unnecessary session breaking caching

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.5 (May 15th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Slider Revolution v5.2.5.1 has been updated.
  • Font Awesome v4.6.3 has been updated
  • Fixed duplicated “close” icons in layout manager.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION (April 23rd 2016)

Plugin update.

  • Visual Composer v4.11.2.1.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.4 (April 16th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Visual Composer version 4.11.2 updated.
  • Slider Revolution v5.2.4.1 has been updated.
  • Fixed content rotator breaking when it’s got a title
  • Fixed an error when you clicked Customize
  • Some PHP notices were fixed.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.3 (January 8th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Visual Composer v4.9.1 has been updated
  • Slider Revolution v5.1.6 has been updated.
  • Font Awesome v4.5.0.
  • Fixed full width row backgrounds that do not work in the footer sidebar area.
  • Fixed typo in PHP version error message.
  • Fixed Appearance > Customize not having a Theme Options tab.
  • Some PHP notices were fixed.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.2 (October 7th 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Visual Composer version 4.7.4 Updated
  • Slider Revolution v5.0.9 has been updated
  • Fixed “Single Image” element not scaling in all browsers.
  • Added “with_front => false” when registering portfolio post type.
  • Fixed PHP notice regarding the deprecated WP_Widget buildor method.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.1 (June 25th 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Visual Composer v4.5.3 has been updated
  • Slider Revolution version 4.6.93 was updated.
  • Visual Composer frontend editor compatibility improved
  • Fixed Visual Composer “Grid” elements not working in static blocks.
  • Fixed typo in Appearance > Theme Options > Backgrounds.
  • Parallax backgrounds are broken by fixed row background colors
  • Issue with prettyPhoto XSS fixed

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2 (March 27th 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Visual Composer v4.4.2 has been updated
  • UberMenu Lite v3.0 has been updated Fixed compatibility issues with UberMenu PRO v3.
  • Font Awesome updated to v4.3.0
  • Fixed dragging in color picker.
  • Fixed WPML displaying translated static block.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.7 (January 1st 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Slider Revolution version 4.6.5.
  • Visual Composer v4.3.5 has been updated.
  • Fixed Tour element menu styling.
  • Fixed FAQ element +/- icon styling.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.6 (October 2nd 2014)

Updates and fixes

  • Slider Revolution v4.6 has been updated.
  • Visual Composer v4.3.4 has been updated
  • Font Awesome v4.2.
  • WordPress v4 compatible layout manager updated
  • Updated Browse Media window Code
  • Fixed issues with Appearance > Customize panel.
  • Fixed the full-screen slideshow that was not working correctly.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION (August 13th 2014)


  • Slider Revolution version 4.5.95 was updated.
  • Animation of fixed portfolio filters running twice
  • Fixed category archive pages in Single Post layout

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.5 (July 4th 2014)


  • Slider Revolution v4.5.7.
  • Visual Composer v4.2.3 has been updated
  • Set fixed image size

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.4 (April 30th 2014)


  • Slider Revolution version 4.3.8.
  • Visual Composer version 4.1.2.
  • Visual Composer updates: Updated styles
  • Fixed CAPTCHA in the contact form
  • Fixed Jetpack plugin conflict.
  • Fixed setting for featured image, docked top banner and post navigation
  • For posts, fixed image size settings
  • Breadcrumbs: Fixed notice

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.3 (March 3rd 2014)


  • Layout Manager Updated
  • Slider Revolution – Updated
  • Visual Composer Updated
  • Runway core updates fields
  • Shortcodes now available on error pages.
  • Revisions now possible in Portfolio Post Type.
  • CAPTCHA form problems fixed
  • Fixed Custom Meta Options not Applying.
  • Fixed typo in the theme options.
  • Fixed an issue with the WP Customizer interface
  • Fixed typo in the doctype tag of the blank page template.
  • Fixed layout style and skin CSS overrides.
  • Fixed an issue with paginating on the home page.
  • Icon box style: Fixed line height
  • Fixed masthead background color to override in skin

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.2 (October 9th 2013)

Bug fixing.

  • New installations have been updated to fix missing layouts.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.1 (October 7th 2013)

Bug fixing.

  • Layout Manager updated to latest version.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1 (September 16th 2013)

Updates, improvements and bug fixes.

  • Updated Layout Manager: Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Visual Composer updated to version 3.6.13.
  • Slider Revolution version 3.0.95 has been updated
  • Runway Framework and Data Types Updated
  • SoundCloud and other embedded WordPress defaults have been added to the Audio post format.
  • Fixed portfolio display of “Gallery” post format.
  • Some sites were not loading custom Visual Composer elements.
  • Fixed issue with icons boxes on tablets.
  • Problem with search queries fixed
  • Fixed bug in Accent Styles Custom Settings from Theme Options.
  • Fixed notices in PHP 5.


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