Infographer-Multi-purpose infographic theme

Infographer-Multi-purpose infographic theme

Buy Infographer – Multi-Purpose Infographic Theme best used for wordpress/creative and ajax,animated,business,chart,creative,infographic,interactive,modern,multi-purpose,one-page,parallax,portfolio,statistics,urban


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infogramWhat is the difference between a and? The ultimate infographicHigh-interactive WordPress theme. Our infographics are interactive and you can choose from four smooth AJAX animations. You can also create unlimited parallax pages and use the Revolution Slider. To build your website, use our intuitive and easy to use framework.

main feature

Information chart-Counter: horizontal graph, icon graphs, vertical graph, chart

Interactive elementsServices with animations, flipping icons and flipping images

Hybrid full-width and standard grid – Choose a full-width or standard grid for the header, footer or content respectively, and create the perfect amazing combination for you.

Titles can be customized completely – Each page can have its own custom title, with different heights and background images or sliders. A fixed title can be either on or off.

AJAX Animation on/off – Choose between 4 smooth AJAX animation transitions between pages for a creative experience, or turn off AJAX to create a classic website. You can choose the animation type you want for any page, in addition to predefined animations.

Bonus parallax page – INFOGRAPHER has amazing bonus features – easy to create parallax pages that are perfect for presentations, microsites or new homepages.

Slider Revolution responsive WordPress plugin (26 USD value) – Create responsive (mobile friendly) or full-width sliders with must-see effects while maintaining or building your SEO optimization (all content is always readable by search engines)

Easy-to-use powerful management interface – The infographic has a very intuitive and easy-to-use management interface. Add unlimited sliders and slides when editing pages/posts/portfolios, add unlimited portfolio images or videos when editing portfolio items, and add unlimited parallax parts to any page.

Retina ReadyThis theme contains high-resolution icons

There are two types of menus – This theme includes a general title menu and content menu built from page parts. You can create a single-page website using the content menu.

Modern, professional design – The theme is designed by a team of professional designers, focusing on user experience and unique design style.

Fully responsive – INFOGRAPHER is a fully responsive WordPress theme that works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Highly customizable – Unlimited colors and sizes of all elements, more than 500 Google fonts and a powerful backend provide solutions for various commercial or personal uses.

Flexible layout – Use our demo layout or use our modular shortcode and feature-rich backend to create your own visually different experience.

Modular short codes – Get creative with unlimited combinations of easy-to-use shortcodes and quickly create any type of page you like.

Translation available-The topic can be easily translated into any language

Search Engine OptimizationSearch engines can index any page of your website easily thanks to the integrated support for search engines. To improve your SEO ranking, you can set meta keywords and descriptions to each page.

Perfect code – Coded with HTML5, CCS3 and jQuery, this cleverly constructed theme is 100% effective.

Modular contact page – You can set any combination between Google Maps, Contact Form, and general content.

Be prepared for children’s themes-Create Subtopics Starting from the Included Virtual Subtopics

Copyright for featured images within this theme is not ours. This image is used only for demo purposes. These images are not allowed to be used on any website without a license purchased from the stock image website.

Five-star support

We will answer any questions you may have about WordPress or the theme in general.

Keep track of your history

Version 2.1 – November 17, 2020

Added WordPress 5.5 compatibility
- Revolution Slider updated to 6.2.23

Version 2.0.5 – October 9, 2019,

- Revolution Slider updated to 6.1.3

Version 2.0.4-April 24, 2019,

Updated Infographer Core plugin to 1.0.3
- Fixed shortcode button to default WordPress editor
- Fixed portfolio list load more button

Version 2.0.3-March 20, 2019,

- Updated the Infographer Core plugin to 1.0.2
Updated infographer.pot and infographer.pot translations files
- Increased theme security
Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.0.2-March 15, 2019,

- Updated Infographer Core Version to 1.0.1
Fixed bugs

Version 2.0.1 – March 11, 2019

Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.0 (Major Update), March 9, 2019,

- WordPress 5.x compatibility added
- Added Infographer Core plug-in
- Revolution Slider updated to
- Improved themes templates, modules and functions
- Increased theme security
- Improved theme performance (Added logic to create static css, js files instead of php (style_dynamic.php, style_dynamic_responsive.php and default_dynamic.php))
- A new editor pop-up for the options image in dashboard panel
- Google Map API Key not Set? Improved Google Map Script on Contact Page to Prevent Potential Errors
- Improved comments lists
- Escaped all variables and text domains
- All hooks, functions, and templates were renamed with a unique name
- Hide the Qode SEO fields meta box if this option is disabled via Qode Options
- Custom_css.php, custom_js.php files were deleted. Improved logic was used to add custom code as an inline
- Removed all unnecessary variables and functions
- Fixed theme domain
Fixed bugs

Version 1.10.3, July 6, 2018

- Revolution Slider updated to 5.4.8
- Additional compatibility with PHP 7.2

Version 1.10.2 – July 20, 2017

- Revolution Slider updated to
- Fixed the https problem with links

Version 1.10.1-December 14, 2016,

- Revolution Slider Updated to

Version 1.10-October 4, 2016,

- Added Google Maps API key field in Qode Options -> Global Options

Version 1.9 – July 7, 2016

- Revolution Slider Updated to 5.2.6
Activation of the TGM Plugin Updated to 2.6.1

Version 1.8-April 14, 2016,

Added WordPress compatibility 4.5

Version 1.7 – April 13, 2016

- Revolution Slider updated to version

Version 1.6 – November 21, 2015

- Revolution Slider version 5.1.3 Updated

Version 1.5-June 30, 2015

- PrettyPhoto Updated to 3.1.6
- Revolution Slider version 4.6.93 updated
- Fixed prettyPhoto

Version 1.4-April 28, 2015.

Activation class updated for TGM Plugin security vulnerability
- Revolution Slider version 4.6.9 Updated

Version 1.3-December 29, 2014.

- Revolution Slider version 4.6.5 Updated

Version 1.2-September 9, 2014.

- Revolution Slider updated to version 4.6

Version 1.1 – April 21, 2014

- Revolution Slider updated to version 4.3.6
- Fixed the button bug in WP 3.9 Qode shortcodes
Fixed bug with repeated portfolio items on homepage

Version 1.0.9 – March 6, 2014

- Added an image alt tag to flip the image shortcode
- Revolution Slider version 4.2.3 Updated
- Fixed Service shortcode Chrome issue

Version 1.0.8-December 23, 2013,

Fixed WP 3.8 notices
- Revolution Slider version 4.1.4 Updated

Version 1.0.7 – December 3, 2013

- Revolution Slider version 4.1.1 Updated
- Fixed accordion responsivneness
Social icon for Fixed Retina
Fixed portfolio list to be used with the new Chrome version

Version 1.0.6 – September 24, 2013

- Flip Image Shortcode: Added target attribute and link
- Flip icon shortcode now includes target attribute and link
- Added "..." shortcode to Latest Posts when text_length is defined
- VK social icons added in shortcode social icon
- Revolution Slider updated to version 3.0.95
- Fixed boxed layout cms
Fixed portfolio filter when the portfolio list is in section
- Fixed Position for Service with Animation Shortcode When Link Enable
Fixed contact page when recaptcha enabled

Version 1.0.5 – August 6, 2013

- Touch devices now have a better parallax
- Increased performance
Refreshed rendering of retina icons
- New child theme
- Updated translation files
- Fixed logo resizing bug
Fixed tabs
Fixed bug in google map info window

Version 1.0.4 – July 2, 2013

- Fixed post day style
Fixed Blog template 3 with extra space between title, image and content
Fixed content menu positioning in Chrome and Firefox for Mac
- Fixed IE10 icon/images rotaion effects
- Fixed Content Menu white line on left (Chrome only).

Version 1.0.3-June 28, 2013

- Qode Options added turn on/off delay for displaying elements on touch devices
Image_with_text shortcode has an additional attribute that allows you to align the image.
- Added Category Attribute to the Latest Post Shortcode
- Updated icons for sharing
- Touch devices have a fixed content menu
- Fixed logo showing on touch devices
Fixed Contact Form "From" Value
Fixed blog, single title

Version 1.0.2-June 26, 2013

- Fixed icons to encourage social sharing
- Revolution Slider version 3.0.3 Updated

Version 1.0.1-June 25, 2013

- Added top padding and bottom padding attributes to the "Section shortcode."
- Revolution Slider version 3.0 Updated
- Updated translation files
- Fixed link in the content menu to the logo
- Fixed logo appearance upon load in content menu
- Scroll to the top fixed when "dead” link is pressed
Fixed parallax width for boxed layouts
Fixed portfolio list changes back to full list after clicking on a single project (with an ajax on).

Version 1.0-June 22, 2013

Initial Release


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