Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax

Kentha – Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax

Buy Kentha – Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax best used for wordpress/entertainment/music-and-bands and discography,dj,elementor,event,gallery,mp3 music player,music,music album,music artist,music band,music shop,music wordpress theme,musician,podcast,responsive


Kenta: Ultimate Responsive Music WordPress Theme. Audio Visualizer, Nonstop music player, artists, events, podcasts, and more. With its endless potential, Kentha is the perfect musical theme for djs, musicians, bands, labels, clubs and singers. Endless possibilities, no coding skills required!

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Compatible now WooCommerce: Build your ultimate music and merchandise store!

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Ultimate flexibility

Transform your website into a unique and engaging music tour with video backgrounds and the first and only real-time music visualizer, creating that sticky user experience that keeps your followers coming back for more. With Kentha, your website is sure to be a hit.
Check it out now!

By leveraging the power of Visual Composer and drag-and-drop page building with countless shortcodes, any page you can dream up is possible. You don’t need incredible design or development skills, Kentha has done all the hard work for you. Just tailor to your needs, add your content and SHAZAM!

Live example

Features musicians and fans will love

Music sites must meet one thing that matters to music sites – music! That’s why we’re so proud of the music player and other features we’ve found at Kentha. Enables users to navigate while listening, fast-forwarding, rewinding, skipping, or downloading tracks, providing a meaningful experience to discover artist profiles that link to more bios, album catalogs and directly on SoundCloud, BeatPort or Embed links to their latest creations in MixCloud. Kenth and WordPress – it’s all about music.

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Full price: $63


Want to do your own e-commerce? Kentha now supports WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin. We also offer quick features to add playlists of existing albums to any product and easily sell your music online.
more content: This early WooCommerce support is not yet fully functional: we will be adding cooler features and shortcodes like direct cart tracks and more in the next theme version.Store page loads outside of ajax (music stop) for better performance and security requirements

New in Kenta 1.2

radio kenta

player; player

Together with the new powerful Kentha Ajax Page Load, which allows to keep music playing while browsing the page, the revolutionary kenta player Yes The world’s first use of real-time audio spectrum analyzer. This revolutionary feature transforms the listening experience in an engaging moment of active listening, where visitors can literally “see the music!” It’s also a very important feature for producers, DJs and musicians, They can now see real-time analysis of the audio spectrum, making Kentha completely unique. The player also allows 2 different types of spectral analysis – single layer and double layer.
Feature currently only available for MP3 tracks uploaded in the same domain. Desktop and web audio browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are supported, and will soon be extended to other browsers.

Full page video and photo backgrounds

Set full-page video backgrounds for your entire website or any single page, so each album, artist, blog post, or event can have its own specific video background, or fallback image for mobile devices. Enable special effects to fade out background videos and images on page scrolls for optimal reading or use stylish Material Design cards. With Video Backgrounds, you can also set specific timing cues to skip the introductory title or cue the exact moment of the video to set the tone for your content.

interactive card

With Kentha, you can choose from stunning interactive card designs with unique liquid animations for each post type such as tracklists, playlists, artist lineups and content previews. Turn any archived project into a proper interactive player, including time jumping for mp3 podcasts!

Drag and drop page builder

Go ahead and build amazing things with WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) and our own unique custom shortcodes that allow you to create virtually limitless web elements with simple drag and drop. Add carousels, podcasts, events, booking forms, galleries, videos, and more. what are you waiting for? Get started now! Enable special effects to fade out background videos and images on page scrolls for optimal reading or use stylish Material Design cards.

super customizable

Kentha and WordPress are easily customizable using the familiar Theme Customizer, and you can use Live Preview to update your new musician website in real time.

  • 10+ color pickers
  • 4 Google Font Pickers
  • pagination
  • background
  • Logo uploader
  • small parts
  • 2 x Menu Design

…and more – no coding required!

outstanding performance

For optimal performance, Kentha loads minified scripts and CSS to make your site 10x faster than other music WordPress themes. Minify reduces the overall file size of a website by analyzing and rewriting text-based portions of it and extends to scripts, style sheets, and other components that web browsers use to render your website. With these optimal settings and settings, you can get a 98% “A” grade for normal pages on GT Metrix. Without any caching plugins, a good hosting plan can achieve a home page load time of 1.2 seconds and an album page load time of 0.6 seconds.

super responsive

Kentha has been extensively tested and tuned for optimal performance on Android and iOS mobile devices. Features and performance are designed for different devices and mobile connections, so your content scales seamlessly on all modern devices today without any additional work on your part.

automatic installation

Forget about FTP, file uploads and encoding! The Kentha setup process is completely guided by the new Theme Core plugin, which walks you through the installation of plugins and demo content, making it a breeze to get your site up and running in no time.

Automatic theme updates

Kentha includes the powerful Envato Marketplace plugin, allowing one-click automatic updates.

Awesome and clear documentation + video

Kentha comes with an extensive online knowledge base to help you get the most out of your new theme. Well-structured, easy to search and covers every component, so you can easily find details about creating the perfect website. You’ll also find super handy video tutorials that let you follow, pause, rewind, and replay at your own pace. These include screencasts with spoken words for maximum benefit.

Professional support

Our Help Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find answers instantly among thousands of questions and answers, or open a support request and receive your answer within hours.

  • knowledge base
  • forum
  • Author can answer questions
  • Answer technical questions about project features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help include 3rd party assets

Envato Elite Author

We have been the leader in creating WordPress themes for the music industry since 2012. During that time, we brought to the market the most professional and avant-garde music WordPress themes with innovative features and groundbreaking designs. Over 7000+ customers can’t go wrong!

custom shortcode

Add your “Lots of Custom Shortcodes” list here

Professional Music Features

  • Nonstop music player
  • album release
  • podcast
  • artist
  • Activity
  • Booking
  • information
  • Full screen video background
  • Tons of shortcodes

function list

  • Real-Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer (Chrome and Firefox for desktop, more to come)
  • Double Layer Extra Content
  • video backgrounds everywhere
  • Fade out background when scrolling
  • 6 Album Shortcodes
  • Album Archive Playlist
  • Unlimited purchase links
  • Mp3 + Shoundcloud + Mixcloud Podcast
  • Automatic booking form
  • artist’s logo title
  • Automatically linked albums for each artist
  • Revolutionary material design card with built-in player

Extensive WooCommerce support

With Kentha you can build a real music store like iTunes or Beatport, in fact you can add tracks to cart, buy individual MP3 files or entire albums directly from any playlist or player.

Kentha adds tons of custom shortcodes to your music store, like Buy Now links, cart icons on playlists and albums, custom playlists via shortcodes and page builders, and more! You can also add playlists directly in Slider Revolution. The possibilities for selling digital or physical albums and any other type of merchandise are endless.
Kentha provides the most complete WooCommerce implementation and is The only WordPress theme with direct ajax add to cart.

You can add any existing playlist to the product page with a single click, or sell music from the album page without going through the product page.

Definitely another level of music industry standards.

elite writer

We have been the leader in music WordPress themes since 2012, and we consistently bring the most professional and cutting-edge music WordPress themes to the market with innovative features and designs. 6000+ customers can’t be wrong!

Kentha - Nonstop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax - 7

New in Kenta 1.2


== Changelog ==
3.3.1 [2022 February 24]
[x] part-playlis.php and functions.php fixed sanitarization of track prices
[x] Tracks "added to cart" check icon vertical align fix

3.3.0 [2022 January 03]
[x] Plugins update
[x] Artist page > podcasts: thumb clickable if mp3 is missing ( phpincludes/part-archive-item-podcast-small.php )
[x] CUSTOMIZER - WooCommerce single track shop - added option "SEARCH RESULT PAGE DESIGN" to choose trcklist as search result archive design
[x] Edited search.php to include design options
[x] Updated function kentha_custom_number_of_posts to include tracklist case in search

3.2.6 [2021 September 15]
[x] Elementor editor: Updated Kentha Elementor Widget plugin
[x] Elementor editor: Sticky menu is not transparent while editing
[x] Several required updates for Elementor changes have been added
[x] Release buy link No blank if same site

3.2.5 [2021 August 27 ]
[x] welcome-page.php replaced qtt_support_message with  kentha_support_message 

3.2.4 [2021 August 01 ]

[x] Added check for product variable in:
[x] part-eventtable.php added time format custom output

3.2.3 [2021 July 21]
[x] Updates for wp 5.8
[x] Updated Kentha Elementor Widgets plugin

3.2.2 [2021 June 28]
[x] Comments.php loggen in string fix
[x] Updated plugin Theme Core
[x] Schedule mobile switch issue Javascript LOG:

3.2.1 [2021 April 25]
[x] functions.php 336 added conditional check on widget title 
[x] part-related.php fixed filtering, line 35 removed 'true == $add_more &&'
[x] mobile breakpoint up

3.2.0 [2021 March 14]
[x] UPDATED WordPress 5.7 updates
[x] UPDATED WPBakery plugin update to 6.6.0
[x] UPDATED WPBakery widgets attributes fixed "false" titles preset on adding the widget
[x] FIXED Artist podcasts issue click
[x] UPDATED SwipeBox plugin to fix Pinterest share broken
[x] FIXED Artist events order control and or fix 

3.1.9 [2021 February 25]
[x] Elementor icons disabled autoembed

3.1.8 [2021 February 22]
[x] FIXED horizontal centering for play icons in podcast thumbs archive

3.1.7 [2021 February 06]
[x] CAROUSELS elementor widget: improved responsivity and fixed disappearing bug
[x] ADDED twitch icon to Artist 

3.1.6 [2021 February 04]
[x] ADDED Elementor widget "Media Carousel" 
[x] UPDATED plugin kentha elementor
[x] UPDATED css styling
[x] IMPROVED carousel mobile behavior: better support for mobile options in items per row mobile and tablet
[x] ADDED twitch icon to social networks
[x] ADDED compatibility tags for WP and PHP in style.css

3.1.3 [2021 January 25]
[x] CSS WooCommerce images fix

3.1.2 [2021 January 24]
[x] CSS images size fix shop archive

3.1.1 [2021 January 11]
[x] Minor css fixes to playlist Play alignment and texts
[x] WooCommerce CSS play button fixes in playlist

3.1.0 [2021 January 11]
[x] FIX:  Input time cue podcasts timestamp
[x] Updated Theme Core plugins

3.0.8 [2021 January 02]
[x] Faster player in mobile: Kentha player update to 3.0.8
[x] Player improvements for iOS and Android
[x] Player bug fix for release add to playlist and play

3.0.7 [2021 January 01]
[x] NEW! Kentha Elementor Plugin update - added Radio Play button
[x] FIX: CSS Update: delete track icon fix
[x] NEW! Player plugin update - fixed mobile play issue, better caching management

3.0.6 [2020 Dicember 31]
[x] Minor css fixes

3.0.5 [2020 Dicember 30]
[x] Smoother player animation
[x] Player udpate

3.0.4 [2020 Dicember 16]
[x] ttg core plugin update. No theme changes

3.0.3 [2020 Dicember 09]
[x] QT Swipebox plugin updated to 5.6 (required)
[x] WPBakery plugin update to 6.4.2
[x] Updated product icons arrows for single track products and audio products
[x] Social icons align fix

3.0.2 [2020 Dicember 09]
[x] Force disable qt swipebox in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/conf.php

3.0.1 [2020 November 20]
[x] WooCommerce tracklist icon fix (updated file fonts/qt-player-icons/style.css)

3.0.0 [2020 November 19]
If a composer (Elementor or WPBakery) is already installed, that's the preset.
If not, choose one to use only that as required plugin.

[x] Kentha admin page: added page composer option. 
[x] Ajax page load Elementor compatibility
[x] Elementor icons
[x] Test Elementor widgets
[x] Update repo plugins[ajax, elementor, kentha elementor, player, ]
[x] Updated TTG Core - (fixed bug closing tab while moving repeatable fields)
[x] Footer copyright text now accepting links
[x] WooCommerce updates
[x] WP missing style check
[x] test safari (anche demo 10 ecc)
[x] hover bottoni demo
[x] BTN header demo 0 2 big
[x] DEMO: 10 Home Pages demos
[x] DEMO: added all additional pages in Demo 11 (archives, ....)
[x] DEMO: Widgets, off canvas contents, menus
[x] Test ajax page load on elementor pages (start from other pages and click on a Elementor page)
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR Post custom slider fix metas for other post types not posts
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR Hide Old not working on any shortcode
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR : add font size in Product slider
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR : add buttons colors and settings to sliders
[x] Products play icon vertical center fix for new icons
[x] OCDI Demos > Dep on Elementor or WPBakery - Alert Message
[x] Thumbnails demo Elementor
[x] Add all Elementor demos to OCDI
[x] Kentha:  Radio plugin Add verification on the version in the theme
[x] Update plugins in repository
[x] Test WPBakery demos import
[x] Test all Elementor demos import
[x] Update kentha Radio CodeCanyon
[x] Documentation update installation
[x] Documentation update Elementor widgets
[x] New landing pag
[x] Re Tested ajax page load WPBakery Demos
[x] Publish video tutorial home pages
[x] Themeforest design refresh

2.3.1 [2020 October 14]
[x] Woocommerce css update

2.3.0 [2020 October 11]
[x] WPBakery Update
[x] Player: added version 3.0 with full waveform
[x] Player: added new design template always open

2.2.9 [2020 September 28]
[x] QT Swipebox plugin update to v2.2
[x] qt-main-script.js updated, now recalling actively the swipebox on ajax page load
[x] Ajax page load update for new WooCommerce, fix gallery and variable products reload

2.2.8 [2020 September 19]
[x] ADMIN: Now plugin updates are not dismissable anymore, because of users disabling the message and complaining for having outdated plugins
[x] TGMPA Dismiss link removed 'dismiss'  => $this->dismissable 
[x] TGM REMOVED LINE 1111 class-tgmpa-plugin-activation.php // || get_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'tgmpa_dismissed_notice_' . $this->id, true ) 
[x] UPDATED WPBakery to 6.4.0
[x] UPDATED Envato Market plugin
[x] FIXED Demo 10 data for home page search box align
[x] UPDATED AND IMPROVED WooCommerce Royalty Free shop products playlist adding Music genre when playing tracks and fixed duplicated track title

2.2.7 [2020 September 05]
[x] Player udpate for iOS 13.5
[x] WooCommerce templates updates
[x] CSS updates for player

2.2.6 [2020 August 12]
[x] Updated plugin TTG Core for wp 5.5
[x] Updated plugin QT Places for wp 5.5. Please udapte your plugins

2.2.5 [2020 August 04]
[x] Remote.php check plugins only in the installation page (avoid multiple connections)

2.2.4 [2020 June 23]
[x] WooCommerce table min width
[x] WooCommerce update
[x] Remove duplicated button if is a variable product kentha/woocommerce-helpers/kentha-woocommerce-moreinfo.php

2.2.3 [2020 May 13]
[x] Plugins versions

2.2.2 [2020 May 12]
[x] Software title in part-archivetitle.php
[x] ADDED More Info button in tracks playlist WooCommerce
[x] UPDATED WPBakery

2.2.1 [2020 March 26]
[x] FIXED Php issue on functions.php

2.1.9 [2020 March 18]
[x] ADDED support for HTTP shoutcast for KenthaRadio [single-radiochannel.php, part-playlist-radio.php and shortcode-playbutton.php]

2.1.8 [2020 March 08]
[x] ADDED link to artist in product track template and single product details
[x] UPDATED: Qt-Swipebox plugin: fixed touch event issue clicking behind the close button
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce compatibility tempaltes
[x] REMOVEC Revo Slider update nag

2.1.7 [2020 February 18]
[x] single-event.php: removed Coming Soon text for past events and added better artist search

2.1.6 [2020 February 14]
[x] FIXED Album and playlist linking for releases on part-playlist.php

2.1.5 [2020 February 12]
[x] FIXED pagination

2.1.4 [2020 January 31]
[x] ADDED software taxonomy to products, visible only after enabling the Single tracks option
[x] ADDED Software taxonomy thumbnail
[x] ADDED Software thumbnail to the "product track" list and "product track" cards
[x] ADDED Software detail in the single track detail table
[x] ADDED Track products tab in artist single pages
[x] ADDED custom template for the Software taxonomy
[x] ADDED new shortcode Product Search in Page Builder
[x] FIXED availability output for Ghost tracks products (with stock management)
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce templates for version 3.9
[x] added part-pagination-tracklist.php
[x] CSS reduced cards shadow size
[x] UPDATED Kentha Music Player plugin
[x] CSS WooCommerce audio products styles improved
[x] IMPROVED WooCommerce tracks
[x] FIXED conflict on Video Background with WPBakery Page Builder 6.1
[x] REMOVED youtube iframe api hard enqueue in jquery.yourubebackground.js
[x] REMOVED foceful enqueuing of youtube api in functions.php
[x] ADDED getScript for iframe_api in jquery.yourubebackground.js  version 1.0.6 

2.0.2 [2020 January 07]
[x] Page Builder update
[x] Fixed WooCommerce slideshows compatibility issue

2.0.1 [2019 December 11]
[x] Fixed stock check on files

2.0.0 [2019 December 03]
[x] ADDED: WooCommerce: "music genre" "taxonomy
[x] ADDED: WooCommerce: "Single Track" checkbox option to product fields
[x] ADDED: WooCommerce: "royalty type" taxonomy
[x] ADDED: WooCommerce: product artist, label, BPM and duration options (for single track products)
[x] ADDED: Page Builder: shortcode for Single Track products lists
[x] ADDED: Page Builder: shortcode for Single Track products lists small (variant)
[x] ADDED: Page Builder: shortcode for Single Track products cards
[x] ADDED: customizer WooCommerce settings for Single Track shop
[x] ADDED: documentation Single Track Product section
[x] UPDATED PLUGIN Kentha Player
[x] UPDATED PLUGIN Ajax Page Loader

1.7.3 [2019 October 07]
[x] WPBakery Page Builder update 

1.7.2 [2019 August 31]
[x] support link fix in tgm conf.php
[x] WPBakery Page Builder update 

1.7.1 [2019 July 04]
[x] UPDATED Plugin QT ServerCheck: now working also on GoDaddy and other providers
[x] UPDATED Purchase Code authentication url for better hsoting compatibility

1.7.0 [2019 June 27]
[x] UPDATED: TGM Framework
[x] ADDED Authentication screen
[x] ADDED New demo import screen
[x] REMOVED theme dashboard

1.6.3 [2019 June 24]
[x] UPDATED: plugins

1.6.2 [2019 June 17]
[x] UPDATED: Kentha music player plugin 
[x] UPDATED WPBakery Page Builder 

Full Changelog for Kentha Music WordPress Theme

radio kenta

Multisite Compatibility: This theme is no For multisite installations.


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