Landkit - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Landkit – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Buy Landkit – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/technology/software and agency,app,corporate,coworking,creative,elementor,enterprise,hosting,landing,portfolio,rental,saas,service,software,startup


Introduction to the Landkit Elementor Template Library

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Our template gallery allows you to access all pages and sections in Landkit. Click on the “Landkit” icon to access all sections and pages. Continue reading: Landkit Elementor Template Library

Landit – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

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Landkit – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

You can create a stunning, modern website with Elementor widgets. Landkit is made to simplify your work. Landkit includes variables, build tools, documentation, and reusable blocks. It is designed with the most recent design trends in mind. Landkit is minimalist, beautiful and modern.

Landkit lets you build your website without worrying about cross-browser compatibility or designing another page. You will find it easier to use our growing collection of Elementor widgets as well as pre-designed templates.

Design Highlights

  • Modern, beautiful style that can be adapted to most brands
  • For easy file-wide modifications, you can type styles, color styles, and components
  • All images included in the free use license
  • Included are two icons sets: one rich duotone set and one simpler utility set
  • Includes HK Grotesk Pro premium font and a free extended use license (kindly provided by highly talented people). Alfredo Marco Pradeer)

Interactive Highlights

Modern libraries are actively being developed, and are focused on making it easy to attach behavior to elements.

  • Megamenu Navigation: Native Bootstrap markup for rich card-style dropdown menus
  • Animate elements: When elements appear on screen, trigger rich, high-performance animations
  • Parallax – GPU-accelerated scrolling parallax on background and elements
  • Sliders: Gorgeous slider options for logos, testimonials, and inline galleries
  • Photo/Video Zoom – Beautiful image and video zoom that feel like elements have been lifted from the page
  • Typographical text: You can automatically type and delete text
  • Animated Count – Animate count can be adjusted up/down to any number
  • Mapbox Integration allows you to create beautiful, stylized maps
  • Smooth Scrolling – Use smooth scrolling in order to link to other areas of the page


Our documentation can be accessed online at this link:

Trials and dummy data

We encourage you try our themes before buying. Contact us via the support tab to request a trial version.

History of release

v1.0.10 – 2022-01-25

Feature: You can change the primary color of imported content
Update  : Package dependencies
Fix: Use search results to fix the unsafely broken link

v1.0.9 – 2021-12-10

Fix     : Price Table decimal issue

v1.0.8 – 2021-12-01

Fix: Directory separator Issue
Update: Compatible With Windows Hosting
Update: WordPress Standards compliance

v1.0.7 – 2021-08-26

Feature : Compatible With WordPress 5.8
Update: Editor for widget blocks disabled
Update: WP standards for landkit functions
Fix: Account redirection issue fixed
Fix : Fixed an error in the content-none Template
Fix: An issue with the site info widget was fixed

v1.0.6 – 2021-04-10

Feature: Improving the import process
Update - Compatible with OCDI Version 3.0.2

v1.0.5 – 2021-03-11

Feature - Compatible with WordPress 5.7
Fix : Issues with nav_menu Classes

v1.0.4 – 2021-02-12

Fixed: An issue was identified with page templates in the editor.
Fix: Fixed an issue in nav_menu

v1.0.3 – 2021-02-08

Feature : Compatible With Elementor Experiments optimized DOM
Fix     : Customizer Issue
Fix : Header Issue

v1.0.2 – 2020-11-26

Fix : Fixed an issue regarding the search form widget

v1.0.1 – 2020-11-13

Feature - Import enhanced one-click demos
Feature: Figma File Included
Fix it: Fix an issue with action buttons text

v1.0.0 – 2020-11-04

Initial Release


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