Larch-Responsive minimal multipurpose WordPress theme

Larch-Responsive minimal multipurpose WordPress theme

Buy Larch – Responsive Minimal Multipurpose WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/creative and architecture,business,clean,clean design,marketing,minimal,minimalist,modern,newsletter,photography,portfolio


Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch theme

Larch is a stunning modern theme that features a striking design and super frames. The all-in-one package comes with advanced plugins, unlimited customization and large built-in Menus. It also includes WooCommerce design integration and layout options with over 800 Google fonts.

Larch-Responsive Minimal Multipurpose WordPress Theme-1

Fully responsive

Larch looks great on every device, mobile and desktop. A super clean responsive design that fits every screen. You can resize your browser window to see the difference.

Visual page builder

Visual page builder

Larch includes a well-known visual builder. The WPBakery page builders for WordPress are a drag-and drop front-end and back end page builder plug in that can help you save a lot time when creating website content. Programming knowledge not required

One-click demo settings

One-click demo settings

All of the demos in this larch package are included. It is easy to install demo content on this theme. Click once, it’s that easy! !

Powerful management panel

Powerful management panel

Larch includes a powerful management panel and management style options. You can modify the overall theme, logo, menu, language, and social options.

6 Style menu

6 heading/menu styles

Larch offers 6 different menu styles. You can add search icon, topbar, social, woocommerce and top menu. You can also choose from three styles of certain menu items: simple, square, and round.

One page/multiple pages

One page/multipage system

Larch lets users have both a one-page and multi-page website. You can even manage two websites at once with Larch! Select the page template, then use the wp navigation to organize the order. simple!

Unlimited portfolio

CubePortfolio offers an unlimited portfolio

The process of building a portfolio has never been simpler! The real-time template creator allows you to control many aspects, including portfolio type, columns and colors as well as spacing, borders, spacing, borders, and more.

Unlimited colors

Unlimited colors

You can easily and quickly change the theme’s main color using the Larch management panel. You can also modify specific colors using the shortcode in the visual page builder.

Built-in super menu

Built-in super menu

The process of creating a website menu has never been simpler! This template is suitable for both regular WordPress menus and our large menu styles.

Multiple loading methods

Multiple loading methods

There are many styles available for Larch. You can select from the management panel to choose one of these loading options. You can also alter the font, background, and color. You can also disable or enable this website’s loading.

Under construction mode

Mode of construction

If your website isn’t ready for display, activate the under construction mode and pass the larch option. Only logged in users will be able to see it. You don’t need any additional plugins!

Super simple installation and setup

Installation and configuration are very simple

Install themes quickly via WordPress upload/FTP, then use our excellent 1 click Demo Importer to create demo pages, posts sliders, widgets and theme options. It is easy to set up in less than 2 minutes.

Blog type

5 blog types

Larch offers five types of blogs: normal wide, normal with the right sidebar, normal with the left sidebar, and normal with the right sidebar. On both blogs, you can add a left or right sidebar.

Includes Revolution Slider

Revolution slider included (save $18)

A large number of custom transitions/animations for each object, a large number of unique transition effects and many easy-to-set options to create your own effects. This slider can be customized using the drag-and-drop backend.

Woo Commerce ready

Woo Commerce is ready

Larch is a great way to sell your products. WooCommerce 2.0+ is compatible with Larch. enjoy!

7 Contact Form

9 pre-prepared contact forms

Contact form 7 is the plugin we use. You can choose from 9 forms that we have created for you. All you need to do is select them from the WPBakery elements and then contact them using 7. You can also make your own forms.

Translation and Wpml ready

Translation and WPML ready

WPML is compatible 100% with our theme. Larch is also available with or.po file in case you need to translate it. Easy and good!

2400 icons

2400 available icons

You can use many icons from Larch. You can easily find the style that you are looking for by separating them into different categories. A preview of each icon will be provided by the builder.

Custom CSS

CSS Customization

Do you need additional customization? simple! It’s easy! This is a great practice, as it ensures that your custom style is not lost when the theme is changed.

Lots of Google fonts

Google Fonts are available in a large variety of formats

You can control your theme layout by using custom fonts via the larch style option panel. Create your own style using the vast Google font library.

Support and video tutorials

Video tutorials and support

Support is provided for all customers via the support ticket. Larch also includes a variety of documents and high definition operating videos that will help you get started using our theme.

Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

High rankings in search engines. When building it, larch took into account SEO best practices and web standards. It can also be used with many SEO plugins.

Theme Features

  • Included 7 websites!
  • Packaging contains more than 150 UI blocks
  • Last one-click demo import
  • You can offer a lot of pre-designed pages
  • Ready to use WordPress 5.8+? Tested and Approved
  • Included Revolution Slider for $29
  • Includes WPBakery page-builder for WordPress (save 64%).
  • Get the ultimate VC plugin for $25
  • Includes cube combination (save $19)
  • 100% responsive layout
  • Retina ready
  • There are many titles/menu choices
  • Sticky navigation
  • Built-in super menu
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Unlimited color options and styles
  • Advanced footer options
  • Modern, clean design
  • Numerous advanced slider options
  • Constructed with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Compatible with many of the most popular plugins
  • Cross-browser compatibility FireFox Safari, Chrome, IE10 and IE11
  • Compatible with child themes-basic themes for children are included!
  • Advanced customization/theme options
  • All-in-one import/export of themes
  • Multiple blog designs
  • Advanced Options
  • Advanced search options using AJAX results
  • Multi-language/RTL Ready
  • Multiple portfolio design
  • 10 built-in widgets
  • Photo gallery with pop up window and full-screen support
  • Popular plugin design integration
  • WPML Ready
  • Translation ready po/mo file
  • Google fonts system
  • Icons that are great for integrating fonts
  • Built-in social media feed
  • SEO optimization
  • Infinite sidebar, left/right
  • Options for custom page/post
  • Google page speed optimization
  • Advanced typography options
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regularly update new features
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Mail-Chimp communication integration
  • Integration of Twitter
  • Supports videos from all major services (YouTube and Vimeo).
  • SoundCloud provides support audio for any major service (SoundCloud).

*The live preview image is not part the design/theme that will be sold.

Update v2.0 (July 29-21, 21)

[ADDED]Support WP 5.8
[FIXED]Widgets are not loading with WordPress 5.8 
[FIXED]Not loading homepage template mp4 video
[FIXED]Cubeportfolio is not loading with WordPress 5.8
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin

Update v1.9.8 – July 3, 21,

[FIXED]Info Circle Issue on the Latest Version 

Update v1.9.7 (July 1st, 21)

[FIXED]Woocommerce Dropdown Issue 
[FIXED]Painel Options Sidebar Issue
[FIXED]WPML not loading Cubeportfolio
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update v1.9.6 – March 18, 21,

[ADDED]Support WP5.7
[FIXED]Instagram style
[FIXED]Hover for more color
[FIXED]Flip boxes for mobile
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin
[UPDATED] Larch Custom Post Types plugin
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update v1.9.5 (February 23, 21, 21)

[ADDED]Increased compatibility for woocommerce
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin

Update v1.9.4 (20/12/19/20)

[ADDED]WP 5.6: New fixes
[FIXED]Options for template layout
[FIXED]Mobile Top Bar Trigger
[FIXED]Scroll down to see the menu highlights
[FIXED]Menu OnePage
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin

Update v1.9.3 (12/12/20).

[ADDED]Support WP 5.6
[FIXED] Fix Cubeportfolio loading issue
[FIXED]Notifications via contact form
[FIXED]Megamenu alignments
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin (Important update)
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update v1.9.2 (October 13th, 20)

[UPDATED]WP Bakery Page Builder plugin - Important Update

Update v1.9.1 (20 August 29, 20)

[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED]WP Bakery Page Builder plugin
[FIXED]Comments on WP5.5

Update v1.9 (August 15-20, 20)

[ADDED]Support for WP 5.5
[UPDATED] Larch Custom Post Types plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update v1.8.5 (July 3rd, 20)

[ADDED]New Instagram API (Requires Larch update)
[UPDATED] Larch Custom Post Types plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin

Update v1.8.4 (June 6, 20)

[FIXED]Issue with the import options on the admin panels
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin

Update v1.8.3 (May 19, 20,)

[FIXED]Designing a HomePage template
[FIXED]Sidebars issue
[UPDATED]WP Bakery Page Builder plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin

Update v1.8.2 (19 March 19, 20)

[FIXED]Contact forms to input widget sizes
[FIXED]Contact form button color on widgets
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin

Update v1.8.1 (20 January 20, 20)

[UPDATED]WP Bakery Page Builder plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin

Update v1.8 (December 10, 2019,)

[ADDED]Vertical tabs enhancements
[ADDED]Modify the number of Instagram images in footer
[ADDED]Improved resolution for Instagram photos
[FIXED]Self-hosted Video Issue on Some Projects Layouts
[FIXED] Frontend javascript error
[UPDATED]WP Bakery Page Creator
[UPDATED] Larch Post Types plugin

Update v1.7.5 (November 27, 19,)

[FIXED]Social sharing icons for Projects/Posts

Update v1.7.4 (19/11/19)

[ADDED]Support for WP 5.3
[UPDATED] Envato Market plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin

Update v1.7.3 (September 20, 19,)

[FIXED]Element Toggle with Special Tabs
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin

Update v1.7.2 (19 September, 19)

[ADDED]Instagram cache prevents exceeding API limits
[UPDATED]Update required plugins

Update v1.7.1 (September 3, 2019)

[UPDATED]Larch Custom post type plugin
[FIXED] Instagram grayscale option

Update v1.7 (August 30, 2019)

[ADDED] New Instagram API (Need authorization on Larch Options -> Social Networks -> Instagram)
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED]Larch Custom post type plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update v1.6.4 (May 24, 2019)

[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin
[UPDATED]Larch Custom post type plugin
[UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update v1.6.3 (May 11, 19).

[FIXED]Small css problems can be fixed
[FIXED]  Fix missing images

Update v1.6.2 (April 24, 19,)

[FIXED]Issue on blog templates

Update v1.6.1 (April 24, 2019)

[ADDED]Files with new contents
[ADDED]New gif to load posts
[FIXED]Issue WPML Onepage
[FIXED]Chrome issue with smooth scroll activated
[UPDATED]SmoothScroll.js File
[UPDATED]jQuery UI CSS and js
[UPDATED] Utimate Addons plugin

Update v1.6 (March 21, 19).

[ADDED]New Social Icons VK (Yelp), Twitch. Twitch. Houzz. Foursquare. Slack. 
[ADDED] One Click Demo import improvements
[FIXED]  Remove margin on page content div
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Utimate Addons plugin

Update v1.5.3 (December 9, 2018,)

[ADDED] Improve Gutenberg editor compatibility

Update v1.5.2 (15 December 2018)

[FIXED] Improve Grid Ajax Portfolios
[FIXED]Larch Templates for the frontend page builder
[FIXED]Side panel issue with grid Ajax grids
[FIXED]Newsletter style
[UPDATED]Subscribe to our newsletter
[UPDATED]Larch plugin to Version 2.2

Update v1.5.1 (12/12/2018)

[UPDATED]Utimate addons plugin for vs. 3.17.1

Update v1.5 (December 11, 2018,)

[ADDED]WordPress 5.0 Support
[ADDED] Gutenberg Support 
[ADDED] One Click Demo import improvements
[FIXED]Ultimate Addons hover issue in Team Shortcode
[FIXED]Vertical Tabs color issue in version Text + Vertical Styles
[FIXED]Self audio issue on the backend
[FIXED]  Cubeportfolio slider arrows
[UPDATED]Larch Plugin
[UPDATED]WP Bakery page building plugin
[UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
[UPDATED] Utimate Addons plugin
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin

Update v1.4 (20 November 2018)

[ADDED] New Homepage Architecture
[ADDED]Freelancers: New Homepage
[ADDED]Neue Homepage Photography
[ADDED]Wide Shop page
[ADDED]New options for custom pages to hide the start menu
[FIXED]Projects Import problem with cats
[FIXED]CSS Improvements
[FIXED]Notice 404 PHP
[UPDATED]Larch Plugin
[UPDATED] Envato Market plugin

Update v1.3 (8 November 2018)

[ADDED]Boxes for Homepages
[ADDED]Creativity 2: New Homepage
[ADDED]New Maintenance page
[ADDED]New Under-Construction Page
[ADDED]New Blank template
[ADDED]New 404 Page
[FIXED]Navigation issue in the latest projects
[FIXED]ControlNav issue for the latest projects
[UPDATED] Projects pages
[UPDATED]Demo Contents files
[UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin

Update v1.2 (November 6, 2018,)

[ADDED] New Homepage Portfolio
[ADDED]We have something new
[FIXED] Larch portfolio settings
[FIXED]Mobile issue of Overlay Menu 
[FIXED]Color vertical tabs hover
[FIXED]Issue with Vertical tabs Media grid
[FIXED]Minor issue with upper options layout
[UPDATED]Visual Composer

Update v1.1 (October 31, 2018,)

[Added]Neue demo with Overlay Menu
[Fixed]6-Button Header Style
[Fixed]Some elements may have a missing main color
[Improvements] Responsive design


This theme includes a comprehensive help file that includes videos to explain how it works. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems after purchasing the theme.

Support requests will only be considered if they are received between 14:00 and 19:00 (GMT+1), working days, within 24/48 hour.

notes:It may take longer to process requests made via ThemeForest comments, personal messages, email or Twitter, or if they are not resolved at all.

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