Listing Manager Pro-Directory theme for WooCommerce

Listing Manager Pro-Directory theme for WooCommerce

Buy Listing Manager Pro – Directory Theme for WooCommerce best used for wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and ad,advertisement,automotive,business,car,classified,company,directory,event,frontend submission,listing,map,real estate


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Please take a moment and read the following information before you buy

  1. Read the document
  2. PHP version 5.6 is the minimum required, but 7.x is recommended
  3. To run the list manager, you will need to use the WooCommerce plugin.
  4. WooCommerce is a must-know.
  5. You can find almost all the answers in WooCommerce documentation.
  6. All settings are saved in the WordPress customizer

Listing Manager Pro – Directory and listing theme for WooCommerce

Listing Manager Pro is a WooCommerce-based catalog WordPress theme. Your catalog website can be launched immediately. This theme focuses on expanding WooCommerce products and adding new product type called “lists” and “packages”. New listings can be added to WooCommerce as regular products.

A new WooCommerce catalog website can be built with the main advantage that the back-end user workflow is the same. If you’re familiar with adding WooCommerce products to your website, you can also create a new listing. This allows you to extend your catalog website using plugins that support WooCommerce. It is possible to use this method in a WooCommerce catalog payment gateway. You are now free to use it in any other way.

This is the place to go if you want a stable solution and a solid code base. This theme can be used as an introductory framework by new businesses by finding good developers. This theme is a great value for a low price. You can extend the functionality of the theme with a variety of WordPress features and templates engines.

Make a catalog platform

Listing Manager Pro lets you leverage your WordPress knowledge and create powerful catalog websites. The WooCommerce user interface will be easy to understand for even the most experienced users. WooCommerce can be used as a foundation to build complex websites. Because the code is well-structured, all skilled developers will love it. It is also easy to expand through WordPress filters.

Deep WooCommerce integration

Listing Manager Pro is a powerful theme that allows for deep integration with WooCommerce. All WooCommerce product types, including packages and lists, are included in the micropayments theme. This allows us reuse the best features from well-known ecommerce plugins to create catalogue solutions. Our view is that it is not necessary to reinvent the engine. Users can use WooCommerce shopping Carts, checkout, and third-party plugins in order to create catalog websites.

Front-end field generator

In the management area create a custom front end submission form. The front-end forms are broken down into three custom post types, namely forms, field set, and fields. Multiple fields can be grouped together into a field set and assigned to a custom-made form. Before adding a submission, the user can select from the list forms. The field builder can only be used for front-end forms. These options do NOT apply to forms that are located in the management area.

Type of listed product

To create a new product, change the product type from “list” to make the new field available. We added address, phone numbers, social, events and many other fields.

Submission Front End

This directory theme allows users to submit their submissions via the front end. To publish the list, you don’t need to grant access to the WordPress backend. There are many predefined custom fields that the plugin supports. It is easy to add, delete or reorder fields. Listing Manager Pro has a field editor that lets you modify any field without needing to change the source code. The theme comes with WordPress filters so you can create your own business logic to populate the front-end fields.

Google Map

Listing Manager Pro allows you to use Google Maps with shortcodes and widgets. There are many interesting options in the map. You can create your own filter structure, flexible toolbar and redirect URL.

WooCommerce Member Support

By selecting the “Memberships” option in “Customizer – Listing Manager Submission”, you can enable WooCommerce membership support in the plugin. You can also create your plan. The plug-in supports largest. The number of lists allowed per plan. There are no other options, but we can help you find it. Note that WooCommerce subscriptions plugins and memberships are not included in the package. You will need to purchase them separately.

Packaging system

You can easily create unlimited packages, and your customers will be able to choose the packages that best suit their needs. You can also create a package using WooCommerce’s special WooCommerce product category called “package”. Once you select this product type, the packaging fields will be shown. After the package has been added to the shopping basket, the user can proceed to checkout. The user will receive a notice when the package is about expires. This notice can then be extended.


Micropayments are a great way to monetize your site. There are three types of micropayments that can be used to publish, feature and declare the list. All micropayments use regular WooCommerce products but have a special product type, “micropayment”. You only need to create a micropayment and then assign the correct product to “Customizer-Listing Management Micropayments”. The transaction fee is the same as when you purchase regular WooCommerce products. Therefore, the microtransaction will be added to the shopping basket and the user will need to checkout.

Claim list

Each list can be declared if it is not already. Site administrators approve or reject claims after receiving a request. To declare the list, we have created a micropayment. Listing Manager Pro lets you charge users to declare the list.

Favorites list

This plug-in supports favorites lists. The core contains functions. The core will allow users to quickly collect and view their favorites lists on the front-end. Shortcode is used to process the front-end favorites list. To access the favorites list, you must authenticate.

Report list

Users may report violations of rules to administrators. Accepting or rejecting report queries always requires administrator approval, so you don’t have to worry about automatically unpublishing the list from false reports. Only authorized users have access to the report list.

real estate

Listing Manager Pro includes real estate-specific functions. You can add attributes and assign locations or categories. You can map attributes to agents, then companies to agents. It is all designed to allow the greatest flexibility in creating real-estate solutions.

Plug-in support: Reference number, construction Year, Room, Contract (such as Rent, Sale, or Purchase), Bathroom, Bedroom, Garage, Parking Space, Residential Area, Plot Size.

Custom filter

There are more than ten pre-made filters that can be used to search for content in the plugin. To access advanced filtering capabilities, you don’t need to install third party plug-ins. You can still use well-known WooCommerce filters plugins. Because the plugin is built on WooCommerce, they will work as expected.

Comment rating for custom list

For your review form, you can add unlimited star rating areas. Each rating can be given a name, number of stars and any required attributes. Once the review is submitted, the average rating for the list will be assigned. You can create new ratings under “Listing Manager – Review Ratings”.

Translation available

The translation function wraps all strings correctly, so it is no problem to use the translation plugin. The translation directory can be found under the language folder.

It is crucial to have a high quality code

Listing Manager Pro focuses on code quality. Everything is well-coded and structured. Developers would love to create new features. We use classes and namespaces to describe everything so it is easy to find the code. Another thing is that we use annotations for do_action.()Do_filter().

This feature is available

  • WooCommerce supports fully front-end submissions, parcel system, claim form, inquiry forms, login, registration. Change password, update password. Google Maps, activity start support. Contact information. Set list GPS, stats, brand information. Business hours. Report Price Support, Price Format, Favorite List, Question Support after Login. Location and Facility Support, Social Contact Support, Social Contact, Translation Preparation, Writing List Reviews.

v1.0.6 – 01/15/2018

* FEATURE: "Customizer - Listing Manager Submission - Roles" only certain roles has an access to submission form
* FEATURE: packages widgets "Listing Manages: Packages" 
* FEATURE: listings widget improvements: show pagination, order and order by options
* FEATURE: Get overview about all custom fields: Admin Bar -> Listing Manager - Front End Field
* FEATURE: See all cron jobs under: Admin Bar -> Listing Manager - Cron
* IMPROVEMENT: favorite list has direct link to remove
* IMPROVEMENT: raising errors in shortcodes
* IMPROVEMENT: plugin activation refactoring
* IMPROVEMENT: updated libraries 
* IMPROVEMENT: submission form CSS classes
* IMPROVEMENT: video field description
* IMPROVEMENT: stream template checks
* IMPROVEMENT: categories widget has settings for limiting parent & child term number
* IMPROVEMENT: customization options
* IMPROVEMENT: display currency for price fields
* IMPROVEMENT: performance
* IMPROVEMENT: updated translation catalogue 
* FIX: company listing count
* FIX: admin actions
* FIX: submission fields processing
* FIX: front end listing submission save price
* FIX: shortcode notices
* FIX: packages extend information
* FIX: listing update with active membership
* FIX: customization disabled forms    


  • Images from our demo website are not included in the package. The downloadable package only contains placeholders.


Label:Event, map, classified, ad., car., business., company. Catalog, front-end submission. Listing, real estate.


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