Love car | WordPress photography theme

Love car | WordPress photography theme

Buy iCarus | Photography Theme for WordPress best used for wordpress/creative/photography and agency,audio,creative,design,filterable,fullscreen,isotope,kenburns,photography,portfolio,responsive,restaurant,staff,studio,wpml


ICarus Full Screen Studio for WordPress-1

WPML ( and localization are available!

iCarus, a full-screen responsive WordPress theme with multiple full-screen posts, is called a full screen responsive studio theme. It features a full-screen homepage that includes a product/service block. Customers can showcase their most valuable products on this page. It also has short codes like testimonials and employee blocks, which makes it great for agencies, photography, design, or video studios. This theme is compatible with WPML. The social header area has been specifically designed for WPML widgets. The theme features advanced theme options, a shortcode generator, and intuitive page option selector controls.

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Support forum button
Support forum button

ICarus Full Screen Studio for WordPress-2




Dark skin



The responsive iCarus theme can be used with any device. It can adapt to different layout settings depending on device resolution. You can test the functionality by changing the browser window size and navigating from your device.

Advanced Options

  • Optional unbranded themes
  • Option settings for theme export and import
  • Shortcode generator
  • Multi-color options
  • Google font selection
  • Intuitive control

Full screen post.

  • Full screen slideshow, with/without thumbnails, subtitles/subtitles
  • Slideshow with audio on full screen
  • Ken Burns Slide
  • Photo Wall
  • YouTube video
  • Vimeo video
  • Static image


  • Scrolling can cause a stuck menu. When the page is scrolled, the transparent menu dims.
  • Every post, page, and portfolio can have a sidebar with left, right, or no sidebar (full-width).

The title of the portfolio after support is

* Images * Slides * Vertical image collections * Slide thumbnails in a column grid * Based on filterable widgets. Only applicable to filterable portfolio sets Disabled for other users. * Portfolio thumbnail gallery can be ajax-based, filterable or column-based.

  • Mobile menu with search field.
  • Backgrounds can be set as images or slideshows. There are many options. (From the current page/post, full screen post, or theme option)
  • Column-based blogs or full-width blog posts
  • Background: Image/slide
  • Both light and dark skin types are supported by the color picker.
  • AJAX Portfolio Homepage
  • Based on filterable widgets. Only applicable to portfolio sets that are filterable. Disabled for other.

Blogs are ideal for creative professionals and photographers

  • Full-width blog list
  • Blog list with sidebar (2 columns).
  • One full text post
  • Single post with sidebar

Format for Post

  • Vocal
  • Video
  • Gallery (slideshow).
  • picture
  • Other than
  • Get a Quote
  • Associate

Portfolio (custom post type)

  • Portfolio tab
  • Portfolio work
  • Ajax composition with filters
  • 1 column combination
  • Combination of 2 columns
  • Combination of 3 columns
  • Combination of 4-columns
  • Supports image attachment thumbnail shortcodes of lightboxes.
  • Password protected portfolio

Portfolio post support (custom post type)

  • Slide title
  • Video title
  • Title
  • Set vertical image
  • Related Portfolio Block

Shortcode generator

  • Staff
  • Testimonials
  • Capitular
  • Divider
  • Pull quotes
  • We are focusing
  • Photo frame
  • Thumbnail and light box
  • Slides/titles with/without lightboxes/
  • Liste
  • Google Map
  • Audio shortcode
  • Notify
  • Liste
  • Separator section title
  • Label
  • accordion
  • Change

Small tools

  • Address
  • Social icons
  • Flickr
  • Gallery
  • Twitter
  • Similar combinations
  • Recent posts
  • Popular posts
  • Video


  • Send us a template
  • Each post format requires a separate blog post template.


* Multiple sidebars * Advanced theme options * Use theme options to change theme colors * More than 400 Google web font choices * Support description menu * Lots of useful shortcodes and shortcode generators


Helpful PDF guide. Instructions and screenshots. Step-by-step instructions for creating a theme.

XML demo dataDownloads (make sure you use demo data to build your site quickly)

Include PSD

Version 1.6

Fix: Shortcode Generators For WordPress 3.9
     :- /functions/shortcodegens/[all files and folders]

Version 1.5

FIX - Theme options styles for WordPress 3.8
Touch Swipe slideshows fullscreen for mobiles

/framework/admin/[all files and folders]
/framework/options/[all files and folders]

Version 1.4
2nd of August 2013

Fix - WP3.6
    :- /framwork/admin/js/postmetaboxes.js

Add - Google Webfonts List Updated
    :- framework/options/google-fonts.php

Fix - Removed
    :- single-portfoliogallery.php

Add - All other audios in a bloglist that are in playback will be paused when the first is in playback
    :- /includes/postformats/audio.php

Version 1.3
9th July 2013

Fix - Chrome & Safari bugs
    :- /css/responsive.css
    :- /css/supersized/supersized.shutter.css
    :- style.css

Version 1.2
15th June 2013

Twitter has a new API 1.1
    :- /widgets/twitter/[all files]
    :- /functions.php

Add - Font selection Slideshow title
Add - Theme options allow you to control the menu header transparency
    :- /framework/options/options-data.php
    :- /functions/scriptcalls/[all files]
    :- /css/dynamic_css.php

Version 1.1
9th June 2013

Additional theme options available
Change the background color of the menu header
Slideshow page controls disabled/enabled for homepage/other pages
    :- /framework/options/options-data.php
    :- /header.php
    :- /includes/background/slideshow_bg.php
    :- /includes/featured/supersized.php
    :- /css/dynamic_css.php

For iPad/Tablet responsive features, adjust logo left aligned - better view of fullscreen slideshow
    :- /css/responsive.css

WPML plugin activation activates the WPML language selector
    :- /header.php
    :- /style.css

WPML wpml-config.xml file update

iCarus for WordPress Changelog
Version 1.0 launched
8th June 2013


(Photos not included in the download pack) All photos purchased through Photodune Music

Blender Foundation videos


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