Metreex-SEO Marketing WordPress Theme

Metreex-SEO Marketing WordPress Theme

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Metreex is an advanced landing page package with pixel-perfect design that pays attention to details related to search engine optimization and digital marketers agencies. It is designed specifically for SEO and digital advertising agencies.

  • 12 unique home stylesYou can do more
  • Inside Pages 15+
  • One-click demo installation:One-click demo will appear, which allows you to instantly view and install the demo. This theme feature will be of great help to you in many ways.
  • You can get the $64 drag-and-drop page builder for freeThis option is extremely expensive, but it is available for free. Drag and drop page builders will allow you to change the image or page by simply dragging.
  • Theme options that are powerful: Why use themes? For powerful options, themes are a must. Metreex also offers the most theme options.
  • Sidebars, full-width pages and blog layouts:The sidebar features can be accessed from the left or right. You can also choose from full-width pages or blog layouts.
  • Unlimited color mode:There are many color options. You can choose from the many shades available by the company.
  • Fully responsive layout (PC/tablet and mobile phone)It should be responsive to allow users to use the theme on all media such as desktops, mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It is fully responsive and offers amazing user experience.
  • Modern responsive mobile navigation: Navigation is an important part of any website. This theme offers responsive mobile navigation that allows users to navigate your site.
  • Support Google fonts The font should be appealing and catchy. It should be simple and creative. These themes are compatible with Google fonts.
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap.x
  • 12-column grid system
  • HTML5/CSS3 W3C valid
  • Woocommerce is now available: Combining WordPress and Woocommerce can create something striking. This theme is Woocommerce-ready.
  • Sidebar/full-width layouts for store and product pagesThe theme layout has full width which allows for a great product display.
  • SEO optimized to search engines
  • Google Analytics is ready
  • Modern responsive mobile navigation
  • Flaticon 100+ vector icons
  • Icons of flat PNG
  • Font Awesome Retina Ready 675+ Vector Icons v5.11.0
  • Formula for SEO Analysis
  • Validation form for SEO analysis
  • Subscribe to MailChimp for Work
  • MailChimp validation
  • More than 600 Google web Fonts can be used
  • Power Elite support, and regular updates
  • Guidelines for file and code structure documentation
  • Translation ready (including the.pot file).
  • More…

Metreex-SEO Marketing WordPress Theme-10

1.3.3 - 16th November, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. PHP 8.0 issues fixed
3. CSS Fixed

1.3.2 - 29th August, 2021
1. Fixed dropdown issue in template files
2. CSS Fixed

1.3.1 - 23rd Aug, 2021

1. For a single post, you can add custom attributes
2. Demo Import Formate Updated
3. CSS Fixed

1.3.0 - 27th July, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. Compatible issues in WP 5.8 fixed
3. JS fixed
4. CSS Fixed

1.2.9 - 19th June, 2021
1. Woocommerce issues fixed
2. CSS Fixed

1.2.8 - 07th June, 2021
1. Speed optimized
2. Demo data updated
3. CSS Fixed

1.2.7 - 22nd May, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. Updated Translation File (.pot).
3. Backend loading time optimized
4. CSS Fixed

1.2.6 - 10th May, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2.Convertplug plugin update
3. Responsive CSS fixed

1.2.5 - 7th April, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. Issues with the dashboard console fixed

1.2.4 - 09th March, 2021
1. Resolved single button issue
2. JS fixed

1.2.3 - 25th February, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. Updated JS Composer plugin
3. CSS files optimized

1.2.2 - 16th February, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. Improved page speed
3. CSS files optimized
4. JS files updated

1.2.1 - 3rd February, 2021
1. Optimization options added in Theme Options > General Options
2. Optional lazy load
3. Improved page speed
4. Demo data updated
5. CSS files are updated
6. JS files updated

1.1.9 - 11th January, 2021
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. CSS fixed

27th Dec 2020
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. PHP irror fixed
3. Demo-data update
4. CSS fixed

1.1.7 - 12th December, 2020
1. FAQs Meta data option added
2. Option for responsive logo added
3. Response issue fixed

1.1.6 - 2nd December, 2020
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. Convertplug plugin update
3. Updated JS Composer plugin
4. CSS fixed

1.1.5 - 15th October, 2020
1. Archive page issues fixed
2. CSS fixed

1.1.4 - 30th September, 2020
1. Updated the theme required plugins
2. CSS fixed

1.1.3 - 27th August, 2020
1. Issues regarding the length of templates

1.1.2 - 27th August, 2020
1. Fixed post type template link issues

1.1.1 - 27th August, 2020
1. Typography issues with post type templates fixed
2. Fixed issues with post type excerpt length 
3. Link added to post type disable
4. Headers & Footers scripts added in section
5. Updated the theme required plugins
6. Issues with the image input field fixed 
7. Preloaderbacground options available
8. CSS fixed

1.1.0 - 21th August, 2020
1. WPBakery Page Building Update
2. JS console issues fixed
3. Updated Child themes
4. CSS fixed

1.0.9 - 20th August, 2020
1. Fixed blog options issues
2. Blog excerpt length issues fixed
3. Woocommerce template update
4. CSS fixed

1.0.8 - 18th August, 2020
1. For heighten logo, inner page wrapper spacing issues were corrected
2. VC element edit issues fixed
3. Footer widget not working, images cannot be uploaded
4. Updated the theme required plugins
5. CSS fixed

1.0.7 - 14th August, 2020
1. Compatibility issues with WP5.5 fixed
2. Updated the theme required plugins
3. CSS fixed

1.0.6 - 13th August, 2020
1. Compatibility issues with WP5.5 fixed
2. Updated the theme required plugins
3. CSS fixed

1.0.4 - 29th July, 2020
1. Addition of social links
2. Fixed footer social link issues
3. CSS fixed

1.0.3 - 27th July, 2020
1. Fixed Header post type issues
2. Section Post type issues fixed
3. Fixes Footer Post Type Issue
4. Updated the theme required plugins
5. A new element has been added
6. CSS fixed

1.0.2 - 5th July, 2020
1. RTL issue fixed
2. JS fixed

1.0.1 - 1st July, 2020
1. RTL supported
2. Fixed Menu Issue
3. Header option update
4. CSS fixed


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