Meup-Campaign WordPress Theme

Meup-Campaign WordPress Theme

Buy Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and ads,agency,booking,concert,directory,event,events,listing,marketplace,multi vendor marketplace,multiple vendor,online ticket,sport,tickets,webinar


Meup is not just an event template but also a catalog listing marketplace wordpress theme. It will help you manage local and global catalog websites, as well as create, maintain, and profit. To make a market platform, vendors can submit their activities to Meup.

Additionally, the theme is suitable for business, concert, conference, business, reservations and sports events. Our theme allows you to scan the QR code on your ticket. This helps eliminate the pressure from the registration process and allows you to sell tickets online.

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We offer user and supplier accounts to help you view demos and publish activities.

Supplier account:

User/Pass: Demo/Demo


User/Pass: customer/customer123

Video installation, import demo data, configure theme

Campaign WordPress Theme

Powerful search function

Meup offers a search tool that allows customers to filter events based on their requirements.

This topic offers 2 search options:

-Quick search with 3 fields.

Advanced search form that includes various fields such as event name, category and location, price, object, duration, start and end dates, price, location, cost, price, location, or location.

Map: Ajax search results are available in Map

Get involved in virtual and real events

-Online events: The supplier will provide passwords and links so customers can log into the webinar (Zoom, Google Meeting).

-Offline activities : Suppliers can create a seat map or a seat code list to enable customers to choose their seats.

Supplier function

This feature is essential if you want to sell tickets online for other event organizers. Meup’s supplier function can be compared to other event marketplace templates.

Before you submit an incident, make sure the supplier has selected the software package that was installed by the administrator.

This feature allows suppliers create and submit incidents. It also tracks sales.

  • Set event

    • You can add basic information about the event such as name, description, category, label and label.

    • Suppliers have the ability to set up recurring or normal events, ticket types and pricing plans. They can also create coupons, taxes, maps, tax, and other relevant information.

    • To attract visitors, add videos and event galleries.
    • Add reservation cancellation policy

    • Add an event calendar

  • The introduction is available here:

    • Personal information can be added

    • Add buttons to social media sites
    • Information about your bank account

  • Track sales

    • Suppliers will be able to see sales, profit and number of tickets. They can also view sales reports that are divided by year, months, and time periods.

    • Export tickets and reservations as CSV files.

  • Manage your wallet

    • Select a Payment Method

    • Supplier: You may withdraw the amount at anytime.

    • Manage exit history

Sign in

Meup’s signin function makes it very easy for organizers not to feel pressure during registration.

The theme offers 2 sign-in options for suppliers.

  • Register directly on the website. To find ticket information, suppliers only need to type a few characters from the QR code into the search form.

  • Check-in Application: The supplier will scan the QR code for a ticket using the camera on the mobile phone.

Detail page for various dictionaries lists

You can list your activities using different options:

  • Half map

  • Boxed Page

  • Full page
  • Enter 1-2 columns
  • Enter columns 1-3
  • Enter 2-2 columns
  • Input 2-3 columns
  • Type 4 grid
  • Type 5 grid


Visitors can view the calendar and see the date so that they can select the right date. You can display your calendar in a variety of ways, including list, week, month, and day.

Online booking

Following a few easy steps, customers can book tickets online.

  • On the booking calendar, select a date that you would like to attend the event
  • Select the ticket type and how many votes you want

  • Insert the discount code.

  • Please enter some personal information

  • Pay by either offline, or via WooCommerce’s payment gateways, like Stripe, Paypal, or Payone

  • Make payment through the checkout form

Notifications by email:

-Confirmation Email: A confirmation email will be sent to the customer after they have paid the ticket. It will contain the order information as well as the ticket PDF that was attached to the QR code.

-Reminder email to the customer: The reminder email will be sent to the customer a few days prior.

Outstanding features

-Package : The administrator can set up packages so that the supplier can choose, before they submit the event.

-Venue function. This function allows organizers to select a venue that is available or create a new one.

-Manage Location: You can set multiple cities and states

-Add unlimited events

-Create manually reservations for each event. This is important when an administrator wishes to add orders from customers that were booked either over the phone or by telephone.

Add unlimited custom fields to the booking form

-Add/update your membership

-Complete elements for the homepage: You can support all elements of the elements within the homepage

Cancellation/refund of Reservations: If the reservations are in compliance with the cancellation policy, the customer may cancel the reservation.

-Easily modify the templates of main functions within the sub-themes

-Manage payments: View payment history.

Manager sales report: Sales report by year, month, and time period

-Administrator User Report: The number of registered users by year, month, or time period

Features that are global

All plug-ins included in the free offer: No need to purchase plug-ins.

-Update Unlimited Time

-GTMetrix: The 96 points

Predefined houses – 2

To build content, you can use the Elementor Page Builder

Use Elementor page builder for header/footer. You can easily update/delete elements in your header/footer using Elementor.

-Multiple custom elements for the page builder

-One-click demo content

-On-site customization

Modify typography easily in customization

-Unlimited colors

-Wide box layout

-Blog with sidebars (left/right/no)

-Contact Form 7

-Includes many font icons

-Google Font

Allow the use of custom fonts

SEO optimization

Compatible with -Browser

-Speed ​​performance

Grid system at -1170px

24/7 Support

-Step-by-step documentation

Campaign WordPress Theme

Change log

Version 1.3.6-November 16, 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.3.6

- Update Event List plugin to version 1.3.6
+ Edit Ticket - Change Icon
+ Display end date of event fixed
+ Add hook to calculate Vendor's profit
+ Add Filter Show/hide Type of Event (physical/online), when creating an event

Login to update Ova to version 1.1.5
+ Update some Javascript

Version 1.3.5-October 1, 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.3.5

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.3.5
+ Add filter show/hide Remaining Ticket Popup: el_show_ticket_remaining_popup
+ When creating a user, add send password reset mail
+ Add Event Type (Online/Offline), to Search
+ Add: Search Ticket Number, Booking ID and Name Customer to the Backend ticket.
+ Event Schema Update

+ Fix Search Cart Element
+ Fix color Wishlist active
+ Event Card Template: Fix Time UI
+ Fix UI Dropdown
+ Fix duplicate seat code

- Update Ovatheme Framework to Version 1.1.5
+ Change the file name SCSS

Version 1.3.4-July 28, 2020

Update Theme Version 1.3.4
+ Update theme Compatibility WordPress 5.8

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.3.4
+ Update some code for fix RTL

- Update Ovatheme Framework to Version 1.1.4
+ Update some code for fix RTL

- Update code Map Pro Plugin

Version 1.3.3-July 13, 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.3.3

- Update EventList Plugin to Version 1.3.3
+ Book a Fix WPML Display Ticket
+ Fix display notice error in REST API

Version 1.3.2-July 10, 2020

Update Theme Version 1.3.2

- Update EventList Plugin to version 1.3.2
+ Fix small error.

Version 1.3.1-July 1, 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.3.1

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.3.1
+ Remaining Ticket Code in Schedule Time
+ Fix error Javascript in Seat Map

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin Version 1.1.3
+ Update Feature Element

Version 1.3.0-June 25, 2021

Update Theme Version 3.0

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.3.0
+ Resolve any remaining tickets with the Seat Map

Update Ovatheme Login to Version 1.1.4
+ Improve Mail template after user register user successfully.

Version 1.2.9-June 23, 2021

Update Theme Version 1.2.9

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.2.9
+ Add a new card event template (Type 6)
+ Add Schedule Time to Disable Date.
+ Unlimited Payout Method in the Admin
+ Display coupon code per ticket type
+ Book a special ticket
+ Max Max change allowed on special day
+ Enhance Searching

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin Version 1.1.2
+ Import Element

Version 1.2.8 – May 20, 2021

- Update theme version 1.2.8

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.2.8
+ Add Schedule Time to Recuring Event
+ Add option: Book before x minutes
+ Add Policy on Event Detail Page
+ Event to Improve Cart
+ Add images to Event Description Section

+ Fix code for Elementor Version 22.8

Version 1.2.7 – May 4, 2021

Update Theme Version 1.2.7

- Update EventList Plugin to Version 1.2.7
+ Add setting that allows show/hide the remaining tickets
+ Fixed profit for cancellations
+ Enhance UX when vendors create events with empty fields.
+ Update Demo Data

Version 1.2.6-April 19, 2021

- Update theme version 1.2.6
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.2.6
+ Fix Event Grid Element
+ Update Code

Version 1.2.5 – April 10, 2021

- Update theme version 1.2.5

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.2.5

+ Add: Manage Payout for admin and Withdraw from vendor
+ Add: Display hierarchy category.
+ Add: Option Show featured in Event Search Map
+ Add: Show number Tickets in Calendar
+ Add Duplicate event for vendor

+ Update label Spanish in Calendar Setting

+ Enhance: UX to display payment method

+ Fix: Save on multiple clicks to apply the coupon

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin Version 1.1.1
+ Fix Feature Element

Version 1.2.4 – February 7, 2021

- Update theme version 1.2.4

- Update EventList Plugin to version 1.2.4
+ Add Terms and Conditions to the Checkout Form
+ Add: Customers can create an account during checkout
+ Fix 2 events in the same place in Map Element
+ Fix WPML

- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin version 1.1.3
+ Allow Override Template in Child Theme

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin Version 1.1.0
+ Fix Header Top Page Element

Version 1.2.3-December 22, 2020

Update Theme Version 1.2.3

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.2.3
+ Fix Map Javscript in WordPress

Version 1.2.2 – November 4, 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.2.2
+ Add footer to Location

- Update EventList Plugin to version 1.2.2
+ Fix Select2 Javascript for Dropdown Categories
+ Fix Search Event With WPML Plugin
+ Cancel Booking with Update UX
FontAwesome: + Update

- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin version 1.1.2
+ Fix WPML
FontAwesome: + Update

- Update Ovatheme Framework Plugin Version 1.0.9
+ Get the latest CSS

Version 1.2.1-October 17, 2020

Update Theme Version 1.2.1

- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.2.1
+ Fix pages using WPML
+ Fix duplicate tickets in Register Free Event
+ Fix allow store unicode for ticket

Update Ova Login Version 1.1.1
+ Add an option page

Version 1.2.0-September 7, 2020

- Update Theme Version 1.2.0
- Update EventList Plugin to Version 1.2.0
+ Fix some javascript problems in wordpress 5.5

- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.
+ Fix instagram

Version 1.1.9-August 18, 2020

- Update theme version 1.1.9
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.1.9
+ Fix error javascript
+ Fix searching for a manual calendar.

Version 1.1.8

Update Theme Version 1.1.8
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.1.8
- Create a cron job to update the event's start date.
- Fix the recurring event display.
- Speed up your search: You must save all events.
- Improvement: Display related events only in the category of current event
- Enhance: PDF tickets allow for customization easily

Version 1.1.7

- Update theme version 1.1.7
- Update EventList Plugin to Version 1.1.7
+ Add Cancel Booking/Order Event
+ Additional: Allow for custom PDF tickets in the child theme
+ Fixed a problem with checkout in a PHP version.
+ Fix display in mobile menu
+ Add another resovled

Version 1.1.6

Update Theme Version 1.1.6
- Update EventList Plugin to Version 1.1.6
+ Add: embed URL like: Soundcloud or YouTube in Video Url
+ Add: Hook Show/Hide External Link when making a New Ticket
+ Add: A vendor can check their event by submitting an application.
+ UX Update: Click the heart icon to update your wishlist
+ Latest: Language
+ Update: Menu account element
+ Correct: Incorrect footer on some vendor pages
+ Fix Export Order
+ Fix: The event title will be changed and the slug name will also change
+ WPML Fix with some settings
+ Fix: Start time in Reminder email
Update Ova Login Version 1.1.0
+ Update Javascript and Language File

Version 1.1.5

- Update Theme Version 1.1.5
+ Update some CSS
- Update Event List plugin to version 1.1.5
+ Add: To update the ticket status in Manage Tickets, click on the Add button
+ Additional: QR Code allows you to locate tickets
+ Fix: Upgrade from vendors to users with default package
+ Increase: UX for Booking Event
+ Update: Show your appreciation page when you book events.

Version 1.1.4

Update Theme Version 1.1.4
Update Event List plugin to version 1.1.4
+ Add: Web-based check-in ticket
+ Add all authors to page: Create a page with template attribute author in page.
+ Add an external hyperlink for events
+ Allow WooCommerce to use Mail System plugin to process payments You can use Order Mail from WooCommerce by adding the code below to functions.php.
add_filter( 'el_new_order_use_system_mail', function(){ return false; } );
+ Add hook to display default page in manage vendor
+ Add link, password, and other information to your online ticket 
add_filter( 'el_manage_vendor_default_page', function(){ return 'listing'; } );
Other hooks in manage vendor
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_general', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_my_listing', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_create_event', true ) ;
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_package', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_mybooking', true );
apply_filters( 'el_manage_vendor_show_wishlist', true );
+ Add filter: Show past events when you choose to display features event.
apply_filters( 'el_show_past_in_feature', true );
+ Add Event Attendance Mode to Schema
+ Manage vendor to update your membership report
+ Increase behavior when clicking the download button in Manage Event of Vendor.
+ Fix fatal error in Woocommerce backend order status update 
Update Ova Login Version 1.0.9
+ Allow you to send emails from a new account.
+ Add checkbox conditions to register an account
Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.7
+ Improve Menu Account element

Version 1.1.3

- Update Theme Version 1.1.3
Update Event List plugin to version 1.1.3
+ Fix: When registering a new seller, set default package.
+ Fix: Sale Report in General Tab of Vendor
+ Fix: Some problems relate payment gateway. Add hook to allow show/hide fields within WooCommerce's Billing Detail.
+ Add: Allow show/hide to create an event button
Update Ova Login Version 1.0.8
- Add words to your language file

Version 1.1.2

- Update Theme Version 1.1.2
Update Event List plugin to version 1.1.2
+ Add: Allow the customer to add a private description per ticket.
+ Add hook for event booking
+ Add: Vendor can preview event
+ Add: A reminder email regarding the start of an event
+ Additional: To pay the package, you will need to select Product from WooCommerce
+ Add: Hook to hide/show the content of package at frontend
+ Update: Customize color settings
+ Fix: When deactivate WooCommerce
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.1.
+ Fix color setting in Step Plan element

Version 1.1.1

- Update theme version 1.1.1
+ Update author image in comment
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.1.1
+ Add: add option for Event Name Slider element
+ Add: Add hook to request address or phone number in booking form
+ Add: Export custom checkout in Manage Booking, Tickets
+ Add: Mail Template
+ Fix: upload an image to the user
+ Fix: Fix some CSS
+ Fix: Set Quantity when Booking Package
+ Fix: Some words can be changed in APP
+ Fix: check permission create event 
+ Fix: Show Custom Taxonomy to Vendors when you make an event
+ Update: Comment image available from profile
+ Update: Display the UX of custom taxonomy frontend
Update Ova Login Version 1.0.7
+ Add some hooks for developer
+ Add Mail template for new event, new vendor 

Version 1.1.0

- Update theme version 1.1.0
+ Fix auto translator Header, Footer when you use WPML plugin
- Update EventList Plugin to version 1.1.0
+ Add: Unlimit Custom Field to booking form
+ Add: Unlimit Custom Taxonomy Event Filter in Search Form
+ Admin can manage any event. Sales, Bookings and Tickets.
+ Add: Allow the user to upgrade to a vendor and downgrade their user account
+ Add: Report spam events to admin or vendor
+ Membership can be edited by admin
+ Add button to gallery banner
+ Enhance feature and UX package in vendor
+ Woo in PHP to fix payment
+ Fix, add review, comment on new events
+ Update some words
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0
+ Fix background size in “Heading Top Page” Element

Version 1.0.9

Update Theme Version 1.0.9
- Update Event List plugin to version 1.0.9
+ Add Name Customer in Mail Booking
+ Add hook allow display complete, Pending to Manage booking admin
+ Allow Admin Changes to Package Plans per Event
+ Register User and Add Email Confirm Field to Booking Event
+ Add WhatsApp to a share event
+ Additional: User logs into their computer to view auto-updated information.
+ Add: Option You will need to log in to book an event
+ For sending email, fix empty mail content
+ Send a ticket to Customer or Vendor to fix the problem when you book via Woocommerce's payment gateway.
+ Fix Vendor display event listing
+ Send mail to fix problem bookings, when you use WooCommerce's payment gateway.
+ Style fix in browser IE 11.
+ Fix autocomplete in chrome browser
+ 2 customers can book a seat simultaneously
+ Set the end date value when you save Auto Calendar in frontend.
+ Fix doesn’t save seat code in ticket when booking seat map
+ Manage event of vendor to fix display number ticket for seat map
+ Updating Sort Order in All Cities
+ Update default image author
+ Update text allows translation with the loco translator plugin
+ Update Membership
+ Update display Free text if price = 0
+ The latest documentation
- Update Login Plugin to Version 1.0.6
+ Create an autofilter password for a new user
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.4
+ Style fix in browser IE 11.

Version 1.0.8

- Update theme version 1.0.8
Update Event List plugin to version 1.0.8
+ Add: Create Booking and Ticket in Admin
+ Update: Slider Elements and Event Grid settings updated
+ Fix: Display date in listing, detail event
+ Fix: Some cases, display price in cart
+ Fix: Calculate Seat Booked
- Update Login Plugin to Version 1.0.5
+ Optimize some code
+ Add filter hook to show/hide vendor, user (input radio) in Register form
+ Add Filter Hook allow active account via email 

Version 1.0.7

- Update Theme Version 1.0.7
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.0.7
+ Add Routing Number for bank account, Stripe Account, PayPal Account in Vendor’s Profile
+ Allow vendors and users to change information in Admin
+ Add width and height options to the event category element.
+ Add: Crop image to Gallery
+ Add background photo for archive, category events
+ Fix error in schema when doesn’t make ticket type in single event.
+ Fix Share Event in Facebook Not Image
+ Repair error in ID calendar large
+ Update some CSS 
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.3
+ Update header top background element

Version 1.0.6

- Update Theme Version 1.0.6
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.0.6
+ Fix problem scrolling in search form for some version of Safari
+ Make some peace
+ Fix display html for WPML language switch
+ Add some new words to the plugin
- Update Login Plugin Version 1.0.4
+ Fix problem redirect page after login successfully

Version 1.0.5

- Update Theme Version 1.0.5
- Update Event List plugin to version 1.0.5
+ Add: Report Sales per Event
+ Add: Let the End Date be chosen when you make Calendar Manual
+ Add: Vendors, Report Users Register at Any Time
+ Add: Option date format
+ Fix Seat Map in Mobile
+ Display price on Seat Map
+ Update Hide the SKU for every new event
- Update Login Plugin version 1.0.3
+ Add forGot Password page

Version 1.0.4

- Add app code and.apk to install in android
Update the theme to version 1.0.4
+ Update: Color change in Customize
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.0.4
+ Add: Report Sales for Admin/Vendor
+ Add: Allow for Seat Map. Only allows you to add a shortcode for seat map in the backend.
+ Add: Allow to add a blocked day in recurring event
+ Add: Allow you to add username for scanning QR Code in App mobile
+ Add: Ticket Status in Backend
+ Add: Add Address Field to Booking Form
+ Add: Make an API code for your app
+ Fix: WooCommerce payment problem
+ Fix: Event Slider Elementor
+ Correct small errors in Ajax search page
+ Fix: comment event
+ Fix: Online Payment
+ Fix: Javascript Error in Booking
+ Fix problem display date
+ Fix problem relate package time
- Update Login Plugin to Version 1.0.2
+ Add: Send mail to register new user/vendor

Version 1.0.3

- Update the theme to version 1.0.3
- Update EventList Plugin to version 1.0.3
+ Add option to allow selling tickets at the frontend
+ Allow admin to send mail after an event is created.
+ Show Purchased Icon in Comment when customer booked event
+ Fix fatal error caused by active plugin in a host
+ Fix calendar disable when ticket is available in some cases
+ Fix the author page if it is empty

Version 1.0.2

Update the theme to version 1.0.2
+ Fix problem with plugin color override
Update Event List plugin to version 1.0.2
+ Add Username in Manage Membership backend
+ Add display More content at the frontend
+ Fix problem with translation text in theme, plugin
+ Fix Latitude, Longitude Map default in setting
+ Set auto display date in your language
+ Fix the event when the vendor makes a new event
+ Adjust display style in payment gateway 
+ Add new event to Package
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.2
+ Elementor Pro: Fix Problem Conflict
- Update Ovatheme Login Plugin version 1.0.1
+ Register to Update
+ Add 2 user type: User, Vendor

Version 1.0.1

- Update your theme to version 1.0.1
+ Update version in style.css line 4
- Update Event Listing Plugin to Version 1.0.1
+ Improve Style Calendar, Vendor Management in Mobile
+ Show/Hide time at the frontend
+ Add options: Allow to add an extension File to your Server
+ More Options: Event Slideshow Elementor
- Update Ovatheme Framework version 1.0.1
+ Add options to Blog Slider Elementor

Version 1.0


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