MultiPurpose-Responsive WordPress Theme

MultiPurpose-Responsive WordPress Theme

MultiPurpose Responsive WordPress Template – Best for wordpress/corporate/business theme,clean theme,corporate theme theme and corporate theme,creative theme,directory theme,magazine theme,minimal theme,modern theme,premium theme,simple theme,wordpress mobile theme


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MultiPurpose’s goal is to make it easy and quick to create a modern website. MultiPurpose can be used to create websites with different styles and for different purposes.

The most customizable theme has been releasedAdvanced sliderUnlimited colorsReady for any type of websiteUnique titleBoxed version of the pattern and frameHeading style

5 star support
Liver preview in the customizer
Search engine friendly
Lots of pages to customize
Short Code
Page options
Contact Form 7
Infinite sidebar
Google Maps integration
Awesome fonts
WPML ready
Give back
Get a powerful theme

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The best websites offer exceptional features and maximum customization

  • 14 innovative modern sliders (including revolutionary ones)
  • Super SEO friendly (integrated with, semantic light HTML5 structure, speed optimization).Recommended Diagnose SEO.
  • Ultra-lightweight, well-thought-out, optimized, and cutting-edge code (php. CSS, js).
  • All devices supported by smooth responsive design
  • Integration of WooCommerce
  • Simple to set up and customize
  • There are 10 stunning transparent patterns for the background
  • Shortcodes/elements that can be used to meet common web needs
  • Flexible column
  • Prepare for magazines, shops, catalogues, stores, hotels, and hosting.
  • Retina Ready displays have clear graphics
  • You have 14 colors to choose from and there are endless options
  • There are 10 types of headings/titles
  • 10 stunning frames in a boxed set
  • 14 unique menus
  • Five top titles that are useful
  • 3 most useful header plugins
  • Ajax Form for Working
  • Intelligent automatic slideshow function, with the option of customizing settings (applicable on all sliders).
  • Preloader useful for all sliders
  • Proficient HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript code that is clear, simple, and optimized
  • Superfast and optimized speed
  • Include PSD file
  • Optimized usability design
  • There are approximately 40 shortcodes that can be used easily
  • Translation available
  • Advanced options with real time preview
  • Large layout with boxes
  • Unlimitless color options
  • Valid HTML5/CSS3
  • Sortable portfolio
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Options for customizing footer
  • 8 blog layouts
  • 5 portfolio layouts
  • Exclusive custom gadget
  • Megamenu: Lightweight, flexible and light
  • Prepare for children’s themes
  • Pass all “theme-unit tests” on
  • Xml file containing demo data
  • Friendly support
  • Value purchase
  • there are more……

Buy now multifunctional

Notice: The downloaded file contains books and tablets, iPhones and screens. It also includes boxes (for slideshows), orange and black icons, and boxes (for homepage). The preview website does not contain any other images. They are only used for demonstration purposes.

Last updated

November 23, 2017-Version 1.56

-Updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
Improvements to WooCommerce (woocommerce directory).

July 31st, Version 1.5.25

-Updated Converio Shortcodes plugin (plugins/
-Updated Revolution Slider plugin (plugins/

Version 1.5.24, May 12, 2017,

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/

March 20, 2017-Version 1.23

Revolution Slider updated to version 5.4.1

January 10, 2017-Version 1.5.22

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-Added optional LinkedIn sharing icon to blog posts (share.php; customize/blog.php).

November 23, 2016, Version 1.5.21

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version: (plugins/

October 19, 2016-Version 1.20

-added design improvemet for Revolution Slider paginator (styles/revolution-slider.css)
-Added fix for WooCommerce checkboxes (style.css).
-Added improvements for columns on Safari Windows (style.css).

July 19, 2016-Version 1.19

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version: 5.2.6 (plugins/
-added feature to include Google Maps API key in Customize (customize/maps.php and functions.php).
-Added option to hide the title from the contact page template (contact.php).
-removed Text "Comments are currently Closed" (comments.php).
-added support for language switcher inside mobile menu (functions/menus.php)
-Little improvement in support for "Autoptimize” plugin (js/scripts.js).
-support for the most recent WooCommerce ("woocommerce") directory
Style.css for WooCommerce, logo (style.css) -Minimum maintenance improvements

May 26, 2016, Version 1.5.18

-Improved breadcrumbs to better support subcategories (functions/breadcrumb.php)
-added "MultiPurpose Sliders" plugin to plugins directory (plugins/
-updated TGM Plugin Activation to the latest version (functions/tgm-plugin-activation)

May 9, 2016, Version 1.5.17

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version: StarPath (plugins/
-updated TGM Plugin Activation to make it easier to update plugins from WP dashboard (functions/tgm-plugin-activation)
Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix -added enhancements (style.css, function.php)
-added improvement to remove query string from static resources (functions.php).
-added script to hide WP version from source code for greater security (functions.php).
-Maintainance Improvements (footer.php).

April 15, 2016, Version 1.5.16

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-added full support of structured data for single articles (single.php style.css).
-little CSS improvements for arrow style for latest version of Revolution Slider ("custom" style arrow) (styles/revolution-slider.css)
There is a slight improvement in the top bar settings in Theme Customizer. (header.php).

April 5, 2016, Version 1.5.15

-updated "Revoluton Slider" to the latest version 5.2.4 (plugins/
-added solution for product variation in WooCommerce (style.css).

March 22, 2016, Version 1.5.14

-updated "Revoluton Slider" to the latest version (plugins/
-updated plugin "MultiPurpose Shortcodes" to the latest version 1.0.8 with the new feature for accordion (possibility to expand choosen accordion by default) (plugins/

March 5, 2016-Version 1.5.13

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version 5.2.2 (plugins/

March 5, 2016, Version 1.5.12

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version 5.2.1 (plugins/

February 9, 2016-Version 1.5.11

-improved function to send e-mail from "Landing Slider" (multipurpose/multipurpose-sliders-templates/slider11/landing-page-form.php)
-improved function to send e-mail from "Form Slider" (multipurpose/multipurpose-sliders-templates/slider05/send-header.form)

January 25, 2016-Version 1.5.10

Updated Revolution Slider to version 5.1.6
Updated PSD files
-Added a new template, contact-no_form.php (useful to use Contact Form 7).
-Added support to featured image on contact page.php
-Added option to link to anchor within tabs (scripts.js, tabs.php with shortcodes plugin).
-Added support for pagination customization on "portfolio masonry" (portfolio-masonry.php)
-Added support to pagination customization on the "portfolio 1" column (portfolio1.php).
-Spelling improvements made to image on single.php

January 1, 2016-Version 1.5.9

Updated -Revolution Slider plugin to the most recent version

November 18, 2015 – Version 1.5.8

-Added support to add featured images to pages (page.php). 

Updated plugins: 
-Revolution Slider (updated in the latest version).

September 19, 2015-Version 1.5.7

-improved option for hiding title on single post (single.php). 
-improved cart page for latest WooCommerce version (woocommerce/cart/cart/php) 
Google Font Support Header.php - A small fix 
-fixed little notice (widgets/custom-categories-widget)

Updated plugins: 
-Revolution Slider (updated in the latest version). 
-Envato WordPress toolkit (updated and the latest version).

April 24, 2015 – Version 1.5.6

Revolution Slider (4.6.9) - Updated
-Updated TGM Plugin Activation (2.4.1) - to fix a possible XSS flaw
-Changed icons of social media to open in a new window by default
-Improved escape for URLs and attributes

----- Changelog -----
- coming-soon.php
- footer.php
- functions/tgm-plugin-activation/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php
- functions/tgm-plugin-activation/plugins.php
- header.php
- style.css
- widgets/social.php
- woocommerce/cart/totals.php

February 23, 2015 – Version 1.5.5

WooCommerce integration added
-Updated Revolution Slider plugin
-Updated Envato WordPress toolkit plugin
Icons updated by Font Awesome
-Improved social icon name
-Added WooCommerce and WooSidebars to the Newsletter to Recommended Plugs Notification list

Improvements to "MultiPurpose Shortcodes” plugin
-added "icon” parameter for "button shortcode
For "fullwidth", add "margin_top” and "margin_bottom” parameters
-added "name_link", and "org_link", respectively, for "testimonial briefcode" 
-added URL parameter to "offer" shortcode
-improved code for "headline_with_icon", shortcode
-improved shortcode for "divider")

November 21, 2014-Version 1.5.4

Contact page translation improvement
-added fix for pagination of blog pages designated as front page
Select fields eligible for a -added improvement
-Added possibility to remove fancy borders from single images
-fix MultiPurpose Shortcodes Plugin for WP 4.0.1
-added zip for child theme

November 10, 2014-Version 1.5.3

Contact Form 7 Integration
-Envato WordPress Integration
-Added a new element and shortcode, "Fullwidth" 
-Added option to add sidebar (left/right) to Magazine homepage
-Added ability to assign multiple markers to Google Map widget
-Footer content can be easily modified (in the live Customizer).
-Improved MultiPurpose Sliders Plugin
-Improved MultiPurpose Shortcodes
Loading filters have been improved
-improved implementation "Contact page" on backend
-Little improvements in CSS, back-kend
Documentation -improved
-Updated and improved dummy.xml

October 28, 2014-Version 1.5.2

Pricing plan with improved css  
-updated "dummy data" 
-improved strip HTML option for shortcode "Recent Posts" (shortcodes plug)
Shortcode for a better pricing plan
Footer link modified
-tgm activation plugin version changes

October 27, 2014-Version 1.5.1

Revolution Slider now available for easy assignment to any page 
Added fix for tooltip when the user is signed into
-shortcodes plugin improvements (WP editor -> Columns shortcodes)
Revolution Slider plugin - updated 
Search for empty results with a -added solution 
Firefox custom color svg: a little fix
Signle.php now has a better usability for next/previous posts. 
Changes in activation of -tgmPlugin Version


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