MyTicket - Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme

MyTicket – Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme

Buy MyTicket – Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/events and artist,barcode,concert,events,night club,performance,qr-code,stadium,ticket,ticketing,tickets


MyTicket – Create events, sell tickets, verify QR code printouts with a free mobile app.

MyTicket WordPress Ticket QR Code Demo DashboardMyTicket - Create rich events, sell tickets with QR codes, use mobile apps

MyTicket allows you to organize events and sell/validate tickets. It also tracks purchases. You can present events dynamically, beautifully, and visually to all your customers using MyTicket.

Please visit the community space for all your support questions:

Organise an event

MyTicket adds WooCommerce functionality to your site. This plugin allows you to create and edit events. After an event has been specified, it will automatically be linked with the ticketing software.

Ticketing/Event Management System WordPress Theme

list events

A powerful widget for event lists is included with this theme. This theme is illustrated with real examples of usage. Ajax requests allow event widgets to filter or sort sections and events. It ensures a fast page refresh, smooth performance and a user-friendly experience.

Performance/Event Filtering System WordPress Theme


After an event has been found, users can choose the number of tickets they want or the event seat layout that is best suited to their needs and proceed with the checkout.

Performance/Event Filtering System WordPress Theme

QR code scanning ticket receipt

Once payment has been made, the user can download PSD invoices immediately and get them by email. Use the QR code to link your order with the invoice. MyTicket QR code scanning appBy scanning customer invoices or applying customized actions to tickets, you can verify that they are valid.

Ticket/Event QR Code PDF Scan - WordPress Theme

Custom Stadium Example

This template shows how you can build beautiful custom stages, halls and amphitheaters and connect them to dynamic backends that allow for live ticket sales and bookings. This template isn’t an image. Each section can be clicked and the color of each one can be modified based upon ticket selections or availability.

MyTicket - Custom stadium, lobby design example HTML5 template

Not all seating arrangements are the same. Additional charges may apply for design or integration. Our agency is not free. Before requesting a quotation, please send us all details of your project.

Timeline elements

No matter what part of your website you are opening, it doesn’t really matter. Your users will be kept informed by accurate and convenient event information.

MyTicket - Event Notification Element HTML5 Template

You may need to plan multiple events. This template allows you to be flexible with the elements. You can organize concerts and events by month or year. Then, you can present them in an easy-to-use way with various sorting options.

MyTicket - Event Notification Element HTML5 Template

  • Use countdown timers to create rich content and stunning events. The event app can be equipped with a button that calls for action.
  • You can manage artists, or sell tickets to concerts.
  • Sell ​​tickets with predefined stadium design layouts. It is ideal for all sports, including football, soccer, baseball, cricket, and tennis.
  • Gallery, News and Blogs. Interviews. Dashboards.

Mobile app free

Our team handles all of the complex parts. It’s not necessary to create your mobile app. It’s easy to download from Play Market. You can immediately use any MyTicket ticket you generate. There are no middlemen. All communications are routed directly to the server. The app scans a QR code ticket to retrieve information about customers and orders. It also displays this data for verification. The status can be changed and will reflect immediately on your website. The app offers many options to meet your specific needs. For a secure, reliable and 100% safe ticketing experience, you can restrict backend use to certain IDs. Try the app here.

MyTicket - Mobile App Ticket Validation

Frontend and backend demos

Click the following link to access the theme backend. You can also customize the site and view all features. Edit now button. Before you buy, try the product free of charge.

The Simple Setup Wizard

Everything is kept as easy as possible. All the necessary tools for setting up your site will be available to you, including a demo preview. No extra clicks, menus, form settings. You’re done!

Kenzap Setup Wizard - WordPress Easy Install/Demo Content Setup Wizard

Page Builder and the Live Editor

SiteOrigin’s Page Builder is our primary content modification tool. With a straightforward drag-and-drop interface you can create WordPress pages and modify content as needed.

WordPress real-time editing theme content

Backend demo

This link will allow you to access the theme backend. You can also customize and view all of its features. MyTicket Theme Demo.


Installing the theme requires an automatic installation wizard that will install both configuration files and demo content. Continue reading: How to Install a WordPress Theme GuideOr watch this video.


Recent update

Version 1.0.9
Update: Woocommerce update
+ Update: Woocommerce Order Preview - Unused Shortcode Removed
+ update: seat reservation, cancelation feature implement
+Update: WordPress 5.6+ support added
+ Update: Documentation updated

Version 1.0.8
Update: Woocommerce update
+Update: WordPress and plugin compatibility upgrade
+ update: Contact page google maps API update
+Update: Improvements to ticket booking functionality
+ update: transaltion improvements
+Update: Scroll problem in large mobile menu

Version 1.0.7
Update: Woocommerce update
+ Update: Full Events Schedules Filtering Problem Fixed
+Update: The minified events grid title can be viewed by clicking
+Update: Numerous issues fixed with PDF ticket generation
+Update: YouTube video playback bug fixed
+ Update: The admin styles have been reverted back to classic
+Update: Support for plugin compatibility
+ Update: myticket Events plugin replaces pdf woocommerce invoice
+ Updating: Update: New Documentation
+ Update: Google Maps now has an embed link
+ Update: Partially migrating to Gutenberg Blocks
+Update: Improvements to event search pricing, category filter and usability

Version 1.0.6
+ New: Homepage new feature will show today's events
+new: Single product with full width added
+ NEW: Alignfull support, alignmentwide
+ new: allow users to register and create events > User Role Editor plugin
+ Update: Support for PHP 7.2
+ Update: Google Maps and Autoptimize plugin Console Error Removed
+ update: footer logo sizing bug fix
Update: Woocommerce update
+Update: Send an email with a QR code to multiple recipients.
Google Maps Update
+Update: Months carusel visibility fix and category list of upcoming events
+ Update: Top bar overflow problem fixed in admin bar
+ Update: Video playback in iframe Size

Version 1.0.5
+Update: Loading problems with twitter credentials
+ update: contacts email representation improvements
+ update: latest woocommerce verison support
+ update: logo aspect ration fix
+ Update: Woocommerce account improvement
+ Update: Improvement in the event listing interface
+ New: Mobile app authentication added

Version 1.0.3
+ Update: Twitter API Improvements
+Update: Page Not Saving Bug Fix
+Update: Change font functionality
+ Update: Pot file updated
+ update: qr-code generation bug fix

Version 1.0.2
+ new: mobile app published:
+ Update: White page Woo Commerce activation Bug Fix
+Update: Improved translations


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