Ombra - A Versatile Multiconcept WordPress Theme

Ombra – A Versatile Multiconcept WordPress Theme

Buy Ombra – A Versatile Multiconcept WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/creative and agency,blog,business,creative,flexible,freelance,modern,multipurpose,one page,parallax,photography,portfolio,responsive,video slideshow,woocommerce shop


Ombra’s philosophy? Simplicity combined with variety is Ombra’s philosophy. Our Creative Squad sees Ombra as the muse-theme for simplicity, versatility, and concept diversity.

Ombra was created from the heart to be professional, elegant, and beautiful with a modern, flexible layout.We did our best as muses to make Ombra a living, on beautiful hills or mountains.

We believe that God is in the small details. So we pay a lot of attention to every Ombra particle to meet almost all our needs. agency, fashion, freelance, architecture, blog, portfolio, photography, businessOr Ecommerce shop.

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Theme Overview

PikartHouse is both a creative mind and a professional. We were able to create a large number of Ombra features from scratch. – that blend-in perfectly with WordPress existing skin and options – just to release our customers from installing diverse knowledge-requiring and time-consuming softwares. It is that. quelque-choseWe want to breathe into the existing themes.

If you’re looking for fun in your shopping experience, Ombra comes with great compatibility with industry well-known plugin – WooCommerce. You can offer your customers the best shopping experience with a variety of sophisticated options.

We have created two thematic websites to show you Ombra’s capabilities. But, we’ll add constantly new demos at our dear customers’ requests. If you have an own idea for great homepage, please do not hesitate to tell us about that and we’ll take care of it!

Maybe our muse-theme is not spotless, but – for sure – Ombra will inspire us – YOU and Our Creative Squad – to always improve it and come with new and innovative insights. Just feel free to say what’s on your mind.

Do you want to be part of Modern Mythology’s team? If you are, then start with Ombra.

Quick facts

  • Modern Design with great emphasis on readability, usability & user-experience
  • This article covers the major UX / UI design trends for this yearIn collaboration with professionals
  • Comprehensive and highly detailed online documentationWe are ready to help you get started immediately
  • Create stunning websites with no code
  • Rapid support, average response time of less than 24 hours
  • There are no surprises. Everything feels just like a regular WordPress template, with native WordPress features used for all functionality
  • You have a plethora pre-defined designs and content (300+ demos pages, 6 demos).We are constantly adding to this list to make it more useful for various purposes.
  • Continuous free updates

Principal Features

  • Layout

    It is well-known the layout system is crucial for site’s visitor to have easy access to valuable and important information. Ombra has an intuitive layout system. Effective layout requires proper spacing, sizing and placement of contentYou can personalize every part of your website without any coding skills, even for unusual changes. Select from any of the below features and you’ll see you have the tools you need to design a website that meets your needs. So, let’s count the features:

    • Boxed & Wide/Fullwidth layouts
    • Infinite Layout Concepts
    • Innovative and unique layouts to showcase images & videos: Masonry, Metro, Fullscreen, Slider, Carousel
  • Grid

    The grid is an armature that allows you to arrange graphic elements in a rational, comprehensible manner. Ombra offers you a powerful and advanced grid system – fully responsive – enhanced by unparalleled Isotope abilities. To sum up:

    • Powerful & advanced grid system
    • Fully responsive
    • Isotope capabilities can be enhanced
  • Typography

    A typographic environment is the most important aspect of the web. This is why we added in theme The Google Fonts Uploader allows you to add over 800 Google Fonts for free to your themeGoogle Fonts is growing every day, as you probably know. We’ve made it so that all the font weights could be loaded in separate fonts to best fit your needs and provide you with more choice and better overall site performance. You can also enjoy the Advanced typography featuresBoth in Theme Options, (font-sizes and colors or line heights), and via Custom Content shortcode, you can adjust size, weight and letter-spacing. This is a quick summary:

    • 800+ Google Fonts Free
    • Google Fonts Uploader
    • Advanced Typography: Both in Theme Options as well as Custom Content shortcode
  • Theme Customizer

    When designing Ombra, we guided ourselves with “Less is More” statement in front of us. We avoided redundant admin panels and instead used the native WordPress tools. The panel’s newly rebuilt, enhanced theme options panel. You can see the results of many of your changes to your site live with this setup. This concludes:

    • There are many theme options
    • Panel with carefully planned and handcrafted themes
    • Create custom styles
    • You can enter custom JavaScript
  • Portfolio

    As OMBRA theme is conceived to empower creativity and imagination, we conceived two unique and powerful tools to showcase your portfolio — Album & Projects — that could be set up in so many innovative ways: as sliders or carouselsYou can embellish it with fancy buttons or headings, or even more. as exquisite cardsWith various effects applied to them. Both tools were designed as Custom Post Types and Shortcodes simultaneously. Different display types: Shadow, Move, Fade. Rising, Plain. List. Shifty gutters. Multiple columns. Four hover typologies. Overlay colors. Animation effects.You can easily set up multiple portfolios on your website by using many other options. Each portfolio you create can be used to display items from all categories or one specific category. And don’t forget to stun your site’s visitors with immense, bold and amazing showcase of fullscreen sliders and images or background videos, located in Hero Header Area. With so much flexibility, it’s a snap to organize your work online. Portfolios have the following features:

    • Sortable Projects & Albums
    • Hero Sections enhanced by Hero Header Area
    • Unlimited Portfolio Layouts. With carefully handcrafted variations Masonry Slider, Carousel. This layout could also take full width if it was implemented in Hero Areas.
    • There are up to six types of Masonry cards: Plain, List, Shadow, Move Fade, Rising and Rising.
    • Many Single Project Styles
  • Blog

    We are here to help you unleash your creativity when creating your Blog. Ombra presents the elegant and powerful Blog Template. It offers many options to create a beautiful Blog on your website. It can be used on any page you want, in both boxed and fullwidth layouts. There are six types of display you can choose from: Shadow, Move, Fade. Rising, Plain, and List. You can also choose multiple columns with specific gutters. Choose how many posts you want to highlight, and which ones, and decide what categories to render.A widget sidebar on the left or right side of your blog could be an option. And the list of options doesn’t end here. Then, Ombra stands out among the rest when it comes to post formats: Standard, Gallery Image, Quotes, Video, Audio or Link. Each of these have their own styles and options.. This will allow you to have multiple layouts for your blog and different versions of Single Posts. These are just a few features of Blog:

    • Multiple Blog Styles: There are 14 options. They can all be combined to create a wide variety of variations.
    • Multiple Single Post Layouts
    • There are up to six display types: Plain, Plain, List, Shadow, Fade and Rising.
    • Formats for Custom Posts: Gallery, Image and Quote. Video (it features Youtube, Vimeo, and Self-hosted videos) Audio (it includes Soundcloud audios), Link, Other
  • Site Headers & Menus

    Ombra offers fully customizable headers. Select from Top or Side positions for your website header. As a starting point, you can use the 6 distinct header types. Each has its own set. You can also choose to have each page transparent or opaque with the Site Header. Define styles for your menus, choose the necessary color skin – Light or Dark, stay upon a specific type of menu behaviour and enable the Search functionality or the Side Area.Below is a list of possible candidates:

    • You can adjust the size of your site header
    • 6 Beautiful Menu Types
      • Top Position: Classic, Branding, Fullscreen, Aside/Off-canvas
      • Side Position: Classic, Aside/Off-canvas
    • Header Menu behaviours: Regular, Fixed, Sticky
    • Mobile Menu Enhanced
    • Two Logo versions: Light & Dark
    • Site header transparency on a per-page basis
  • Site Footer

    The Site Footer was composed from two parts: Widgets sidebar and Below Area.You can control the footer widget area with up to four columns. Also, you can customize Footer Menu or Copyright sections from the area below to give your site legal identity. Let’s summarize:

    • Multiple options available for the footer: color skin, background and number of widget column.
    • Site Footer Sidebar and Below Area settings can be changed per page
  • Title Areas

    The title area is a key component of branding. We therefore paid particular attention to it. Ombra was given a unique feature called Featured branding.. Setup a background image as your site title, on both global and local levels. You can even empower it with parallax effect. You can show or hide each title on a page-by-page basis. But of course, you could also use normal titles, it’s up to you. So, let’s see:

    • You can customize the title area
    • The Featured Branding is all about fancy headings with stunning backgrounds
    • Built-in breadcrumbs can be used in both featured branding and for normal titles
  • Images & Videos

    Media items: Ombra enhances your Images & Videos with unique tools and effects: Album & Projects ShortcodesParallax Effect can be used to empower you Masonry Media GalleriesWith adaptive images Fullscreen sectionsElegant titles and fancy buttons are included. Background videosParallax and Fullscreen modes are available. Also, to make your images look as beautiful as possible, we’ve integrated the Magnific Popup jQuery plugin directly in the theme and will ensure that your photos look beautiful as ever in its fully responsive, minimal display. Let’s count again:

    • Magnificent Popup Lightboxes – Powerful Lightboxes
    • Masonry Galleries with adaptive photos
    • Video Background also available with Parallax Effect
  • Sidebars

    It’s a given with most themes these days and it’s no different with Ombra. Sidebars are unlimitedAll tools at your disposal to help you achieve the site of your dreams. You can use Ombra sidebars for:

    • You can create and manage endless sidebars
    • Sidebars (left or right) can be added to either side of the page.
    • Sidebar widgets allow for the insertion of shortcodes
    • Sidebar available in multiple locations: Header, Content and Footer
  • Shortcodes

    Shortcodes should be part of every theme. We have 16 exceptional shortcodes built with Ombra, some of which are ground-breaking and unique in the marketThis allows you to create any layout digitally. All shortcodes are modular and built-in inside the theme and – great surprise – even they are built from scratch, their look is the same as native WordPress features. This was done to maintain a consistent user-interface and remove the need for knowledge-intensive and time-consuming plugins. These shortcodes are included:

    • Accordion
    • Album
    • Button
    • Columns
    • Custom Content
    • Dropcap
    • Highlight
    • Icon
    • Map
    • Progress Bar
    • Projects
    • Get a Quote
    • Row
    • Separator
    • Tabs
    • Member of the Team
  • Effects

    Ombra was enhanced with beautiful animations that were applied to Portfolio and Blog items, Shortcodes, or specific components. Also, We created and optimized the amazing parallax effect for images and video backgrounds.. Simply set the speed parallax effect from Theme Options to create an amazing visual effect. To sum up:

    • Elegant CSS3 Animations
    • Smooth and Performant Parallax
  • Social

    Sharing shouldn’t be difficult! For those who love sharing, full social integration Streamline all of your pages, posts, and projects Thanks to AddThis service plugin, more than 300 social media networks were created. Facebook, Linkedin Pinterest and Twitter are all within reach. You also have Social Icon Areas – Site Header or Team Member Shortcode – to link your site to social networks.

Extended Features Liste

  • Responsive design
  • Cross-browser compatibility across most platforms
  • Can be used as Multipage & One Page websites
  • Coding with SEO in mindYou can add a SEO meta description to Theme Options.
  • More than 1000 font iconsFont Awesome, Elegant Icons
  • Prepared Child Theme
  • Translation Ready (.mo & .po files)
  • WPML Ready, optimized for translations & multilingual websites
  • WooCommerceFull design integration for online stores
  • Contact forms enhanced by powerful & easy-to-use WPForms Plugin

Additional Values

  • HTML5 Valid
  • Demo content in XML files

    We understand how important it can be for you to get some help in building your site. A set of demo data is included with Ombra’s purchase. It shows how you can create dozens of different layouts. Choose the demo that best reflects your style and feel, then use WordPress Importer for your design. From there, you simply need to update with your own content and customize to your heart’s desire.

  • Modular, reusable and developer-friendly code
  • Clean Code

    Ombra uses only the most recent WordPress features. The code can be easily modified by other developers if it is well-structured and consistent. Ombra adheres to all industry best practices. Ombra is a premium theme that uses the most recent HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.

  • Multisite testing

    Ombra has been tested on multiple multisite configurations including the demo files that we provide. You can be confident that Ombra will work across all your networks.


  • These images are included in the demo site for display purposes only. They are not part of the package and are licensed. These images have been replaced by other free-to-use images
  • Technical requirements: PHP 5.3.9+ WooCommerce 3.1.x 3.2.x 3.3.x WPML 3.7.x+
  • Browser support: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE11, Edge, Safari


Version 1.5.0 – November 23, 2018

ADDED: A new theme customizer option is available: Copy parent theme options to child themes
ADDED : WooCommerce compatibility for 3.5.x

Version 1.4.0 – September 17, 2018

ADDED : Migrate from https to http
ADDED : Social share addThis - Support dynamically loaded shares buttons
ADDED: Load AddThisJS library from a local copy file
ADDED: Minify pikart Base specific files
ADDED : Combine Pikart Base specific files with JS in one file
FIXED: Card price style

Version 1.3.0 – June 20, 2018

ADDED : WooCommerce compatibility for 3.4.x
ADDED : Editor style support

Version 1.2.1 – May 25, 2018

FIXED - TinyMce bug – custom ui creation for shortcodes

Version 1.2.0 – April 27, 2018

ADDED: Flickr Widget
ADDED: Twitter Widget
ADDED : Instagram Widget
CHANGED - Products Shortcode - Add the following attributes to your product_type, visibility and categories filtering usage, skus and pagination
CHANGED - Products Shortcode - Add the following sorting options to your product: popularity, rating and relevance, price, menu_order, comment_count, random

Version 1.1.1 – March 20, 2018

FIXED: WPMLXML theme mods slug
FIXED WPMLXml translatable areas from Customizer
FIXED TGMPA Issue: Warning: sprintf()Too many arguments

Version 1.1.0 – March 9, 2018

ADDED : Navigation Menus - Wide Menu Options
ADDED: Widget for Recent Projects
ADDED : Social Links Widget
ADDED: Likes for Page and Product
ADDED: Theme Customizer allows you to adjust the spacing options for product pages
FIXED - Project details spacing when being set up in Theme Customizer
FIXED: Google Fonts loading issue with multiple word font names

Version 1.0.0 – February 14, 2018

*  WordPress 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 ready
*  Modern Design with great emphasis on readability, usability & user-experience
*  Multipage and One Page websites
*  Cross-browser compatibility on most platforms
*  Responsive Design
*  Layout
    - Boxed & Wide/Full-width layouts
- Infinite Layout Ideas
    - Unique layouts to show images & videos: Masonry, Metro, Fullscreen, Slider, Carousel
    - Passepartout Border
*  Grid
    - Powerful & advanced grid system
- Enhanced by Isotope capabilities
*  Typography
800+ Google Fonts Free
Google Fonts Uploader
Advanced Typography
*  Theme Customizer
There are many theme options to choose from
- Carefully curated and handcrafted panel of theme options
- Custom Styles
JavaScript Customization
*  Portfolio
    - Sortable Projects & Albums
- Hero Sections enhanced by Hero Header Area
Unlimited Portfolio Layouts, including variations such as Slider, Masonry, and Carousel
- 6 types of Masonry Card: Move, Fade (Shadow), Plain, Rising, Plain and List
- Many Single Project Styles
*  Blog
Multiple blog styles with 14 options
    - Multiple Single Post Layouts
Display types: Plain, Plain, List, Shadow, Move and Fade.
    - Custom Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Image, Quote, Video, Audio, Link, Aside
*  Site Headers & Menus
- Site header size adjustable
6 Beautiful Menu Types
        - Top Position: Classic, Branding, Fullscreen, Aside/Off-canvas
        - Side Position: Classic, Aside/Off-canvas
    - Header Menu behaviours: Regular, Fixed, Sticky
- Enhanced with the Mobile Menu
    - Two Logo versions: Light & Dark
Site header transparency per page
*  Site Footer
- Multiple footer options available: color skin, background and number of widget column columns
Site Footer Sidebar, Below Area and Enable/Disable on a per-page basis
*  Title Areas
- Customizable Title area
Featured branding is a collection of fancy headings and backgrounds.
Adaptable for normal titles as well as Featured branding
*  Images & Videos
- Magnificent Lightboxes with Powerful Popup
Masonry Galleries with adaptive photos
- Video Background, also with Parallax Effect
*  Sidebars
    - Unlimited unique sidebars
- You can adjust the side that you want: right or left
Sidebar available in multiple locations: Header, Content and Footer
*  Effects
Elegant CSS3 Animations
- Smooth, Performant Parallax Page
*  Social Integration
    - Social Icon Area in Site Header
*  Translation Ready (.mo & .po files)
*  WPML Ready, optimized for translations & multilingual websites
*  WooCommerce full design integration for online shops
*  Contact Forms enhanced by powerful & easy-to-use WPForms Plugin
*  RTL support
*  Coded with SEO in Mind
*  1000+ font icons: Font Awesome, Elegant Icons
*  GIF support
*  Child Theme Ready
*  Developer friendly, modular and reusable code
*  Clean Code
*  HTML5 Valid
*  Technical requirements: PHP 5.3.9+, WooCommerce 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, WPML 3.7.x


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