Organici - Organic Store & Bakery WooCommerce Theme

Organici – Organic Store & Bakery WooCommerce Theme

Buy Organici – Organic Store & Bakery WooCommerce Theme best used for wordpress/retail/food and bakery,bakery theme,breads,farm,Food Store,food theme,fresh,fruits,healthy food,organic,organic store,organic store wordpress theme,vegetables


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Latest version 2.0.7 – April 8, 2020 – View the changelog

WordPress 5.4 is ready

WPBakery Page Builder 6.x is ready

WooCommerce 4.x available

Organici - Organic Shop HTML Template

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Organic is Premium Organic Shop WordPress theme This product is perfect for organic food, organic fruits and vegetables, organic bakery and coffee shops, as well as cosmetics and other products.

Organici is a premium responsive WordPress theme. It combines many of the best features. clean design An extremely powerful backend interfaceIt is customizable and very easy to use. It’s flexible to set up, responsive, mobile-friendly, Retina-ready, live theme customizer and SEO friendly. Organici, our latest charming theme, combines all these wonderful features.

Organici offers a refreshing interface with a natural and healthy design to suit all your needs. You won’t be disappointed if you choose our theme.

Big update! ! !Organici has a new look that appeals to more customers in the organic store market. We have also fixed some bugs and added new functional features. These news releases will improve the user experience during setup.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

9 stunning demos

When creating organic stores with stunning designs and inspiring homepage demos, users have more options.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Unique Feature – Special Box

Organici has additional boxes that can be used to make your website stand out. This feature highlights the theme, making Organici stand out among other organic store themes.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Integration with WooCommerce

Organici is 100% compatible to the wooCommerce plug-in. You can set up and manage an organic online shop with tons of options and customizable pages, payments, and other functions.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

super menu

Organici supports Mega Menus, which allow users to organize large numbers of menu items. This feature is required to operate a professional online shop.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Custom post type

Organici includes these two custom post types: Testimonials (enter testimonials, and use the testimonials shortcode for them to be displayed on any page), and Farmers (add or change farmers).

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Easy to build

Organici makes it easy to create an organic store without spending a lot of money or taking too much time.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Organici is powered by everything

This is what sets Organici apart from the rest.

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Thank you for your feedback

Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme
Organici - Organic Shop WordPress Theme

Organici Theme – Full Feature List

  • Reactive and retina ready

    Organici offers a responsive layout. It can be used on a range of resolutions from regular desktop screens to tablets and iPads as well as iPhones and other small mobile devices.

  • 2 stylesOrganic food and organic baking
  • 9 Home Improvements
  • 6 Title Changes
    • header default
    • Header proxy
    • Header business
    • Title in full width
    • Shop for titles
    • Header Logo Center
  • Special box

    To make your product sales easier, we have created additional boxes. You can choose the product you want to use in a custom set.

  • WooCommerce integration

    WooCommerce plugin is 100% compatible. It offers tons of options and can be customized to create pages and other features.

  • super menu

    Mega Menu supports Organici which allows you to easily organize large quantities of menu items.

  • 2 Types Of Custom Post

    Organici includes the following custom post types:

    • Witness: Use the referral shortcode to enter referrals and have them displayed on any page.
    • Farmer: Change and add farmers.
  • Live Theme Customizer

    Organici allows you to choose the color scheme for your website. This ensures that your vision is captured.

  • SEO friendly

    Organici was designed with the best SEO practices in place and integrates well with most popular SEO plugins.

  • One-click demo data import

    Select the demo that you like and then import it with just one click. Your website is ready in a matter of seconds.

  • Right to Left

    Organici supports right-to-left languages ​​and repositions elements when necessary.

  • auto update

    You don’t have to spend time updating plugins and themes manually. All themes can be easily and instantly updated by clicking a single button.

  • Slider Revolution Included (Save $25)

    Get the Slider plugin at a 25% discount. This plugin is built into the theme to allow you to create slideshows with multiple animation options. It also has an intuitive interface.

  • Includes WPBakery Page Creator (save $46)

    WordPress’ Best-Selling Drag And Drop Page Builder: Save $46

  • Fill out the 7-digit Contact Form

    Flexible contact form plugin. It’s simple to customize and easy to use.

  • Translation available

    Organici supports multilingual translation using WPML.

  • Unlimitted colors and Google fonts

    You can choose flexible colors to match your theme. Our Live Theme Customizer allows you to change the colors of many elements. You can choose from many fonts offered by Google Web Fonts.

  • Complete and detailed documentation

    The theme comes with detailed documentation files that will guide you through the installation and customization of the theme. here.

  • Regularly updated

    The theme is updated regularly, adding new features and fixing bugs. The update life cycle is available for one payment.

  • Support with enthusiasm

    Organi’s senior engineers will also be available for support. We’re glad to assist you in creating amazing websites.

change log

2.0.7 |April 8,2020|
    - [Fix]Outdated WooCommerce template.
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
2.0.6 |Dec 31,2019|
          - [Fix]Outdated WooCommerce template.
          - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
2.0.5 |Oct 23,2019|
    - [Fix]Outdated WooCommerce template.
    - [Update]WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider to the most recent version
    - [Check]WP 5.2 latest version and all plugins.
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
2.0.4 |Jul 16,2019|
        - [Notice]Before updating the theme, disable the Noo Organici Library Core plugin
    - [Fix]Typography issue with Customizer
    - Update WPBackery, Revolution slider. |Jun 12,2019|
    - [Quick Fix]Install and update the theme.
2.0.3 |Jun 11,2019|
    - [Fix]WooCommerce template file that is no longer in use
    - [Check]WP 5.2.x, the most recent version, and all plugins.
2.0.2 |Feb 16,2019|
    - [Fix]Product Simple Slider issue.
    - [Update] WPBackery & Revolution slider.
    - [Fix]Other styling issues
    - [Check]The latest version of WP5.0 and all other plugins.  
2.0.1 |Dec 10,2018|
    - [Update] WPBackery & Revolution slider.
    - [Fix]WooCommerce template file that is no longer in use
    - [Check]The latest version of WP5.0 and all other plugins.
2.0.0 |Jul 24,2018|
    - [Add]3 Home page ( Home Beauty Shop, Home Organic Farm, Home Boxes Products
    - [Add]Footer: Instagram Widget
    - [Improve]Style and the source code.
1.9.0 |Jun 19,2018|
    - [Fix]WooCommerce 3.4.2 conflicts
    - [Improve]The page heading style, or header.
    - [Check]The latest WP 4.9.6 version and all other plugins.
1.8.8 |May 28,2018|
    - [Fix]WooCommerce 3.4 conflict
    - [Fix]Other styling issues
    - [Check]With WP 4.8.2 latest version and other plugins.
1.8.7 |Mar 12,2018|
    - [Fix]WooCommerce 3.3.2 conflict
    - [Improve] style layout.
1.8.6 |Feb 11 2018|
    - [Fix]WooCommerce 3.3.1 conflict
    - [Check]With WP 4.9.x latest version and other plugins.
1.8.5 |24th Oct 2017|
    - [Add]Fit row/Masonry layout for shop listing pages
    - [Fix]Scroll product in the mini-cart
    - [Fix]You can change the layout of related products to the slider.
    - [Fix]Other styling issues
    - [Check]The latest WP 4.8.2 version and all other plugins.
1.8.4 (13 Oct 2017)|13th Oct 2017|
    - [Fix]WooCommerce 3.2 is in conflict
    - [Fix]Other styling issues
    - [Check]Compatible with WP 4.8.2 latest version and other plugins
1.8.3 |12th June 2017|
    - [FIX]Related Products columns
    - [FIX]Image not available on one product details page.
1.8.2 |6th June 2017|
    - [FIX]Footer Widget issue.
    - [FIX]Shortcode Noo Product menu
    - [FIX]CSS Issue with Header Style
 24 May 2017| 24th May 2017|
    - [FIX]WooCommerce template files have been retired.
    - [FIX]Gallery of single product images.
12th of April 2017|12th April 2017|
    - [FIX]Gallery image of single product details.
11th April 2017|11th April 2017|
    - [FIX]WooCommerce 3.0 conflict
    - [FIX]Other styling issues resolved.
 25th November 2016 | 25th November 2016 |
    - [ADD]You can add new page templates to No Header, Blank or Footer.
    - [ADD]Add an option to hide or show the Cart icon on mobile devices.
    - [ADD]Product Grid shortcode allows you to hide/show all products.
    - [FIX]Use Customizer to fix an issue.
    - [FIX]Small styling issues can be corrected.
| 16th November 2016 |
    - [ADD]You can add new style to the 404 page.
    - [ADD]To change the Secondary color, add a new option.
    - [ADD]Add social widgets to the TopBar
    - [UPDATE]Frontend Edit Enabled for WPBakery Pages Builder
    - [UPDATE]Upgrading Revolution Slider to version
    - [UPDATE]WPBakery Page Creator 5.0 Update
    - [UPDATE]Add Target option to the Social Widget.
    - [FIX]Product Slider shortcode issues fixed
    - [FIX]Grid columns can be fixed on the Shop page.
    - [FIX]Fix an issue using no image
    - [FIX]Some styling problems can be fixed
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
 18th October 2016 | 18th October 2016 |
    - [ADD]Add masonry layouts to the Shop page.
    - [UPDATE]Minicart update on Header Shop style. Hover over the cart icon to show Minicart.
    - [FIX]Google Fonts can fix some issues
    - [FIX]The sidebar on some Fix bug product pages doesn't exist.
    - [ADD]You can now turn the TopBar or any of its elements on/off.
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
 15th September 2016 | 15th September 2016 |
    - [FIX]Google Font's style is able to fix your issue.
    - [FIX]Problem with Importing Bakery Demo.
    - [FIX]The off-canvas menu can help you fix any issue.
 15th Sept 2016| 15th September 2016 |
    - [UPDATE]WPBakery Page Creator 4.12.1 Update
    - [UPDATE] Update Google Font list
    - [FIX] Fix sticky menu effect.
    - [FIX]Minicart can fix your problem.
    - [FIX]Resolve some responsive styling problems
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
| 22nd July 2016 |
    - [UPDATE]Support WooCommerce 2.6.3
    - [UPDATE]After clicking Log Out, click Redirect to Homepage
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
| 14th July 2016 |
    - [ADD]To use the new Google Map API, add Map API option.
    - [ADD]Add style to the shortcode Product Slider.
    - [UPDATE]The homepage should be removed from the Heading background image
    - [UPDATE]Login/Register link to recognize your user status.
    - [UPDATE]Custom menu plugins make it possible to create a mega menu in your theme.
    - [UPDATE]Improve the style and behavior of off-canvas menus
    - [UPDATE]Enhance some of the WooCommerce's styles.
    - [FIX]The font can't be changed in Customizer because of a bug.
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
 1st July 2016 | 1st July 2016 |
    - [ADD]RTL support can be added.
    - [ADD]A background image can be added to the head of the page.
    - [ADD]Add link to shortcode attribute item
    - [UPDATE]WPBakery Page Building: Update to the latest version, 4.12
    - [UPDATE]Upgrade Revolution Slider 5.2.6
    - [UPDATE]Support WooCommerce 2.6.1
    - [FIX]Minicart can help you achieve style.
    - [FIX]Style issues.
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs were also fixed.
1.3.0 | 2nd June 2016 |
    - [ADD]Mobile devices now have the option to modify the menu style.
    - [UPDATE]Upgrading Revolution Slider to version
    - [FIX]Fixed bug in Library plugin that can't be translated
    - [FIX]One product can't have a fix bug.
    - [FIX]Fix bug that leaves out background headings on a single page for some cases
 13th May 2016 | 13th May 2016 |
    - [UPDATE]Slider Revolution Update
    - [ADD]You can add options to multiple locations in the Noo Map shortcode
    - [UPDATE]Allow HTML content to Noo Map and Attribute Shortcode
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't export Customizer settings
    - [FIX]If WooCommerce plugin is not installed on your site, fix error messages
    - [FIX]Mobile menu styles can be fixed.
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs have been fixed
1.1.0 | 16th April 2016 |
    - [UPDATE]WPBakery Page Building: Update to the Latest Version,
    - [UPDATE]Slider Revolution updated to version
    - [UPDATE]Support WordPress 4.5
    - [FIX]Fix an error in any active plugin
    - [FIX]The layout of a single product can't be changed by Fix Bug.
    - [FIX] Fix some style error
    - [FIX]Other minor bugs have been fixed
 3rd of March 2016,| 3rd March 2016 |
    - [FIX]: Fix bug - The settings in the post editing page are not available.
    - [FIX]: Fix bug can't use the settings in the Appearance -> Menu.
| 26th February 2016 |
    - [FIX]: Add warning message to install theme
- First stable release


All support is at our support Center. We encourage you to ask any questions regarding our template here. It may already be answered or it might be useful to others who have purchased the template.

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