Photoedge-professional creative photography theme

Photoedge-professional creative photography theme

Buy Photoedge – Professional Creative Photography Theme best used for wordpress/creative/photography and clean,creative,effects,fashion,gallery,localization,modern,photography,portfolio,retina,simple,slideshow,studio,wedding


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This theme was created by TouchSize, a well-known premium theme and plugin maker. www.touchsize.comThe company is a leader in WordPress development, always striving for beauty and high quality settings. It offers premium WordPress themes and quality support to its customers. Our website is a great place to start if you’re looking for premium WordPress themes of real quality.

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Photoedge is a premium WordPress theme for photography that’s minimalistic and pays attention to detail. It includes simple design, plus beautiful visual effects.

It’s easy to use and manage. The best part is that you can build your own website, blog, or showcase of photography in just minutes. It features 5 gallery display templates, unlimited color options, responsiveness, and optimization to work quickly and efficiently.

It offers many layout options and effects, so you can easily make the website you desire.

Lightroom sync
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This theme is a professional template that can be used to create professional websites. It’s elegant and stylish. The theme features a 12-column layout, a contact form, a super menu and custom fields. It also includes sliders, slideshows, portfolios, videos and sliders. This allows you to easily categorize and display your content in aesthetically pleasing ways. It has retina-ready (HD), markings and settings. There are also unlimited color options, beautiful social-sharing options, and carefully crafted elements that create a harmonious website. This website can be used as a blog or large-scale rich content website.

It supports WPML, is fully translatable and includes 5 sliders. It can display posts, galleries or videos as well as custom slideshows. The theme is responsive to mobile devices.

We value detail and well-designed elements that increase content views, visitor engagement, and SEO. Touch sizeThis was what we thought about when we created and launched the theme. To set new standards for visual effects and options, we created this product.

You are thinking about upgrading your current theme for photography? You might also be interested in changing the design of the website. Photoedge is definitely worth looking into because it offers an excellent balance and includes so many unique layouts and options.

Sticky sidebar

Content is essential, and your sidebar might contain important content. Ads can become sticky. This will help your banner ads receive more clicks. This is simple to do.

Create custom widget

TouchSize is well-known for its many widgets and options. These themes are not exception. We also include all widgets available: videos, portfolios and latest posts. Favorites, most popular, Tabber tags, tags, etc.

Two video styles in one

Two different single video styles have been included to maximize the use of the theme. Both styles look fantastic, the layout is simple and flat, and content is well balanced. You can also access the sidebar!

Video custom post

Photoedge uses video to customize posts, just like the other beautiful themes. Video posts can be separated from default posts. You can categorize and use your content as you wish. It is possible to create a blog using the same installation.

Gallery Custom Post

With the help of default WordPress posts, you can build a stunning blog. We can create custom posts for galleries!

Sidebar options

What is there to admire? The right or left sidebars can be used to post video as well as blog posts. It allows you to create a unique layout while you’re walking around the park.

Unlimitless layout

Unlimitless layout. That’s enough. The builders allow you to modify anything. You can arrange it according to your requirements. The website uses the 12-column Twitter Bootstrap settings. This makes it easy to manage your content via the columns. Each element can have between 2 and 12 columns. There are five types of list posts. Each one offers a wide range of options. It is simple. It is not an extra plug-in, it is the core theme. It runs very fast. It is all well-made and documented.

By elite authors

People love what we do. We develop themes and plugins for them to make their lives easier and keep them informed about the latest technology. We are proud of our work and you, as the customer, will also enjoy the satisfaction of using a quality product.

Photoedge supports high-resolution (retina).

This theme is retina ready. There are no additional coding or plug-ins required.

Photoedge integrates Google fonts.

This theme allows you to customize the fonts. Select the font you prefer to suit your needs.

Photoedge offers unlimited titles

Not 2, 3, 4, 5 Unlimited layout. The layout builder can create the title and adjust it as needed. no limit.

Photoedge offers unlimited footers

You can create unlimited layouts, just like the title. There is no limit to how many layouts you can create. If the footer looks better, then there is no limit. Your website, your rules.

Photoedge is localized.

Localized themes come in.po files. These files can be easily translated to your language.

Photoedge contains demo content.

The package includes the demo content. All you have to do is download the theme.

Photoedge offers unlimited sidebars

You can add as much as you like. These can be included in the layout creator. You can change their width. You can use them anywhere you like.

Photoedge offers custom widgets

Gadgets can make your life simpler. To connect with customers, we have provided social widgets. Social media is crucial.

Other like

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PHP 5.6+
- memory_limit 96MB
- upload_max_filesize 16MB
- max_execution_time 60
- post_max_size 16MB
WordPress 4.5

Version 1.0.5 – November 17, 2020
- New jQuery Functions
- New TGM
CSS minor fixes

Version 1.0.4 – February 4, 2019
WP5.0+ Builder Issues Resolved
- WooCommerce Updates
Fixed Facebook Widget
- Make an import update
Minor CSS issues

Version 1.0.3 - August 7, 2017

- WooCommerce Updates
- Fixed List Gallery with Lazy Load
- Some posts now have open graph support
Fixed save and load templates
Fixed motion blur gallery on mobile
- Fixed kenburns gallery
- Fixed Modal for Shortcodes

Version 1.0.2 - (Nov 22, 2016)
Fixes for fullscreen menu
Fixes to gallery controls on mobile
Fixed post navigation available for posts not in a category
- Fix external links for the onepage option
- Gallery responsiveness to fixed flow
Fix CSS issues in Flow gallery
- Fixed responsiveness for some builder elements
- WooCommerce file updates
- Other CSS fixes
Page speed optimizations

Version 1.0.1 - August 4, 2016,
Pages with fixed author box
WooCommerce pages updated
updated plugin
Fixed Custom CSS bug
CSS fixes for minor issues


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