Pinhole-WordPress photography portfolio and gallery theme

Pinhole-WordPress photography portfolio and gallery theme

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Pinhole-Photographer's WordPress Gallery Theme-Introduction

Pinhole is a WordPress gallery theme for professional photographers. It allows you to create beautiful websites with many different layouts and options.

We can create a website that showcases your photography portfolio, galleries and offers photography services. It not only has beautiful gallery templates but also offers a number of useful features for professional photographers such as right-click protection, image downloading, photo proofreading, and restricted client area.

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Which type of website are you able to create for photography, and which theme is best suited for your site?

  • Website for photography professionals, photographers studios, or organizations that offer photography services.
  • Website for art galleries (show and sell your artworks)
  • You can create a formal portfolio site for your photography (either fashion photography, wedding photography or travel photography).

Pinhole Photography and Gallery WordPress theme-Why Choose It!

  • Pinhole puts your photos first – Pinhole’s clean and lightweight minimalist design always makes your photography look great.
  • There are more than 30 layouts for photo galleries – Let your photos display the gallery in a variety of different styles and layouts. You can choose from masonry galleries or grid-instagram galleries, as well as more affordable gallery styles.
  • Gallery management is easy – Use only native WordPress features to create your gallery structure and hierarchy – no additional plugins required!
  • Many photos are instantly loaded – Pinhole can only display a limited number of photos on the gallery page initially, so even a gallery with more than 100 pictures will load super fast
  • Private gallery and photo proofing with the client – Protect the gallery from unauthorized access and send it to specific customers.The private gallery provides a special feature that allows your customers to easily download each photo
  • Show your EXIF ​​metadata – Your visitors can choose to view the shutter speed, focal length, camera and aperture information of each photo, while browsing your gallery
  • Responsive design – Your content will seamlessly expand on all modern devices today, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Advanced Theme Options Panel – Use our easy-to-use theme options panel to set up your website in 5 minutes
  • Type of pagination – You can have classic old post/new post navigation, digital paging, load more button or infinite scroll
  • Widgets custom – In addition to the standard WordPress widgets, Pinhole also has multiple custom widgets to further expand its functionality.
  • Short Code – Use 12 flexible shortcodes to easily add complex elements to your content. You can easily insert a shortcode into any page or blog post to create stunning columns, separators and buttons.
  • Support for RTL – Pinhole fully supports right-to-left reading, which is your basic requirement when running a website with global influence! This option can be turned on in the theme options panel.
  • Translator built-inThrough the theme options panel, you can modify and translate any text in your website.
  • One-click demo content import – Contains demo content, so you will get a website similar to our demo, ready to start adjusting!
  • Update in one click – You can connect your website with Envato’s official API to get notifications of upcoming updates through your management dashboard. Each pinhole update is available for you to update in one click.
  • Installation guide – Through our comprehensive documentation, quickly and easily learn step by step how to set up pinholes and all their options.
  • Ask a WordPress expert to help – Do you have questions, problems or feature ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us. We respond within 24 hours.

Change log


  • Improvement: WordPress 5.8 compatibility adjustment. (Yes, you can update the theme).
  • Improvement: Several page SEO adjustments (add noopener tag to several target=”_blank” attributes)
  • Correct: There are a few style issues that can be fixed


  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed
  • Fix: WP 5.7 Gutenberg editor font size problem


  • Improvement: WP5.5 compatibility adjustment
  • Fix: A few style issues


  • Fixed: The gallery in the post/page contents is not working properly when created using the block editor in WordPress 5.3.


  • Fix: The gallery in the post/page contents will not work if you use the block editor to insert WP 5.3


  • Added: Multiple styles of social sharing options in the plugin settings (Settings->Meks Easy Social Sharing)
  • Supplement: Official support for WP Forms WordPress plugin
  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed

It’s great news! Envato/ThemeForest awarded the Pinhole theme with the “WPRequirement Compliance badge”. This badge is a certification that it meets the highest quality standards in WordPress.

  • Minor code refactoring is required to meet all Envato standards
  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed


  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed

Modifications required to meet Envato/ThemeForest’s latest requirements

  • The theme options panel is now gone. You will need to activate Redux Framework plugin via Appearance-> Pinhole plugins in order to make it work again.
  • Social sharing is no longer allowed in the theme.
  • Other JS fields can no longer be used in the theme options.
  • Additional CSS fields cannot be added to the theme options. These fields can now be patched to WordPress native field in Appearance->Customize-> Additional CSS


  • Added: Style support for the latest WordPress blocks (introduced into WordPress 5.2).
  • Added: WP.5.0+ editor and management panels style for all blocks
  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed


  • Added: Option to display the title and exif metadata from the bottom drawer when opening an image in pop-up windows (Theme Options-> Gallery->Single Gallery).
  • Added: The option to play automatically gallery images in pop up mode (theme options-> gallery->single gallery)
  • Added: Search button option in title (theme options->title)
  • Improvement: Image file names for protected galleries will now be displayed in the pop up window if they are enabled.
  • Fixed: The classic editor plug-in is not displayed in WP 5.x’s gallery page template screen.
  • Problem: Sorting is not possible when using two-level galleries with filtering.
  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed


  • Block style now included in the WordPress editor version 5.
  • Improvement: Fully tested and ready to go for WordPress 5.0
  • Improvement: The Envato Market plug in is now recommended for theme updates
  • Improvement: The title of the social menu will be displayed automatically on the phone when you open the hamburger menu.
  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed
  • Added: Initial support to the upcoming WordPress content editor (Gutenberg).
  • Added: To fine-tune the calculation for the post “reading” time, specify the “words per Minute” option (theme options->other).
  • Added: WhatsApp Share button (Theme Options-> Other).
  • Improvement: Modification to the style of the consent checkbox for GDPR cookies in the comment form
  • Fix: The mobile navigation hamburger button will not display on a mobile device if it is disabled on your desktop.
  • Fixed: A small style issue in different browsers


  • You can limit the number images that are initially loaded in each gallery by selecting a different option (override global settings).
  • For easier proofing, you can now display the filename on the image in the private galleries (theme options -> gallery->single gallery).
  • Added: A new blog layout. Blog posts can now be displayed using the 1-column classic list. (Theme Options -> Archive Template -> Blog)
  • Added: Theme Options -> Other allows you to open the general content image in gallery popup style.
  • In some cases, fix image sorting problem with grid layout
  • Fixed: A small style issue in different browsers


  • Add: Instagram widget using Meks Easy Instagram widget WordPress plug
  • Added: To fine-tune the calculation for the post “reading” time, specify the “words per Minute” option (theme options->other).
  • Fix: Mobile navigation will be hidden if the user does not enable the title hamburger symbol in the theme options.
  • Fixed: A small style issue in different browsers


  • Added: Option with stylish background in gradient colors (theme options -> style & color)
  • Added: More control over color, including the ability to change background and text colors (theme Options -> styles & colors).
  • Added: Disable rightclick option (Theme Option -> Other.
  • Added: More display options for EXIF ​​image metadata, such as ISO, credit and copyright (Theme Options -> Gallery -> Single Gallery)
  • Added: The option of defining the maximum image size to be displayed in the pop-up windows to speed up loading (Theme Options-> Gallery-> Single Gallery).
  • For easier proofing, you can now display the serial number of the image on the private gallery (theme options -> Gallery -> Single Gallery).
  • Added: Deactivate the option to set the font style and color of the theme in the post/page content editor (Theme Options->Altern).
  • Improvement: If the private gallery page (password-protected), is listed in another regular galleries, it will display a “lock icon indicator.”
  • Fix: “Smart Stickiness”, title option is not working properly in certain cases (theme choices -> title).
  • Fix: There are a few style issues that can be fixed


  • Swipe to support the album pop-up window
  • Improvement: A pop-up picture library performance
  • Repair: Small style issues in responsive and RTL browsers.

Pinhole WordPress photography portfolio and gallery theme


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