Point Finder | Directory and List WordPress Theme

Point Finder | Directory and List WordPress Theme

Buy PointFinder | Directory & Listing WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/directory-listings and automotive,business,car dealer,classified,directory,google map,job,listing,local directory,maps,real estate,restaurant,reviews,streetview


Point finder Directory themeIt allows you to create both directory and list websites. Its customizable fields and search system allow you to create your custom system in minutes. Point Finder provides you with a lot of control over Google Maps​​ and is unique for its outstanding features. You only have a limited number of websites that Point Finder can help you create.

Directory theme

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1638212417 178 Point Finder Directory and List WordPress Theme

Features of the theme:

  • Quick SetupIn just minutes, you can complete the theme setting. You can also choose from any of our demo websites to create your website.
  • Advanced documentationAll information regarding Point Finder can be accessed through our help file. Our easy-to-understand documentation, which includes step-by-step instructions for setting up Point Finder, is available online.
  • Google map location:We used the Point Finder Google Map Geolocation feature as best we could. It is possible to locate visitors and display your property or other items within a specific distance.
  • Google map style:Point Finder Google Map allows you to create customized maps using styles. This is how you can create personalized maps on Point Finder Google Map.
  • Google Maps cluster:Google Map Cluster functions can be used to group points in crowded clusters. The management panel can then be used to modify the characteristics of these areas.
  • Customizable points:The custom points configuration feature allows you to create points quickly and easily without uploading any items or categories.
  • More:This system can be easily added to multiple addresses and displayed to all your visitors.
  • Window with customizable information:This function allows you to customize the information that opens when a point is clicked. In the management panel, you can change their content, color, and size to suit your needs.
  • Ajax Features:The Point Finder AJAX infrastructure allows you to make multiple choices when managing a system that has many points. You can make sure that only the displayed points are loaded and then increase the number of points by changing the area. This section also offers another option: zooming in or out while loading the map.
  • Email template systemPoint Finder allows you to modify many emails sent by your administrators and users. This system allows you to configure the SMTP infrastructure as well as change many functions, including the color of the email subject.
  • Front-end upload systemThis system allows your visitors to upload items to your site. You can either allow them to upload at no cost or determine the price. To make extra pricing for a particular list, you can use Featured Points.
  • Social login systemIt is possible to ensure that your website users can register easily via Facebook or Twitter. This method can be used to facilitate login.
  • Paypal direct and regular paymentsPoint Finder integrates with Paypal. This allows you to allow your users to choose Paypal regular or Paypal direct payments when they upload their items. To run your system, you have the option to use bank transfer options as well as offline payment options.
  • PayPal IPN systemPoint Finder IPN can track cancellations and suspension agreements for you. It will immediately make changes to your system and save you time.
  • Tracking your orders:Point Finder tracks all payments and gives you detailed reports. Users can upload any item to your system and track their payment flow.
  • Visual Composer page builders:Visual Composer is the most recent version. This theme allows you to use existing Visual Composer elements as well as the Point Finder shortcuts. To create a page, all you need is to click and drag the mouse. Our pre-created shortcuts can be used with Templatera which is a Visual Composer plugin that comes with our theme.
  • Responsive layout:Point Finder works with all mobile phones and can be used on any device. It is compatible with IOS, Android, and other smart phone platforms.
  • Revolution slider:Point Finder’s excellent add-on allows you to create sliders however you want.
  • Customizable project details:Point Finder allows you to create the information fields required for your project details. Rich content can be created by clicking and dragging, without having to rely on any previously defined fields or write any lines of code.
  • Search area customizable:Point Finder can be used to search for any condition in the search widgets and maps. You can combine the search criteria with any fields you choose to create a completely personalized search system.
  • Google reverification codeThis feature is available in all fields of Point Finder. The most recent version of reCaptcha has been fully integrated with our theme.
  • Audit systemYou can activate the comments system for your project using no other plugins. You can create your comment system with custom voting options to suit any criteria.
  • Widget custom:The widgets that we created for you allow you to quickly list the most recent or favorite items. You can search within the page, or add tweets directly from Twitter.
  • Favorites systemVisitors can use this system for adding their favorites to their favorites.
  • Claim/Report System:You can make a claim for items uploaded by visitors or you, and receive opinions from other users who visit your site.
  • Child themeThis feature allows you to make programmatic changes to your theme. You can also save any future changes.
  • Advanced theme optionsPoint Finder was created with an option panel. This panel allows you to personalize every detail. It can also be used to review all of the points on the website. To resolve any questions or issues, you can use the details panel document.
  • Header customization possible:You have the option of creating a header for each page or one for all.
  • WPML SupportPoint Finder supports WPML, which allows you to use your website in multiple languages. You can translate any word on the website into any language by using the online help files.
  • localization:WordPress’s localization infrastructure can be used to translate your theme in your language.
  • dsiIDX plug-in compatibility:Our fully compatible system allows for easy integration of plugins from Diverse Solutions.
  • bbpress compatible You don’t need to configure anything to use this plugin and easily create your forum.
  • RTL is partially supported
  • Support stripe payment

Design does not contain any presentation images. Source of the help document under the credits.

Please click here to view the complete change log.


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